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Adrianna Chechik

‘Good morning everyone and thank you for coming today,’ Dr Woodburn’s voice boomed out over the speakers to the room. ‘Our presentation will be beginning soon, so please, if you haven’t already, find a seat.’

I stood waiting in the side room, listening to the room full of students bustle about as they found a seat.

Dr Woodburn had worked with the dairy farm for quite a few years, working to refine the hormone injections that every hucow took. He had begun holding lectures at the local university to teach a new generation of burgeoning scientists in the hopes of expanding research into the field. Explaining the theory to the students wasn’t enough, though. He needed a hucow to help demonstrate his points.

That’s where I came in.

I unbuttoned my tight blouse and pulled it off, freeing my udders from their confinement. That felt better. I had rarely worn clothes in my new life, save for the few times when I had to enter the public. I had voiced my annoyance at the requirement many times. We were hucows; being naked was our natural state. Clothes were even more restricting on us. My clit was too sensitive to rub against panties all day and my udders we so squished inside my blouse. My sensitive teats crying out for release.

In fact, the concept of clothes had begun to seem even more bizarre to me over the last few months. To see normal people covering themselves with tight constraining clothes for no other reason than modesty seemed so restraining to me now. I could understand when it was cold, but to cover up and sweat through summer; a ridiculous notion.

There were other things I felt myself growing away from as time went by. I could barely remember what went through my head when I was out at a bar or club looking for some stud to take me home for the night. I couldn’t remember how we worked out the subtler details. We never said we wanted to fuck each other, but somehow we found a way back to his place. The finer subtleties of normal people was lost on me now with my simpler life. If a bull approached me with his fat erection poking against my ass, I knew to bend over and let him mount me. How did I go about this in the past? With all those clothes it was impossible to see a carnal reaction. How did I know if he was interested in me? I’m not sure how I ever managed.

Although I suppose I didn’t fuck as much then as I do now, so perhaps that explains itself.

However, to go back to the clothes conundrum, my complaints had always been met with the same response: It was the rules normal people required of us. We could do as we pleased on the farm, but in the public, no nudity and no mating. I suppose in the end it is their loss. They don’t know what they’re missing out on.

‘Well, now that everyone has taken their seat: welcome! My name is Harold Woodburn, your guest lecturer for the day, and today we will be exploring the revolutionary science behind hucows.’

There was still a bit of an introduction to go over before Dr Woodburn would be ready for me. I massaged my sore udders with my hands. I was a due for a milking badly. Dr Woodburn had insisted that I refrain from my morning milking so he would be able to demonstrate it to the students, but they hurt so badly.

I squeezed my right teat, hoping to find some form of relief. A droplet of glistening white milk appeared at the end of my large teat and dripped to the floor.

No! I told myself. Dr Woodburn needed me to wait. Who knows what he could need from me. Perhaps he wanted to demonstrate how my udders reacted to the release of being milked. He would be furious if I screwed this up. I had to be a good hucow for him.

To take my mind off the need to be milked, I let my hand fall down over my pregnant belly to my skirt. With a quick flick of the clasp it fell away to the floor. I grabbed my thong and yanked it off, finally feeling the cool air against my nether regions.

Ah, that was what I needed.

My clit throbbed mildly from the constant stimulation it had endured on the trip here. I rather enjoyed looking at my clit. It looked so perfect compared to the one I had in my previous life. It was as big as a cherry and just as red, a side effect from the hucow hormones that no one was yet complain about. I ran my fingers over it, feeling the golden bull ring piercing bump against my fingers.

It was a shame that it was so hard to see it now, though. My growing belly was always in the way. I was five months pregnant and already producing more milk due to it. My boyfriend, Mark, had bred me when I had finished my development to a full hucow. It was an experience I would never have imagined before signing up at the dairy farm. Carrying a child inside me whilst being milked to feed the world; this was the closest thing to some sort of nurturing goddess I could imagine. If only the ancient Greeks had known such a thing. I’m sure there would have been statues of large breasted pregnant women being milked in the Parthenon.

Well, every goddess needs her wicked side, Mersin Escort and having a farm full of bulls to mount me whenever I felt horny was all I could ever need. Being milked without a cock in me just felt so hollow now. In fact, if I didn’t have the need for bodily functions, I could think of nothing better than having one inside me 24/7. That level of domination that the bulls possessed was wonderful. They were so powerful that the moment one had you, you couldn’t pull away. As if you would want to, though. There was nothing more wonderful than to let him take you from behind and slip into bliss as he had his way with you.

I scooped up a droplet of my juices as it ran a trail down my inner thigh. Perhaps this wasn’t the best time to let my thoughts drift that way. A bull could see me with my inner thighs covered in my juices, in fact I could think of nothing better than letting him take me in that moment, but a room full of strangers, normal people at that; no, I’d rather not give them the wrong idea.

I picked up my thong and tried to dry my pussy and legs. God I was wetter than I thought.

‘…now I’d like you to welcome Jessica White, a hucow from the dairy farm who has come to assist me today.’

Dr Woodburn’s words caught me off guard. I dropped the sodden panties and straightened myself up.

Here goes, I told myself. My insides churning in a mix of nerves at being presented and excitement to finally be milked.

I opened the door and stepped out into the lecture hall, my udders bouncing with each step. A hundred eyes burned into me as I strode across the room to Dr Woodburn. I gave him a weak smile, trying to ignore the room of students.

He returned a warm smile. ‘Thank you for assisting me, Jessica. Now…’ he turned back to address the room. ‘You know the effects that Hervabovinathine Ceroba have on the subject. Here you can see that clearly – face the audience please, Jessica.’

I turned to face the room and tucked my hands behind my back, clenching them tightly together.

Dr Woodburn stepped slowly around me, poking and lifting parts of my body as he spoke.

‘Here you can see the enlarged breasts, or udders as they are referred to. Hervabovinathine Ceroba encourages rapid growth in the subject until her udders are this big. Their size allows for high amounts of milk production three times daily.’

The students took notes in rapt fascination. Though I noticed some young men were a little too fascinated. Their pens had dropped from their hands as they stared wide eyed. I couldn’t help but smile at what my body was doing to them. The poor guys had better snap out of it soon, for the sake of their grades.

‘And here you can see the elongated nipples, or teats,’ Dr Woodburn continued. ‘Now, not all of this is due to Hervabovinathine Ceroba. The milking machines tend to stretch the teats a little longer.’

‘Now this particular hucow is pregnant, as you can see. That’s not her natural belly,’ He gave a small chuckle that a few in the room echoed. ‘However, pregnancy on a hucow causes much higher milk production, and after this girl has given birth her milk ducts will remain stretched and continue producing that amount of milk for the rest of her life.’

He gave my teat a tug and milk spurted onto the floor in front of me. I bit my lip to stop a moan as the students in the front row leant forward to look at the wet patch in the carpet. God I needed to be milked.

‘Now, Jessica, if you would please spread your legs for us, a bit wider, there, thank you. As you can see, the drug causes an enlarged clitoris amongst hucows. The body has a certain way it reacts to higher levels of chemicals that we can’t accurately control. But, as it doesn’t cause any damage to the hucow, we have found no need to fix it.’

He knelt down beside me and gave my bull ring a flick with his fingers. The class chuckled, thankfully masking the moan that escaped my lips as the vibration travelled up through me.

‘Jessica has a fascination with jewellery it would appear.’ He stood up to look at me in the eyes. ‘I suppose you rather enjoy having it with the heightened sensation your swollen clitoris brings you?’

I blushed as my eyes fell to the floor and I gave a small nod.

Thankfully, Dr Woodburn turned back to the class rather than pressing any further. ‘A lesson you can all learn. Observe what hucows do and why they do such things to get an idea of the effects the drugs have caused. A new body is like an environment and the mind an organism; living organisms adapt to a changing environment.’

He stepped to the back of the room and wheeled out a milking table.

‘Now, I have kept poor Jessica waiting for far too long.’ He led me over to the table and I practically jump on. ‘As I said earlier, hucows regularly milk three times a day. Morning, noon and night. I requested that Jessica refrain from milking this morning so you could see how it’s done, and she is a few hours overdue.’

I lowered my udders Mersin Escort Bayan down into the cups and waited patiently. Dr Woodburn flicked the switch and the machine came to life. The suction cups grabbed onto my udders and the machine pulled rhythmically at my teats, pulling the milk from me in waves of pleasure.

A slave to the sensations and relief, my mouth fell open and I let out a loud moan, forgetting where I was for a moment. My eyes shot open and I covered my mouth with my hand, blushing even further.

Dr Woodburn gave another chuckle. ‘Please, Jessica, don’t be embarrassed. We’re all here to learn. Just do what comes naturally to you, it will give these students the most raw and accurate information to work off.’

I slowly lowered my hand from my mouth, but kept my lip held firmly between my teeth, holding back any further moans.

‘Milking can take quite a while, even more so for Jessica here after such a long time being denied relief, so let’s open the room up to some questions.’

Dr Woodburn fielded question after question, some sailing far over my head as they went deeper into chemistry and biology. Questions detailing the biological makeup of cows and how that has been translated to hucows. Questions on how certain chemicals reacted with others and the body’s response to it. Boring questions. That was for them to know. My purpose in life was just to be milked. Milked and bred like a good hucow. I closed my eyes and let the sensation of the machine tugging at my teats wash over me. It was such a comforting feeling. So enjoyable.

After a while the room fell silent save for the scratching of pens on notebooks.

‘Sir,’ a voice asked from the row of students, ‘is that normal?’

‘Yes, quite,’ Dr Woodburn responded. ‘Being milked causes a higher spike in libido amongst hucows.’

My eyes shot open as I realised what I had been doing. I instantly stopped my hips from grinding against the table; my clit burning with wanting desire.

I looked around at the room or staring eyes, stunned that I had unconsciously done that in front of all of them.

‘Don’t worry, Jessica,’ Dr Woodburn said. ‘As I said it’s normal and quite useful for the students to learn about this.’

‘I…I’m sorry,’ I said meekly, holding my hips firmly against the table as my face burnt red. I couldn’t openly masturbate in front of so many strangers. I just wanted to be back at the farm. Where there were so many bulls to fill my need.’

I bit my lip hard to hold back a moan as the tugging on my teats became harder to ignore.

‘You aren’t the first hucow that has tried resisting the urge while being milked here, Jessica. You don’t have to if you’d rather not, though. Now, back to questions.’

The room was once more abuzz with questions fired at Dr Woodburn, many now, embarrassingly, focusing on my libido. I kept my eyes glued to the headrest on the table, my face still burning with embarrassment. I mustn’t masturbate.

The juices coating my inner thighs were probably glistening visibly under the fluorescent lighting in here. Those guys too transfixed to take notes before were probably getting an eyeful. The sensation in my teats was demanding to be noticed. I sucked in a deep breath. I mustn’t grind against the table.

But my clit was so swollen. It throbbed in time with each pump of the milking machine. Thrub, thrub thrub, thrub. It needed attention badly.

I mustn’t… I mustn’t…

If I was back at the farm I wouldn’t have to deal with this. I could just get Mark or Ethan or any of the other bulls who were nearby to shove their fat cock deep inside my wanting pussy and take away all this pent up desire. To feel their huge balls slapping against my thighs with each powerful thrust…

My clit delighted in pleasure as I gave in and let my hips slid along the table. I shuddered as I reached the end, my clit burning for more. I slid back, grinding my clit into the soft fabric, feeling every thread.

I slowly looked around at the room and the tempo of my grinding gradually increased. Everyone stared at me, taking notes and whispering to their neighbours. I closed my eyes as I settled into a rhythm. There was no escaping it, I was going to cum in front of them like a sex starved slut. I couldn’t resist it any longer. Little moans fell from my lips with each grind. I was closer than I thought I would be.

The world around me swept away as I focused more and more on my growing orgasm. I didn’t care anymore how many students were watching me intently. I needed this.

With one last grind I exploded. My moans echoed around the room as my whole body shuddered. I felt my milk let down heavily into the cups as the machine sucked it greedily away. The waves of pleasure began to slow and eventually fade as I caught my breath.

‘Wow,’ I heard a guy in the crowd whisper as the room watched silently.

Still breathing heavily, I pushed my sweaty hair back from my face and looked around at the Escort Mersin room. So many faces looked back at me with wide eyes and wide mouths. I couldn’t help but giggle. For a few of them, I had unknowingly given them the show of a lifetime.

‘Well,’ Dr Woodburn said, breaking the silence. ‘There you have it. I hope some of you managed to note how her milk let down as she climaxed.’

At least half of the room in unison snapped back to reality and picked up their pens to jot the note down. I giggled once more. I almost felt a little proud of how much of an impact I had.

Dr Woodburn strode over and squeezed the base of my udders.

‘I think she’s about done.’ He gave the clear container underneath the machine a tap with his boot. ‘And that’s how much she expresses in one milking. She’ll do that two more times today. Quite a lot to come out of such a petite young lady.’

I blushed once more, yet this time a proud smile crept across my face. It was rather flattering to hear someone compliment my milk production.

He turned off the machine and help me sit up as the class collected their bags and left for their next class.

‘Thank you once more, Jessica. You were wonderful today.’

I gave him a smile as I stood up from the table, my legs still feeling weak from my orgasm.

As I turned to head back to the side room where my clothes were, a familiar blonde haired girl approached the front of the room.

‘Jess?’ she asked. My jaw dropped as I looked back at my baby sister.

‘Chloe?!’ I exclaimed, running over to her and wrapping my arms around her. My teats were still wet from my milking and left white streaks up the front of her shirt. ‘Oh my god! What are you doing here? Are you studying a science degree?’

‘No, no. I just heard you were going to be here and decided I’d come and see. I haven’t seen you in forever.’

‘Oh…’ I said, letting go of her and suddenly realising what she had seen. ‘So you saw…’

‘Yep,’ she laughed. ‘That… sure was something, Jess. Not exactly what I would have expected to ever see my prudish sister doing.’

I pouted at her. ‘I was never that prudish, was I?’

‘You used to tell mum and dad if I stayed out late with a boy.’

‘That’s not prudishness. That was just… well, I guess that was just me trying to get you in trouble.’

‘I suspected as much, but you barely dated anyone in school, though. To go from ms top of the class to ms topless in class is a large jump.’

I bit my lip hoping not to reveal too much on my face. It was true that I was a late bloomer with the boys, but Chloe had no idea how many guys’ cocks I had had inside me these last few months. I was far from prudish now, but I couldn’t tell her that.

Instead I cupped my udders in my hands. ‘I’m naked for the students to learn. That’s… not quite the same.’

‘Yes, so about that. What the hell Jess?!’ She motioned toward my udders. ‘When did you get those?! And since when were you pregnant?! I’m going to be an aunt and you didn’t even call?!’

I felt horrible for her to find out like this. It was true that I hadn’t told anyone about my new life. It wasn’t exactly something you could explain over a phone call. But I should have at least told them I was pregnant.

‘I know, I’m sorry, Chloe. I was going to call… I just… didn’t get around to it.’

‘Do mum and dad know?’

‘About what? Me being pregnant or me being a hucow?’



‘Why haven’t you told them?’ She crossed her arms.

‘I’ve been… putting it off. I want to tell them that I’m pregnant, but I’m hesitating on telling them the rest. I’m not sure if they’ll approve.’

‘Well you have to tell them eventually. You can’t hide it forever.’

‘I know, I know. So how have you been?’ I asked, hoping to change the subject away from my aversion of responsibility.

She shrugged. ‘Same old, I guess. Work sucks, Jason sucks; I dumped him a few months ago. What about you? How’d you end up here?’

‘Uh, it’s a long story, but the short of it is I was out of work and Mark suggested I try out becoming a hucow. I found I loved it and here I am.’

‘And where’s Mark now?’

‘He’s at the dairy farm with me. I think we’ve been better off there than before. It’s been lovely.’

A murmuring of voices at the door to the lecture hall signalled the next class. Dr Woodburn had already packed his things and left as we spoke.

‘We should probably leave,’ Chloe said. ‘It’ll be a surprise for them to come in and find you standing here stark naked.’

‘Yeah. I need to get back to the farm, anyway.’

‘Don’t be a stranger this time. I don’t want to have to find where you’re on display for a class to get updates on your life.’

I grinned back at her. ‘I promise I will. We’ll hang out this week. I’ll text you with a date.

‘Sounds good,’ she said as she exited through the back door of the lecture hall.


I organised for Chloe to come visit over the next few days. I made sure she came to the dairy farm rather than us going out. After the short stint in restricting clothes for the trip to and from the university, I was done with them for at least a month.

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