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Ball Worship

The next time we had a sexual encounter, it was a little unexpected. When we got together and had out session of dominance, we had a code name for it, we called it ‘venting.’ So if she ever felt the need to be dominated she would tell me she needed a vent, or if I wanted some rough fun, I’d tell her I needed to vent. It worked out funny, because people thought we were just frustrated, which we were, just not in the way that they were thinking!

Anyway one day I was trying to organize some stuff for a competition I had entered, I was walking through town, heading to my place, but decided to stop off for a visit, I arrived to a coffee already made, put my folder down on her kitchen table explained I was on hold and had been for almost 10 minutes, and setup office on her table trying to figure out what I was going to do.

She looked at all my stuff on the table and commented that it looked stressful and asked if I needed to have a vent, as she asked esenyurt escort she slid her hand down on to my crotch. I stupidly made the comment that I was too stressed for that! WTF right! But she knew me to well by that stag, and dropped to her knees, pulled my leg around and said ‘Nothing wrong with your cock in my mouth while your on hold is there?’ I didn’t argue, but just as she wrapped her lips gently around the head of my cock, the guy at the other end of line came back on…perfect timing right!

So here I was getting the blowjob of a lifetime, and this dude was trying to talk to me, it was kind of off putting talking to a guy while getting my cock sucked, but my naughty school girl made sure I stayed hard whilst chatting on the phone.

I finally organised what I needed done, and the conversation was over, she didn’t stop, didn’t even slow down, she was a woman o a mission, and that mission was to have me unload in her mouth! I didn’t take much zeytinburnu escort longer, I whispered dirty thoughts to her, commenting that she liked doing this while I was talking on the phone, and that it turned her on, knowing I was having an everyday conversation, while she was on her knees.

I came hard, and she once again sword swallowed my load, as soon as she felt my balls tighten, she was deep down and hard as she could, as was amazing as usual! This new idea of doing this in everyday life had started something in both of us, and was an interesting route we traveled.

I recall this one night I had been out and about, I was walking home passed her house, and it was lower than the road, so you could look into her dining room/kitchen area from the footpath without actually having to go down into her property.

She had no idea obviously, because this one as I walked past her house, I had no intentions of taksim escort bayan stopping, but something caught my eye. It set my inner voyeur alight, as I walked past I caught a glimpse of her moving in the dining room area, I was going to wave and catch her attention, but then I quickly clicked she was completely butt naked wondering around her house! I didn’t realize when we started having fun that she was quite the naturalist, this one night I have no idea what she had been doing, but I could quite easily see what was about to happen from the dildo on the table!

Big, black and thick, she loved that thing, suction cup for multiple positions, I wasn’t that big, I’ll be the first to admit it, but it is a major turn on seeing her satisfy herself with her collection and my collection for that matter of sexual aids! She has grown quite fond of the toy box, and its ever growing contents.

But this voyeur situation is indeed a story for a future story, it was the first time, but most definitely wasn’t the last time, it really did set my curiosity a light, her in the bath, her in the shower, her on her bed, her in her lounge, her at her parent’s house with another conquest! The stuff we did back then, looking at it now… 😉

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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