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Note: Thanks to all the readers that have made it all this way! I’m fully aware that writing a 10th part for a series isn’t the best way to get high read counts and feedbacks, but I really like these characters. This is currently the last part of this series, so I won’t post a new one in a while. Then again, Scarlett has a way of popping into my mind, so we never know!

Edited by: Pope1944. Thanks!


Ever since hooking up with Scarlett, I’ve often had the pleasure of waking up in the morning to see her dress. This morning was such a morning, yet it was also different. When I woke up, the first thing I could see was Scarlett’s unique body, completely naked, glowing pale white while being backlit by the morning sun. She was standing with her left side towards me, her breast squeezed in the crook of her arm.

That breast was, at first, the very center of my attention. Her breasts were big and firm, bulging outwards and upwards as if held by silicon. But there wasn’t a trace of silicon inside her. At least not when she wasn’t using one of her dildos! I often feared that one day I would wake up with another woman in my bed and that Scarlett and her breasts would prove to be nothing but figments of my own overly creative and ambitious imagination. They were just too perfect.

But I never “woke up”, and Scarlett kept on giving from her breasts to her mouth, to her ass, to her smile, to her eyes and that remarkable person that I was still discovering. Scarlett was very different from me, yet we could be the poster child for “opposites attract”. She was wild, free, creative and bold, while I was a lot more introverted, intellectual and home loving. Somehow though, it worked between us.

Right now I couldn’t see her nipple as her arm, angled upwards from her elbow, was hiding it. Looking downwards instead, my eyes jealously followed her silhouette all the way to the small of her back, the deep inward curve highlighting her small waist. And then her curvaceous buttocks surged outwards, arcing until they met with her smooth, rounded thighs. I say rounded but Scarlett’s thighs weren’t big, they were just smoothly rounded all the way to her knees.

A sigh from her lips brought my eyes upwards again and I saw why she was holding her arm like this. She was staring at her engagement ring. The one I had given to her, the one she had happily accepted. Taking a slow deep breath, I said, “Having second thoughts?”

Scarlett turned her head towards me and smiled a soft smile. “Silly man. Of course not.” But then her expression changed. “And it makes me afraid.” she said in a small voice.

After that she sat next to me, forgetting the fact that her nakedness would severely affect my lucidity. Luckily for me, it wasn’t a conversation during which I would have to maintain a high level of argumentation. Instead she told me again just how stunned she had been by the whole engagement. Not by my question, but by her acceptance. Scarlett was a convinced feminist, albeit a peculiar one. Still, the idea that marriage was enslavement had been hammered into her head so many times that she was still shaken by her own “Yes”.

Scarlett leaned to kiss me on the lips, stood up and took her sweet time getting dressed. She was perfectly aware that this was one of my favorite moments of the day and she was gracious enough to prolong it when she could. After spending a few minutes rummaging through her many boxes of lingerie, she finally chose a deep blue set I had but rarely seen.

It was the Prima Donna True Romance set, a gorgeous matching pair with a fitting name this morning. She slipped on the panties first, taking the time to caress her legs in the process. As I looked at her fingers sliding on her pliable skin, all I wanted was to do the same. But I resisted the impulse and kept watching.

When they were in place, she turned this way and that, pretending to look at herself in the mirror. The back of the panties was a thong which barely hid anything. The swell of her bubble butt was fiercely highlighted, the blue thong a slash of contrast between her remarkable curves.

The front of those panties was an almost completely transparent lace of fine blue flowers, with bright white flowers as highlights on her hips. If Scarlett hadn’t been flawlessly shaven, her bush would have been visible through the lace. But she was and I could see the top of her pussy peeking before the opaque crotch hid the rest of it.

Up top, the bra was cut from the same transparent lace with a lot more of the white flowers highlights. Compared to most sexy bras, it was transparent all the way down to the underwires. The very top was embroidered with very delicate blue flowers that showed more skin than lace. Lower the lace was thicker; it had to be to contain Scarlett’s considerable and heavy breasts.

Yet despite the denser lace, her two pale pink nipples were clearly visible through the lace. There were also a few bright white flowers matching the ones on her hips as well as a few more adorning the straps. All in all, it was a gorgeous set and it displayed and enhanced almanbahis adres Scarlett’s stunning body.

Scarlett then slipped on a very old and tight pair of blue jeans with a rather simple white shirt. Scarlett often liked putting incredibly fine and sexy lingerie beneath very ordinary clothing. I asked, “Wanna put one of my baseball caps to go with this?”

“You have those?” she asked, surprised.

“Yeah, in a box in the trunk of the Charger.”

“Perfect!” she said before kissing me goodbye.

I stretched and grinned as I heard her close the door behind her, feeling my erection rubbing against the sheets. But this morning she hadn’t left me panting with desire. Instead, she had woken me up about two hours ago for a relentless cowgirl ride that had left me drained, giggling and contended. I had fallen asleep immediately afterwards. As I was getting out of bed I simply felt happy and found myself unable to stop smiling. That incredible young woman was going to marry me!

When I remembered that tonight we would be going to Comicon, my smile turned into a grin! Two months ago Scarlett agreed to come to a Comicon not too far from where we lived even though it wasn’t her type of scene at all. She had come because of me. Even after a year with her, even after she had agreed to marry me, I was still sometimes startled that she would do things like that for me. Scarlett knew that I played D&D with old friends, loved cult classics like Firefly, sometimes played old school video games and she obviously knew I was into vampires as well.

Yet even though she didn’t think I was a freak because of my geeky hobbies, it wasn’t her thing. The live action vampire game had been a special gift for me, but the rest… Not really interested. How had I managed to convince her to come to Comicon? Cosplay! I had reminded her how much she had loved playing Harley Quinn at Halloween last year as well as a vampire in San Francisco last winter. She had enjoyed those two cosplaying opportunities even though the only roleplay she truly liked was sexual in nature.

She still had those two costumes, but was also curious to see what else she could try to make for Comicon. When she stumbled upon images of 2B from NieR: Automata it clicked and she spent the next few weeks buying what she could and making the rest. I was privileged to see her work as it progressed. Every time she came back out of her small sewing studio to show me what she had done so far, my jaw dropped lower and lower.

I don’t know why I was still so profoundly shaken by her beauty and sexiness. It seemed like I was immunized to habituation as far as she was concerned. Sometimes she came out of her studio naked to ask me a question or search for an image of 2B, spending long minutes naked next to me. Yet when she came back partly dressed as 2B, I was still shaken by her sexiness even though she had been fully naked a minute before. Strange how the mind worked sometimes.

I watched as her costume became more and more complete. The easiest part was the long black hose and long black boots. Scarlett was even careful to buy a pair of hose that would be slightly too tight on her thighs to create that notable bugle. Then the dress itself, she’d had to make it pretty much from scratch, and the result was stunning. Very short and very flaring at the hips, with that lace design covering her cleavage. A long haired white wig and semi-transparent black gauze on her face completed the look.

Now at the con, it was clear that the end result of her costume was stunning. And I wasn’t the only one that thought so. The gapes and stares and photo requests that she got all evening long reminded her of the attention she’d gotten as a vampire. And she loved that. I knew I could have teased her about the fact that she was a feminist and nevertheless enjoyed the attention her costume and half-exposed body were getting. I would do so, but later. Right now I was having too much fun.

Before we left the con, a group of young guys walked up to us and said that they really liked her costume. Soon enough, after taking a few pics with her, they asked Scarlett if she would be willing to come to their real-life D&D game and play a priestess. “Just once,” one said.

“We would pay,” another chipped in.

“Pay for any expense,” a third one added, grinning.

“Your boyfriend would be welcomed, obviously,” said a fourth.

“And nobody would touch you,” the fifth added earnestly, looking flushed. He was the one that just couldn’t stop glancing at her cleavage.

Now I knew that if cosplaying 2B had been fun for Scarlett, she had done it for me. Joining a band of real-life dungeons and dragons players, on the other hand, would be way out of her circle of tolerance. It was an expression we had discovered a few months ago while talking about my geeky side. Scarlett was opened to anything sexual with me. Absolutely anything, as I had learned through the months. As far as geeky stuff was concerned tough, she had a very limited circle of tolerance.

To my surprise, she didn’t say no outright. I looked almanbahis adres at the costumed guys and realized two things. First, they weren’t that young. In fact, a couple of them was probably older than Scarlett. Second, their own costumes were very high quality. Now that I looked at them carefully, they would fit perfectly on a Hollywood set. For these guys, live roleplaying clearly wasn’t a part-time hobby.

Scarlett looked at me through the semi-transparent blindfold she had on. When the guys saw us hesitate, one of them gave us a card and told us to contact them if she was interested. “You’ll find pictures of our site on the website,” they said before praising her costume again and leaving.

“Are you really considering it?” I asked her, dumbfounded.

“Maybe? I’ve never been a priestess before,” she said.

I frowned, puzzled. “You’re serious?”

“Will you owe me a favor if I do it? Don’t you want to see me as a priestess in the middle of the night?” she purred into my ear, brushing the back of her hand against my crotch.

“Why would I owe you a favor?” I asked. “They’ll pay you!” I added, smiling.

“Bah! Money, money, money… I don’t care about that and I certainly I don’t want favors from these guys.”

A short while afterwards, we headed out and ended up alone in the elevator to the parking basement. I was thinking about her in the dress of a priestess, nude under the frock, her long hair wild and free… My cock was already growing when Scarlett brought me back to the present by turning away from me, raising up on her toes and arching her ass upwards. “How long have you been thinking about pulling those panties off?” she asked.

Staring at the back of her thighs, I turned towards her and placed a hand right next to her face on the elevator wall. With my other hand I reached under her short skirt, grabbed the panties and ripped them off of her. I had been thinking about that all evening long. I wasn’t afraid of hurting her by ripping them off. She had shown them to me earlier today, telling me that they were the final touch to her costume. When I saw that she had been holding what looked like very ordinary white panties, I knew something was up. I saw that they had no linings or sown edges. She was showing them to me to make that clear.

And so in the elevator I ripped them of and threw them on the floor. Whatever happened from now on, Scarlett would be panty-less. “What are you doing mister?” she cried. “I don’t know you and here you are, ripping my panties off… I knew that people that go to cons were all perverts… Oh well, do whatever you want with me then…” She was giggling by the time she was done.

I wasn’t done. Instead, grabbed her ass then knelt behind her. I then lifted her skirt and pushed my face deep between her buttocks. Scarlett gasped as I pushed my tongue deep inside her pussy, tasting her already leaking juices. We had maybe ten seconds before the elevator ride was over, and I made the most of them. By the time we stopped, Scarlett was panting hard and my face was covered with her juices. I grabbed her discarded panties and wiped most of it off.

Our plan was simple, reminiscent of the semi-public fuck we’d had in the Bird’s garage many months ago. But we froze as we turned the last corner and saw a Star Wars fight right next to my Charger. The sight was amazing, with those high-end swords that looked absolutely stunning and could take the abuse. I was tempted to join them, but then again, my own flesh and blood sword was already unsheathed and Scarlett was the only target I was interested in penetrating with it. “Shit…” I whispered. “They’ll probably throw a tantrum if I back up in their midst…”

“Oh my love,” Scarlett sighed. “You forget that I’m a goddess here…” she added, smiling.

She grabbed her panties from my hands and walked right into the melee. The twelve or so guys that were fighting all stopped at once and a strange silence fell over the parking lot. In that silence I started and backed-up my car. The Star Wars cosplayers moved away yet didn’t really seem to notice me. A 69 Charger with a 383 and headers was a hard thing to miss thought. Scarlett walked to the door and opened it. Before getting in, she threw her panties to one of the guys and they stared, agape, at the bright white fabric. After closing the door, she blew them a kiss and as one they whooped as we drove away.

We were both laughing. Even as we did, Scarlett leaned over me and unzipped my pants. Before we were out of the underground garage my cock was in her expert mouth and I had trouble focusing on driving. My Charger was so wide that Scarlett was laying on her stomach with her belly over the shifter, thighs on her seat and her lower legs bent upwards at the knee. Soon I was moaning in pleasure, torn between the urge to stop the car or enjoy this blowjob as we drove.

When Scarlett asked me if I wanted her to take her time and stretch this as much as possible, I groaned a “yes”. Given that she was so low, most cars we passed by didn’t notice her. Then again, her white wig bobbing up almanbahis adres and down did attract some stares. Twenty minutes later, I knew that at least three people had seen us and one guy even gave me a thumbs up.

When we were on the last country road that would bring us back to our town, we ended up behind a big semi. The road was very deserted at this late hour and I knew I would have no problem passing it. Then again, I also knew that he would see Scarlett. Before hitting the gas I said, “Scarlett, we’re going to be passing a semi and I’m pretty sure that—” And I trailed off, grinning when I saw her lifting her ass upwards. I checked to make sure the road ahead was clear and pressed on the pedal.

Once we were right next to the semi’s driver, I slowed down and matching his speed. I couldn’t see him at all from my angle, but I laughed when I saw him turning on a side lamp, flooding my car with bright white light. “Oh the little pervert!” Scarlett said, all the while making her ass move from side to side. Reaching over her, I fully pulled the skirt over her lower back and grabbed a fistful of her soft ass.

The truck driver blew his horn. Still looking ahead to see if what we were doing was remotely safe, I slipped my hand to her pussy and plunged two fingers into her. The guy blew his horn again and I had to be careful not to blow my load. I was laughing, enjoying this little show immensely. I knew he couldn’t see me and while Scarlett had a memorable ass, he wouldn’t be able to identify her from it!

A few seconds later I saw headlights up ahead and knew I had to move. I floored the pedal and laughed again as Scarlett was pressed against the seat. But as wonderful as getting a blowjob from Scarlett while driving my Charger was I also realized something. The truck driver and the few other cars that had seen Scarlett blow me didn’t need to see my face; my Charger was pretty noticeable itself! Right now I didn’t care and drove as fast as I could to get home.

Scarlett and I fucked in the kitchen while she was in costume and again in our bed after a shower. I made sure to make her come twice to thank her for the 20 minute blowjob in the car and we were both grinning as we started to fall asleep afterwards. The last thought I had before drifting off was seeing Scarlett as a priestess. Would she really do it?

The next morning we checked the live-action D&D’s website and were impressed by the quality of the physical site they had built. Over years, obviously. If the quality of their costumes had been an indication, the little town and fortifications they had built were the proof that these were serious gamers. I looked at Scarlett’s expression as we were watching the pictures on my monitor and knew, as her smile grew, that she was going to say yes. Seeing a picture of the temple where she most likely would have to play clinched it.

In their reply email, it was obvious that the guys were thrilled by Scarlett’s decision. I got the feeling that they had asked her on a whim, perhaps even on a dare, not really expecting that she would say yes. Two days later, after a longer wait than we had expected, we finally received an image depicting what Scarlett would have to wear. And she laughed. It was a publicity image from a game called Skyrim, where we see a woman from behind, barely dressed. “Of course!” she sighed, smiling still.

“That’s why it took so long…” I said.


“They hesitated,” I answered. “You see, they had a choice to make. They had to decide if they were going to ask you to wear a typical priestess gown, or else something like this.”

“And you think they hesitated?” she asked, surprised.

“Of course! If they sent you this and you said no, they would probably lose you altogether. Then again if they didn’t try to get you to wear the sexy costume, they probably would have regretted it, given your sexiness as 2B.”

Scarlett hmmed, still looking at the image. “They say that they have the skirt, which is fully ajustable, and that they have something for the top.” she paused, looked at me and smiled. “Something.” I was grinning, already knowing that that something would be very flimsy. The woman on the image, which we could only see from the back, had nothing but very fine chains serving as a bra or bikini top. And even the skirt.., it wasn’t covering much.

Three weeks later, in what was luckily a warm early summer evening, Scarlett and I stood in the church’s bell tower and looked at the medieval village around us. I had to give it to the guys. I really did. They had delivered on their promise of an authentic experience and then some. In fact, I was barely believing it; we were in a damned church bell tower! Made by them!

Earlier today they had given us a tour of the place and even Scarlett had been impressed. I, on the other end, had been floored. It was a perfect place for a live action D&D game. Even though Scarlett’s part would only play out late that evening, we had been given neutral clothing that wouldn’t stand out in this place. Scarlett had been given a costume of a low level acolyte and had been instructed to keep her heavy hood on her head at all times. This way nobody would look at her. Then again, I thought as I looked at the outline of her breasts despite the thick cloth, some of the males here were bound to notice her.

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