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Bent Over

They loved to arouse each other whenever they were apart. On the phone they would tease each other until one or both of them needed to hang up. For her it was the knowledge that he would have to take matters into his own hand when the call was over. For him it was the quiver in her voice as her body shivered, remembering the pleasure of his last touch.

It was on one such occasion that the subject of bondage came up. She mentioned that she had always thought it might be fun to try. He said that it was and would enjoy teaching her. He hinted at all the things he might do to her helpless body and eventually got the response he desired; the waiver of her voice as a shiver ran through her body.

He spent a good deal of time finding all the things he would need to make this an experience she would never forget. A soft nylon rope, cut into appropriate lengths. He collected candles, incense and various types of feathers. And of course handcuffs. At last he was ready.

She arrived at his place at the usual time. He could tell that she knew he was up to something this time as she looked about the room for anything out of place. As he went about his studio apartment lighting candles he watched her follow his every move with that coy little smile of hers.

When he had finished lighting all the candles he approached her. She had been sitting on the end of his bed watching him as he moved about the room. He drew her up to him and began to kiss her.

He knew she loved to be touched gently and roughly at the same time. He placed one hand softly on the back of her neck to tenderly draw her in to his kiss, as he slid his other hand up the front of her body to firmly grab her breast. He felt her respond with approval and continued his assault on her breast as he switched from groping her entire breast to pinching her sensitive nipple through her shirt and bra. As she responded more forcefully to his touches he slid his other hand, caressing her neck, down her back until it reached the top of her shorts. Then he slid it under her blouse and traced it softly up the curve of her back to rest between her shoulder blades.

He felt her hands grab his body as she became more aroused. She had one hand on his back holding him close to her and the other on the front of his jeans stroking his already hardening dick. He realized that he would have to start his little plan now or they would just end up fucking right there on the end of the bed (as it tended to happen with them).

He gently pushed her away from him, groping both breasts as he did, back onto the bed. He told her he had a surprise for her and asked her not to look. He smiled when she frowned up at him but she remained facing forward as he moved behind her.

Reaching under the bed he pulled out his bag of goodies. He continued to watch her, to make sure she didn’t peak, for he wanted her to completely enjoy his surprise. He took the blindfold out first and approached her from behind. As he placed it over her head she started to bring her hands up, before she realized what he was doing. Smiling, she put her hands back in her lap and allowed him to secure it into place.

He climbed off the bed and stepped in front of her. Taking her by the hands he pulled her up off the bed. When she was standing in front of him he reached behind her. Sliding both hands up her back he unsnapped her bra and then slid her shirt and bra over her head.

He looked at her for a moment. Her nipples were hard and much too tempting to go untouched. He just couldn’t help taking one of her nipples into his mouth. She moaned as he bit her nipple playfully before releasing it to finish undressing her.

He continued to ignore her as she grabbed his dick through his jeans in an attempt to make him lose track of what he was doing. Though sometimes this worked, he was not going to let her distract him from his plan today.

Though he had tied girls up in the past, it was always with silk scarves or nylons. And it was never so secure that they could not have loose themselves if they choose to be free. But today he decided to go one step further. Today he planned to be in complete control.

He unbuttoned her shorts and slid them down her legs making sure to lightly caress her thighs as he did. As his face moved past her crotch he caught the faint aroma of her excitement. ‘Oh yes’ he thought, she is definitely enjoying this.

When her shorts reached her feet she pulled one foot out of them and placed it several inches away. He noticed the way this opened her thighs and left the underside her panty covered mound exposed. As she lifted her other foot out of the shorts she placed it next to the first one and the gap closed. This was an opportunity he just couldn’t pass up twice.

As he repeated the process with her panties, he made sure to bring his face so close to her that he brushed her pubic hair with his cheek. This sent another shiver racing through her body. As he continued to slide the panties down her legs she moaned softly and began to run her fingers through his hair.

He slid the panties to her feet and looked up, past the soft triangle of hair, between her two perky nipples, to see the dreamy look of passion on her face. With a sigh she began to step out of her panties. He immediately brought his attention back to her upper thighs as they began to part. Before she could move her other foot he reached up, grabbing her ass with both hands and pushed his face hard against her pussy. With his nose pressed against her clit his tongue lashed out to work its way between her labia.

She was still enjoying the tingly feeling as the last shiver subsided, when suddenly this new assault on her senses began. Two sharp slaps to her ass pushed her forward, only to be met by an equally forceful pressure to her groin. The sudden pressure on her clit and probing of her pussy, coupled with the stinging impact on her ass threatened to overwhelm her. Her knees began to buckle as electric pleasure raced throughout her body.

He realized that he had caught her completely by surprise izmit escort as she lost her balance and began to sway. He pulled her ass harder toward him, pinning her thighs between his forearms and chest and grinding his face into her crotch. As he lifted his chin upward to get a better angle into her pussy, his tongue slipped further inside her. His upper lip ground hard against her clit sending a renewed wave of pleasure through her body.

As her mind began to clear from the initial shock of this new pleasure, she realized that it was his tongue reaching inside her. Over and over again she felt him lick her inner labia and then suddenly plunge deeper inside. She felt his lip pressing harder and harder against her clit as she held his head in both hands to keep from falling over. As she rode the wave of pleasure a new sensation invaded her senses. One of his groping hands slid over and a finger began to probe the sensitive rosebud of her ass.

He felt her jerk as his finger made contact with her asshole. In slow circles he traced the rim before pushing firmly against its center.

Again she jerked as this new invasion of her body sent ripples of pleasure coursing through her. She couldn’t believe the feelings racing through her. The blindfold enhanced her sense of touch so much that she was trembling. She had no idea what he was going to do next, but at the moment she didn’t care.

As he felt her pulling him harder into her pussy he decided not to let her get too close to cumming. He knew that the longer he made her wait the more sensitive and responsive her body would become. He wanted to bring her to the point of shivering at his slightest touch. He wanted to hear her whimper when his fingers left her body and moan when he began to touch her again.

He slowly pulled his finger from the rim of her ass. Though his finger had barely entered her, it had had the effect he was looking for. He wanted to keep her guessing as to where his touch would please her next.

As he pulled his face from her pussy he slid his fingers softly, slowly, down the backs of her thighs. When his fingers reached the bottom of her calves he abruptly stood up, lightly raking his fingernails up her calves, thighs and over the curve of her ass. She immediately rose up onto her toes, drawing a sharp intake of breath through her teeth and grabbed for his shoulders to keep her balance.

When she had regained her balance enough to stand on her own he stepped back and out of her reach. She stood there in the quiet and another shiver ran through her. She could feel him watching her and the suspense was making her tingle in anticipation.

The sudden sound of his entertainment system coming on startled her. She knew he couldn’t have gotten across the room without her hearing him. As she was trying to figure out how he managed that trick two hands grabbed her wrists from behind. She stiffened as her arms were brought upward until her wrists were crossed in the small of her back. She had never heard his approach. He must have used the music to hide his movement. As her wrists crossed she felt him change his grip. Now he had both of her wrists held in one hand. She felt cold metal wrap around her wrist, but it wasn’t until she heard the ratcheting sound locking into place that she realized what it was.

After securing one wrist, he placed her second one into the handcuffs and secured it too. He stepped back and watched her for a moment. Her breathing had quickened. He watched as her breasts raised and lowered in time with her breathing. He could tell by her protruding nipples how hard they were getting. How excited she really was.

He slowly circled around in front of her. The music hid the sound of his bare feet on the carpet quite well. He stepped close enough to touch her then waited. Again he watched her nipples rise and fall in time with her breathing. He could tell she was waiting for something to happen. The anticipation was adding to her excitement.

She stood there waiting for him to make the next move. She had no other choice. He was there somewhere. She could almost feel him. Suddenly a shiver of pleasure raced up her body. Something had softly brushed her pubic hair, but not actually touched it. And again, ever so softly, a tremor of sexual energy traced up her body.

As his fingers brushed the soft pubic hair again he watched her reaction. The look of pleasure spreading over her lovely face was breathtaking. Again and again he traced his fingers over her pubic hair, careful not to touch pussy directly. Her breasts continued to rise and fall, a little faster with each brush of his fingers. He watched as one of her nipples rose and fell in time with her mounting passion. Again and again it rose up to tempt him. So he bit it.

As the waves of soft pleasure moved through her again she rode the feelings like a bird gliding on the winds. She almost fell backward when the bite came. It happened so suddenly that it shocked her like a jolt of electricity. And the pleasure continued as his teeth were replaced with lips. She felt her entire nipple being sucked into his mouth. New feelings replaced the old as his tongue twisted around nipple. Over and over his tongue lashed against her sensitive flesh.

As she leaned against him he brought his left hand slowly, softly up the back of her thigh. Lightly he traced his fingers over the curve of her ass. He continued to suck and nibble and lick her nipple with great gusto as his hand softly caressed her ass. He listened to her breathing and felt her reactions as he continued teasing her body. Then he brought his right hand slowly up the front of her thigh. Softly he brushed the skin of her inner thigh as his fingers moved upward.

The new feeling was subtle at first. She almost missed it with the other feelings vying for her attention. But as she fought to keep her balance and enjoy the pleasures he was giving her she knew something was approaching her crouch. The feeling was moving too damn slow, but it was promising even greater pleasures when it kocaeli escort reached its destination. She didn’t even realize that his mouth had left her nipple until its assault began on her other one. A fresh ripple rushed through her as this breast finally got the same attention its twin had been receiving.

Then she felt it. Just a gentle touch at the base of her pussy. Just pressed there, touching both lips, but not moving. How she wanted it to move upward and into her pussy, but it didn’t. Slowly she began to rock forward hoping to push it into her. But as she moved it moved with her. As she began to rock forward again the lips on her nipple were replaced with biting teeth on the tip of her nipple. The pain didn’t really hurt, but it did surprise her enough to draw a gasp. Then again the bite came, this time at the base of her nipple. And as the teeth slowly pulled, drawing her nipple between them she felt another light tremor race through her body. But as the teeth raked their way past the tip of her nipple they with gone. Now her nipple was cold and hard as his mouth pulled away.

As her thoughts slowly drifted back to the light touch below her pussy, it moved. She drew a breath in as it parted her outer lips, tracing its way upward. She couldn’t believe the intense feeling building inside her as it parted her inner labia. Then it was suddenly inside her.

It raced upward until the palm pressed against her clit. And the feelings continued to build inside of her. Harder and harder the palm pressed against crouch her as the finger traced circles inside of her. A tremor slowly worked its way up her back. Slowly she began to press forward against the hand that was sending so much pleasure through her body, back and forth, matching pace with the hands every movement.

As she got into rhythm with his hand she tried hard not to speed up the tempo. She could feel her orgasm building and wanted to reach it soon. But she knew that to speedup too much would cause her to fall. And she realized that he must know this also, because he was keeping the pace right where it was. ‘Damn you,’ she moaned.

She knew he was watching her every movement. He was keeping her at a pace that would make her body respond while denying it immediate satisfaction. ‘Oh please,’ she thought to herself, ‘just a little harder.’ She knew that eventually her sexual state would become so heightened that nothing would stop her body’s release. She concentrated on her rhythm, trying to will him to move his hand faster. His palm was almost resting on her clit now, just barely leaving it for a second as his finger dug its way up into her. He would pull it out till it was just about to lose contact with her and then plunge it upward again. In and out the finger moved as his palm continued to press on her sensitive clit.

She couldn’t believe how good his finger felt right now. He had always been good with his hands, but this was great. The lack of vision caused by the blindfold must have really heightened her sense of touch. It was as if he were touching her in a completely new way. Reaching places he had never found before. Suddenly his paced slowed a bit. ‘Nooo, she cried, ‘please don’t stop.’ But as she finished her plea she felt his lips on her nipple. Softly she drew in her breath as tongue lovingly twirled around her nipple, in slow, hard circles around it went.

‘Oh, that’s it,’ she thought. ‘Oh please, just a little harder.’ Slowly it kept moving in tight circles, lightly sucking her nipple into his mouth.

Moaning, she leaned into him for leverage. As she pressed her breast into his face she felt his teeth lightly brush her nipple. She realized his pace slowed again. Now his finger was moving slowly in and out of her, but it only heightened her desire. She rode the feeling of his teeth on her nipple and his finger in her pussy. As his tongue and finger began to move in time with each other she concentrated on the feeling. She wanted to come. She needed to more now than ever.

Then she felt something new touch the small of her back. Something smooth began to trace its way upward. It was slightly cool to the touch so it couldn’t be his other hand. His tongue and finger continued their timed movements as if they were unaware of this new touch. When the object reached the base of her shoulders it stopped. Still her nipple and pussy continued to receive their own attention. Then it began to descend. Slowly drawing itself downward. His mouth began to bite her, ever so gently, before resuming its nibbling and tonguing. Still the cool object moved down her back.

Her body began to relax. Slipping from it’s heightened state to a comfortable euphoria of sensual feelings. Though she still wanted to come, she now had her second wind and wanted it to last, knowing that when she finally came she was going to be floored. But she was curious about this feeling tracing its way toward her ass. He knew what anal stimulation did to her when she was excited and she knew where this was heading.

As the object reached the small of her back again she could feel her pulse quicken. And as it began to slide between the top of her ass cheeks her breathing began deepen. In response the finger began to slow its pace a bit. But the tongue and teeth playing with her nipple continued its pace. Biting and nibbling and licking without pause.

As the object traced its way down the crack of her ass she longed for it to hurry. She now knew what was coming and began to anticipate the feelings it would bring. Now the wait was starting to become unbearable again. She knew he was going to play this out as slowly as he could. Damn him.

It was almost there. She could almost feel its touch on the sensitive entrance to her ass.

Then it was gone. ‘Aggghhhh,’ she cried out. When she tried to push back to find the cool toy that had almost touched her ass, it pulled the finger right out of her pussy. Only the lips, tongue and teeth continued their attention on her body.

Now she was starting to get pissed. She could feel the orgasm izmit escort bayan deep inside her building and it needed to be released, and she wanted it Now!

She stood up to stretch her legs. The mouth followed her without missing a beat. She couldn’t believe he was being such an asshole. Acting as if his right hand didn’t know what his left hand was doing.

Then the finger found its way to her pussy again. Again she leaned into him as he began to probe her. His pace was slow and steady, but it felt so good that she forgot about being pissed. As his pace picked up she let herself go again. It was moving about as fast as his mouth, but not quite in sync with it.

As she was getting into the grove again she felt something touch her ass. It was cool, hard and wet. Slowly it began to spin clockwise, then counter clockwise, rubbing against her sensitive ass. She realized the wet feeling was some kind of lubricant. It twisted back and forth, slowly working it’s way inward.

Suddenly the mouth switched breasts, biting her other nipple and leaving the first one hard in the cool air. It licked and nibbled and bit, again and again. As if it were the only of her body it wanted.

And still the cool, hard object continued its slow penetration into her ass, twisting one way, then the other. In a slow steady rhythm, back and forth, working its way upward ever so slowly.

And the finger began making circles again. Deep inside her circling its way up in her until its palm pushes against her clit, then slowly circling its way out again, touching every part of her inner pussy that it could reach.

Again the mouth switched nipples. Biting hard before it resumed licking and nibbling.

Further and further the object made its way upward continuing to rotate left, then right. Slowly spreading her ass open as gently as a kiss.

Bite, nibble, lick. Sucking her nipple up into his mouth and licking as it went.

Inch by inch it worked its way up. ‘A dildo, she suddenly thought, ‘he’s using a dildo.’ Her mind race as she thought about it. She had her own toys at home of course, but she had never brought them with her to his apartment. That was a mistake she would have to remedy. Now that she knew what she had been missing. She could feel her body responding to its every move. She remembered how good his finger felt down there, but his finger could never have reached that far. It was incredible. Now she was riding both his hand and the toy.

She began to sway her pelvis again, back and forth. The dildo slipped even farther into her. And his hand matched pace. In and out, bumping her clit as it went. ‘How big is this thing,’ she thought, as it continued to open her. This was a feeling like she had never felt before. Her mind raced as the pleasures from three different parts of her body collided.

As her breathing got heavier she leaned harder into him. The dildo had stopped moving upward, but not from side to side. It continued to twist, this way and that way. It was fully inside of her and she loved it. Now it pulled out slightly, only to be pushed back in. Then out again. Back and forth it, only an inch or so but enough to cause immense ripples through her body.

As she began to enjoy this new development the finger in pussy pulled almost completely out of her. As it held there, just between her outer lips, it was joined by a second finger. Then both were thrust up into her. When they reached as high as they could go inside of her body his palm hit her clit hard. The wave of pleasure that raced through her body almost knocked her to her knees. The feeling was unbelievable. Again and again they pulled out to the entrance of her pussy, only to be thrust back up inside her.

Slow, but hard the fingers continued their assault on her body. She couldn’t believe the incredible feeling slowly building inside her. Again and again she thrust forward onto the palm of his hand. And the feeling built inside of her. It was what she had been waiting for. It was coming, slowly, but coming none-the-less. As the fingers reached up into her pussy, and the dildo into her ass, the feeling built. As the mouth bit and licked, and the palm mashed into her clit again and again, the feeling built.

Again and again the separate parts of her body sent sensations racing into her mind. Her breathing was now coming fast and heavy. Her entire body began to glisten with sweat from the body-heat she was generating. Her head tossed from side to side from the feelings building inside of her. This was going to be something like she had never experienced before.

As the dildo plunged into her, as the fingers continued to their assault, the feeling mounted. Farther and farther the fingers reached up inside her, the palm hitting harder and harder against her, the dildo spreading her sensitive ass. She could feel it now. It was only moments away and it could not be stopped. In and out, harder and harder, over and over these feelings collided and raced through her. It was almost here. Just a little closer, just a little bit more.

Then, WHAM! Her eyes shot open like she’d been hit by a bolt of lightening. Her body was assaulted by a feeling like she had never imagined before.

The dildo went off like a stick of dynamite. Like a giant alarm clock it began to vibrate, sending unending waves of pleasure through her. Her legs locked up, her pelvis shot forward and her back arched like she was on fire.

The orgasm she had waited for, that she had longed for, that she knew was just around the corner, hit her like a freight train. Her body pitched forward, then back again. She convulsed as wave after wave of pure euphoria crash into her as if she were a beach in a hurricane. She lost her sense of direction and balance. Again and again her body shock with the passion racing through her.

She wasn’t sure, but she thought she had fallen. She remembered hands grabbing her and holding her. Maybe they caught her fall. They seemed to be all over her. Caressing her softly, brushing her hair out of her face, touching her all over her body.

She drifted off to sleep thinking about those hands, all those hands, drifting softly over her whole body as she rode her pleasure into unconsciousness…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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