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Miranda bit her lip as her husband pushed his hard cock in her. She and Larry had hit it off from the start, and after being married for years and having an 18 year old daughter, the feeling of him being inside of her still felt so right. Wrapping her legs around him, she tried to get him deeper.

Larry reached up and twirled her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. He felt her squirm a little as he did it and kept slamming his cock in her.

Miranda really didn’t like what he was doing to her breasts. It didn’t feel very good but she could never seem to bring up the subject so that he would play with them in a different way. So she relied on something else. “Suck them.”

Larry stopped playing and bent down to suck her nipples. As he sucked he did his best to keep fucking.

They’d had their up and downs, but when he had gotten laid off, their money problems had threatened their marriage. Now that he had started a new job, things were looking up for them. It had only been a few days but the hope that his new employment offered eased the pressure considerably.

Larry loved how it felt being inside of his wife. His balls slapping against her butt as he slid his hard cock in and out added to the enjoyment.

Miranda’s mind drifted to her brother, and it wasn’t the first time she had done it while having sex with her husband. Odd, in all of the time she was growing up she never thought of her brother sexually, at least not seriously. She had some fantasies about him which she would use to get herself off, but she would never do it for real. Yet lately when her husband and she were having sex she couldn’t help but wonder what doing things with her brother would really be like.

Larry was close, “I’m going to cum babe.” He straightened back up and started slamming himself into her.

Miranda loved her husband but he didn’t always get her off. This was one of the times she wasn’t going to get there. There was a since of satisfaction she received when he did.

> > Larry jumped off of her to answer the phone. Miranda closed her eyes and wanted to scream, “NO LARRY LET THE FUCKING PHONE JUST RING!” But, she said nothing. It was another bill collector and he had answered it out of habit. The mood in their bedroom changed immediately.

He hung up the phone and the call wasn’t the only thing that had ended. She grabbed his hand, “Let me suck you.”

Larry scrunched up his nose, “Ewe, gross. You know I don’t want to do stuff like that.”

Miranda knew, but she had hoped he would. Larry had been her first and only boyfriend. He had always had an aversion to giving or getting oral sex, so she had never experienced either one. That had been a sore spot for them over the years. He kissed her and simply turned over to go to sleep.

The next day, Larry, Miranda and their daughter Alissa sat around their kitchen table discussing the family’s money problems. “We are getting kicked out of our apartment.”

“Why dad?”

Miranda knew, “Honey, we are really behind in our rent.”

Alissa wasn’t stupid, “It’s because dad was out of work for so long isn’t it?”

Larry shook his head, “Yep and this couldn’t have come at a worse time. I have a new job but I don’t have enough time there, so I can’t get a loan to help is out.”

“We could ask Uncle Dan.”

Larry shook his head, “I doubt if he will.”


After Larry had turned over the previous night, she had lain awake for some time before she could go to sleep. Her mind had drifted to doing things with her brother which had only made it worse. “Honey, my brother has given us money constantly over the years.”

Alissa shook her head, her blonde curls reflecting the light. “It can’t hurt to ask, how much do we need?”

Larry stared at the floor, “About $5,000.”

Alissa whistled as she exhaled, “I had no idea it was that bad.

Larry stared at the floor, “Our rent is just the beginning. We are behind on almost every one of our bills.” He saw the look on his daughter’s face, “It is what happens when you go from a job making $18 an hour to unemployment in one week. You still have the bills you can have making that much but you don’t have the money to pay them.”

Miranda wanted to talk to her brother about the money – alone, and she didn’t want her husband or daughter to know she was doing it. “I know it’s a long shot, but it’s still worth a try.” She saw her husband nod his head in agreement. “I have some running to do this morning. Alissa, why don’t you call him and see if he has any plans? Tell him we all want to come over there this afternoon?”`

Alissa came back from making the call, “He said that would be fine.”

It was Saturday and Dan had planned to clean up around the house. That of course meant he would have to try once again, to throw his wife’s things out. He opened the door to her room. Looking around at each item made vivid memories come to the surface. He saw her sewing machine that she would spend hours in front of. Her laptop where she tried to write a love story set Fulya Escort in Elizabethan times. On and on, each item making him realize just how much he still missed her. He knew throwing her things out was impossible and slammed the door shut, “Fucking cancer!”

The doorbell ringing gave him a welcome interruption and he was happy to see his sister when he opened the door, “Miranda, what a surprise. Come in. I thought you all were coming this afternoon.”

Miranda saw his face and knew he’d been crying. “Still missing Rebekah?”

Dan let her in, “Yes.”

She gave him a hug, knowing that a part of her brother died with Rebekah. She also knew something else about him.

Dan led her to the living room, “Want something to drink?”

“Sure. Do you have any coffee made?”

Dan laughed, “Of course.” He left for the kitchen and returned with two cups of coffee. He handed her one, “Cream and sugar, right?” He saw her nod. “So tell me why you are here?”

“I could be here to just visit, you know?”

“Nah, Alissa would raise holy hell if she knew you saw me without her.”

Miranda sighed, “We need to borrow some money.”

Dan suspected as much. “I thought so, has Larry found a job yet?”

“He just got one, but the bills have really piled up. We need to borrow about $5,000.”

“Wow.” He thought about it for a few seconds. Well, I still have some insurance money from Rebekah, I can give you that.”

“No let us borrow it.”

“Sis, there isn’t any reason.”

“I have my pride. I’m tired of always coming to you for money. Let me pay you back.”

Dan scrunched up his face, “How are you going to pay it back? You don’t have a job? Wait, that didn’t come out right, I mean outside of the home.”

Miranda knew it was time to tell that she knew his secret. “Is Teresa still coming over every other week?”

Dan was stunned, “Ah…what?”

A few months after Rebekah’s funeral, Teresa started coming over and you have been paying her $100 dollars to have sex with you.”

“Aw sis, a guy has needs…and …”

“Dannie, I don’t have a problem with it. She’s a friend of mine and told me all about it.”

Dan felt his face getting hot, “All?”

Miranda nodded, “Yes. You have a kinky imagination.” It was picturing that she was doing those things with her brother that could help get her off. She took a deep breath, “Here is what I think we should do. We are all coming over to visit later this afternoon.”

“I know.”

“We will tell you that we need the money, so you will have to pretend that you have no idea about it. You say you will give it to us, when you will really be letting us borrow it.” She got up from her chair, walked to her brother, and kissed him full on the lips, “I will come over the weeks that Teresa doesn’t and we can do anything and everything that you want. My $100 can go to pay off the loan.”

Dan felt weird having gotten a passionate kiss from his sister, and now she was suggesting having sex with him for money. He suspected she wanted more than just the loan. Insisting on paying it back when he had offered to just give it to her didn’t make sense. Unless, the paying it back was just as much for her as for him.

Miranda knew her brother better than anyone. She really did want this and not just so they got the money and suspected that he already knew it. She had never done a single thing in her entire life that would be considered naughty and wanted that experience. Knowing that she could trust her brother to keep what they did a secret; she got on her knees in front of him and tried to open his jeans. She was so excited that her hands wouldn’t cooperate.

Dan saw that she was having trouble and helped. Undoing his belt, he opened his jeans and pushed them and his underwear down. He was spellbound by the sight of his sister reaching for him.

Miranda had talked a lot with Teresa. After hearing of the things she and Dan did, she had pretended it was her brother while having sex with her husband.

His sister’s fingers felt cool wrapped around him. Just watching her was turning him on and her playing had him reacting.

Miranda had gotten this idea some time ago but had no idea how to make it come about. Then when Larry said they needed more money, she knew her chance was at hand. She wanted to experience the things that Teresa had told her about and smiled from ear to ear that she had made her brother hard. With her hand wrapped around his cock, some was sticking out, and she licked her lips.

Dan could tell that his sister was nervous and couldn’t understand why. She had been married for 20 years and had an 18 year old daughter. So the nervous part had to be because she was doing stuff with him. “Sis, if you’re having second thoughts, we can just skip the payment thing.”

“This isn’t a payment; this is a thank you for doing things my way.” She tentatively licked the head.

“Then why are you so nervous?”

She licked the head again, “I’ve never done this before,” and she liked the way his cockhead Fulya Escort Bayan felt against her tongue.

Dan was shocked, “Doesn’t Larry want you to?”

“He thinks that oral sex is dirty.” Miranda shook her head and looked her brother in the eyes, “If I do something that hurts, tell me.”

As she opened her mouth, he watched as his cock slide past her lips. She only let the head in but it still felt wonderful. He saw in her face that having her mouth on her first cock had nothing to do with borrowing the money.

“Lick it.” He watched his sister’s tongue as she eagerly did as he asked. “Oh sis, that feels good. Suck me again.”

Putting it back in her mouth, Miranda let it slide down her throat. A little at first and then she let it back out. As she got used to it she kept trying to go down on more and more of it. She also varied the way she did and each thing she tried. Finally, she let it slip out of her mouth. With the light reflecting off of his moist cock, she used her hand to stroke him and started licking his balls.

“Mm -,” his sister might never have done this but she knew how. “—that feels good.”

Miranda loved everything about it, the smell, the taste, how it felt against her lips and tongue, and how it slid down her throat. She liked being able to get her brother to make the noises he was making.

She felt Dan place his hands on her head and became nervous that he would try to hold her head down as she took him in. When his fingers started playing, she relaxed. This was fun. She was enjoying herself, and seeing him enjoying himself added to it for her.

Her inexperience with what she was doing was a total turn on. Taking his cock out of her mouth he rubbed it all over her lips.

Miranda opened her mouth wide for him and he slid his cock against her tongue, lips and the edges of her teeth. He even pushed it in and out of her mouth a few times.

“You’ll have to let me fuck your mouth sometime. He left his cockhead just in her mouth and reached down to her breasts.

She closed her lips around his cock and started sucking again. His fingers felt nice even through the material of her shirt and her nipples soon got hard. Moving her head faster and sucking harder, she imagined him fucking her mouth. If he was careful not to gag her, she would love it.

“Don’t suck too hard.”

She reacted by easing how hard she was sucking but kept his cock sliding in and out of her throat, “How’s that?”

“It feels wonderful; you’re going to make me cum.” He thought he would warn her in case she wasn’t ready for him to finish in her mouth her first time.

After a few more minutes, she tasted something salty. Taking him out, she saw some clear liquid oozing out of the head. Putting her finger in it, it stranded as she pulled away. She had seen pre-cum before and touched it, but had never tasted it. Her tongue licked at it and drew it back into her mouth. Other than being slightly salty it didn’t really have a taste.

Watching her was making him crazy. “When I start cum, don’t stop.”

It was her first time having a cock in her mouth and she was having fun with it. Miranda started to suck him faster. Now she would experience a cock cumming in her mouth and tasting cum. It was why she was there, and she didn’t want to wait any longer. She felt his cock swell slightly and the head bot a little bigger.

Dan arched himself off of the chair, “I’m going to cum!”

White hot liquid exploded from his cock. Miranda was surprised at the force it shot out as well as the amount, but she loved the way it felt as it shot out. His cum was all hot and gushy in her mouth. It tasted salty and soft, and then it was sliding down her throat, all warm and slippery. She kept sucking for more and greedily swallowed every drop. As the flow eased up, she let cum just ooze into her mouth, and liked the way it felt when she squished it with her tongue.

“Do you always cum that much?” Miranda stood up and ripped her shirt and bra off which was followed by her jeans and panties. She liked being a woman with semen in her belly. She knew some women that thought it was gross, but to her it was a total turn on. She put her breast to his lips, “Dannie use your mouth on me.”

His sister was tall enough and her breasts were big enough that it was easy to suck her nipples as she sat on his lap in the chair. Her nipples were already semi-hard from his playing. He heard her moan as the hard nub entered his mouth and he figured he was doing it right.

After her brother had her nipples hard and standing out, Miranda squealed as she felt herself being picked up. She was laid on her back on the rug, and then felt his mouth on her nipples again, “Mm.”

As he sucked, Dan let his hand slide down between her legs. She was sopping wet and his finger went in her easily.

“Please Dannie; use your mouth on me.”

He was actually delighted to be her first and thought that her husband was missing out on a lot of fun. Letting his tongue slide off of her nipple, he left Escort Fulya a wet trail as he went lower.

Miranda was tingling all over with anticipation. She had made him get off with her mouth, now he would do the same to her.

Dan stopped with his mouth just inches from her pubic hair, and looked her in the eyes. “I wish we had done stuff when we were teenagers, because I really like being with you.”

“Me too,” then she sucked in her breath as she felt him start licking. “Ah, that feels – ooh – so wonderful!”

“I like doing this, but I never get the opportunity.”

He was showing her just how much she had missed, “Y-o-u…you don’t…do this…with Teresa?”

“Nope too dangerous, I don’t know how many partners she has,” he used the flat of his tongue on her clit and had to hang onto her. “I even use a condom when I’m in her, unless I’m in her mouth.”

She had never felt anything like it, the pleasure was indescribable. The intensity made it hard for her to think. “But you’re doing it to me.”

“I can’t give her the same trust that I can give you.”

She shook her head, “No, it…was a go…good thing we didn’t do…stuff. We…would have been caught…or I …would have…gotten pregnant.”

“Well, I love doing this-” He licked really fast,”—and I intend to make up for all of the years we didn’t do anything.”

Miranda’s eyes rolled back in her head and she started clawing the rug. It felt like his tongue was everywhere at once. Her brother had her hotter than she could ever remember being, even more than with regular sex. She was panting and gasping as she realized that he had stopped and his lips were pressed to hers.

Dan pushed his tongue past her lips, “Give me something very special. Something I’ve always wanted and never gotten.”

Miranda couldn’t imagine what it could be. She could taste her own fluids as they kissed, that too was a first for her.

Dan whispered to her as he went back between her legs, “Tell me when you cum.”

Her heart skipped a beat, partly because he returned to attacking her pussy and partly because of what he had said. His perfect life hadn’t been so perfect after all. “I love you Dannie, make me cum.”

“This is something I like to think I’m good at.” Using his fingers to spread her lips apart, he started alternating between licking her sensitive flesh and sucking on her clit.

“AGH,” started pounding the rug with her fists. This new onslaught to her body was incredible. She had no idea anything could feel like this. Even in her fantasies it wasn’t this good.

Dan prided himself with is oral sex technique. There were probably men or women that were better at giving head, but he had never failed to make a woman have an orgasm this way. His wife had insisted that they have oral sex at least once a week, but she was not a person that could tell him when she was getting off. The other girls he’d had before his wife had also gotten there but wouldn’t say it out loud.

Dan licked up and down.

“Oh – oh – oh.”

He licked side to side.

“Mm – mm.”

He used his lips and tongue to lick, suck and nibble.

“Yeah…yeah…yeah,” She could feel the end getting closer and closer. Miranda started to tingle all over and she wanted more and more. She had never been one to be vocal about having sex. Yet when she heard him ask her to tell her when she finished, she started moaning and screaming and couldn’t seem to stop.

Even if it was his sister, Dan had a hot babe on his hands. She had already been more vocal than anyone else he had been with. He reached up and scraped his nails across her nipples, leaving tiny white marks across her breasts.

“Oh Dannie,” the rush of tingling sensation became more intense and satisfying. She couldn’t help not screaming louder and moaning harder. Barely able to make coherent words she did her best to give back to him, “I’m CUMMING!!”

It was music to his ears. Dan went even faster, his tongue trying to be everywhere she needed or wanted.

Her body erupted into one of the most intense orgasms of her life. Her toes curled and she bent backwards. Her muscles tightened and she screamed, “AAGGHH!!”

Dan kept at it, not wanting it to end for her.

Miranda’s eyes were closed and nothing but that very moment mattered. She didn’t even realize that she was holding her breath. It was a huge satisfaction and relief at the same time that fell over her and she started to catch her breath again. It was also when she realized he wasn’t stopping.

When Dan made a woman have an orgasm with his mouth he didn’t like to stop giving her pleasure until she begged him. He licked fasted and faster paying close attention to her clit.

Her orgasm was continuing or was it multiple orgasms, she couldn’t tell. The pleasure surged through her and his tongue and lips were unrelenting. Moaning and screaming combined with pounding and clawing the rug. “No – no more – please.”

Dan lay next to her and cradled her head in his arm. “I hope that you liked it.”

Miranda was delirious and felt like her heart would beat out of her chest. She had trouble breathing much less talking. “Damn!” It took a long time for her to calm back down. Finally she realized that she was in the protection of his arms. “Mm,” I could get used to this.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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