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Hi, my name is Trevor. It’s my father’s and grandfather’s name. I’m the third. It’s an unusual name. My sister is named Bonnie, so people have taken to calling me Clyde. Bonnie is two years older than me and is in college while I will start in the fall. I admit to being sort of a nerd. I’m good at computers and video games but have only dated a few girls. I had a girlfriend a couple of years ago but that’s about it. I’m definitely a heterosexual as evidenced by my interests in web sites and my interest in watching girls.

I have two older sisters, Bonnie and Marie. I have watched them grow into young women and I admit to sneaking a peek at them from time to time when they wear bikinis or go bra-less. I consider leering at my sisters’ bodies to be just the natural intellectual curiosity of a nineteen-year-old male.

The episode that I’m going to tell you about happened a month ago. Bonnie has a boyfriend named Andrew and they are pretty serious. Bonnie and I were home from college for the summer. It was a Friday night. I had intended to go out with my buddies but had worked in our yard all day and fell asleep with a headache. Our parents were away for the weekend. They left Bonnie in charge. She had usually bossed me around since we were kids and when Marie wasn’t around to boss me. I just did what they said rather than go through the hassle of resisting, but I would pretty much do whatever I wanted anyway.

Well, Bonnie had heard me say I was going out and assumed that I was gone. My car was in the shop, adding to the impression that I wasn’t home. I was zonked out in my room with the door closed. She had invited Andrew over to swim in the pool we have in our backyard. Mom and Dad are well enough off to afford our nice home with a pool. The pool is fenced in with a stockade fence. A fence is a legal requirement. I know that my sisters liked to skinny-dip and would do so whenever I wasn’t around. I had tried to sneak around to see them, but had only gotten a brief glimpse of Marie one time. Neither of my sisters is a beauty queen. Marie is voluptuous with big breasts, while Bonnie is the opposite. Bonnie has a thin, athletic build. Her boobs aren’t that big, but in my opinion, there is no such thing as a bad set of tits.

It was after dark when I woke up and I drowsily got a drink and put water on my face. My room is on the second bahis şirketleri floor. I walked downstairs where there were enough lights on to see where I was going. I intended to get something to eat. As I walked through our dining room enroute to the kitchen I caught a glimpse of activity outside by the pool. I looked to see what it was and was not surprised to see Bonnie and her boyfriend. However, I was surprised to see that they were both naked. I stood in the dining room taking-in my sister’s anatomy. She was wet from swimming so her hair was laying on her shoulders. Her most noticeable feature was the thick, wet, dark- brown bush. Her titties were hard and jiggled as she walked around. I did notice that Andrew was sporting a hard-on for my sister. I knew I was being a voyeur, but didn’t see any harm in looking.

Andrew came over to her and put his arms around her and kissed her. Bonnie was rubbing her body against him to further stimulate his interest. They obviously had done this before. I had suspected that Bonnie and Andrew were “doing it”. They maneuvered to where Bonnie was on her back on a lounge chair. I caught a glimpse of the slit between her legs before Andrew climbed on top of her and moved to insert his prick into my sister’s pussy. I was entranced watching as they coupled right in front of me. It was better than the porn I watched because it was live and the fact that it was my sister added an element of taboo. Andrew’s ass pumped up and down as he fucked my sister. I was just wearing shorts, so I pulled my cock out and began to stroke it. It was surreal. Bonnie had her legs wrapped around Andrew’s ass and had her legs spread about as wide as she could.

Suddenly I noticed that my sister was looking right at me. Apparently, she could see me through the window in the dim light from a lamp in our living room. She whispered something to Andrew, who stopped pumping and rolled off. He looked my way too, but I had dropped down to be out-of-sight. It was too late.

Bonnie called to me, “Clyde, get out here.”

No way I was going to do that, but Bonnie came to the back door, opened it and demanded, “Clyde, get over her right now.”

As I said, I was used to being bossed around by my sister, so I walked into the kitchen to see my sister standing in the doorway. The odd thing was, she hadn’t covered up and was stark bahis firmaları naked, right in front of me.

“Were you watching us?” she asked.

I prevaricated (lied), “I just walked in a caught a glimpse. I couldn’t see very well.”

“Bullshit. I saw you watching.”

I didn’t know what to say.

She saw the bulge in my shorts and asked, “Do you have a woody? Are you turned-on watching your sister? You little pervert.”

That caused my dick to deflate.

“Come out here.” She demanded, so I did.

Then she said, “Come out here and take off your shorts. Show me what you’ve got. I haven’t seen your prick since you were a little kid.”

I said, “No way.”

She said, “Do it, or I’ll tell Mom and Dad that you were jacking off watching me.”

I wasn’t thinking clearly. She wasn’t going to tell Mom and Dad that I had been watching her fuck her boyfriend by the pool. Anyway, I took my shorts off and walked out the door. The cool air and my nudity in front of my sister aroused me again. My prick stood up.

“Ooh!” She said. “You’re not such a little boy anymore.”

I was embarrassed but my cock didn’t care. Bonnie walked over to me and took my cock in her hand. “It’s nice and hard, isn’t it?” She rubbed it back and forth. “Does that feel good little brother?” I nodded. She continued. “Do you have a hard-on for your sister?” I nodded again. “Does seeing me naked excite you? You little pervert.”

I started to apologize but she told me to be quiet. She rubbed my cock while her boyfriend watched. “I’ll bet I can make you come.” She said and I said, “Please don’t”

Bonnie stepped back and put her arms over her head, causing her tits to rise up. “You’ve been wanted to see me naked for years, haven’t you?” I stood there speechless, but she knew the answer.

“Watch this.” She said as she went over to Andrew and dropped to her knees in front of him. I watched in amazement when she took his cock in her mouth and sucked on it. I had seen pornos of this, but seeing my sister suck someone’s cock was beyond erotic. It was positively decadent, but I couldn’t stop watching. She asked, “Is it better to see this in person rather than on the internet?” I nodded so she sucked his cock farther into her mouth.

She motioned me over and I stood beside her. She held my cock in her hand and stroked it while she kaçak bahis siteleri sucked her boyfriend’s cock. I couldn’t believe this was my sister. You never know what people are like sexually unless you see them in action. My seemingly shy sister was really into sucking her boyfriend’s cock.

I was amazed again when Bonnie took her mouth off of Andrew’s cock and put her mouth on mine. She licked the tip of my dick then slurped along the underside. I was close to coming. She looked at me and said, “Don’t you dare come in my mouth or I’ll cut it off.” I made her stop for a few seconds and then relented to her taking my dick in her mouth and swallowing it. My sister was sucking my cock. I couldn’t quite believe it, but I could see it with my own eyes and could feel her mouth as she swirled her tongue over my cockhead.

She stepped away and told me to sit in a chair. “I want you to jack-off while I fuck Andrew.”

She had her boyfriend, who had been watching silently, sit on the lounge chair. His cock was bigger than mine and it stuck straight up in the air. Bonnie faced me as she straddled her boyfriend and lowered herself onto his prick. I saw her spread her pussy lips and could see the darker pink of the inside of her cunt while she lowered herself on Andrew’s prick, taking it inside her. The folds of her labia and her clit were right above the prick in her hole and Andrew’s balls. I rubbed my dick while my sister fucked herself in front of me. She started to pant and move faster. I moved my cock at the same pace. I felt the release coming and my cock spurted a geyser of semen into the air and onto my hands and legs. Bonnie came at the same time and I saw the white semen from Andrew’s cock leaking out of her hole. When she stood up, the come poured out of her.

Bonnie reached out and took a glob of my semen on her fingers. She tasted it. She turned to Andrew and kissed him. She said, “Your come tastes better than my little brother’s”

Then she walked over to me. She pushed her breasts into my face. I licked her nipples and held the breasts that I had longed to see for so long. She pulled me up and gave me an open-mouthed kiss. Her hand squeezed my cock then squeezed my balls. It began to hurt. She said, “This is a one-time treat for my little brother and it’s just between us. If you ever tell anyone, I’ll cut your balls off while you are sleeping.” I nodded. She said, “Now go back to your room and don’t spy on us again.” I nodded once more and did as I was told. Being bossed around wasn’t all bad.

And that’s the first adventure of Bonnie and Clyde.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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