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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me. Your opinions are welcome but your attacks are not.

Note: If you haven’t already, read Boarding with Linda Ch 01 & Ch 02, which are prequels to this story.

As surprising as it may sound with the occasional visits from Tara, Cathe and Shelly, I still managed to not only find a few other girls to get naked with, but a couple of them weren’t even Linda’s friends. I decided one evening after work when I had nothing else planned to dust off my bike and make sure it was working well since the weather had been gradually warming up. I didn’t want to go too far until I knew everything was functioning correctly so I thought I’d just cruise over to see if Mary Rose was around, since we now lived in the same neighborhood. As I was heading down her street, I happened to first run into her sister, Lyn, walking with their cousin, Joy. They were both eighteen and just a couple of months away from graduating from high school, but it had been a while since I’d seen either of them. When Mary Rose and I had been graduating from high school, the two of them had barely been teenagers. Since then they’d both blossomed into sexy, exotic-looking women. It didn’t hurt that they were both Filipino.

“Hey, I don’t think I’ve seen you biking through this neighborhood probably since you got your driver’s license,” Lyn said as she realized it was me coming up on them.

“Well, now this in my neighborhood, too, so you might see me around more often,” I replied, then went on to explain my new living situation.

“Wow, that sounds pretty cool,” Joy said.

“Well I was going to invite Mary Rose over to see it,” I told them, “You’re both more than welcome to come along.”

“Actually,” Lyn said, “Manang is out of town for work this week.”

“Oh, well no rush, I guess,” I replied, “It isn’t like I’m expecting it to be short-term.”

“Can we still come and see it?” Joy asked.

“Absolutely,” I replied, “I just thought you might already be heading somewhere.”

“We were just bored,” Lyn explained, “so we were heading from my house to hers to see if we could come up with something to do.”

“Don’t you have homework to do,” I asked, ever the big brother figure.

“Ha!” Joy laughed, “We’ve both got college acceptance letters so who needs to still do homework?”

They both high-fived as I laughed then we started walking toward Linda’s house rather than Joy’s. After stashing my bike in the garage, I showed them my private entrance and led them down to my living quarters. As they both looked around a little wide-eyed, I went straight to the fridge and grabbed some beers, then gave each of them one. My goal was not to get them drunk but to plant the seed that they could come over and hang out and have a drink if they wanted to. I certainly wouldn’t have any issues with a couple of hot Filipino chicks hanging out even if they were a bit younger than I was. We hung out for long enough for them both to finish their beers but, before they could crack open a couple more, Joy got a call asking where they’d gone off to since both of their cars were still parked in front of their respective houses. They figured they’d better take off since it was a school night, but I gave them my contact info and encouraged them to stop by and hang out sometime.

I had seen Lyn and Joy hanging around together for as long as I’d known Mary Rose, but it didn’t surprise me that they didn’t do everything together. Though I’d invited both of them to return and visit, I hadn’t really considered that they might do it separately. In fact, I was kind of surprised when I got a phone call from Joy the following evening.

“Hey, I was just wondering if that invitation to stop by is still open,” she asked, “I’m just leaving an event at school and I didn’t really feel like going home quite yet.”

“Absolutely,” I replied, “I’ll leave the back door open so just come on down.”

I assumed at that point, since she’d said “I” and not “we,” that she’d be arriving alone and that gave me just enough time to wonder if the good fortune I’d experienced so far since moving in was going to continue. When she walked in, my eyes went wide because she was wearing a short, tight black skirt, black stockings and a top so snug that I could tell how lacy the bra underneath it was. I wasn’t sure what kind of school event this was appropriate almanbahis adres for, but I was glad for the opportunity to see her wearing it.

“Don’t get up,” she said as I prepared to from where I was sitting on the couch, “Can I grab a beer?”

I had her grab me one, too, but once she’d handed it to me, she opened hers and took a long drink.

“Oh, I needed that,” she said, “These weeknight school events can be so dull. I can’t even tell you how my mind was wandering but I can show you where it wandered.”

She set her beer down then took mine and set it on the coffee table, too, before straddling me in her short, tight skirt. She had to slide the skirt up so that she could sit on my lap and my cock went rigid when I saw that she was wearing garters to hold up her stockings. Her skirt rode up higher as she sat down and the front of her panties pressed right against the bulge in my shorts. As she leaned down to kiss me, I pushed her skirt up around her waist and reached around for her ass, which was bare but for a strip of material running between her cheeks. She was humping my cock as we made out but I was certain that there was a better way to do this.

“Do you want to ride my cock?” I asked as I pulled my mouth from hers. She nodded slowly with a sultry look on her face so I suggested that she undress for me. She stood with her skirt up around her waist so she reached back to unfasten it then pushed it to her ankles. As she was stepping out of it, she was pulling her top off and revealed a lacy bra that matched her thong panties and garter belt. I had her spin for me and stopped her when she was facing away from me so I could caress her sweet ass.

“Shall I leave the garterbelt and stockings on?” she asked when she was facing me again and I nodded. She reached back to unfasten her bra and I watched as her small breasts were revealed. There would certainly be no titfucking tonight, but her thin, hard nipples begged to be sucked. She started to slide her thong panties down, revealing a thin, dark landing strip above her pussy. She looked so fucking hot that I wasn’t sure I’d be able to undress myself without cumming. Fortunately, I had her to help me, not that I believed it would make much of a difference one way or the other. She dropped to her knees and reached for my waist to unfasten my shorts. I shed my t-shirt as she opened them then raised my ass so she could slide them and my underwear down and off.

My cock was standing rigidly from my lap so she grasped it and pumped it briefly before wrapping her lips around it. I moaned as she engulfed my cock in her hot mouth and was already hoping I could recover as I ate her pussy because I figured I’d be cumming in her mouth momentarily. Fortunately for me and my staying power, she only sucked my cock for a moment before standing and straddling me again. I guided my cock to her approaching pussy and we both moaned as she lowered herself onto it. Once it was fully embedded, she sat there for a moment before starting to ride it while I reached out to caress her petite boobs. She started moving slowly at first which definitely helped me even though her pussy felt outstanding. I wasn’t surprised by how hot and wet her pussy was since it sounded like she’d spent the earlier part of the evening thinking about coming over and seducing me.

I wasn’t beyond the point of feeling incredulous that I was getting lucky again but I was more focused on appreciating this young, nubile hottie who was currently riding my cock. I caressed her tits and hard nipples but also ran my hands around to squeeze her ass as it moved up and down. She was breathing heavily and moaning softly as she gradually rode me harder and faster. Because she was so petite, it wouldn’t have been easy to lick and suck her nipples as she rode me while sitting on the couch, so when my hands were on her ass, I was watching her titties bouncing. I could feel an orgasm beginning to build basically even before my cock had been engulfed in her hot pussy, so I was thinking about what would be the best thing to do to hold it off for a bit longer. Fortunately, I didn’t end up having to worry about it because, before it became too much of an issue, Joy let out a cry and her body began to tremble. She sat still on my cock as she came while I welcomed a brief respite from the incredible pleasure I was feeling due to her hot pussy.

Once she’d ridden out her orgasm and had opened her eyes and smiled at me, I lifted her off of my cock and had her sit on the couch while I moved to kneel on the floor. I spread her legs and first admired her well-groomed landing strip and shaved lips before lowering my head and licking her smooth slit. She immediately moaned loudly and grabbed my head, already rocking her hips toward my face. I slurped up the juices that were flowing from her pussy before slipping a finger into her and starting to pump it in and out. As I finger-fucked her hot pussy, I ran my tongue over her clit and she about almanbahis adresi sucked all of the air out of the room. She moved her hips faster as I commenced licking and sucking her clit and her moans grew louder and longer.

My cock remained rigid as I ate her, but my concern about cumming too quickly was relieved for the moment as I was going down on her. Although I don’t think it was necessarily a concern for her, I was pretty sure that she would be cumming quickly. Her pussy was incredibly wet and slippery and continued to feel even more engorged around my finger as she forced it toward my face. I would have been content to draw out her pleasure longer both for her benefit and so that I could keep my face buried between her thighs longer, but I didn’t suspect that she’d have the freedom to hang out too long on a school night and I still definitely wanted to fuck her some more and cum myself. Consequently, I focused on getting her the rest of the way there which, admittedly, did not require much in the way of additional effort.

When Joy pulled my head even closer to her pussy and went momentarily rigid, I did my best to continue licking and sucking her clit until she went limp and her body twitched and shook. I didn’t stop stimulating her with my tongue and finger until she went completely still and let out a long sigh. At that point, I slipped my finger out of her and sucked her juices off of it as I straightened up in front of her. I looked over her hot young body before taking my cock in hand and guiding it back into her slick pussy. She moaned and opened her eyes again as I penetrated her, pulling her legs up and spreading them wider. I leaned forward, bracing myself against the back of the couch and started fucking her again. At this point I was no longer concerned with cumming too quickly and wanted to make sure that I didn’t keep her too late, so I was fucking her hard right away.

It was nice that I could appreciate how pleasurable her pussy felt without any distractions and she didn’t seem to mind that I was fucking her good and hard. She was rocking her hips so that each of my thrusts resulted in maximum penetration. We weren’t trying to make out this time and she had her eyes closed again, so I was watching her titties bouncing each time I slammed into her. I felt my orgasm immediately beginning to build again and I was appreciating it as it did. When I found myself nearing the verge of cumming, I pulled out of her pussy and stood up as she opened her eyes to see what was going on. Seeing my rigid cock in front of her, she sat up and took it in her hand, pumping it before wrapping her lips around it. I moaned as she engulfed my tool in her hot mouth as she continued pumping the base.

She immediately started to enthusiastically suck my cock, almost as if she was trying to demonstrate how much pleasure she could provide, and I was perfectly okay with that. My orgasm continued to build up under her oral stimulation as I ran my fingers through her black hair. It appeared that she had some experience as a cocksucker because her technique was not bad at all. Even as my cock swelled further the closer I got to cumming, she never let up or altered her methodology. Watching as her pretty face inhaled my cock repeatedly only got me even more aroused so it wasn’t long before I was right on verge of cumming again.

When I grunted as I started to spew into Joy’s mouth, she may have flinched slightly but she recovered quickly and continued to suck my cock while swallowing my load. She continued to nurse my cock even once I was spent until I pulled out and sat beside her on the couch. She nuzzled against me and I held her as we both recovered.

“That was pretty awesome,” she finally said.

“Definitely,” I agreed, “I hope that means you’ll be coming back.”

“You can count on it,” she replied, “but would you mind if we kept things discreet?”

“I’m fine with that,” I said, “I don’t need anyone getting bent out of shape about what we do in the privacy of my residence. We may just need to be flexible in adapting to each other’s schedules.”

“I agree,” she said, “and I’m glad not only that you feel that way but that you enjoyed my visit.”

“I don’t know that I could have enjoyed it any more,” I replied, “especially with the sexy lingerie, but I hope you’ll try to prove me wrong.”

“I will certainly be putting some thought into it,” she assured me, “but now I should probably head home before anyone wonders where I am.”

She got up and gathered her clothing, slowly pulling it on while allowing me to continue ogling her body. I finally got up and pulled on my own clothes as she was just finishing up so that I could walk her out to her car where we embraced but she wouldn’t kiss me because of her cum breath. I made a mental note to keep some gum or mints around as I headed back downstairs.

Her visit had definitely been a pleasant surprise but it wasn’t the last one that came as a result of almanbahis adres bumping into the two of them. It took a couple more days, but I did get a call from Lyn asking if I’d mind if she stopped by because she was just down the street. I didn’t have anything going on, so I told her just to come on down through my back entrance. She walked through the door a few minutes later wearing spandex capris and a snug tank top, carrying a water bottle and her phone with headphones wrapped around it.

“I was on my way home from walking and when I got to the corner, I thought I’d see if you were around,” she explained.

“Do you want something else to drink or are you okay with your water,” I asked.

“I’ve only got a little bit of water left,” she said, “let me just finish it up real quick.”

She opened her water bottle and started to drink, but the water spilled out and ran down the front of her tank top.

“Oh my,” she said with mock concern, “I’m all wet.”

“Perhaps we should get you out of those wet clothes,” I replied, playing along, “and I can see just how wet you are so you don’t catch cold or anything.”

“That sounds like a very wise idea,” she said, so I got up and went over to her, kissing her as I reached for the bottom of her tank top. We parted as I raised the tank top over her head, revealing that she was braless beneath it. Her tits were on the smaller side, like Joy’s, and her nipples were similarly thin and hard. I tossed her top aside and started to caress her tits before leaning down to lick and suck her hard nipples. I dropped my hands down to caress her taut, toned ass while she ran her fingers through my hair and moaned softly. I kissed my way down over her ribs and abs as I dropped to my knees, then started to slide her capris down, revealing that she was also sans panties beneath them. She had a narrow, black landing strip similar to Joy’s, which I kissed around as she stepped out of her pants. Rather than licking her pussy as she stood there, I stood myself and picked her up, carrying her over to my bed and laying her in the middle of it.

I lay between her spread legs and admired her pussy before running my tongue up between her shaved lips. She moaned loudly as I lapped at the abundant nectar that she was producing, mentally noting that her landing strip was so well groomed and her pussy so smooth that she’d very likely neatened it up within hours of stopping by. This didn’t surprise me since I’d suspected that Joy’s selection of undergarments implied that her visit had been premeditated. Likewise, Lyn’s lack of undergarments also suggested the same thing. I was pleased by the initiative that both of them had taken and was delighted to add them to the repertoire of women who I knew I could call upon whenever I felt an itch that needed to be scratched.

I slipped a finger into Lyn’s pussy, finding it nicely snug and slippery just as Joy’s had been. While pumping that finger in and out, I started to lick and suck her clit, causing her to moan even louder. She ran her fingers through my hair and rocked her hips toward my face as I ate her but wasn’t yet pulling my head toward her pussy. I wondered if she’d cum as easily as Joy did since I assumed she’d been thinking about us getting together for a couple of days and even more so over the past few hours. I didn’t necessarily want her to cum quickly; my goal was more for her to experience intense pleasure, regardless of how long it took. As far as it being easy to make her cum, that was always preferable to orgasms that required significant effort.

The longer I ate her, the louder she was moaning and the more her hips were moving. Her pussy was also becoming wetter and more engorged around my probing finger so it was obvious that she was building toward an orgasm and it appeared that she was experiencing a great deal of pleasure along the way. In this instance, I would have been okay spending more time with my face between her legs and my tongue on her clit, but she was starting to tense up as she got closer to cumming and I planned to move on after she came and get my cock buried in this hot, snug pussy. I continued to eat her when she gasped and her body started to shake as the tension suddenly left it. Her orgasm was long and intense and I didn’t stop stimulating her until I was certain that she’d finished cumming.

I straightened up on my knees and looked over her naked body laid out before me as I stripped off my shirt. Her chest was heaving as she caught her breath and her nipples still looked hard enough to cut glass. I opened my shorts and pushed them down along with my underwear, my rigid cock springing out, then moved to lie beside her as I worked them the rest of the way off. She rolled toward me and reached for my rigid tool, stroking it as I got completely naked. We made out briefly before she started moving up to straddle me, sitting straight upright as she guided my cock to her hot pussy. She eased herself down on it as we both moaned then sat there for a moment feeling it fill her. I ran my hands up her thighs and around to caress her ass before bringing them up to fondle her tits. She started to slowly ride me and her pussy felt amazing as it slid up and down my tool.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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