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Jason wasn’t having a good day. His crappy job in an office didn’t get him enough money to pay his bills and he decided that day that he couldn’t live like this. He had a huge row with his boss getting him fired and now he regretted everything.

Jason thought that with the remainder of his funds, he would get wasted at a club to forget all his sorrows and regrets. Another thing that recently happened that sucked was that his girlfriend dumped him and left for another guy.

He looked around the internet for good clubs in his area and found an alright one that sounded alright. He got dressed and bahis şirketleri drove his minivan down to the club. He had booked an entrance earlier on so the bouncer outside let him in.

It was pretty crowded inside and music blared out of what seemed to be everywhere.Jason struggled through the drunken crowd, and over to the bar. He looked at the bartender and simply said “I’ll take a beer please”. As the night went on and he had started getting drowsy he realised there were a lot of males in the room. Now that he thought about it he couldn’t spot one girl. He was about to leave shuddering at the thought bahis firmaları of being here in what seemed to be a gay bar, when a cute, young twink walked up to him and asked if he could sit next to Jason. At this, Jason thought it would be rude to just get up and leave so he replied” yeah sure, why not?”

“Hi my name’s Jade. What’s a cute boy like you doing down here?”

“I’m just trying to forget my day and recent events by getting wasted”

Jade was a cute young boy with aqua-marine coloured hair and purple eyes. He looked roughly about 19 and had quite a lot of piercing making him look maybe kaçak bahis siteleri emo or Goth. He was wearing a band t-shirt with a couple of tears in and black skinny jeans huddling tightly to his thin legs.

After a few long awkward minutes he asked me” So Jason, just curious but are you in a relationship”

“I accidentally walked into this club but I’m actually straight and recently split up with my girlfriend.”

“Oh I’m sorry for flirting with you if that seems weird or anything”

“No don’t worry about it man I’m planning on living in the street tomorrow so it’s nice to get a compliment.”

“Oh man I gotta leave. I have got to be somewhere by 2:00am.”

“Alright man goodbye. We’ll probably never see each other again.”

“It’s cool man. There’s others to flirt with. I’ll have to find another guy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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