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August Ames

“They’re both blindfolded, sitting in the middle of a big comfortable bed.”

Cooper is describing to his wife an erotic scene he’s thinking of writing for his screenplay. They’re lying in bed wrapped in each other’s arms. He’s talking softly and seductively, but his demeanor is all business.

“They’re sitting up with their legs folded around each other, kissing,” he continues, as he lightly strokes up and down Elle’s naked body, trying to imagine the scene in his head.

“They kiss passionately and feel each other’s body, seeing only with their hands. He moves to the edge of the bed, she wraps her legs tightly around him, and she lays all the way back so that her body is hanging off the side of the bed, in a ‘Mastery Suspended’ style, but they’re not fucking yet. His hands are all over her naked body, rubbing, exploring, feeling everywhere. He rubs up and over her perfect breasts, laid out before him, and down to her core, he rubs back up over and around her breasts, down her sides to her hips, and skims over her mound, going back up to feel more and more.”

Elle sees his cock give a little jump and she reaches down and wraps her hand around it.

“He pulls her up, supporting her back and he lays down, while she crawls forward over him until her pussy is directly over his mouth and she’s riding his face. He begins licking and sucking as he kneads her breasts and flicks her nipples. She grinds down into his face, moaning in pleasure. Her knees are getting weak, so she leans over and props her forearms on the bed. He grabs her ass and kneads her round tight cheeks, all the while continuing to eat her out.”

Elle squirms a little and rolls so she can flip one leg over Cooper’s legs, still running her hand up and down Cooper’s big cock.

“He spreads her Kıbrıs Escort cheeks out and feels between them, pushing her lips out so his tongue can delve further inside of her. His licks produce writhes and moans from her.”

Elle inadvertently let out a little moan herself. Cooper was driving her wild touching her that way, taunting her with his proposed “scene” but going no further.

“We get a shot of his cock and balls, twitching as he lays flat on the bed, licking and feeling her ass. There’s also a great shot of her perfect ass. The camera shows her ass and then pans out and we see them in the middle of the bed, her ass as she bends over him, and his huge cock as he lays there.”

“Yeah, that could work.”

“She’s bent over, gasping and moaning and calling out. His hands are all over her, from her ass to her tits. Suddenly she moves back over him, straddles him, and she guides his dick into her. He begins pumping furiously. She’s trying to match his rhythm. His hands are gripping her ass and every once in a while he gives her a smack. He’s pounding, pounding up into her harder and harder.”

“What’s the camera showing now? Still her ass and his cock?”

“Yeah, the camera’s panned out, showing their whole bodies pounding each other, in a ‘Cowgirl’ position, showing his balls and her ass first and foremost.”

“Don’t you think you should show her face some—get the emotion and passion she’s feeling?”

“Well, remember they’re both still blindfolded. And we can hear her gasping and moaning and panting. I think a shot of the two of them on the bed with her straddling him is best.”

“Ok, so what happens next?”

“After a minute or two of pounding, they sit up and go at it in a ‘Mastery position’ now, his legs dangling Kıbrıs Escort Bayan over the side of the bed. She likes this position better, we can tell by the way she cries out and wails as they continue a fast rhythm together.”

“So her legs are wrapped around him like this?” Elle gets up and straddles Cooper.

“Um…yeah Elle, like that, and his legs are bent down the side of the bed and he’s pushing off of the floor like this.” Cooper moves them to the side of the bed to show Elle the position his ‘two characters’ are in.

She can feel his hard cock against her stomach and as she reaches around to hold on to him tightly she feels her breasts pressed against his hard chest. They both begin moving against each other, he reaches up and pulls her head back so he can kiss her.

“Oh yeah, have him pull her hair like that—that’s hot.” Elle breathes into him, pulling him in closer.

Cooper ends the kiss. “Elle, slow down, not yet, let me get this scene hammered out.”

“Hammered is exactly what I had in mind big boy,” she says huskily.

He moves them back to the front of the bed with a heavy sigh and lays her back against the pillows, then lies down next to her again.

“I’m almost to the climax Elle, hold on,” he’s trying hard not to let her sexy, pouty lip sway his mind.

“How come your characters are the only ones getting a climax and holding on?” she pouts. He shoots her a look and she says, “Ok, fine, proceed with the scene.”

“Ok, where were we? ‘Mastery position, pounding, ok. She begins bouncing up and down on him, getting wilder and wilder. Suddenly he stands up, still inside of her and turns her and throws her down on the bed onto her back. The shot shows his ass pumping into her and her legs straight Escort Kıbrıs up in the air, in a ‘Butterfly’ position. He takes her legs and pushes them back, making her tighter, in a ‘Deep Impact’ style. He puts one foot up on the mattress and leans in to one of her legs while she cries out in ecstasy.”

“Show me,” Elle says, her eyes filled with lust.


“No, I want to see how this would work. I’ve never done the ‘Deep Impact’ position before. Show me.”

Elle lays down flat on the bed with a ‘come hither’ look. Cooper stands up, pushes both of her legs up into the air and then stops, closing his eyes.

“What’s the matter?”

“Elle. You’re making it very hard for me to work. I look at you lying there like that and I just want to…” his voice trails off.

She picks up his balls and cradles them in her hand.

“You just want to…what?”

“Ahem,” he clears his throat, then he’s back to business. “So he’s standing like this, pumping into her furiously. Then he puts one foot up on the bed next to her ass and leans into this leg, like so.”

Sean looks down at Elle. He sees her long red hair fanned out on the bed. He sees her lush, round breasts, her flat stomach, and her sexy pussy staring up at him. If they keep this up much longer he’s going to shoot his wad without her even touching his dick. He moves to lie back down on the bed.

“I’m almost done Elle. Work with me here.”

“You’re almost done and I haven’t even started,” she says, looking down at his twitching cock.

“So… they go at it a minute or two more like that and she then cries out his name. He pulls out and then slams back into her for his big climax. Then he collapses on top of her and we fade to black.”

Elle lies there thinking for a minute. “Yeah, I like that. It could work.”

She gets up and leaves the room. Cooper props himself up on his elbows and calls after her.

“Hey—where are you going?”

She steps back inside the door, gives him a sexy look and says, “To go get two blindfolds, of course.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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