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Adrianna Chechik


Just a quick note, this is a stand-alone story. There are no sequels, no chapters, just this. Hope you like it.




Casey walked into Black Vinyl, his old stomping ground. The place where he’d spent countless hours browsing for his favorite CDs and rare vinyl classics. It had been a while since he’d been back, but the owner Tom waved a hand at him as he approached the counter.

“Haven’t seen you around in ages, Casey. What have you up to?” Tom leaned over the counter. His big frame made the service desk look small.

Casey shrugged. “Oh you know college and what not.”

“You finally graduate?” Tom grinned.

“Yeah, moved back here, got a job. Became an adult or I’m trying to.”

That earned him a laugh from Tom. “You’ll never grow up, Case. Just like me, always young at heart.”

“Nah, you’re just old.” Casey busted up laughing when Tom shook his fist teasingly.

“I’m classic, not old. You’re still young. You’ll understand when you’re my age. Get out of my hair Peter Pan. Got a new shipment of that German crap you like so much.”

“If it’s such crap, why do you buy it?” Casey jumped back as Tom went to swat him.

“Hopeful wishing that you’ll come back to harass me.”

“Uh huh, I’m so sure.”

Casey chuckled, leaving Tom to go look at the CDs in question. Loud German Rock had always called to him. He was one of three people that he knew of that even bought the stuff. As Casey touched the first album, the front door bell sounded, and he looked up.

The most beautiful guy he had ever seen walked in. Short dark hair, killer blue eyes that landed on Casey before going up to Tom. Casey blushed with a hidden smile. Acting like he hadn’t seen the guy, he went back to browsing.

“German Rock? You gotta be kidding me.” Tom laughed above the sound of The Strokes playing over the speakers. “Over there with that trouble maker.”

“Hey,” Casey protested. The dark haired man seemed to find it amusing, even bit his lip, flicking his eyes to the ground.

A group of high school kids that had dipped themselves in Hot Topic entered the store. Tom growled as they started to wander around.

“You steal anything and I take fingers as payment.” The owner smiled as they walked by him. The kids looked at one another before settling in over at the Industrial section. Tom had never found a soft spot for the youth of today. Only Casey had managed to weasel his way in.

“Hi.” Casey was startled a bit as the dark haired man joined him.

“Hey,” güvenilir bahis Casey replied with a shy glance.

The stranger’s hand reached out, grabbed an album off the rack. “Tokio Hotel is German Rock? We need to get this guy some help.”

“Yeah, they’re pretty mainstream, pop if you ask me. Tom doesn’t really care much about correctly placing albums unless you’re talking eighties hair bands or classic punk. He’s a big Twisted Sister fan.”

“Ugh,” the other man replied, putting the album down quickly. “You seem to know your way around here.”

“I swear I used to live here during high school. It’s the best place to get your music fix for miles around. Plus Tom over there and his partner Dell are awesome.”

“Partner?” Dark hair leaned up against the shelf, his eyes boring into Casey.

“Yeah, partner. Dell’s a guy.” Casey smiled.

The stranger nodded his head with a grin. “Nothing wrong with that.”

“Nope.” Casey crouched down, grabbing an old Scorpions album. “Don’t tell Tom, but I think he might need some help after all.”

“Oh my God, I remember my dad listening to ‘Rock You Like A Hurricane’ over and over. He’s so tone deaf.” Dark hair shook his head. “I guess Tom tried though. They are German.”

“Seems like you know your stuff too.” Casey couldn’t keep the creep of flirtation from his voice. This guy was smoking hot, funny, and he smelled like a wet dream.

“Only on occasion, I’m no expert. I just like music.” The guy gently took the album out of Casey’s hand and put it on the shelf. “Is there a bathroom around here?”

“Uh yeah.” Casey shook the moment off. Damn this guy was intense. “Over there in the corner, past the life sized cut out of Stevie Nicks.”

“Why don’t you show me? I’m not very good with directions.” The intensity was back. Casey felt his dick respond below. A mad heat flushed his neck, a sure sign that his body was all for it.

“Sure,” Casey said.

They stood up, Casey leading the way. His palms shaky, his eyes attempting to avoid Tom’s knowing smile. The bathroom was for employees only, but Tom knew Casey well enough that it didn’t matter. The owner knew from being young once himself what was going down in a minute or less in the lavatory. Tom smiled looking around the shop before narrowing his eyes at the kid unzipping his hoodie.

“You yank anything and you know the rules, you razor blade wearing dipshit.”

“Yeah, man. I hear you.” The kid with the Mohawk nodded in fear, putting a CD bag on the table.

The bathroom was sprayed painted, band stickers, güvenilir bahis siteleri old flyers covering the wall. A diner green tile was the only pure color left in the small room. A dirty light fixture above the sink seemed to beckon Casey forward as the The Japandroids blared over the speakers with Heart Sweats.

The second the door closed behind the pair, Casey was shoved up against the graffiti smothered wall. His lips were covered with another pair. Hands went under Casey’s shirt, seeking his blazing hot skin. The other man’s fingers played over his body quickly, but with purpose. Casey tried to breathe, tried to think, but the stranger pushed him against the wall harder—grinding, feeling, tasting his mouth.

Lost in a dream, he tugged at the man’s shirt. A lean chest covered in tattoos was revealed. Casey shuddered—his hands gripping into the guy’s skin. Tongue sucked into another’s mouth, Casey moaned. His one hand found its way through short dark hair, clenching thick chunks between his fingers.

“Suck me,” the man gasped, flipping them around until he was against the wall.

Casey sank to his knees no problem—fingers working the thick belt buckle, buttons loose, pulling down the jeans and underwear until his prize was revealed. Hungry for more, his lips made quick work of the cock presented. Sheathing the head into his mouth, he yearned to hear the man above him moan.

“Fuck,” the stranger’s curse bounced around the room. A hot mouth engulfed his cock over and over, taking him like he was the only man alive in the world. The little brunette hottie below knew what he was doing, just how he liked it.

“More,” he pushed the guy’s head down on his cock. Listening to the slick sounds of his dick being swallowed, satisfaction called a groan from his throat. The pleasure took him like a good song he hadn’t heard in a long time.

Obedient to service, Casey worked the cock in his mouth until his eyes watered. The other man was close. He could feel the body under his hands tensing, tiny tremors in his clenched thighs.

“Yeah, yeah, oh fuck.” The man bit his fist before pulling his sucking beauty to his feet. He went to his knees, not ready to cum just yet.

Casey helped the man along, tugging his jeans down over his skinny hips. His own cock jutted up into the air, but the guy pushed it into his stomach with the heel of one palm and sucked on his balls instead. Heavenly angels were singing somewhere as a greedy tongue licked, swollen lips sucked on him.

“I love this store.” Casey put his head back his iddaa siteleri loud laugh weaved into a moan. Flicking his eyes back down, he knew wasn’t going to last much longer. Blue eyes smiled up at him before the man’s lips took him to the root.

“Jesus!” Casey hissed. His knees held to the wall by this stranger. He was shaking. The knowledge they could be caught at any minute such a turn on, the lock still unlatched next to them.

The man grabbed his own cock, working himself while his mouth worked Casey. With a pop of his lips, he groaned. “So good.”

“Yeah, almost there, a little more,” Casey pleaded with a frown as the man stood. His frown was short lived when the man fisted both their shafts in his hands and kissed him.

The twist of both their flavors lit up Casey’s mouth, the dominant stranger’s hand going a mile a minute below. One flick of those blue eyes at him with their dark lashes and Casey came undone.

Slapping a palm to the wall, the other man moaned into Casey’s neck. Sticky in his hand, both their releases dripped over his fingers with a smile on his lips.

“Fuck,” Casey murmured, trying to breathe again.

“Hell yeah,” the stranger whispered, pressing a kiss to Casey’s neck.

“I don’t think I can go back out there just yet.”

The dark haired man grinned. “It’s not high school, you can’t live here anymore.”

That got a laugh from Casey. “You know what I mean.”

A few paper towels and some more kissing did the trick. Flushed cheeks, a bit of sweat running down his back, and Casey was good to go.

Walking out onto the store floor was a little bit embarrassing, but Tom did nothing more than shoot him a sly grin with an even slicker goodbye.

“Good to have you back, Case. Come and visit any time.”

“Bye, Tom.” Casey blushed on his way out.

The cool evening air did wonders for his flushed skin, the sweat drying up a bit as his mystery bathroom date sidled up beside him.

“My place or yours?” Dark hair chuckled.

“Funny,” Casey grabbed for the man’s hand as soon as they were around the block.

“I thought so. I liked the bathroom. I could hear you moan louder than normal. Good acoustics.”

“Bryson!” Casey laughed. “Shut up.”

“Whatever, you like it.” Bryson tossed the keys to his boyfriend. “Where to next?”

They loaded into the jeep, Bryson grabbing the list from the floorboard. Penthouse’s Check List: Spice Things Up In Your Relationship.

“We can check off role play. I was pretty good huh?” Bryson bit the pen cap off and checked the box with a smile.

“Yes, you are the master of role play.” Jamie pulled out of the spot, a huge grin on his face. “So what are we up for next, master?”

Bryson looked at him with a cheesy grin. “Ever been tied up?”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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