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Elaine had arrived home and John, her husband wasn’t visibly upset. Inside though, he was seething. Yep, he was seething big time. He wanted his wife to be what a wife should be, in his opinion and that was his cook, his maid, his counselor, his sexual release when he needed that the most.

He wanted her to be that and more. He wanted her to be his love and almost a slut when he so called for her to be that.

He wasn’t into mistreating her, but he did expect her to be there for him when he was around, which was a bout fifty percent of the time. The other fifty percent was spent either at the office or out of town.

He never really cheated on Elaine. No, he was pretty faithful. Elaine was the one that really was unfaithful. She was the one who actually had a man on the side. This man was as awesome, incredible, loving, and tenderhearted as they came.

He was that and more. He brought everything passionate iota of detail out in her that was feasible. He could bring her to her knees sexually. Elaine would willingly give every loving, sensuous, and emotional part of herself she could to Jamison!

When Elaine got home, even though John was furious inside, he hid those emotions. He wanted to see where her convictions lay. He wanted to see id there truly was love between them or not.

When she got in the door, he said hi and asked how she was. Elaine smiled and said fine. She said she had to go up and take a shower because she was dirty and needed to cleanse herself.

John decided he was going to join her and try to make love with his wife. She had no intentions of this. John couldn’t compare to Jamison and she wouldn’t allow any comparison now.

But she wouldn’t have a choice, because John wasn’t going to let her have one. He was going to force his love on her anyways!

Upstairs, she had just stepped in the shower. Elaine didn’t know he was coming up. She stood there with the clear glass doors closed, but any one in front of them could see right through them initially before they fogged up.

She stood there inside, as her head cocked backwards underneath the showering water, which was nice and warm. Her hands began freely trolling along her body. Her eyes were closed. Her face began growing a smile from within as she began recalling Jamison and his presence about her or with in her mind.

Her hands were placed, initially, above her breasts as if Jamison was holding her and caressing her frame. Then of course, they slowly would tiptoe downwards over her breasts, stopping a while around them and her nipples to excite her emotionally.

Yes, she was emotionally aroused because it was Jamison in the shower exciting her! Eventually, John would catch on as he stood watching what she was doing.

Yeah, John watched naked outside of the shower and was getting ready to step in until he saw the motions of her hands about her body. It wasn’t just her tits, which she was touching and caressing, it was her tummy. It was her inner thighs and her pussy that she began pursuing.

That’s when he decided to extinguish whatever fantasy track she was on! He quietly opened the shower door. She faced the showerhead. He entered from behind her. She was clueless of John’s presence behind her.

He began jacking off to get his cock harder and harder. He wanted it so stiff and long, he could butt fuck his wife at his own command. He knew where she was at and he was visibly angry now. His dick was ready. He was ready!

John said, “Honey you look beautiful and sexy standing there underneath the spray of the water. She whipped around to look at him. Her mind was in Jamison house. Her mind was in Jamison’s house, with Jamison wrapped around her making foreplay and just before incredibly mind-blowing sex!

She did not have the right expression on her face. She should have had an expression on it that said, “Oh honey I’ve been waiting for you” or something close to that. She did not and he knew she wasn’t expecting him.

He did not let on that he knew that it wasn’t he, she desired. He knew who it was or suspected he knew who it was she was fantasizing about.

She saw something weird down below. She hadn’t looked yet. Finally she did and she faked a great smile for appearances.

He put his arms around her as in a loving manner. He was going to fuck the living hell out of his wife one last time. He was going almanbahis şikayet to give her a divorce afterwards, but he was going to give her what he hasn’t given her, because she could get much, much better out of Jamison.

He thought he was sure that’s what the case was. So he was going to give it all he had and then let the bitch go forever. He dramatized it and he acted out his love for her, although in his mind, he was done with the bitch!

He caressed her with convincing love. He smiled also with the same realistic look. She was fooled by the facial appearances. She was fooled by his fake demeanor.

He made it seem as if he truly loved and lusted for his wife. Yes, he loved her, but he also was beginning to hate the bitch due to her love for another man.

He would never ever put up with a relationship like that. It was either “Fuck me or fuck him. But in no way am I going to share your cunt with another man. I don’t care if that man is black, white, Korean, Russian, Hispanic or whatever. I ain’t co-fucking your pussy, tits, mouth or ass for that matter! That ain’t gonna happen bitch!”

But he was gonna get what was due to him at least once more! He stood there, trying to act out as if he was wanting to romance his wife, when in fact, he was gonna butt fuck her and he was gonna do that very, very well!

She wasn’t expecting it at all! Nope, she wasn’t, but unknown to him, is that she would actually enjoy the butt fuck and that would even piss him off more! “Honey, I think we, or I’m going to enjoy this a lot, said John as she looked at him inquisitively. He held his cock, took her hand, and put it on his cock. It was a good size piece, relatively speaking.

Definitely smaller then Jamison’s of course, but that would not matter, because the anger within him could constitute rape in most situations. Since she was hiding her love for Jamison, she would never report what would occur. Her ass would be sore for days to come, afterwards!

He always wanted to experience that with her, but it never got to that point. Now he would and she would enjoy the experience from her husband’s side for the very first time. She would love it, but not the way he was going to give it!

“Doesn’t that feel sweet baby”, he asked.

She answered him by saying, “Oh honey, this is nice; it really is. I’m glad you decided to join me” and she smiled as if it was a loving response.

He turned her around so the water could cascade down her nice beautiful chest. His cock, still nice and firm, pushed against her backside and especially the upper portion of her ass crack.

He maneuvered it downwards with one hand so that it could begin to penetrate her crack just a tad deeper. He enjoyed the way that felt on the tip of his crack.

Not able to see her face, she contained a smile also and her eyes were closed. She just began imagining it was Jamison’s cock sliding itself inward. Warmth and erotic feelings began to absorb her emotions.

She cut out the vision of John putting it to her. He used a duel vision. First, he used Elaine as his ‘kill’. Second, he used a onetime lover, Cary, who always loved different and almost sexually violent crap to be done to her!

He used this as he mounted his cock a little more into her butt crack. He had put a little crème rinse from the shower, so it would glide easier inside the tight fitting cheeks.

She smiled more and more as she felt his cock slip deeper into her cheeks. Then he said, “Let’s do it babe. Let’s go get it on honey. Let’s get it on good!”

A weird like expression came on her. She was worried what he meant. Did he actually mean he wanted to fuck her up the ass? She didn’t have a choice. He began pushing himself deeper into her ass as he slightly penetrated her actual hole.

She jumped forward not expecting that initially. But she liked it too and moved backwards to take it up inside again. He didn’t realize she wanted his cock again. No, he thought she would be frightened and dislike what she just experienced.

Contrary to that, she responded with, “Mmmm, that was wonderful sweetheart, please do it again; please feel free to do that to me. I loved it!”

He was rather pissed off. He didn’t like the fact that she enjoyed his cock penetrating her ass. “What a fucking bitch”, he thought! He slipped his cock more rapidly into her asshole.

She almanbahis canlı casino loved the feeling, but it caught her off guard as she jumped forward again. She became thrilled at this new escapade from her husband. He didn’t like it that she was enjoying his cock up her ass!

“You cunt you, you’re enjoying every second of this, aren’t you bitch!”

She was caught off guard by what he just uttered! She turned around and faked a smile that anyone could read that said, “Listen you bastard, fuck me up the ass!” Of course, that’s what she thought and that’s what she wanted to emit as far as a look was concerned.

“John baby, she said openly, I’d really like to feel how you do me up the ass. Let’s get out of here and show me how you really do a woman’s ass, okay sweetheart?”

“Okay, he said, let me show you how it’s done right!”

“Ha-ha, she thought to herself, there aren’t better ways you could do me then the way Jamison did me. He is the best by far, I’m sure of it!”

With the shower water still running and John’s cock harder then a stiff piece of metal, he stepped out of the shower, tugging at Elaine’s arm to get her to come out too.

Caught off guard, she let him be tugged by her arm. She knew she couldn’t get him to let up on her arm. He had a seriously firm grip on her. Sopping wet, both of them walked to the bed.

He pulled her hard as he put her up on it. She sat down initially. “Turn over you cunt, he said, I’m gonna show you how good this is going to be!”

“You are, she replied and smiled, you’re gonna make me proud, huh?”

“Now, what do you mean by that? Have you wanted to be fucked up the ass by me before and you never said anything?” He was furious that she never asked to be fucked this way by him ever.

This was not love any longer. This wasn’t even lust. This had become pure anger and she was his victim. She knew she should beware, but also she liked having cock up her ass, unlike most women; there’s a small percentage, only, that do like ‘ass action’ in society.

She smiled a precious smile, although fake as it was, he was convinced she didn’t know any better that he was angry. He just thought she was thinking she was role-playing.

He was completely confused. But he went ahead with what he started out to do and that was to fuck his woman and fuck her good and hard.

“Damn, I’m limp again; suck me off first woman and get this animal hard.”

“Boy John, you sure are different. I like you this way. She lied through her teeth. Give me that beast, let me swallow you and get you revved up baby and then you can lube yourself and put it to me, all right?”

He kneeled in front of her. She got on all fours. Grabbing a hold of his semi limp cock, she went on a vacuum tour of his cock, sucking it down into her throat. His was easy in comparison to the size she’s experienced. Jamison’s was about thirty percent larger then his white piece of meat. Yep, for a white boy, he did okay. Her lover was much larger though! She brought him to an elite stage of arousal. His initial anger switched to being horny, but he still felt as if she needed an ass kicking! He was hard and he was horny, but he still was pissed at the woman he knew had been cheating on him! He was 100 % confident she had been.

“Okay bitch, on you hands and knees! I’m going in and you’re going to take this and take it like a good girl. It’s only gonna hurt worse, if you don’t let me, you understand, you cunt!”

“Yes baby, yes baby, she said back to him. Please let me know if I’m not doing anything right. Okay baby, please?” She let him think he was in control when in fact the soaking wet woman was excited to get her husbands action up her hole, since she never experienced him ever before.

He lubed with some Vaseline he kept in the nightstand. He went through her butt crack and quickly. At first, she tightened up. He yelled at her to lighten up. Her face and body showed and felt nervous. He wasn’t showing much mercy.

His fat stiff dick went straight for her inside cavity that, once inside, was warm, dark, and similar in texture to the pussy, only it was not as clean or safe, of course!

No, he didn’t use any condom, he went as is obviously, or he wouldn’t have put on the Vaseline. He slid in easily. She loved it. She absolutely loved his cock up in there.

Her ass muscles tensed almanbahis casino up at first, but once inside, she let it slide. He made sure it did. He didn’t begin easy or safe. He went deep, deep down inside. He jammed his cock way up in her, pulling out quickly.

He loved it, but she hated it. For two reasons, he did it too deep, too quickly and he didn’t do it with any tenderness. Once he got his thrills over with as far as being crude and violent, all was fine.

Smiles appeared on her face. Her head lashed backwards and her eyes closed as she showed signs of lusting for more of his butt fucking her! He didn’t see her expressions. He kept ramming away at her. He was becoming hornier and hornier. He was mounting that attack with in his genitals! She got hornier as she felt cock up inside her. It was a thrill! “OHHHHHH, she screamed out, OHHHH YESSS YOU BASTARD YOU, KEEP THAT UP! Half of that was an exciting thrill and half was acting to make him think he was good and that she loved what he did.

She loved what was actually being done, just not by him. She continued to scream and act as if it was thrilling and erotic!

“Oh fuck me babe, fuck me good.”

“I am fucking, you bitch. What the hell do you think this is”, he screamed at her.

She was a little frightened. She didn’t know for sure, what her husband’s true intentions were.

He kept ass ramming her. She couldn’t take too much more of it. His cock stayed hard as he pumped her ass. Her body would fight the natural motion of his forward drives. She would almost fly into the headboard as her body itself would be severely pushed forward and come awfully close to hitting it.

Still, she was consumed by the thrill of his cock up inside of her ass. She continued to scream for more cock, until a few minutes later when something weird happened.

She was becoming raw. His cock was losing all of its lubricant. He was going raw into her. His cock was suffering also. His anger prevented him from realizing he was raw. He was chaffing badly. She was even worse.

Her ass was beginning to bleed slightly. Then it bled more until she could feel the blood dripping out of her ass. He didn’t see anything because he was mounted over her. But since he was raw and could feel that, he pulled out and quickly without looking turned Elaine over.

“Spread your thighs woman and she did, but she was in pain. Her ass hurt badly. He didn’t give her the time of day when he saw the painful look. He shoved his hard chaffing cock into her cunt and began pumping away as his anger took control.

He fucked her harder then he ever could before. She slid all over the bed and he and his cock followed as if they were on ice and quickly regrouped to pursue the depths of her pussy. In and out, continuously, he pumped and pumped!

She stopped groaning with any pleasure any more. It wasn’t that for him. This was sexual revenge. He wanted his due. He knew she cheated on him, but on the other hand, he had done it on her but it never lasted.

So he figured he would get his due. He fucked Elaine and he fucked her hard and good. This wasn’t a pleasure trip; it was rape. That’s all it would amount to and as far as John was concerned, he got what he came for.

He ejaculated inside of Elaine’s pussy, spent himself good and well, and left her to be unfinished. She lay there in a state of pre-orgasm and wanted to be finished herself. He wasn’t going to allow this cheating bitch the comfort of an orgasm for her pleasure.

He pulled out on last time, tried to jack off and get hard, but could not. So he looked at her with a straight face and said, “We are done! We are completely finished, you and I are. Elaine, in other words, I am going to give you a divorce. I will give 30% of all my liquid assets and you will live more then comfortably.”

“Wha… What are you saying John”, she asked surprisingly.

“Listen you cunt-bitch, I know better! I know you have been cheating on me. I also know you’ve been in love with that black guy ever since you met him a few years ago. I don’t know the details, but I know you have been in love all along. So go get him and his big ass cock, suck it good and keep that in your treasure chest of a pussy.”

“John, said Elaine, I’m sorry. It just happened…”

She was cutoff and he came back and said, “You will get a divorce as you have dreamed of and you won’t get any resistance. But get out. This is my house. You can stay here for no more then a week.

After that, you have only 3 days to complete any possessions you feel are yours. After that, you will be barred from here. “Get out, Elaine, get out!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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