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The next morning I looked at the monitor in my room and they both were asleep. Jim had the usual of the morning erection issue. I decided to stick around and watch what might take place.

Karen stirred and woke up first. She looked at that black pole and wrapped her hand around it. It woke him and the pole expanded more.

Karen stretched to kiss him on the mouth. It then became a tongue duel. She lifted further to feed her left breast to Jim’s warm wet mouth.

Soon she lifted herself completely and had positioned her dripping pussy opening at the head of his massive black piece of meat hard and straight as an arrow as she lifted her leg over him to feed the black meat to the dripping pussy hungry to be fed.

I watched it press to the opening. Karen had positioned them so her ass was in direct line of the camera. It was so long and thick, taking forever for it to invade my sister; making its second visit in less than twelve hours. Her beautiful ass was getting to me as well as that black cock slipping into her. Looking at her asshole was giving me other nasty thoughts.

Karen then began slow movements of her body to fuck the black meat buried deep in her hot wet pussy now. She was beginning to moan, “Ohoo…ohooo…ohooo…ohoo,” as she was making it go slowly in and out of her love canal.

Jim was massaging her breasts so it appeared from my point of observation.

“Jim, I have fantasized about a black cock buried in me. This is beyond my imagination. My black toy does not come close. Your cock and Gerry’s are awesome. God that orgasm last night was awesome. I died hearing her mention my name. I wondered if he had picked up on it. “Mmmmmmmm, this feels so goooooood.”

I watched my sister increase her tempo of fucking that monster buried in her pussy. His thick black cock had to be stimulating every nerve in her burning up pussy.

She pushed up with her arms and shouted, “Oh god it’s happening. Ohoooo…ohooo…ohooo…ohoo god yeah.” She lowered herself and repeated her efforts when she had recovered.

I watched his black hands grab her ass cheeks as he began to thrust by humping his hips up towards her. They both were going at it. White female cum covered his black cock and some was running down to his asshole over the black sack holding the precious jewels.

I had myself primed and ready to blast my morning load.

Sis straightened her arms, and screamed, “I’m close Jim, oh Jim, god your cock is Ohoooooooooooo, Ohoooooooo, ohoooooooo my god, ohoooooooo.”

As she was moaning, Jim’s balls had lifted to fill his weapon filling her hot pussy with his juice. She then was collapsing as she was cumming.

I fired my wad into a towel, as they were cumming. I figured while they recovered, I would take a quick shower.

I chuckled internally as Jim appeared in the kitchen ahead of Karen. “Morning Jim how did you sleep?”

“Awesome, that bed of your folks sure in comfortable.”

“Jim was Karen stirring or is she still asleep?”

“She was in the shower when I was headed down. I assume she will be down shortly.”

“What should we do today, any ideas?”

“Nah, just kick back and get some homework and study done. It’s great that we have the night off.”

“Yeah I have some to get done also. I wonder what plans Karen has?”

Karen showed up shortly with a happy face. She and Jim smiled at each other and I could tell she wondered how much I saw and what my thoughts were.

I cooked breakfast and Karen set the table. I wanted to get it on with sis but did not know how.

I then heard, “B-H, I was talking with Jill and she was wondering why you have not called. I told her you were busy and that we had Başakşehir Escort company. I was wondering how about you inviting her over tonight being that Jim is here and we can make it a foursome.”

“Hey sis, that would be awesome. The weather is sucking. Maybe we could play some strip poker with the folks gone. I bet Jim would love to see you and her naked.”

“Well smart ass maybe we would like to see what you guys have.”

“You mean have or how we use it?”

“Well maybe both.”

“You are terrible but hell yeah. What do you think Jim?”

“Beats looking at my books, sure.” We all laughed. I knew then and there we were going to swing.

I then said, “Look, I am sure Jill wants to meet Jim. Am I right Karen?” She looked at me and it was obvious she was blabbing. “I am sure you and Jim want to get it on, so why mess with cards? Let’s just pair up and do it. Karen you go first with Jim, Jill and I will watch and then Jim can go with Jill and you and I can watch Jill get her first taste of black meat.”

“Yeah B-H I am already leaking wanting to get it on with Jim and you and Jill watching. So why mess with cards. We will have more time to play if we don’t mess with cards.”

The plan went as planned. Jim did both Karen and Jill twice before we crashed. I got each one once. Spring came with Karen and Jim dating more frequently. I was in the basement doing some workouts when I heard mom ask, “Karen is it getting serious between you and Jim?”

“No mom, we just like to hang out together.”

“I wish when I was younger white girls were not stigmatized by association with black guys.”

“Yeah mom, I still do get looks.”

“So is he hung like the rumors?”


“Well I always have wondered how it would feel having a black guy making love to me. They seem so huge in pictures. I was wondering how it would feel to have a big one making love to me.”

“Mom it feels good.”

“Are you hooked then?”

“Mom, I don’t know. I wish I could marry B-H.”

There was dead silence and then I heard Karen run upstairs.

When I heard voices in the furnace duct, I quietly went to the bottom of the stairs. I could not hear much. The only noises I picked up on were Karen crying.

I slipped to my room hoping mom would not run into me.

When mom was downstairs, I went to Karen figuring all hell was going to break lose later.

She was smiling and I was confused. She broke the tension and said, “I’m sorry Ger. I let it slip that you and I were getting it on. I explained everything to her. I was shocked when mom said, ‘I understand honey, just don’t let your dad find out, he will kill him. I used to wonder how girls would react to him when he grew up when I changed his diapers.'”

Karen and I kissed.

I avoided eye contact with mom and tried not to be even near her.

About three weeks later, I came home from work late. Dad was out of town. Mom had been into some wine. I smelled it when I opened the door. That was not unusual for mom when dad was out of town. What was unusual was what happened in the kitchen as I was getting myself a snack.

Mom came up to me, placed her arms up on my shoulders for support, looked me in the eyes and said, “Son you have been avoiding me ever since Karen told me about you and her. I just want you to know I am okay with it. Do me a favor and show it to me. It’s been more than 10 years since I saw it last. Karen told me it does wonders for her.”

“Mom, please. Let me have my snack.”

I stood frozen when mom’s right arm dropped from my shoulder and its hand went to my crotched while she stared into my eyes Mom or no mom my cock woke Başakşehir Escort Bayan up but the rest of me was frozen.

My mind was spinning; it was my mom, if I stopped her what will life be like later. Her other hand then went for the zipper.

“Mom, please, oh mom this is not right.”

“Son is it right with what you and your sister are doing?”

I froze hearing that. Mom definitely was in charge after hearing that.

Mom reached into my boxers, then placed her head on my chest so she could look down to the floor. I could feel my heart beating in my cock as she wrapped her hand around it. It beat faster as mom was lowering herself to the floor stabilizing herself on me. I closed my eyes as she extracted my meat and I assumed examining it. It seemed like forever and I was hyperventilating.

“Mom please, oh god mom, don’t, don’t, oh god,” as she took the big head into her mouth.

It ended with me delivering my nut juice into mom’s hot sucking mouth. If she was doing that for dad, he was having one of the greatest mouths on the planet doing him.

When I recovered I saw Karen looking daggers at me with arms folded from the doorway.

I just stared back and waited for mom to make a move. She pulled herself up and said, “Sorry son but I just needed to see and do that. I feel good now.”

I put my cock back into my pants, tossed my snack out and headed to bed to recover from the impact of what happened.

Soon Karen came into the room and crawled in bed with me and started to cry. Then she said, “I’m sorry Gerry that I opened my mouth and this had to happen.”

“Look sis it started I think when I brought Jim home.”

Karen jolted up and looked at me to continue. Remember that night I said something about you getting it on with Jim before you did?”


“Well I now know it was Jim and mom getting it on during the daytime. I was sick, came home early, thought it was you and Jim but it had to be mom and Jim getting it on.”

“Wow, B-H, oh my god.”

“Yeah, Jim has turned mom on.”

“No wonder she was so understanding, oh wow. What are we going to do now?”

“Sis I would love to see Jim fucking mom. It sounded so hot when they were doing it.”

“B-H, you are bad.”

“Well sis, it was hot watching you and him doing it. It might be hotter watching him and mom.”

“Yeah, you might be right. I’m hot now, put my fire out.”

After I put Karen’s fire out, I suggested an idea to her. She smiled and said, “You are nasty, yeah, let’s try it.”

A few moths later, circumstances fell into place where I hoped to put the idea into action where sis and I could watch Jim fuck mom.

Dad was going to be out of town for a few days. Jim was spending a lot of time at our place. Jim came home with me after work. Mom was not in her unusual spot drinking wine and watching TV. I made the assumption that she was watching porn with sis in sis’s bed.

Jim and I grabbed a snack and then I motioned for him to be quit as we went to my bedroom. I flipped on the monitor and we saw mom and sis masturbating. I smiled at Jim and he was sort of embarrassed. I said, “It sounds as if they are watching a porn movie and are hot.”

“Yeah it sure does and my cock needs to stretch.”

“Tell you what Jim. Let’s strip and then you go in there and fuck mom and I will do sis. I’ll bring sis back in here so you and mom can have lots of room. Mom looks like she is horny enough to take either of us.”

“You sure you are okay with it?”

“Yeah, mom probably never has had a piece of black meat in her. You are no stranger in the house. She may act like she is surprised but I think she will Escort Başakşehir open up for you.”

“Okay, let’s surprise them. They are so wet from masturbating and horny they should cum as we put our dicks to them.”

We slipped into the room. The women went to grab sheets to cover but there weren’t any. Mom then tried to cover her breasts and pussy with her arms and hands saying, “Get out of here you two.” Jim crawled on the bed, lifted mom’s legs so her knees where at her boobs and buried his cock to the base with one shove as mom’s mouth opened and let out with, “OHHHoooooo god that feels good.”

I motioned for Karen to go with me. Jill and I watched the monitor and watched Jim turn mom on. Being we knew it was not the first time for either of them, they soon were into it when mom knew we were out of the room. She had no clue sis and I were voyeurs.

Pure luck had Jim roll onto his back after the first cum of mom’s. She was on top. Having a side view I wanted to get a rear-end view so I skipped to the door to the bedroom and watched. Mom was upright for awhile massaging her awesome breasts for a lady having two kids. She then leaned forward so Jim could mouth her tits.

It was too much for me to remain as a spectator. I went to the bed and placed my hand at mom’s leaking pussy, coating Jim’s cock and spread the lubrication all over her ass crack, making sure her asshole was well massaged from time to Jim.

After the initial surprise and told to leave, I said, “Mom you got friendly with me a few months ago so now it’s my turn. Mom settled into the routine and began to fuck Jim with the desire to cum. When mom stiffened as her orgasm took charge I shoved two fingers up her asshole as I have seen in porn shows. Mom let out with, “AAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhh,” as her body went into harder convulsions from the asshole intrusion.

When I sensed she was over the peek with her asshole not constricting on my fingers, I withdrew my finger, flipped onto my back lying next to Jim and said, “Mom ride me now.”

Mom lifted her leg and moved her body to me and moaned, “Mmmmmmmm,” as she fed my big headed cock into her hot box. She started to hump it slow. I massaged her awesome looking breasts, and pulled them to my mouth to suckle them like a baby.

Jim in the mean time moved off the bed. Mom arched and went “Ohoooo god,” and then I heard Jim say, “Go for the best cum ever babe.”

My eyes shot open hearing him call her babe. How many times have they gotten together crossed my mind?

I felt Jim’s legs rubbing mine. My heart started to beat faster and I was wondering was he going to…when I heard, “OHHHHHOOOOOOOO,” as mom lifted from my mouth and screamed, NO, NO, NO, not there. NO, NO, take it out OHHHoooooo God, Ohhhhhhhoooo god.”

I felt Jim’s meat snaking across my cock as it was making its journey up the dark passage. My cock was filling with more blood, causing me to feel more of the black cock going deeper into mom. Soon Jim began fucking mom. His thrusting was moving her body which caused my cock to rub her insides as well.

I had my eyes wide open. Mom then collapsed onto me. Her hair smelled so good.

Soon she was going, “Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm,” with each forward thrust of Jim’s. As Jim’s tempo picked up so did the moans coming from mom. Then I heard, “Oh guys this is so awesome. I have wanted to try this so many times after seeing porn but was afraid, Mmmmmmmm, I will want lots of this. I feel so slutty now. You two with thick cocks have made a fantasy a reality for me. Fuck me guys, fuck me, and make me your slut.”

All we heard after that was, “Yes, yes, yes, yes, oh god, I’m close, ohhhhhhhooooooooo…ohooooo…” As she was having her orgasm, her pussy walls clamped onto my cock causing me to fire and with feeling Jim’s cock flexing as he was making his deposit and growling, made it the most intense cum of my life. We were all wet with perspiration when we recovered.

After recovering we heard, “I’m next.” That came from Karen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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