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Big Tits

Sometimes, people say that I am a lust-filled slut. Like most Butch women. Well, I say I’m not. Being a Butch woman doesn’t mean I chase anything in a skirt. I chase hot women because I want to. Pure and simple. The name is Theresa McDowell. A six-foot-tall, green-eyed, blonde-haired and alabaster-skinned Irishwoman living in the City of Nepean, Province of Ontario. Nepean is a suburb of Ottawa. The Capital region of Canada is one of the most boring places on the planet, nothing like my native town of Galway in Ireland. Oh, well. That’s why I have to make my own twisted brand of fun. Don’t know what I’m talking about yet? Pretty soon you will.

Right now, I’m having some fun with the lovely Miranda Tabonye. A tall, sexy and chubby, gorgeously dark-skinned and big-bottomed Black woman from the Republic of Nigeria. She’s a Professor of Engineering at Carleton University in the City of Ottawa and also a closet bisexual. Her husband, Ethiopian-born Canadian television actor and best-selling author Paul Lawrence Ahmed and the rest of their family don’t know this about her. What a surprise. Another married woman who sleeps with women behind her husband’s back. Wow. I’m almost completely indifferent. I just wanted a hot slut to fuck and lately, Black women have tickled my fancy. Especially sexy, big-bottomed and very dark-skinned Black women like Miranda Tabonye.

Miranda is lying in my bed while licking my sweet pussy in my tiny apartment near Baseline Station. My hands and feet are tied to the bed. I know, not exactly the position you expect a Butch Irish lesbian to be in but whatever. I am curious about sexual submission and the five-foot-nine, 200-pound and absolutely dominant African mama is exactly what the doctor ordered. She is so good at eating pussy it’s almost scary. How we met is actually a funny thing. I’m taking Criminal Justice courses at nearby Algonquin College. I work as a Security Practitioner in the Carling Avenue area of Ottawa but want to work for the Ministry of Corrections someday. It pays better, or so I’m told. Miranda’s daughter Astrid Ahmed is one of my classmates at Algonquin College. I’m thirty years old in a class full of students in their early Kurtköy Escort twenties and Astrid Ahmed is the only person who befriended me.

I’ve always had a thing for sexy Black women. And I don’t hide it. My parents know I’m queer and that I worship Black women. Hell, I think even strangers on the street know that I’m gay and into Black chicks. My Serena Williams T-shirts and GLBT headbands are a dead giveaway. I love Black chicks. It started when I was a student at the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology. Ireland is an odd choice of a place to meet a hot Black woman but bear with me. What most of you don’t know is that the major Irish cities of Galway and Dublin are becoming quite diverse these days. We have thousands of African, Asian and Arabic immigrants. One of my professors at Galway-Mayo Tech was an exquisitely beautiful, University of Massachusetts-educated African-American woman named Madeline Okafor. Unfortunately for me, Miss Okafor was married to a hunky Black man and one hundred percent heterosexual. Still, my lust for Black women never went away. In fact, it only intensified. I seem to get crushes on sexy Black women left and right these days.

And I am kind of glad about it. So it’s no surprise that Astrid Ahmed caught my eye. The five-foot-eleven, lean and athletic young Black woman with the deep brown skin and neatly braided dreadlocks looked simply hot. And she was one of the best students in the classroom. Our professors at Algonquin College are a bunch of Quebec bozos and they don’t like us English-speakers. The very bilingual ( and possibly bisexual) Astrid Ahmed helped me out a lot. I was fascinated by Astrid Ahmed. I find the immigrants of Ottawa to be a lively, fascinating bunch. The Canadians of European descent are for the most part boring, dull and covertly bigoted behind their fake smiles. The immigrants from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, the Middle East and Latin America are really cool people. They’re several degrees friendlier and more humane than the so-called mainstream Canadians. That’s why I hung out mostly with immigrants.

I had a bit of a crush on the lovely Astrid Ahmed. She’s so sexy, funny and friendly. Kurtköy Escort Bayan And she’s brilliant too. She’s recently gotten accepted into the Institute of Criminal Justice and Criminology at Carleton University. I’m basically a slacker who’s struggling to graduate from Algonquin College. I had a thing for Astrid but she was unfortunately heterosexual. She introduced me to her boyfriend, a handsome Haitian guy named Jerome Saint Joseph. He’s tall, good-looking and friendly. Uniquely handsome the way only Black men can be. If I was into guys, Jerome is the kind of man I’d date. He’s smart, friendly, generous and treats his women right. He’s a business administration student at the University of Ottawa. He and Astrid made a really cute couple. I guess I was a bit jealous but I was happy for them.

I got over Astrid Ahmed sooner than I thought I would. Why? At a house party she threw in Orleans, I got to meet her mother Miranda Tabonye Ahmed. Sometimes, the mothers are much hotter than the daughters. Just look at the Judd family. I wanted to get a piece of Miranda the first time I laid eyes on her. Oh, yeah. The tall, sexy and curvy African goddess from the Republic of Nigeria looked good enough to eat. Sparks flew between the lovely Miranda and I. Folks, I don’t usually go after married women. They’re nothing but trouble. However, I had to make an exception for Miranda Tabonye Ahmed. If you saw her cute face, voluptuous body, killer legs and fantastic body, you’d understand.

Anyhow, I was telling you about the wicked fun I was having with Miranda Tabonye, the sexy African MILF from the Republic of Nigeria. The sexy mature Black woman licked my pussy and pinched my tits. And she gently bit my clit. I shrieked in surprised pleasure. Grinning, Miranda began fisting me. I love being fisted, folks. The feel of a hot woman’s hard fist deep inside my pussy is simply amazing. Something every woman should try at least once in her lifetime. Trust me, ladies. I highly recommend fisting. Even if you are a Butch woman, you should try getting fisted at least once. Why? It’s good for you!

While getting my pussy fisted by the lovely Miranda, Escort Kadıköy I was in the mood for so much more. My sexy African goddess was happy to oblige me. Miranda gently inserted a small dildo in my asshole. Without a word she began fucking me with it. I love having my ass played with. A lot of people think us Butch women always like to fuck our girlfriends but assume that we never like getting fucked. That is a total and complete lie, folks. Miranda thrust the dildo deep into my asshole while fisting my pussy. I was squealing in sheer delight as she double fucked me. I had tears of joy mixed with pain in my eyes by the time Miranda was done with me. I lost count of how many times my dominant African goddess made her Butch Irish slut come. Only then did Miranda untie my hands and feet. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her, thanking her for showing me the way. Miranda smiles, and tells me that next time, she’ll bang my cunt and ass with a strap-on dildo. I’m all for it.

I’m getting in touch with my submissive side and I’m loving it, folks. A six-foot-tall, short-haired and muscular Irish dyke, I come off as Butch as hell. And the fact that I work in the male-dominated private security field and have many ‘masculine’ hobbies like riding motorcycles and fixing cars doesn’t help. Most women who meet me want me to top them. There was a time when I enjoyed dominating sexy femmes, fucking them with my strap-on dildo and making them scream. Well, those days are gone. I’m exploring my submissive side now. It took me long enough to admit I even had one. Yeah, there was a lot of serious denial. But thanks to Miranda I got over it.

I am snapped out of this train of thoughts by Miranda’s hand gently whacking me upside the head. I look at my sexy African goddess and notice that she is now wearing a strap-on dildo. The sight of it fills me with excitement and dread. Excitement wins out over dread as I kneel before Miranda and begin sucking her strap-on dildo. My gorgeous African dominatrix runs her hand through my short, spiky blonde hair. I suck her off with a passion. Then she makes me lie on my back and enters my cunt with a swift thrust. Her strap-on dildo is now in my pussy. I gasp at this most welcome intrusion. Miranda grins and reinserts the smaller dildo in my asshole. I fill wonderfully full. I’m a Butch Irish lesbian getting fucked by a dominant Black femme with a strap-on dildo. And I’m absolutely loving it. You can tell by my passionate screams.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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