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It was raining hard outside. Thunderstorm warnings flashed periodically on the television screen behind the bar. The Trane Station was into another Saturday night in Memphis.

The band played on undisturbed by the weather. I listened as I could to their skillful moves through some old Miles Davis and Gil Evans material, stuff from “Birth of the Cool” written in the late 40s. These guys are good, I told myself, catching myself wishing I was playing with them. But I was working, helping Jed behind the bar, keeping an eye on the kitchen, and having a good time talking to the regulars assembled about the place.

There was Whisper and Nick at their usual table, into their third pitcher of beer. Indigo was at a table with Dave and Sassy playing some board game. They seemed to be having a good time. There was ~t and friend I didn’t know. Both of them are new to Memphis. Another out-of-towner, Kyann, was playing pool with a couple of people I knew. Samantha and her husband sat in a booth near the back. I had sent over a bottle of wine for them, a bottle of Cakebread. They seemed to be enjoying their night out. Dewsman and a few of his hotel friends were talking and taking in the music as was a some guy I didn’t know from D.C.

There weren’t too many people sitting at the bar, actually just two, a woman I had just met named Jade along with her friend named Marco. They were laughing and having a good time, getting ready, they said, to watch the late Los Angeles Laker game on the t.v. behind the bar. It was going to be Dennis Rodman’s first game of the season, Jade had reminded me with some excitement. She and I were sharing a pot of fresh coffee I had just made. She doesn’t drink, she told me with a smile.

Jed was filling drink orders for the waitresses, so I kept and eye on Marco and Jade for him. The three of us had been talking for a while, me trying to listen to the band and work, but we had talked enough for me to know I liked them. They were having a good time, Trane Station kind of people.

The band finished a set and was moving away from the small bandstand, so I turned to pick some music for the sound system. Monk, I thought to myself, how about some good Monk.

“Trane,” I heard Jade call from behind me.

I turned and smiled, “Yes, Ma’am?”

“Marco says the Lakers are gonna lose tonight,” she said. “What do you think?”

I didn’t think too much about it before answering with a joke. “Well,” I said, “I think Dennis Rodman has too many body piercings to be any good anymore.”

“What?” she laughed loudly, her voice sounding incredulous. “You wanna make a bet on that?”

“Bets can be fun,” I told her playing along, “What kinda bet?”

“I bet Dennis gets over ten rebounds and the Lakers win,” she said simply with a big smile.

“Okay,” I told her, “I’ll take the bet. What are we betting?”

I watched her dark eyes sparkle in thought. “Come closer,” she said waving me over.

I moved up closer and leaned on the bar in front of her and Marco.

“Okay,” she grinned with real mischief in her eyes. “If you win you get to see my body piercings.”

Marco immediately burst out in laughter.

“So what’s the big deal about that?” I asked not illegal bahis understanding.

“They are rather intimate piercings,” she grinned.

“That’s the truth,” laughed Marco.

“Okay,” I said wondering, “And if you win?”

She began to laugh. “Then,” she said through a giggle, “I get to watch you jerk-off.”

“What?” I laughed.

“You understand,” she laughed back at me, “You chicken?”

Marco was about to fall off his stool with laughter.

“Body piercing review against a jerking-off show doesn’t seem quite equal,” I told her with a big smile.

She just grinned for a moment holding me with those dark eyes. “All right,” she said, “You can watch me masturbate too.”

“Okay,” I offered, thinking Rodman wouldn’t play enough minutes in his first game to get ten rebounds.

“Deal,” she said matter-of-factly extending her hand. We shook hands, both of us grinning.

I turned back to the music, wondering what I might have just done.

Monk’s sax cried over the stereo system as I started to cover Jed while he took a deserved break. People moved in and out of the bar, tables turning over. The rain outside had slowed to a drizzle, the storm warnings canceled. The band filtered back to the stage, so I killed the sound system.

Dewsman had come to the bar asking about a shuffleboard table in the back. I got him the supplies as the Laker game with the Clippers got underway.

The band continued to work on Miles Davis material. Wonderful music. The muted horn seemed displaced but at home in the bar.

“One!” I heard Jade yell gleefully from the bar. Oh, shit, I thought to myself.

I walked over to the board game table for a minute, trying to figure out the point of the game. Sassy was laughing, Dave was explaining, Indigo was watching both of them, smiling. Samantha and her husband were getting up to leave. She introduced me to him. Seemed like a nice guy. We chatted for a minute before I heard Jade yell, “Three!” What happened to two, I wondered.

The night moved on, people moving in and out, the band finished its last set, and the Laker game was in the third quarter. Rodman had eight rebounds. Son-of-a-bitch, I told myself.

Jade seemed excited, pumping her fist and jumping around, standing now, too into it to sit. Marco was laughing and keeping track of Rodman’s rebounds on a bar napkin in front of both of them. Jade would look around for me occasionally, finding me in the bar she would smile and yell at me, you better get ready, Trane, or something to that effect.

I was talking with Indigo and ~t near a pool table when I heard Jade scream, “Ten!” I excused myself and headed for the bar.

“He’s gotta get over ten, right?” as I walked up beside her and Marco.

“Yeah,” answered Marco, “Over ten. But there’s five minutes left in the game.”

Jade was dancing now, a bundle of energy. Her shoulder length blonde hair bounced, her hips moved from side to side, her arms pumped up and down as she cheered for Rodman. Foul-out, you self-indulgent freak, I muttered to myself just as Rodman pulled down an offensive rebound and passed to Shaq under the Laker basket.

“Eleven!” she screamed and started pounding illegal bahis siteleri on Marco’s back.

It was double jeopardy now. If the Lakers won the game I had to put on a show. The three of us stood and watched the end of the game together. Jade continued to dance, Marco continued to laugh, and I wonder how all this was going to happen because the Lakers were up by over fifteen points with under two minutes to go.

The Lakers won going away. Rodman finished with eleven rebounds. I lost the bet.

Jade turned to me and reached up to give me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. Now pay up, she whispered in my ear. She was smiling and Marco was watching us both. I shook my head and took her hand, leading her back to the office.

“This shouldn’t take long,” she laughed over her shoulder to Marco as we walked away together.

We walked between tables, me in front, Jade following, still dancing and prancing. I opened my office door and she stepped inside. I followed her in and shut the door behind me.

“So, are you a good sport?” she said through a broad smile, “Do you pay up on your bets?”

“Always,” I answered, smiling and shaking my head in acceptance of defeat. “Are you sure this is what you want?”

“Most definitely,” she giggled and sat down with a plop in the chair beside my desk.

I moved around behind my desk, unbuttoned my khaki shorts and let them drop before sitting down in my office chair

“No underwear,” she said clapping her hands, “I like that.”

“Nice cock,” she said looking me over, “aren’t you going to stroke it or something?”

I reached down with my left hand and wrapped my fingers around the shaft. I began to massage myself, wondering, not knowing exactly how all this was going to happen.

“You aren’t really hard yet, are you?” she asked rhetorically. “You gonna need some help?”

“I always appreciate help,” I told her honestly.

Her dark eyes twinkled as she stood from her chair. She turned her back to me, I heard the zip of her jeans and watched her wiggle her hips as she pushed them down. Her red thong panties did nothing to hide her shapely ass nor did she when she bent over to push her jeans down further so she could step out of one leg. She didn’t straighten up, staying bent over, her nice ass staring at me and my hardening cock, she just looked around at me and smiled.

“That help?” she asked as she straightened up, turned, and re-seated herself.

It had, and she could see. My cock was hard in my hand, the head red, angry, no, frustrated, perhaps, needful, to be sure. She sat her legs comfortably spread, her eyes fixed on my stroking hand and cock. A drop of pre-cum ran from the tip, down the underside of the head, wetting my fingers. My hand stroked my cock evenly, stopping from time to time to run my fingers over the tip to spread more pre-cum over the head.

The crotch of Jade’s red panties had a visibly growing wet spot. I noticed it, she must have felt it, because it didn’t take long for her fingers to find it. Her flat fingers moved in circles over her clit and pussy. Her eyes locked with mine as she moved aside the crotch of her thong showing me her pussy. There were two rings pierced canlı bahis siteleri into her labial lips.

“Now you see, don’t you?” she murmured, still smiling, “You see my jewelry.”

I only nodded, stroking myself, looking now at her swollen pussy lips, thick, her two silver hoop rings shining with her juices. Her fingers moved up to her clit, large under its prominent hood, and began to rub it from side to side. I heard her moan happily. I think I may have done the same.

We were both about to close our eyes, I think, to push ourselves and hurry, when there was a gentle tap on the office door. It startled both of us, each of us reaching down to pull up our pants.

“Who is it?” I called.

“Me,” answered Marco with a laugh.

I looked at Jade and saw her nod, yes.

“Come on in,” I called to him.

Marco came in quietly and shut the door behind him. He sized up the situation in a heartbeat and grinned.

“Just in time,” chuckled Jade as she stood up again and pushed her thong down, “We need help, Marco.”

I watched Jade toss the panties to the side with her free foot. She pulled her t-shirt over her head as I did the same. Marco was slinging his clothes in all directions trying to catch up. Jade, naked now, cupped her breasts and tweaked her nipples with her fingers, all the while looking at me. She stepped to me and knelt. She took my wrist and moved my hand away from my cock. Marco moved behind her and dropped to the floor. Jade kissed my cock tenderly, looking at me with those dark eyes, then took me into her mouth. Almost at the same time, Marco entered her from behind. A muffled yes came from her as I felt her tongue swirling around my cock. Marco had her hips in his hand, I noticed a small tattoo her hip for the first time, and he began to slowly fuck her with long, deliberate strokes.

She moved over me at Marco’s pace. Her head bobbed as he fucked her. I watched her, felt her, marveling in it all. She looked up at me, her tongue licking the tip, her eyes seemed to say, watch this. I did and she slowly took the length of me deep into her throat until her nose was pressed into my pubic hair. The feel of it was like nothing I had ever experienced.

Marco was watching too. He knew what she was doing. His pace quickened, his skin slapping against her ass making that special sound. Her head moved up my shaft slowly finding her way back to the tip before she looked at me again. Her eyes smiled at me, her lips puckered and kissed my cock. Her hand held my wet shaft and stroked me.

“Cum for me,” she told me, “Cum with me.”

“I’m cuming too,” Marco added, beginning to pound her faster and even harder.

Her eyes closed and she took me in her mouth again. I knew that it wouldn’t take much to push me to an orgasm and she was doing it, getting me there. Marco groaned and pushed into her, obviously spilling himself deep inside her. She shuttered then, stiffened and came, just as the first blast of my cum left my cock. She took it, sucking me even as her orgasm continued, sucking me completely, taking all I had.

Her mouth gave up my softening cock and she lay her head on my thigh. Her eyes were closed, a sly, contented smile on her face. Marco was moving away from her, falling back to sit on the floor. I watched a drop of cum drip to the floor between her legs, then another.

“God bless Dennis Rodman,” I told her.

She laughed without opening her eyes.

…The End.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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