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My wife and I are in our fifties with a fairly active sex life. She has the body of a thirty year old and still excites me as much as the first day I saw her walking across a snow covered New York street with no coat and fully erect nipples from the cold.

The other night, after a few drinks, we decided to play a game of Truth or Dare that we found in one of her woman’s magazines. A lot of the truth questions were centered around what turns you on and past sexual experiences. I looked forward to the opportunity to learn more about the workings of my wife and how to best keep our sex life as creative as possible.

As we got into the game it became evident that I was more concerned with the truth questions and my wife the dares. The dares, that I was performing, ranged from massages to nipple licking. But the one dare that really got me thinking included selecting an item from the kitchen that I was to use in our foreplay.

I choose an ice cube.

My wife was dressed in a sexy pajama top, and my favorites, a pair of French cut white cotton panties. I took the ice cube and rubbed it on the outside of her panties. The heat of her already wet and swollen pussy bahis şirketleri melted the ice and made her panties soaking wet.

I had, for a long time, had a fetish for cotton panties and at that moment was reminded of how it came about. We had a great night of pleasuring each other and I fell asleep feeling fully satisfied.

I woke up the next morning thinking about the wet panties. Long before I met my wife, I had a relationship with a woman that was purely sexual. She was a few years older than me and much more experienced. She had long black hair, much like my wife’s and the softest, sweetest smelling skin. With no strings attached, we would see each other on occasion, usually between lovers, just to get each other off. No inhibitions, no sexual hang ups, just raw sex.

For the times, she was way ahead of my other lovers. She used her Kegal muscles like no one I’ve ever been with even till present. She was shaving her pussy when other women were showing their independence by not even shaving their legs and underarms.

On this particular night, we smoked a joint to get fully relaxed. We touched each other lightly, all the time, kissing passionately. bahis firmaları Then she removed her jeans and asked me to lick her pussy through her panties while she played with her nipples to increase her excitement. Her panties were soon soaking wet from my mouth and her own juices.

She had me finger her pussy with her panties on and push them deep inside her to add to her pleasure and soak them with more of her juices. She asked me to flick her clit with my tongue at the same time. She was so turned on she fucked my tongue and finger till she came for the first time that night. The scent and taste of her sex was completely intoxicating to me.

By now I was so hard I could come in a second. She had me remove my clothes and slowed things down by touching my hard cock lightly all the while being careful just to tease me and not make me cum like I wanted to. I was ready to explode. When she felt I was calmed down enough for her to control my orgasm, she took off her cum soaked panties and gently rubbed them over the head of my hard cock. The feeling of the soft, warm cotton and her cum was unbelievable. She sucked on the panties, tasting her own juices and then took kaçak bahis siteleri that liquid into her warm mouth and placed her mouth over my cock. She never moved her mouth, she just let me feel the warmth of her cum and mouth and imagine what could happen next.

Finally she started slowly sucking my cock while holding the base to make sure she could curb my climax as she needed to. She brought me near climax multiple times always stopping before I did. Unbelievable, constant pleasure.

After she felt she had tortured me enough, she took her wet panties and wrapped them around my aching cock. With hard, fast strokes she masturbated me to an indescribable orgasm. It felt like it lasted an hour. I was totally spent.

By now, she was ready to come again. Knowing I was out of commission for a while, she put the panties, now so soaked in both of our cum, back on and with her fingers she pushed the panties deep into her pussy and fucked herself while I watched. She came so violently I thought she had passed out.

We played and fucked till early morning.

When we left each other that night she gave me her panties as a memento of the evening. On occasion she would call me and have me masturbate into the panties while she fingered herself and we both relived a most satisfying night together.

I wonder why the sight of wet or cum soaked cotton panties would be such a turn on to me…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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