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This is PART TWO of a story about the first few weeks I spent getting to know sweet Bobbi. For background, please refer to BEYOND MEDITATION: PART ONE. This story has content that may be objectionable to some readers. If extreme sex is not your thing, then please read a different story. Thanks for your consideration!


Bobbi was squirming all over the bed with my fingers buried in her sweet ass. Her moans turned into soft screams as she came, and I felt the muscles in her ass spasm involuntarily with the first waves of her orgasm. I sunk my fingers in even harder, twisting them around aggressively to test her. She instantly passed the test, thrusting back on my fingers like she couldn’t get enough! The contractions of her asshole around my fingers became more intense as she peaked. I loved the sounds of her screaming expletives as my fingers violated her tight ass!

“OH GOD…. that is SO FUCKING GOOD! Drill my ass… GOD DAMN does that feel good!!! FUUUUUUCCCKK MEEEEEE!!!

As her orgasm started to fade and the muscles of her asshole finally started to relax a little, I took a moment to take in the situation. The most perfect sexual goddess I could ever imagine was lying face down, ass up, on her bed. I had two fingers completely buried between her perfect round globes. Her long legs were splayed out like a rag doll, and her soaking wet cunt gaped open beneath the most perfect ass on earth. Scanning up her torso, her body tapered from her tiny waist up to her broad, muscular shoulders. Her long arms were spread above her head – her face now extracted from where it had been buried in the pillows. She was still breathing hard, with her face relaxed in a sweet post-orgasm smile. I slowly pulled my fingers out from the confines of her beautiful butt, noticing a slight look of disappointment wash over her face.

As I watched her resting, the vision of this sexual goddess spread out on her bed totally fueled my raging hard on. Her tight body, spread legs and open ass were drawing me home to where I knew I was always meant to be. As I looked up again to her beautiful face, I was overcome with the need to take her in every way. I wanted to experience the tight opening of her throat again as the head of my cock pushed down into her neck. I wanted to hold her head with both hands and deep throat the woman of my dreams! And in the back of my mind, the ultimate question was; “Could I get her to beg me to come in her throat after fucking her perfect ass?”

Bobbi had gone totally submissive earlier when I had finger fucked her throat. Her head went limp with no resistance as I took control and forced her throat open. As much as I wanted to hear the sweet sounds of her taking my cock again all the way down her throat, her ass was still my ultimate goal.

As I leaned down and lightly kissed the back of her neck, she started slowly grinding her ass up into me. I teased her by licking down her spine again, like she loves, as I lightly ran my fingertips up the back almanbahis of her thighs.

“Mmmmmm… that feels incredible! PLEASE put a pillow under me… FUCK MY ASS!!!”

These were the words I had longed to hear. But as I kneeled between her legs, my cock was right there at her beautiful, wet pussy. So in I went to get lubed up for the main event. After just the first few inches, she got VERY tight. The clamping massage of her cunt around my cock made me temporarily forget my need to explore our mutual anal craving.

I slowly ground in to about five inches, where I felt the head of my cock just start to push up against her cervix. Another inch and I was wondering how much she could take – and how much longer I could last! This woman was tight beyond belief… the perfect willing submissive with a body that had to be stretched open to be filled!

As I started thrusting in harder and deeper, she pulled away at first… then after just a few strokes she started pushing back onto me as my cock slammed up into her. It was slightly painful for both of us to fuck at this angle, but she was totally getting off on the mix of pain and pleasure.

“Grind it in… GRIND IT up into me and make it HURT GOOD!!!”

There it was… another key milestone in our sexual exploration. Her groans and verbal encouragement were a huge green light to ramp it up a notch. I reached down and hooked the tip of my middle finger into her tight asshole, and then slammed my cock and finger all the way in at the same time. As I fucked the tightest pussy on earth I could feel the heat and friction of my cock through the thin wall separating her cunt from her ass. The sensation of filling both her holes again to the sound of her moans brought me to the point of no return. I slammed two more fingers up her ass, tearing them up into her as my cock pounded her cunt for all I was worth. With perfect timing she started coming all over me, and I finally felt the inevitable surge in my balls I had been trying to hold off. I slammed my cock in as hard as I could as the first jet of come sprayed up into her.

“Oh GOD… Come in me! COME IN ME!!!!”

Bobbi was shaking and crying and ripping her fingernails into the flesh of my back as we both came in the most intense orgasm of our lives. Her cunt was gripping me in a way that re-defined the word “tight,” as her sweet asshole clamped down even harder on my fingers. When I was finally spent I felt like I had left a gallon of cum up inside her. Most importantly, I was overwhelmed with the feeling that I NEVER wanted to leave this woman’s body. I wanted to spend every possible moment with my cock engulfed in her flesh. In her cunt – in her ass – in her mouth or throat – I didn’t care. All I knew was I was finally home.


It was almost daybreak when we finally woke up. We were spooned together, with my quickly hardening cock pressing along the length of her perfect ass crack. We were both half asleep, but she intuitively rolled right over onto her stomach for me with no almanbahis yeni giriş hesitation. I followed right with her, and the head of my cock – already drooling pre-come – slipped right between her perfect globes and up against her tight asshole. She instantly sighed a sweet groan and relaxed for me, and the head of my cock slipped in effortlessly. This woman was truly my dream come true – and I was FINALLY in her beautiful, tight ass!

My cock slid in to about three inches with almost no resistance. She immediately pushed back into me until I felt the head pushing up into the first bend up inside her. I held her by her hips, and brought her up onto all fours as I slowly stroked in and out. The room started filling with the subtle, earthy scent of my cock exploring her tight bowels. Pulling out till just the head of my cock was left in her, I teased her until she pushed back onto me to about five inches. Then the resistance changed again as I then went deeper. As the last few inches started to plow up into her sweet bowels, I felt the unmistakable sensation of my cock starting to push up into her shit. God was she tight… and she started crying out for more.

“OH GOD it feels SO GOOD…I want it all! Nail my ass!! PACK MY SHIT and FUCK ME RAW!!!”

This incredible fuck was becoming slightly painful for both of us, but her words gave me the strength to endure the pressure of burying my 7 inches all the way up her sweet ass. We fucked full strokes for about five minutes, trying different angles and speeds until I started to really get sore. I slowly pulled all the way out to assess the damage. She didn’t wait half a second before he swung around and took my cock into her mouth with a gleam in her eyes and that wicked smile I would get to know all too well. No swipe of the hand – in fact, no hands at all. My head fell back and my eyes rolled up as she gently licked my cock, taking more and more until I felt the head at the opening of her sweet throat. This unbelievable woman was so into giving me pleasure and making me come! She completely broke every rule in the book… then she re-wrote the book!

“Please fuck my throat… fuck me and make it hurt good the same way you just fucked my ass!”

I looked her right in the eyes and saw my goddess both smiling a sweet smile and at the same time pleading with her eyes for me to totally control her. Taking her hair in my hands I spread my fingers wide and cupped the back of her head as she took my cock once again into her sweet mouth. I shifted the angle to get a straight path down her throat, and drove my cock in hard, right to the base of her neck. She coughed some around my cock, then moaned in approval with tears starting to roll down her cheeks as I fucked her throat. With one hand still firmly holding the back of her head, I brought the other hand to her neck, so I could feel the bulge in her throat every time my cock went in balls deep. She made both gagging and purring sounds of approval as she took the full length. When I thought she needed air, I pulled out, almanbahis giriş and noticed that the nasty streaks that had run the length of my cock were now mostly gone. Bobbi had performed the ultimate kinky act of devotion for me… she had cleaned my cock off in her throat! I had finally found my anal goddess!!!

“Where do you want my come Bobbi – down your throat or up your ass?”

Gasping for air, she panted “Anywhere you want… just come inside me NOW!!!”

Finding a new strength, I turned her over onto her stomach and my cock was instantly back up her tight ass. I pushed all the way in, exploring that same angle that felt so tight before.


My cock grew even thicker and longer with her screams, and it was almost time for me to blow my load. I fucked her ass a few more strokes as hard as I possibly could, then pulled out one last time to come in her throat. She knew exactly what I wanted, and instantly got on her back with her head hanging off the end of the bed. She smiled that wicked smile again, then took a big breath and winked at me as I brought my filthy cock to her lips one last time. She took the entire length down her throat with no gag reflex – just another sweet moan as I fucked her as deep as I could. In just a few strokes I was there – spraying her throat with my come. She swallowed every drop with my cock totally buried in her tight throat. I stayed in her for as long as I thought she could stand it. When I finally pulled out, she gasped for air and took quite a while to fully catch her breath. She smiled up at me as tears ran down her cheeks, and my cock was once again totally clean. This woman was beyond belief!


When we finally woke up again, I felt like I was in a dream… but my sore cock brought me quickly back to reality. I had to wonder if sex that rough and that extreme was OK? Beautiful Bobbi soon answered all those questions and more. As we laid in bed, I asked her if she had ever done ass to mouth before, and if I had hurt her. She smiled that all-knowing Bobbi smile, and said…

“You know, in the heat of the moment and when the stars align… things sometimes become possible that are way beyond what we would normally do or normally allow. Yes, I loved having you fuck me silly! Yes, I loved the sweet pain of you using my body for what you might have thought was just for YOUR pleasure… but the thing is, it brought ME pleasure too! To abandon all control and feel you take me any way you wanted got ME off just as much as you!”


This concludes the two part story of my first few weeks with Bobbi. This story is based on our real-life experiences, and yes the sex we had was incredible. While she had almost no sexual inhibitions, in real life I almost always stopped her well before the most uninhibited acts depicted in this story. For me, this is the difference between what is acceptable in reality vs. fantasy. The fact that Bobbi was even kinkier than I was made our time together both in and out of bed incredibly exciting! Bobbi and I stay in touch to this day, and although we now both live with other partners, we remain incredibly special friends.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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