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My, friend Catlyn and I were at a party with mutual friends. We got involved in a game of truth or dare. Catlyn was asked her favorite fantasy. She told of making love in front of the mall during business hours . I thought it an easy fantasy to fulfill. We went on with the game and the game passed into history.

About a week later I received a call from Catlyn and she asked me to rescue her. Her car was broke down at the mall. I thought nothing of it. So I put the emergency tool kit in my saddle-bag and went to save the damsel in distress. She was on the second level of the parking garage, near the entry to the mall. I parked my Harley and went to see if I could help. She was acting nervous as she tried to explain, she told me that she thought she smelled smoke from under the dash. So I put my leather jacket on the ground and bent to the task got the flash light and got on my knees.

I was having a hard time finding anything wrong, and told her so. She sat in the seat telling me she could point out the place the smoke was coming from. I pulled out from under the dash enough to see her sly smile, and note that her skirt had slid almost to her ass. With out a hint of panty-hose I (the light goes on) knew she wouldn’t go to work like that. My memory goes back to the party and I said (forgive my wittiness) OH! I think I see almanbahis giriş the problem and I planted a kiss on her exposed thigh. Yep she was HOT to the touch. I moved around to the heart of the problem as some people walked by on their way to the stores.

I’ll stop here and give you some background. I’m 50 yrs old but a kid at heart, I’ve ridden H. D. motorcycles for 35 of that. I’ve always been one to bend the rules a bit. So this auto repair was right up my alley. Catlyn was 36 but we had a good friendship and she new I wasn’t a kiss and tell kinda person. You say ya but you are telling the whole Internet? Let me explain nobody in our circle of friends will see this unless, I tell them where to find it. OK? OK! I’ve always gotten along with her since we met. Any how we share a lot of ourselves with each other.

Sexual fantasies are a new thing with us, as good friends we don’t judge each other! So we feel safe Yes she knows I’m sending this story to you. She’s kinda excited about this. And wants to make all her dreams come true, with my help I hope! I will write about further adventures, but now back to this one.

I placed my second kiss just above her knee now that I was on the ground between her leg s I had access to the real problem. When my tongue touched her thigh she squirmed her ass almanbahis around so I didn’t have to try hard to get to the electrical problem in her car, that being her clitoris. When I slid my mouth up to her I believe she jumped and hit her head but came right back down on my face. Her slit was dripping wet (did I mention I’m a world class pussy eater) I was only too happy to clean her up. She tasted sweet but not artificial, I licked my way up from her ass to her clit. I stopped and sucked my way back down. I repeated this several times stopping finally at her clit.

I started a concentrated attack! I reached around her legs to be able to pull her open for me. I was in heaven so I could only hope she was being a good look-out. There was no sound around me in my head there was only the delicious cunt in front of me I was totally involved in pleasuring this woman!!. She had several thigh tightening climaxes, I didn’t slow for a moment. I finally heard a sound (I’ll try to spell it) ugaaahhhhowaaahhh. With that a flood came to my mouth and again it was sweet, she is one of those women that have a very heavy climatic discharge. A bonus for me, able to drink of my efforts!! I wondered if we had been observed? She told me many people walked by a few looked over I came a ton when one couple recognized what was going almanbahis giriş on!! She wanted to reverse positions, I had no problem with that.

I had precum dripping down my leg (a small problem when one gets carried away as I do) . She opened my belt and unzipped me. My dick was throbbing, wet from the pre cum she licked all the way down to my sac and back, licking right over the top she dug her tongue into the slit! With a fluid motion she engulfed my cock, I had to stop her. A family with three kids was cumming toward us, I held her head in my hands she didn’t want to stop!

As they passed I made as if we were talking. I placed her head back where I found it. The moment was still fresh!! She didn’t forget where she had left off. A couple guys walked by her head was bobbing up and down. One jabbed the other and pointed I smiled and they thumbed up walking past. A couple more people walked by but didn’t show any recognition of what was going on. The guys from earlier drove past trying to see more. I was turned on to the extreme but I had to hold my composure while I received one of the best blow-jobs of my life. I’m usually very vocal when I cum. Today was no different but my scream just went on in my head I almost pulled Catlyn’s ears off. But cum I did!

She was loosing some of her cool at the amount the old man was shooting down her throat. I was kinda surprised myself not to complain! Must have been the circumstances. BIG SMILE We left the mall and went our separate ways. She called later and said she was broke down on Rt 95. hahahahahahaah

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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