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I’m sitting at my chair working diligently at my desk when you come into my office. A distraction for sure but I continue working none the less, I’ve got a deadline and I’ve been working incessantly. You lean over the back of my chair to look over my shoulder and read what’s on my computer screen as I type away. Your hands begin to knead my shoulders, massaging along my neck. I begin to melt, as your touch never fails to ignite something in me. My neck falls forward but I continue to type, a sly little grin on my face. You begin to use your fingertips only along my neck, brushing it lightly. The tickling but sensual feeling of it is driving me nuts. You can tell by my body’s reaction to it that I’m enjoying it immensely. Finally, I give up trying to work and fall back against my chair and you take full advantage of this to begin kissing me passionately.

You slide into my arms as I sit in my leather chair. Good thing we are home alone and can indulge ourselves. We make out for a long time, swapping spit, tongue ballet. Our petting and fondling becomes frantic in our desire to feel each other’s bodies. Clothing begins to be discarded until we are both naked. You had to stand up to remove both our pants. Straddling me in my chair you grind your pussy against me, suggestively. My breathing becomes labored in response. A fever seems to be gripping you and you rub your body wherever you can against mine. You can’t get any closer to me unless you went through me.

After a while I can Anadolu Yakası Escort no longer stand it and I whisper a suggestion in your ear. Smiling broadly you lean down and pull a rabbit out of your pants pocket that I hadn’t noticed earlier. Pulling me to stand in front of you, you begin kissing me again as you grind against my body. You caress me with your hands as your arms hold me close. Your body pushes me against my desk and I lean backwards. Slowly your hands go down between our bodies and you find my wetness. The excitement of the spontaneous passion has me dripping. In answer you start rubbing the rabbit against me. I groan slightly as it rubs against my clit. Bending me farther back against the oak desk you take the shaft and begin to slowly insert it inside of me. The wetness makes it easy and you shove hard. I gasp and then groan in response. Pulling it almost out you shove it in again. My groans become louder as you are kissing me and screwing me with the shaft. Faster and faster, harder and harder you grind the shaft into my body. I’m panting, enjoying it all. I raise my legs to wrap them around your body and to change the angle of how you are thrusting. You can tell I’m enjoying it as my body arches backwards over the desk. You can no longer reach my mouth and you break contact there to begin sucking on my nipples. With your thumb you turn on the ears of the rabbit and begin teasing my clit. My hands are frantically pulling at your Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan body and my body is writhing beneath yours.

Suddenly between your caresses, the kissing, the sucking, and the relentless thrusting you notice a distinct change. I quit writhing to enjoy the sensations coming over my body. A tingling begun in my clit and spreads down my legs to envelop my whole body. In your mouth my nipple hardens as you’ve never felt before. I’m cumming all over your hand, the rabbit, and the edge of the desk. Your causing it to splash against you it’s so profuse. I’m panting, it’s hard to breathe as my muscles tighten and release, it’s so intense. After what seems forever I begin to calm down. Smiling at you I lean up for a kiss. Your body covers mine and is quite warm. Holding you close as I kiss you I wrap my arms around your body and just hold you there. Pulling back I bury my face in your neck.

“Are you okay?” You ask. I can hear the joy in your voice at what you’ve just done to me.

I nod in answer, not trusting myself to speak.

Finally I unclench my body from yours to relax against my desk. You begin to pull the rabbit from my body but I stop you, grabbing your arm as a look comes over me.

“There” I say. Indicating where the rabbit has just moved to.

You lightly thrust back in with your fingertips. It’s slippery but you manage to hit that spot again. Instantly my body breaks out into another Escort Anadolu Yakası sweat. You can sense this ain’t over yet. Again and again you thrust ‘there’ your hand clenching the handle. My body begins to arch against it. Harder and harder, you know you have to be hurting me but I’m begging for more. The moans, the little cries, they are driving you insane. You can’t believe what your seeing before your eyes. I pull frantically at your body to get it against mine, once again wrapping my legs around you. I’m sweating little rivulets down my body. Your tongue traces the ones along my breasts. My nipples are hard once again. I begin to chant your name and along with it I ask you to ‘screw me’. It becomes my mantra. Before you know it another intense orgasm rips through my body and your incredulous at it’s intensity. Never have you seen my body react this way, never have I cum like this. I’m incoherent now, the mews, the cries, and the moans are so exciting. It lasts longer than the first one, it’s more intense and body wrenching. It takes a lot from me.

Finally I begin to calm down. Your caresses become soothing instead of arousing. I’m sobbing into your shoulder after what I have just gone through. What you’ve forced from me unintentionally. After awhile you let go of the rabbit to use both hands to calm me. You kiss away the tears that are coming from my eyes, your tongue tracing the little rivulets along my face. Looking up with tearful eyes I smile a thank you at what I’ve just experienced. The rabbit slips from my body and falls to the floor. That’s okay, it’s no longer needed. You have your body plastered against mine, holding me close and keeping me warm. There are goosebumps down my arms from the air conditioning. I snuggle against you and sigh. My breathing begins to return to normal. What an afternoon delight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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