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*This is my first story, please send only constructive criticism.


They had been dating for a few months now and Mary was beginning to get frustrated, Ben had yet to make a move beyond kissing her passionately. On their last date, Ben and Mary had gone to a quaint Italian restaurant, complete with the red and white checkered table cloths, but that just wasn’t enough. Mary was enamored with Ben, he was funny, sensitive, and caring, yet he was so cautious. Knowing Ben would take too long to make his move, Mary decided it was time to take matters into her own hands.

Mary invited Ben over for a romantic meal at her place, he had no idea what was really in store for him. She was humming to herself as she prepared her apartment for his arrival, cleaning, cooking, a few candles, and some music playing softly in the background.

Finally, with about 5 minutes before he was due to arrive, Ben was always right on time, she unlocked her front door knowing that he would knock and then walk in if it wasn’t locked. Mary went into the bathroom, making sure to leave the door open a crack, stripped down and got into the shower. You see, Mary has this fantasy that has never been fulfilled and she decided that she needed to orchestrate it or it may never happen.

Ben knocked and waited, no answer so he tried the door knob, unlocked. He walks in, thinking that Mary must be in the kitchen cooking and didn’t hear his knock. As he looks around, he calls out to her.

“Mary, I’m here.”

He receives no response.

“Hmm…I wonder if everything is ok.”

He looks in the kitchen, he can see the oven light on and a few pots simmering on the stove. Turning around, he decides to look in her bedroom, maybe he’ll get lucky and will get to see her getting dressed. As he walks down the hallway, he hears the shower on, grinning to himself he decides to try and take a peek at her while she is showering.

Mary can hear the door open, the squeak of the door hinges always annoyed her before, but today it just makes her so hot. She tries hard to pretend that she doesn’t know he’s there, but she is so escort bayan şişli excited that she grabs the soap and lathers up her hands. She puts her head back into the spray and lets the water go down her face so she can’t open her eyes and see who is there.

As she is distracting herself, one hand slowly slides down her body, going for her pleasure center. Her other hand glides to her nipple and starts pinching it softly. She is so turned on right now, but she is hoping that Ben will get the hint and join her.

Ben can’t believe his eyes, there is Mary naked in the shower, with a see through shower curtain no less, and she is touching herself! His heartbeat increases, as does his breathing. He rips his clothes off faster than he ever has in his life, but then he just stands there, a little unsure of himself. His hard cock is leaking precum and he starts to rub is slowly while he watches her please herself. Then he hears a low moan and that about does him in right there.

“Mary, can I join you?”

“Please, Ben, hurry!”

Ben pulled back the shower curtain and stepped into the shower. He just stood there for a few seconds, taking in the sight of Mary’s naked, wet body. She was gorgeous at about 5’3″ with shoulder length hair, smallish breasts that would fit perfectly into his hands.

His eyes traveled down, following the path of some soap suds. He saw her soft flat belly and down to her trimmed pubic hair that was hiding her sex from his feasting eyes. He stepped forward and touched her waist, his hands gliding up to her breasts, then over to her arms and down to her hands where he grabbed the bar of soap from her. “Turn around” he whispered in a husky passion filled voice.

She eagerly complied and he then swept her hair over to the side so he could wash her back, slowly his hands slid up and down her back, she began to moan slightly, he stepped up so her back was pressed up to his chest, she could feel his hard penis pressed up against her ass and lower back. His hands slid around to the front of her body, caressing her belly and back up to her breasts. Their breathing eskort şişli increased and she started moving her hips side to side rubbing his cock against her soft globes of her ass.

Mary was in heaven, her fantasy was coming true as she reveled in the soft touch of his hands on her skin, the feel of his slightly calloused skin on her sensitive flesh. She thought about how he looked as he stepped into the shower.

He was taller than her, at about 5’10 or so, well built with a cute little pooch beginning on his abs. She looked down at his penis and she took in a quick breath, it was well above average in length, but the girth is what really took her breath away; she wasn’t sure if she could grasp it and have room for her fingers to touch.

Her thoughts came back to the present when she felt his hand coming down towards her pussy. She tilted her head back and let it rest against his chest, she then slid her arms back around him and grabbed his butt cheeks, pulling him closer to her so she could rub him against her with more control.

Ben was rubbing her clit and reveled in the sweet moans coming from her, he couldn’t help but match then in his own low voice. He was so turned on right now, feeling her hard clit, the moist heat coming from her sex, and the sensations of her ass rubbing against his cock were almost more than he could handle.

His fingers continued lower so he could press a finger into her pussy, she was so tight he couldn’t wait to feel his cock enveloped in her hot center. Ben pressed another finger into her tight cunt, stretching her in preparation for his cock. He whispered into her ear to bend over and put her hands against the wall, she happily obliged and spread her legs apart slightly.

He stepped back slightly so he could position his cock at her entrance and he slowly began to press into her. Mary got her wits about her and stopped him, then much to his surprise and relief, she had a little foil wrapper on the soap dish in the shower, quickly opening it and slipping the condom onto him, she turned back and resumed the position. Ben slid in easily, because escort sisli she was so hot, wet, and ready for him.

She was so tight and felt so good surrounding him, he had to pause and just enjoy the sensation. Mary was impatient and began to move her hips, snapping him out of his reverie. They quickly began pushing back and forth against each her, moaning, grunting, and calling each other’s names.

Mary felt the beginning of her climax coming, her breathing increased as did her moans.

Ben knew she was close so he reached around and started rubbing her clit and suddenly he pinched it lightly between thumb and forefinger, she climaxed immediately.

She came so hard her knees gave out. He held her up and held still until her trembling subsided, then he started pounding into her hard bringing on his climax just moments later.

Mary turned and rested back against the shower wall, a small smile played on her lips. Ben knelt down and removed the condom, then picked up the forgotten soap and began soaping up her legs, he moved up her calves, to her thighs and then spreading her legs out more he leaned forward and licked her clit.

She gasped and said “what are you doing?”

He said “I just want to taste you.”

She couldn’t believe how lucky she was, she found a man that was so fun to be around and he wasn’t selfish when it came to sex, he wanted to please her as much as she wanted to please him. His licking was more and more urgent, when he slipped two fingers into her pussy, she climaxed again.

Breathing hard, they both rinsed off and got out of the shower, she wrapped him in a towel and he did the same for her. She lead him into her bedroom, pulled back the blankets and removed his towel, he climbed onto the bed and lay down. Mary removed her towel, then climbed onto the bed as well, laying her head on his chest, completely relaxed.

“Thank you, Ben that was perfect.”

“My pleasure, Mary, believe me.”

They laid there cuddling for awhile and then Mary remembered dinner, rushing into the kitchen, naked, she noticed it was too late, everything was ruined. With a smile, she decided it was worth it and called an order into a local delivery place.

Maybe they could get a quickie in before the delivery driver arrived, she thought to herself. With a smile she turned and went back into her bedroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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