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The would-be passengers groaned as the public address announcement finally gave them the news that they had been dreading. Bad weather had led to the cancellation of the last flight of the day, and they were stranded in this God-forsaken place. Ann sighed inwardly, her anticipation of being home, safe and warm, instantly displaced by the prospect of another night away from home.

The passengers began to abuse the harassed customer services assistant. It wasn’t her fault. But she was there, and so the passengers vied with each other to give her tales of woe and threats of action to seek compensation. Wearily, she referred them to the customer services desk, where they would each get a voucher for an airport hotel and a meal, and a guaranteed place on the next flight tomorrow morning.

Ann rang ahead to let her friends know that she was going to be delayed and resigned herself to a night of lonely isolation. She queued patiently at the customer service desk, as other passengers jostled her and pushed in to get to the front of the line. When she go to the front of the queue the customer services staff member took a phone call before dealing with her.

“No rooms at all? Gee! We had 167 pax, how many you got free? OK, so I’ll need one overflow. I’ll put her in the crew hotel. Yeah! See ya later!”

Ann wondered if this was about her, but the “customer services” assistant resolutely ignored her, focusing instead on her computer screen, typing in some numbers and words with no eye contact. Eventually she looked up.

“Ma’am, it’s your lucky day! The voucher I’m giving you is for the crew hotel, not the passenger disrupt hotel. Is that OK?”

Ann didn’t really know what that meant.

“Is that good?” she asked, hesitantly.

“It is for you!” replied the assistant; you are staying in the best hotel in town, where the flight crew stays. Do you mind traveling in the crew bus?”

“No, not at all” answered Ann, without really knowing what she was letting herself in for.

“Come this way” said the girl, walking through a door marked “crew only”. Ann followed, down a dusty corridor inside the belly of the airport which passengers never usually saw. At the end of the corridor was a gaggle of flight attendants, chattering away loudly, and some men with gold braid on their jackets, talking in low voices.

Just then a bus pulled up, and the uniformed staff casually loaded their bags into the bus, before climbing on board. Ann felt like an intruder, an outsider, as the crew eyed her curiously.

“Here’s your voucher” said the assistant, pressing a slip of paper into her hand. It entitles you to one night’s stay, an evening meal to the value of $25 and a breakfast in the hotel restaurant. All extras as to your own account Ma’am”

Ann climbed onto the bus, and looked embarrassed as she tried to find an empty seat. Eventually she found an empty seat at the back, and self consciously settled herself into the seat. The bus jerked, pulled away, and wound an uneventful path through the dark streets, until it pulled up outside the Stamford Hotel.

Ann waited until the flight attendants had giggled and gossiped off the bus, their chat full of tales of escapades in night clubs and shopping adventures. When she alighted, there were two bags left in the bus, hers and one other.

“Ill help you with that” said a deep brown voice from somewhere behind Ann. She whirled round and there was a pilot or something, in a uniform dripping with gold braid. He smiled, and lifted her bag off the bus and placed it on a luggage trolley before placing his own bag next to it.

“I would have been your driver tonight” he smiled, “but I guess we are all staying here tonight?”

Ann looked up into his dark eyes, wrinkled into a smile, and saw a kindly face looking back at her.

“Shall I drive?” he inquired, with a twinkle in his eyes, as he guided the trolley towards the hotel lobby. Ann was tired, frustrated, intrigued and flattered by the attention, all at the same time. She smiled a nervous smile, and approached the front desk with the pilot. They both checked in, and the bell hop offered to take their bags up to their respective rooms.

As they journeyed up in the elevator, Ann studied the carpet intensely. She hated being confined in small places with men, especially as she was aware that the pilot was staring at her intently. Soon her floor arrived, and to her annoyance, the pilot’s room was on the same floor. He let her out of the elevator first, and as she walked down the long and lonely hotel corridor, she could feel his eyes burning into her back as she imagined his intense stare focusing upon her.

Now here was her room, and she smiled and turned to say goodnight to the pilot, but he was not there. He must have gone into his room already, she told herself, opened the door and went in. The room was larger than she had expected, and it was a four or five star room, with TV, CD, and velvet drapes and furnishings that gave the mecidiyeköy escortları room a soft and welcoming feel. She looked in the bathroom and saw a huge tub. She immediately thought of relaxing away her stress by a long soak in the bath, and so she turned on the faucets and began to loosen her clothing.

As she slipped off her blouse, she looked forward to the warm kiss of the water. She found some bath gel , and she poured it under the running water, and watched as the water turned in to a foaming mass of bubbles and the air was filled by the sweet scent of perfume.

Ann slipped out of her skirt and hung it up carefully in the wardrobe with her blouse, when suddenly there was a knock at the door. Ann wondered who it could be, and slipped on a bath robe which was hanging behind the door.

When she opened the door, it was the bell hop with her suitcase. Ann had forgotten all about it! She blushed as the young lad in a bright blue uniform grinned at her and carried her bag into the room, glancing at her as he walked by. He placed her bag on a trestle and asked her if she was familiar with the facilities of the room.

She knew that this was code for “I want a tip”, so she went to look for her handbag, opened her purse, and found a couple of dollars to give him. When she looked up she realized that the bell hop had been looking down the front of her bath robe. She felt her cheeks color, but worse was to come. At that moment the bell hop- who couldn’t have been more than 19- walked past her into the bathroom and switched of the faucets . They had been running all this time, and the bath was close to overflowing!

“If you get in that now” he said helpfully, ” the water will go everywhere! Let me help you ” and with that he knelt down and opened the plug to drain some water out of the bath. Ann felt silly having left the water running, and she really did not need some kid helping her drain a bath.

“I’ll take that” she said, moving toward the bell hop, but as she reached out to take the plug off him, her bath robe fell open, right in front of his face. His eyes opened wide, as his eyes stared at her body . She felt silly again, but this time she felt in control, and she let the bell hop milk in the sight of her body, watching his mouth fall open as her body loomed right in front of his face.

Before she could say anything, the bell hop leaned forward, and kissed her tenderly on her navel.

Ann felt the thrill of sexual tension race through her veins, as the soft lips circled her navel and she felt the lad’s warm breath on her stomach. She looked in the bathroom mirror and saw someone, a bit like herself, seducing a young lad. It seemed like somebody else because things like this never happened to her, she told herself. The lad’s attention had moved south, and he was kissing her panties, with soft and affectionate kisses. Ann moaned softly, and lifted the boy to his feet. He planted a clumsy kiss full on her lips, but she was eager to get him out of the bright blue uniform.

She span him round so that his pert little bottom faced her, and she reached round his narrow waist and undid the button at the front of his trousers and opened the buttons and zipped down the fly, before sliding his trousers down over his hips. He unbuttoned his own tunic, and soon he was standing in front of her wearing only his boxer shorts.

She savored the moment, being in control and reversing the roles that she had shared with the Pilot only a few minutes earlier. Now she was staring at the bell hop, taking a curious delight in his discomfort in the narrow confines of the brightly lit bathroom. She slipped her hand down the front of his boxers and gently cupped his balls and squeezed them playfully. He was not yet fully erect, but he was certainly excited.

“Get in!” she said and pointed at the bath. The bell hop said nothing, but meekly took down his boxers, with Ann’s hand still cupped around his balls, and his cock bobbed free, sticking out horizontally. The lad got into the bath, and Ann followed him, positioning herself behind him. She pressed down on his shoulders so that he sat down with her behind him, and she began to gently wash his shoulders.

“I can’t stay long!” said the bell hop nervously, but Ann wasn’t listening. She was soaping his back, watching the water drip off his hairless back. To encourage him, she reached around his waist and caressed his cock, which poked out of the water. She ran her fingers up and down the length of his shaft, before taking the head between her forefingers, and gently pulling the foreskin back.

She felt the lad arch his back as the thrill pulsed through his body, so she cupped his balls in one hand and gently pumped his cock with the other. He let out a low moan, as the warm water, gentle rhythm and soft caress all combined to increase his pleasure.

Suddenly, he stood up, and turned round to face her, carefully sitting down in front of her, one leg on either side of her etiler escort torso. He reached out and tweaked her nipples. His touch was rough, and the pinch was too tight, hurting Ann. She frowned.

“Sorry, have I hurt you?” he asked

“A little” she replied

“Let me kiss it better” and with that his head bent down to kiss her breasts slowly and sensuously, so that she could feel his wet lips and lascivious tongue. Ann lent backwards to savor the warm kiss of the bath and the hot kiss of the erect bell hop. His tongue was circling each nipple, and then gently licking her breast, while his hands caressed her, more gently now.

Ann moaned, as his hands explored her, caressing her breasts, alternating from one to the other, before playfully biting her nipples. Now, one hand had slid down her body and was stroking her stomach, her arm, her breasts, her waist, before gently, almost accidentally, caressing the inside of her thigh. The excitement and anticipation was unbearable, and now his kisses started to include her navel, with his tongue burying itself deep inside her navel. He needed no prompting.

He moved his knees back so that he was kneeling directly in front of her. And his kisses began to take in the parts of Ann’s body that was above the waterline. Once more he removed the plug and drained the water out of the bath, so that his kiss gradually included her stomach, her hips, her abdomen, and finally, he began to gently kiss her pussy. Ann let out a low moan. Her body was completely relaxed and the lad’s soft kisses excited her enormously.

But it was too cramped in the bath.

She lifted his head, took him by the arm and lifted him up to his feet. She looked at his wet body, with foam and bubbles dripping down his smooth body. His cock was now at 45 degrees, and she planted a delicate kiss on its tip. It quivered, and stood up even straighter now. She wrapped her hand around his balls and squeezed, gently at first , but getting tighter and tighter, while gradually pulling back his foreskin with the finger tips of her other hand.

He moaned, and sank to his knees, as the dominant woman held him in a vice-like grip. Ann pumped him softly, but tightly, for two or three strokes when suddenly, and without warning, his whole body convulsed and a wad of semen spurted from his cock and hit the tiles of the bath surround. He looked at her with a mixture of surprise and embarrassment, so she released her grip on his cock and balls, and touched the wad of hot viscous fluid gently sliding down the tiles of the wall. The cum stuck to her fingers, and she carefully scooped it all around her fingers while he watched her. It hung in a large globule between her first two fingers, and while he watched her, open mouthed and gasping for breath in ecstasy, she held out her first two fingers of her hand and thrust the cum-laden fingers between his lips and into his mouth.

He pulled back his head, but the cum had transferred off Ann’s fingers and on to his mouth, and the globule simply dripped off his top lip, and formed a pearly string before sliding onto his lower lip in a slow languid movement. Ann felt so horny at the sight of this, but the lad simply scooped up some water from the bath and washed it away. She picked up a towel, and without saying anything , held it up, gesturing for the lad to step out of the bath. He stepped out and wrapped the towel to cover himself up. He was softer now, and his skin glowed with the warmth of the bath water.

Ann took him by the hand, and led him through to her bed. It was a Queen sized bed and she gestured to him to lie on the left hand side of the bed, which he did meekly. Ann smiled as he looked up at her, eyes wide with anticipation of what was going to happen.

Ann didn’t disappoint him.

Standing at the head of the bed, Ann lifted her right leg onto the bed, and planted it on the bed on the far side of the lad’s head, so that he could get a good view of her pussy right in front of his face. He looked at her pussy , then at her, then at her pussy again. She felt her juices flowing as the delicious feeling of anticipation washed over her. She felt horny as hell, and now she was going to get satisfaction. In case he didn’t get the message, she took her right hand and gently parted her lips, showing him what she wanted. He hesitated some more, so she took her left hand an placed it behind his head and lifted her head so that his lips touched her lips, and she felt the burning heat of his hot tongue lick her clitoris.

She held his head there as his tongue eagerly licked her, slowly at first, but then faster and faster, as the bell hop got into the rhythm of pleasuring her. She arched her head backwards and closed her eyes as she felt the sense of mastery, of dominating the lad, while he explored her with his mouth.

“Kiss it” she murmured, the first words the pair had exchanged for what seemed an eternity.

The sharp roughness of the tongue was replaced by the soft şişli escort gentleness of his kiss, as his lips kissed her clit with reverence. She moaned at this. He seemingly enjoyed this too, as he began to kiss her whole pussy, a kiss here and a lick there, a tongue darting in between her lips. This was too much for Ann, who was starting to get cramp standing with her leg cocked over him, so she took her leg off the bed, and turned around, before kneeling over his waist, facing the foot of the bed.

This presented him with a full view of her pussy, and she felt his hands grip her round her hips and pull her back gently, so that he could bury his whole face in her pussy. She thrust her hips back in his face in a rhythmic pulse so that his head banged gently against the head board of the bed.

She heard him moan with pleasure.

Her hands reached out and slid to the towel wrapped around his waist, and she unwrapped the towel. His cock was semi hard, but not erect. She leaned forward and cupped his balls gently in her left hand. His cock twitched with pleasure, as the wetness of his mouth mingled with the wetness of her pussy. She moved her head forward and blew on the tip of his cock, and he twitched again, and she felt him grow a little stiffer. She took the first two fingers of her right hand and gently pulled back his foreskin a little.

He got harder.

The head of his cock was moist with pre-cum, so she traced a circle around the head of his cock with her finger, making it glisten silvery and wet. He moaned with pleasure as his activity at her pussy got more frenetic. She was still rhythmically pulsing backwards and forwards. And now he had begun to insert one finger into her pussy, softly, increasing her pleasure with each pumping movement.

She grasped his cock tightly in her right hand and felt him fully erect between her fingers. She slowly dragged his foreskin back revealing a moist and pink head. He paused momentarily from his industrious licking of her pussy and moaned out loud. She thrust her ass backwards in his face to encourage him to carry on , as she could feel the pleasure increasing quickly now. She heard his head knock against the head board and he mumbled something.

She gripped his balls a little tighter in her left hand, and began to pump his cock up and down, amazed at how he had become so hard again so quickly. She was getting closer to coming now, so she wanted him to come too. She bent her head down, and kissed his cock right on the tip. His grip on her hips tightened and he pulled her back more roughly, encouraging her to carry on. She held his shaft vertically, and teased the tip, tracing the line of his helmet with her tongue. This was too much for the bell hop, who let out a shout of “yes!” , but she was determined to carry on teasing him.

She thrust her ass back so that his head hit the head board again, louder this time, with a loud “thwack!” He buried his mouth in her pussy and his tongue probed deeper inside her. His wet fingers had began to probe her ass, and he had begun to wet her ass hole, so that it was ready to accept a full finger, which he now slipped inside her, causing her to pause from her tonguing as she felt her own pleasure build to a crescendo.

She decided to reward the lad at the last, and so she opened her mouth wide and took as much of his shaft in her mouth as she could. She then closed her mouth around the hot, wet cock, causing him to tremble with pleasure. She slowly moved her mouth along the shaft, gripping it tightly with her mouth as she moved along its length. When it popped out of her mouth, she concentrated on the head, rapidly pumping him up and down, in and out of her mouth, all the time gripping his balls firmly in her left hand.

But she was close now, and she could feel the gradual increase in pleasure was becoming unbearable, and she was soon going to come. She thrust herself backwards more quickly now, feeling overwhelmed with two fingers fingering her pussy, one finger in her ass, and his tongue licking her clit . Faster and faster she rocked backwards and forwards, thrusting her hips, feeling his mouth in her pussy, his fingers, his cock, until suddenly she could bear it no more, and she came in a delicious explosion of pleasure , as wave after wave washed all over her, and she let go of his cock, and supported herself on all fours, feeling the intense orgasm penetrate every part of her body.

She collapsed on the bed, feeling the mellow pleasure all over her. She propped her head up on one arm, and watched the bell hop look at her with a look on his face that said “what about me?” His face was dripping with wetness, from her orgasm or her pussy? She didn’t know, and didn’t care. He had come already, so they were equal.

“What about me?” he said out loud.

The lad looked aggrieved. For half an hour he had worked away at her, until his jaw ached and his lips were sore. But his cock was twitching now. Ann rose from the bed, and got some of her hand cream. She took a dollop and carefully spread it over lad’s cock, until it was all coated in a yellow coating of lanolin and perfumed cream. She took his right hand in her hand and placed it over his own cock, before beginning to pump him up and down roughly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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