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The baby was asleep in his bed, the cat was outdoors, the venetian blinds were drawn, and the lights were out throughout their entire home except their bedroom. Only a dim night light illuminated their private room.

He quickly removed all his clothing but she did not.. She stood across the room in front of a full-length mirror so he could get two views of her as she slowly removed her clothing. She watched his penis go from flaccid to erect as she teasingly undressed. The only things she had on after she removed her panties were her engagement and wedding rings. She finished her undressing by placing her rings on the night table.

“Lie down on the bed,” he requested.

She treated his request as though it were an order. She rested her head on a pillow, stretched her arms to reach the corner bedposts and asked, “Is this what you want?”


He sat lightly on her chest keeping his weight on his knees. He put his penis in her mouth, and tied one of her outstretched arms to the bedpost. Then he tied her other outstretched arm to the second bedpost. She offered no resistance because she loved him and had confidence he would not hurt her. The thirty-one and twenty-n-ne year old couple had played like this several time throughout their escort bayan ataköy six years of marriage. He played cave man; she played the role of a kidnapped cavewoman.

“I love you, John,” is the only thing she said during the entire procedure.

He moved to the foot of the bed. She spread her legs wide exposing her shaved genitals to his appreciative view.

“I didn’t know cave women shaved their pussies,” John quipped.

“Be quiet or I’ll make you untie me,” she retorted.

He kissed her clitoris, gave it a lick, and took a quick suck on it.

The baby cried out.

“See what the baby wants. I’m tied up for the moment,” she smiled.

Without a word, John tended to the baby’s needs and returned.

“He lost his binky,” John explained.

“He should sleep well tonight. He drained enough milk out of my tits.”

John took the lubricant jelly out of the night table. He put some on his fingers and gently inserted two of them into her vagina. His lubricated thumb sought and found her clitoris. The thumb circled it, flicked it back and forth, and pinched it gently. It was the flicking back and forth that she appreciated most. The wriggling fingers inside her stimulated her G-spot. It wasn’t long before bayrampasa escort she was moaning, her hips started to undulate, her back arched, her moans became joyous squeals, she squirted.

When she uttered their code word “No,” John stopped playing with her clit.

“You play with my clit better than I ever did when I was single. Where did you learn to do that?”

“I dated a lot of women before I met you,” John answered as he untied his satisfied wife.

The couple rested and talked for a few minutes. John’s erection dwindled.

John lay down beside his wife, rolled onto his side, kissed her, and started to fondle her breasts. Kissing led to tonguing. His hands found her buttocks. She shifted her weight so that his hand could find her cleft. His fingers found her anus, and played with its rim before he entered it.

She emitted a soft “Ahh.”

In and out his fingers probed.

A few soft endearments in her ear, led to his tongue fucking her ear. She took the hint, reached for his penis, and spread her legs.

He knelt between her legs, his penis pointing to her pussy. She reached down and guided it into her vagina. A little push from his hips and he was fully inside his wife. He leaned forward, escort bayan avcılar keeping his weight off her chest and on his rigid arms. She closed her legs around his thighs.

Slowly he pumped. When she sensed he was speeding up to cum, she stretched her legs to delay his orgasm.

She pulled her legs back to let him resume. She stretched them again.

They repeated their play one more time before she let John deliver his sperm to her vagina. John let out a loud sigh as his cum spilled into his wife.

The couple fell asleep holding hands.

In the morning, she awoke first. She discovered her sleeping husband had an admirable hard-on.

“Now, I know my husband wouldn’t want to waste a hard-on like that. I don’t know who he is dreaming about but he’s going to wake up to me.”

She gingerly lowered the blankets to his ankles. Carefully threw one leg across him, guided his hard-on into her, and fucked slowly. He pretended to be asleep, still. She pretended not to know he was faking it. She increased the tempo. His eyes and mouth opened. She bent over and spit into his mouth.

“Now you have some of my juices in you. Swallow it like I swallow your cum.”

He obeyed.

She maintained the increased tempo until John gave out a vigorous “aargh.” Then she stopped. She dismounted her husband and said, “I’m going to the shower. Wanna cum?”

“I’d like to but I ain’t got it in me right now.”

“I do. Come in the shower and I’ll share it with you.”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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