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Through the large picture window, we watched Howard and Julie’s tail lights leave the driveway.

As they disappeared, Kayla dropped her robe with her back to me. It was nearing sunset and the remaining light in the darkening sky silhouetted her figure for me to enjoy.

It had been a few weeks since she’d come by the house seeking any benefits, and I felt it. A knowing, excited tingle in my loins. While I’d enjoyed my time with Julie over the past few evenings, I couldn’t help but mentally appreciate Kayla’s taut, muscular body juxtaposed to Julie’s pale, cottage cheese thighs.

I stepped up behind and kissed her neck. I didn’t try to conceal the arousal she felt pressed against her.

She didn’t shy away. She subtly shifted her hips back and forth teasing my dick ever harder.

I nibbled at her earlobe and kissed her neck, my hands sliding up from her waist to cradle her pert breasts. I pinched each nipple between thumb and forefinger. Where Julie was well endowed, Kayla was but a handful.

Two delicious handfuls.

“That feels nice,” she said, “But your cock was just in another woman’s mouth.”

She bent over and leaned against a chair.

“I’m not hurt,” she continued, “but I need you to help me refocus my view of oral satisfaction.”

The message was clear.

I knelt behind her almanbahis and gripped her thighs.

I kissed her lightly on each cheek, then my mouth found her. I knew better than to go directly for her clit. She wanted to be savored. She’s a chef. She wants the meal to be enjoyed.

I didn’t often taste a woman from behind.

It was exciting to inhale and let the scents of her body paint a picture in the relative darkness. A feast of sexual delights that was mine to devour.

My tongue traced a few lazy circles around her lips starting and ending at her landing strip.

“Nice.” She whispered, as her hips began to rock slowly. She was guiding her pussy along my mouth.

I knew from experience that Kayla would take what she wanted.

I considered it a challenge to make her cum, rather than simply provide the tool.

I pulled her against my mouth and wrapped my lips around her clit. I let one hand slide between her legs and brought my thumb up to replace my tongue, stroking her while I licked and kissed.

Over the summers, Kayla had ridden my face to euphoria countless times.

I loved the sound of her pleasure.

I teased her tight, full lips apart and entered her with a finger. My thumb kneaded her clit as my finger stroked inside.

“Fuck, yeah!” She called out. “Mmmm.” She started almanbahis giriş to buck against me so hard I couldn’t keep my mouth in place.

With my free hand I slapped her ass.

“Ow! Fuck! What was that for?” She looked back, irritated at the interruption of pleasure.

“I need you to stop moving and let me work.” I massaged the red palmprint.

Then I buried my face against her pussy.

My tongue spread a slow wet trail up her smooth taint.

Then I pulled her burning red ass cheek aside and made room for my mouth.

I impatiently licked her knot and buried my tongue into her hole.

She wasn’t ready for it, and I could feel her tighten against my tongue. Her legs clenched closed and wedged my fingers against her clit.

“Oh, God. Fuck yes…Stay there…Oh fuck” The leather of the chair she held creaked beneath her grip. Her hips were locked in. Gyrating up and down against my tongue in her ass, my finger in her pussy, and my chin riding her taint. Her legs stiffened as she screamed, “FUCK! MMMmmm. Fuuck.”

She reached back and pushed my head away.

“God damn! That was some good fucking work, son!” She yelled. Way too loud.

Then she crawled up on the chair, letting her legs hang over one armrest when she rested her head on the other. “Boy, that is your best work in almanbahis yeni giriş ages. Fuck, I love the unexpected tongue in the butt.”

“Happen a lot?”

“Not nearly enough. Oh, and poor you. Look at your trunks. Someone put a banana in there. A tiny banana, but it still looks tight in your shorts.”

“Tiny? Care to refresh your recollection?”

“Sure. Show me again.”

I untied and dropped my trunks. My cock engorged after the smells and sounds of unplanned living room analingus.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I was wrong. It’s not tiny. It’s just so cute I can’t help but think small. Ok, I guess fair is fair. You made me cum, I should return the favor.”

“I love the sound of that.”

“Step closer.”

I complied.



“I made you come. You were there. Now you’re here. I made that happen. You came.”

She stood up. With two fingers, she tapped my cock and said, “Good, boy.”

Fucking Kayla. Would she blue ball me?

“I’m going to sleep in your sister’s room tonight. I don’t feel like riding back to my place in the dark.”

“What about me?”

“I’m about to shower. You can jerk off while watching if you want.”

“Dammit, Kayla.”

“What? I got mine. I’m hungry. I’ll make dinner as your reward. I’m a fucking chef, bitch. You can’t beat this deal. You get to eat a chef’s best. Twice. In your house.”

Then she was gone.

Just an hour ago a middle aged woman sucked me hard and swallowed my load. Now, I had a thick, veiny, angry cock to tend to.

Fucking, Kayla.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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