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This is a continuation of an earlier story about National Nude Day called NND Introduction.

As I said, I greeted Doris at the door wearing nothing but a smile. It was, after all, National Nude day and she had been celebrating all day.

She stood there and did a slow eye-scan of my body. “Well, that’s disappointing,” she said. Was she kidding me? Was she serious? Not having the greatest self esteem, I assumed the worst and quickly decided to cut my losses.

“Well, at least we didn’t waste several weeks dating only to find out I didn’t turn you on,” I replied, and closed the door. Immediately I felt like I had over-reacted. There was another knock on the door. I opened it, and Doris had a big grin on her face. “I was kidding! I hope you were, too.”

“Get in here,” I replied, glad that she wasn’t really disappointed in what she saw.

Once the door was closed, I told her that one of us was overdressed.

“What do you want to do about it,” Doris asked.

“Well, I could undress you.”

“No,” Doris corrected me, “that would be too sexual. Remember, Nude Day is not about sex.”

“Ok, I’ll just watch you take your clothes off.”

“Nope, still too sexual.”

“Okay,” I replied dejectedly. “You know where the guest room is. You can change in there.” In her only other visit to my house, she had spent a lot of time in that room, mostly passed out from the alcohol she had consumed. “I will make us some dinner.”

Doris left the living room and headed down the hall. I headed to the kitchen. I had already made a salad, which I placed on the table, along with a small selection of salad dressings.

“Doris, do you eat meat?” I shouted.


“Do you eat meat?”

“Not on a first date,” she shouted back. Okay, so it was going to be one of those evenings. I knew Doris had a sense of humor from my many visits to her office, but she was not usually that suggestive.

“Noted. But is it okay if I grill some chicken for dinner?” I shouted.

“No need to yell, I’m right here,” was Doris’ reply. I turned around to see an amazing body. Sure, I had seen her somewhat naked at her office that day (where they celebrate Nude Day every year), but she had been doing her best to hide her nudity. The whole time I was there she was sitting at her desk, pulled up real close, with an arm mashing her breasts and covering her nipples. And on her first visit to my house I had seen her in her bra. I had an idea of what she might look like, but never expected this.

Doris is short, just a little over five feet tall. She has short, but very well shaped legs, hips and a waist that are well proportioned to each other and to her general size. But her breasts were larger than you would expect on a woman her size. I had expected them to be droopy, but now that I actually saw them, they were still fairly firm. I was pretty sure that they were natural, but wasn’t positive.

“My, this was worth the wait. You are gorgeous,” I said when I finally found my voice again.

“Thanks. What’s for dinner?”

I showed her the salad, and then reached into the fridge for a bottle of wine, which met with her approval. I was grilling two chicken breasts on the stove, and had some summer squash in the steamer. Doris indicated that everything was to her liking, and sat down at the table. I pulled the cork from the wine and walked over to fill her glass.

“How many times do I have to tell you that National Nude Day isn’t about sex?” she asked.

“I know. What makes you think I wasn’t listening?”

She just pointed at my crotch. It wasn’t completely hard, but wasn’t exactly flaccid, either.

“Well, what did you expect?” I asked.

“Well, if I was as gorgeous as you said, I would expect you to be at more than just half mast,” Doris quipped.

“But today isn’t about sex.”

We both laughed, and I sat down at the table. We did our best to engage in small talk while we ate the salad, but frankly, the sitting at the kitchen table with a naked woman was quite distracting. I felt myself getting hard again, and tried to think of something – anything – to stop me from becoming aroused. Every time I thought I was winning that battle, Doris would shift, or laugh, or something, and her boobs would jiggle, and I would start getting aroused all over again.

I got up to get the chicken and the veggies, fully aware that I was still half hard. I tried not to be too embarrassed. I dished up our two servings, and set them on the table. After filling the wine glasses again, I sat down.

“Still thinking about sex, aren’t you?” Doris asked.

“Sorry. It’s not every day I get to sit across from a naked woman at dinner.”

She sat in silence for a moment, and then I felt something brushing my leg. It took me a minute to realize that it was Doris’ toe.

“Damn, I hate being short,” she finally said and I felt the toe leave my leg.

“What were you trying to do?”

“Well, you’re having trouble keeping it down, and I keep telling you to keep it down, escort bayan ataköy so I thought I would see what would happen if I tickled it with my feet. But I can’t reach.”

“Good thing,” I replied.

Although I had known Doris for several weeks, we still talked about all those things that you talk about on a first date. When we were finished eating, she helped me clear the table. I caught her checking out my equipment several times, and I know she caught me staring at her breasts. Once the dishes were all in the washer, I grabbed another bottle of wine and we moved into the family room.

Doris took the bottle from me, and then placed it on my balls and penis. “There, that should help,” she said, and then sat down at one end of the couch. I sat at the other and picked up the remote. I found a not-too-distracting show, and we sat in silence sipping our wine and watching whatever was on. I don’t think that either of us cared what was on, and I know that I was being checked out just as much as I was checking out Doris.

I wondered if she trimmed her pubic hair or if it was just naturally short. I noted that she wasn’t muscular, but appeared to be fit. It was either genetics or exercise, I couldn’t tell. I didn’t care; I was just enjoying the view, when I could.

We were on our third bottle of wine when Doris said she thought she should go home. As she stood up, it was obvious that she was a bit tipsy. I had seen her worse, but there was no way I was going to let her drive home, and I was not in any shape to drive her.

“Why don’t you just stay the night?” I queried.

“It’s not about…”

“Sex. I know,” I replied. “I was offering you my guest room, not my bed.”

“Party pooper,” she said, though she had some trouble with all those P’s. But she sat back down and we watched another show, talking occasionally. It wasn’t exactly comfortable; two people who didn’t know each other well, sitting naked.

Finally, I decided that it was time to do something, so I decided it was time to go to bed. I got up, told Doris to stay up as long as she wanted, and headed to my room. She was right behind me, so I sent her down the hall and turned off lights and the TV. I went to the bathroom and was just about to turn out my light when I heard a strange noise. I crept to my door and listened. It was quite faint, but it was definitely a noise I didn’t normally hear. It seems like my houseguest was, well, “enjoying herself.” I should have kept my mouth shut, but I just had to say loud enough to be heard, “The holiday is not about sex.” I think I heard the word “bastard” come from the other room, but the noises stopped.

Chapter 2

Sunshine was coming in my window by the time I woke up. From the pain in my head, I had obviously had too much wine the night before. Then I realized that I was not alone in my bed. There next to me, curled up in a tight ball was Doris. I may have had too much to drink, but I know I went to bed alone. What time she came in was a mystery. And if we had done anything was another question, but judging from the feeling in my groin, I had not been serviced last night.

I got up as quietly as I could, went into the bathroom and took care of the morning chores. Doris was still asleep, so I threw on my shorts and went out to the kitchen. It was over an hour later that Doris finally appeared. She was wearing one of my t-shirts, and it was obvious that she, too, was feeling last night. The only words out of her mouth for about an hour were, “coffee,” and about 30 minutes later, “more coffee.”

I decided it was time to start my day, so I excused myself and when to take a shower. I adjusted the water to a comfortable temperature, and while waiting lazily stroked my dick, almost without thinking about it. I had just stepped into the shower when the door opened and Doris said, “I’m going to get dressed and go.”

At first, I just said okay, but then the devil came out in me. “Don’t you want to shower first?”

“Actually, I would. I’ll wait until you’re done.”

“Plenty of room for two if you want to join me,” I replied.

“Ah, oh, what the hell.” I could see Doris peeling the t-shirt off, and soon she was standing next to me. She pushed me out of the way and got under the shower head and got completely wet. As she backed out from under the shower head, she backed into me and my now complete erection. She turned, and we kissed passionately, holding each other close. I could feel her breasts pressing against my chest, and my dick was nestled between us. I am just enough taller than her that my dick was more likely to invade her navel than it was her vagina.

“You know, we really have a backward relationship,” she said. “You barely knew me the first time I stayed over.”

“Well, you were passed out that time.”

“Yeah, but then we saw each other naked before we even kissed.”

I leaned in and kissed her again. The kiss I got back was both romantic and passionate. We held each other for several minutes, our hands exploring each escort bayan fatih other’s backs. But every time I started to move my hand toward a breast or her ass or her private regions, she either twisted or put my hand back on her back.

As the shower began to cool off, we decided that it was time to wash. We shared the soap and the shampoo but she would not let me wash anything but her back. I got out first, and handed her a towel, which she used to dry herself quickly, then wrapped it around her waist. As I started to hang up my towel, she took it and covered her breasts. Then she walked to the mirror and starting combing her hair out.

“Strange time to get modest,” I said.

“Well, Mark, I barely know you. And I don’t want to be a one night stand. And all of a sudden I got really uncomfortable. I got that way several times yesterday, but it passed quickly. Today it didn’t.

“Well, I’m not looking for a one night stand with you, so if you need to take it slow, then we will do just that,” I said as I reached out to hug her. She pointed at my still hard dick.

“And are you going to think I am a cock-tease, leaving you with that?”

I thought for a moment. The state I was in it would only take a few strokes to be shooting my load, but I wasn’t about to admit that to her. “I’ll be okay.”

“Good. Well, I’m going home now. You want me to cook for you tonight?”

“Sure,” I replied.

“I will leave my address on the table. How’s seven?”

“Seven would be fine,” I said, and with that Doris left the bathroom. I heard her getting dressed in the guest room, and it wasn’t too long before I heard the front door close. Still naked, I walked to the living room and watched her pull away. Once I was sure she was gone, a headed for my bedroom and lay down. The pillow on the other side of the bed still smelled of Doris, and as I expected, it only took about a dozen strokes of my dick until I was shooting cum all over me, all over the sheets and even a drop or two on the headboard. I cleaned myself up with the top sheet, tossed it aside, and lay down. Soon I was fast asleep, dreaming of Doris.

Chapter 3

It was more like 7:15 when I arrived at Doris’ front door, and her greeting was less than enthusiastic. Once inside the door, I went to kiss her hello, but she pulled away and turned around. “Dinner will be ready soon,” was all she said. I followed her into the kitchen, and offered to help. She declined and continued to give me the silent treatment. Not knowing what to do, I sat down at the table and kept quiet as she banged around. Finally, I couldn’t stand it anymore and said, “Should I leave?”

“No, I promised to cook. Dinner will be ready soon.”

I was quiet for a while, but finally couldn’t stand it anymore, and I stood to leave. I was almost to the door when Doris said, “Wait, don’t go. I’m sorry.”

“Well, then, what’s wrong?”

“It’s not you, I’m glad you’re here. Really. It’s just that I’m really, really uncomfortable around you.”

“Why,” I asked, totally confused.

“Our history is so odd. You’ve seen me more drunk than I have been in 20 years. In fact, you’ve seen me drunk twice, which means you have already seen 50% of the times I’ve been really tipsy. Plus, you’ve seen me naked, we’ve showered together, and we haven’t been on an official “date” yet. I’m not really like that. I’ve spent the entire day pissed at myself, and at you.”

“Why me?” I asked, not only confused but a little pissed.

“Because you think I’m a slut and are just trying to get me into bed.”

Where the hell did that come from? I was dumbfounded. “You know, I also know you from our conversations at JWTA. I don’t think you are a slut; we have just had some unique first dates. I’m comfortable with that,” I said.

“Well, I’m not!” was the emphatic reply.

“Okay, so we have a nice normal time tonight – clothes on, no booze.”

“And you won’t think that I’m boring?” Doris whispered.

“No! Now, will you stop being a jerk?”

Doris didn’t answer. She just walked over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. From there, we had a fairly normal evening. We lingered over dinner, enjoyed some iced coffee on her patio, and went in to watch a movie she had just received from Netflix. I expected a chick-flick, so I was surprised when it was the newest Star Trek movie.

“What can I say, I’m a geek,” Doris said as she sat down next to me on the love seat. I started to put my arm around her, but then stopped thinking that I really needed to be careful here. She grabbed my arm and placed it behind her, and snuggled into my chest.

We enjoyed the movie in silence, and then I decided it was time to go. As I headed for the door, Doris wrapped her arms around me from behind, gave me a big squeeze, and thanked me for understanding earlier. “I think I’m just insecure,” she said.

“And a jerk,” I replied. As she started to let go, I turned around and wrapped my arms around her. “But, a beautiful jerk,” I added, and kissed her.

I escort bayan şişli had intended the kiss to be soft and romantic, and that’s where it started. But it became more and more passionate. Our lips parted and our tongues met each other. Doris was rubbing my back and I was rubbing hers. I couldn’t tell if this was a signal to move forward or to leave, and after the scene earlier, I decided on the latter. With one last kiss, I walked out the door, subtly adjusting my maleness and hoping she didn’t notice my arousal. As I reached the end of her path, she shouted after me, “Call me tomorrow.” I waived and got into my truck and drove off.

I must admit that I had mixed emotions about Doris. Being employed by one of my clients could make my professional life uncomfortable, but she was worth the risk. She had a beautiful body that I would love to get intimate with, but she was a bit loony. She seemed to be a bit hung up about her sexuality, but she was a woman that really appealed to me. Even after I got home I was still confused, and thoughts of Doris, good and bad, and the debate in my head kept me up until almost dawn.

From there we did take it slow, doing all those things that couples do when they are first dating. We went to movies, local festivals, concerts, and had many quiet evenings at home. We would kiss goodnight, sometimes passionately, sometimes not. Whatever had upset Doris was gone, and we were becoming quite close, but still nothing beyond kissing each other goodnight.

That changed one evening after a quiet dinner at my place. We looked for something on TV, but there wasn’t anything on, and we had watched all of the movies that I owned. So, I turned off the TV, put on some jazz and sat back down on the couch. At that point, Doris said she had an idea, and moved over next to me. She placed both hands on my face, and started kissing me. And we just kept kissing and kissing and kissing. It has been a long time since I had just made out with a girl without trying to move it along, but this was wonderful. Doris is a wonderful kisser, I must admit.

When we came up for air, I told her that I hadn’t done anything like that since high school. She agreed that it was almost like high school.

“What made it different?” I asked.

“I didn’t have to keep moving your hands off my boobs and bra.”


“Yes, in a way,” she replied, and began to kiss me again. This time I move my hands down her back, stopping at her waist. I started to pull her shirt up, and when it was free from her jeans, I started to slide my hand up her back. I reached the clasps on her bra, and was getting no resistance. I held my hand there for a minute, then moved it quickly down, past her waist, and grabbed her right butt cheek. She pulled away, and was smiling at me.

“Naughty, naughty,” she said, and resumed kissing me.

I moved my hand back up Doris’ back, and this time undid the clasp on her bra. I must admit that I was a bit out of practice, and fumbled with it for a while. I finally had it undone, and eased her around so that my hand could slip up the front of her shirt. I placed my hand on her boob, and started playing with her nipple. She just kissed my harder. After several minutes, I moved my hand to her other boob, and it was more sensitive than the other one, if that was possible.

Finally, I removed my hand from her breast, and started to pull her shirt over her head. “You first,” she said, so I casually pulled my shirt over my head, and then did hers. She removed her bra and tossed it across the room and we resumed kissing. This time Doris pushed me onto my back and straddled me. As we continued to kiss, she started moving up and down, rubbing her breasts against my chest and her hips along mine. Of course, I was already rock hard, and she was making as much use of that as she could through two pairs of jeans.

On the one hand, I haven’t dry-humped in years, and frankly I was really enjoying it. On the other hand, the jeans were limiting the feel. She was obviously feeling the same way, so she stopped, looked me in the eye and said, “Tell you what, if you promise to not go any further, this would work much better if we took off our jeans.”

“So, we’re not going to take this all the way?” I asked, just a little frustrated.

“You have been wonderful in allowing me to take our relationship at my pace, and I appreciate it. But sex – you know, um, insertion – is very special to me, and I’m not quite ready.”

Doris stood up and started to take off her jeans, revealing a pair of bikini-style panties that were modest, and functional and, frankly, sexy as hell. I figured I may as well go along with her, so I took off my jeans, revealing my boxer-briefs. Doris ran down the hall to the guest bedroom and returned in a moment with the comforter from the bed. She spread it on the floor, saying, “This might be a bit more comfortable.” With that, she lay down on the comforter and held her arms out to me. I straddled her knees with mine, and lowered myself on top of her. She immediately started to grind against my dick again. I started kissing my way down to her breasts, and soon had a nipple in my mouth. She pushed her breast up into my mouth, and held the back of my head tightly against her. The harder I sucked, the more she squirmed under me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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