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I woke up that night at 3:30 in the morning and my boner was raging. I wasn’t used to sleeping next to a girl in a thong and one of my t-shirts. It felt pretty good.

Of course, that wasn’t the only part of the scenario. Gabby had told me that she cheated on me. She didn’t have his number, but I wondered about other things. Facebook. Instagram. Snapchat. I didn’t have Snapchat myself, but I knew she did. Had she and this guy been messaging? How was their sex? They had done it twice, and she sucked him off … How big was he?

I wondered if she felt guilty in the moment, of just guilty afterwards. Not too guilty to suck his cock the next morning. Had she made him use a condom? Was he tall? Good looking? Black? Hispanic, like her? I thought of her and her cousin Lisa, getting ready to go out, wondering if she knew what was in store for her. Was she so horny from a lack of sex all summer that she was primed and ready? Did she know she was going to cheat on me? What had she worn that night?

I found that as much anxiety as I had, my cock was still hard. I grabbed my phone off the nightstand and went into the bathroom. I had to see if there was evidence of her cheating in plain sight. I looked at her facebook, and I did notice a few pictures Lisa had tagged her in from that night. Gabby wasn’t wearing anything outrageous, but I did notice the heels and some nice cleavage. I’m sure the guy she fucked and blew loved that. Then I went to instagram. I didn’t remember any posts from around then that she put up, but I also hadn’t looked at her tagged photos in awhile. Sure enough, Lisa had tagged her in one.

There were two pictures. The first, Gabby and Lisa were facing whoever took the pics smiling and posing. The second, they both had their hands on the wall of the apartments with booties slightly sticking out looking back. They were standing like you’d stand if you were going to be fucked from behind standing up, and looking back at whoever the photographer was. The caption Lisa went with was “Gotta look good from the front and the back.”

I barely even recognized I had been jerking myself, but I came, and I came hard. Thankfully I was in the bathroom already because I made a huge mess. I wiped myself off with tissues and then had to wipe off the tissue residue from my hands and chest where the cum was. What was wrong with me? I was quite sure I didn’t like Gabby going behind my back like this, but seeing her in this sexual light was amazing. If it was channeled towards me, wow. I felt like I would really have something. I snuck back into bed and fell asleep feeling a little better.

And the next week was indeed something. Gabby was now sleeping over about half the time. She had sucked my cock for the first time, and we fucked twice. It was clear she hadn’t orgasmed from my dick, but it was great to cum into the condom while I was in her pussy. In the meantime, Rachel was getting settled into our apartment and her new surroundings. She didn’t have any friends in Miami, really, so in between job searching she was spending a lot of time with Gabby and I. I had been worried that perhaps she’d feel like a third wheel, or perhaps that Gabby would feel like a third wheel, but they were getting along really, really well. If anything, I was the third wheel.

There was a bit of an adjustment period for me, as well. Rachel had always been a bit of a free spirit, but I didn’t exactly imagine the types of outfits she’d feel comfortable wearing around our apartment. One morning I came out to the living room while Gabby showered, and Rachel had a crop top t-shirt exposing her stomach and cheeky cotton underwear on while watching some cooking show.

“Hey you!”, she welcomed me.

“Hey. Good morning. How are you sleeping in the new place?”

“So far so good. Need to get a job though, feels like I’ll just be sitting around the apartment doing nothing all day until I do.”

“Well feel free to use my car if you need to expand your search. I don’t really use it most days being this close to campus. On the rare occasions you wouldn’t be able to use it I’m sure you get could the bus or Gabby could take you or something.”

“Ohhh that’s actually pretty tempting. A guy offered me a job at this legs & eggs type place but I thought it would be too far. Plus, who wants to wake up that early?”

“Ha, fair. Well, yeah, just keep me updated on if I can help. What did you have going on today?”

“Did Gabby not tell you? Well she’s not getting out of it. We’re going shopping and getting lunch. Girl’s day!”

“Oh. Hey, no, that sounds great. I’ve already got a bunch of schoolwork going on.”

I retreated back to my room after that. I didn’t really know how Gabby would react to Rachel’s attire, and didn’t want it to look like I was hanging out with her like that. I brought it up when she got out of the shower.

“You see what she’s wearing?”

“Yeah, I was out there for a second. What do you mean?”

“I mean, not a whole lot of clothing,” bursa otele gelen escort I said with a slight laugh.

With a faux exasperated sigh, she smiled and said “John, she’s a woman. It’s her apartment too. You’re going to need to learn how to be a man and not a perv around her. Now, I’m here to help with this little thing we have here”, and she climbed onto the bed where I was taking off her towel, “and that should help take some of your tension off.”

She started rubbing my cock underneath my shorts. I quickly undid them. With her laying at my side, I grabbed one of her big tits while she stroked my dick.

“We’ve been having such a good time this week baby,” She said.

“It’s been amazing, you’ve been amazing.”

“I’m so happy you’ve been able to forgive me for what happened. I never want to hurt you. I tried so hard to be a good girl, and meeting you was the best thing that happened to me,” and she continued stroking.

“I just want you to be you babe.”

“I think you kind of like it when I’m a bad girl. When I show up at your dorm with nothing on. When I dress kind of slutty. When I jerk you off … When I tell you about things I’ve done with boys in the past …”

And I couldn’t take it anymore. Gabby quickly pointed the cock up towards my chest, and my cum spurted onto my belly. She didn’t get very much on her, and grabbed a tissue to wipe her hands off.

“Well that was fun,” she smiled.

I could barely string a sentence together the orgasm was so powerful, and the added impact of my confusion being so great at her words and why it had turned me on.

Eventually the girls took my car and left for their errands. Rachel has always been both wild and innocent all at once. Like she knows everyone knows she’s hot, and she knows what that means, and she’s always been pretty down to have sex or follow through on where that leads her, but also usually wakes up the next day like it never happened, or is oblivious to the feelings of the guy she fucked or the way others might have seen it.

When you’re that hot, I guess it works out. Either way, I always enjoyed hearing the tales of her one-night stands and the dead-end relationships that always seemed to have a three-month expiration date. Sometimes when they ended she’d act like it was the end of the world. I’d pick her up from a boyfriends at 3 am when they broke up and she’d fall asleep on my shoulder. The tears were usually short-lived. One time we even made out when she was vulnerable, but I would never push anything. I’m not the type to take advantage. The next day we laughed it off, and promised it was a one-time thing.

I studied through the afternoon and put together my work. I was a business major. Pretty boring. Wasn’t exactly sure where I wanted it to take me, but Miami was a hub of real estate, and my high school work had gotten me out of the small rural town Rachel and I were from. That was a good enough start. My internship back home in the summer had been helping out with the local home and car insurance guys. They made a decent enough living, but I didn’t want to have to go back there.

Rachel and Gabby came through the door loudly, and I came out from the desk in my bedroom to greet them. Each had big bags, and they were both laughing so much you’d think they were stoned.

“He was CONVINCED it was you that was going to want the job”, Rachel said.

“Like he wasn’t happy you wanted to work there. He was pretty nice. You’ll probably by fucking him by the weekend,” Gabby retorted.

“Yeah, well, maybe,” Rachel responded with a laugh, “but let’s not pretend those tits wouldn’t be perfect for Jerry’s.”

Gabby saw me at that point. “Hey baby! Rachel got a job at Jerry’s. We celebrated with a few drinks.”

Jerry’s was your basic equivalent of a Hooters. I think the only different was that you wore bright green shorts instead of orange ones. I went at the end of last school year with some business guys, but felt extremely uncomfortable when a few of them slapped the asses of waitresses walking by. I made sure I tipped extra so that the women were compensated for what they went through. Now Rachel was going to work there?

“Rachel … you know what you’re getting yourself into?”

“Yeah, a bunch of creepers. But look, most dudes are going to eat at a place like that. The tips will be amazing. Let me guess, even you’ve been there before,” she responded.

“He has. I was not happy about it,” Gabby interjected.

“Well it sounds like they wanted you, too?” I asked with raised eyebrows.

“I like my job at the coffee shop. It’s closer to where I live, and sometimes I have the car and sometimes I don’t. But it did feel nice to be wanted.”

“You’d be hottest girl there,” I said.

“Aww very cute, very cute. It would be nice having a friend working there. But we’ll cross that bridge another time,” Rachel responded with a faint amount of exasperation. kestel escort “I have to get ready for tonight. I think it’s going to be fun.”

And with that, she was off to her bedroom with her shopping bags. It left me with questions.

“So … Jerry’s?”

“No, not Jerry’s. But we did have fun shopping, and we are going to have some fun tonight. Let me show you some of what I have in my bag. But stay out here for 30 seconds, there are some things I’m not ready for you to see and I need to hide them.”

Okay then. When I went in, she was measuring different bathing suits she had apparently acquired that afternoon. They looked pretty skimpy, but it’s always hard to tell before you’ve put them on.

“Babe, I’m pretty excited about these bathing suits. With your apartment’s pool I think Rachel and I can have a lot of fun.”

“Well, yeah, I believe that. What umm, what do you think is going on tonight?”

“Oh, right, we didn’t tell you. Rachel met these guys at Jerry’s and invited them over tonight. They said they’d bring a bunch of booze and we’d go wild or whatever. Honestly, I know we hadn’t talked about our night so we can go out to a movie or dinner or come back and that would be totally fine with me. But if you wanted to hang here it might be fun.”

I had no real opinion on the night, though the thoughts of Rachel at Jerry’s in little booty shorts and a super-tight shirt, as well as the thought of Gabby in those little bathing suits had me pretty horny. I thought it was the perfect time to make a move.

“Why don’t you put on one of these bathing suits, or maybe something else you bought today, and we can have some fun right now,” and I as I said this I moved toward her like I was ready to really get it going.

“John … I … we will definitely have fun tonight, but I’m not sure if there’s enough time for this right now. If you want me to jerk you real fast I can, but sex is not happening.”

“So you probably want to hang back here with these guys from … a place that’s basically a step further than Hooters?” I was not particularly excited about this.

“Well Rachel and I stayed to eat after she got the job, and these guys Jordan and Taylor came up to us real cute. They said they didn’t want to harass girls that were working by asking them out, but we seemed to be fair game. They ended up sitting with us. They go to the university too, but they said they didn’t know you. Big school, obviously.”

“I see.” And I didn’t say anything else for a minute. We were still having some trust issues and I didn’t feel very good about the setup.

“Babe. I know we’re still working through some stuff,” as though she was reading my mind. And I’m not going to do anything unless you’re okay with it. Part of what Rachel and I did today was about me opening up with you. Let me show you some things.” With a small smile, she went back to the bags.

“You’ve seen the sexy bathing suits. I know you like me being a little slutty, and Rachel says they’ll show off my tits a bunch. The one that is a bit more conservative on top, a tube top (and trust me, that one’s going to be hard to trust to stay up on my boobs) has a cheeky bottom that’s basically a thong. Guys are going to love it, and I think you’re going to love that guys love it.”

“Well … what do you mean by that?”

“Let’s sit down on the bed,” she began. “Okay. I know my cheating on you was hard for you and it’s hard for you to fully be yourself around me. But I also know how great this week has been. You’ve been horny non-stop, and I haven’t been hiding my sexuality like I was at the end of last year. We’ve been taking care of you, and I’m so much more comfortable than I was.”

“I guess that’s true. You sucking my dick and us starting to more regularly have sex is amazing.”

“And let’s be real, John. You’ve really responded when I’ve talked about being with other guys, with being slutty for other guys. Neither of us know where this is going, but we know we love each other, and we seem to love exploring where we’re going sexually.”

I didn’t totally know where things were going, but it was hard to disagree with what she was saying.

“So look, we got a few more things. This red skirt is TINY. Goes maybe halfway down my thighs. I think I’m going to wear it tonight with this new silk fabric black thong. I’m gonna have to work hard to make sure I don’t flash anyone. Plus this top doesn’t really show cleavage but it’s really tight and makes my tits really stand out.”

“Are you planning on ..” I started, but she cut me off by continuing:

“I also got this onesie that I can wear around here to turn you on. They’re pajamas but they’re just shorts and come way down the middle of my chest.”

It was pink and white in a sort of tye-died way and I could tell if it was form-fitting that it would be nuts.

“And this … this one is really naughty, but Rachel said she had one and when I told her I didn’t she said mudanya escort it was something I had to have. Ready?”

“Yeah. Yeah let’s see it,” I said in a half resigned, half impressed, half excited way. She handed me a small box. As I saw what it was … a large black vibrating dildo … my eyes got wide and I looked at her.

“Rachel has one of these?” I asked.

“And now I do too. Think how much fun it would be to watch me play with myself with this big thing. It’s a little intimidating to be honest – but it’s not THAT big. A little bit bigger than you but I’ve seen bigger.”

“Wow. Yeah I think seeing you play with it would be great. Maybe you could suck me off while I use the toy on you,” I said, feeling myself get excited at the idea.

“Ohhh I like that. It’ll be just like I’m taking on two guys at once. That’s kind of hot too.”

“Err, yeah, yeah I guess it would be,” I responded, feeling a little dumb because I had no clue what to respond to that with.

“Okay. Babe. I have to go home. Haven’t been there all day and I told my little sister I’d help her with some stuff. The guys are coming around 8 so I’ll be back in time to get ready. I’m gonna leave most of the stuff we got here, because I do not want my mom finding any of it.”

“Alright. What a day you’ve had,” I said with a slight laugh.

“I know honey, and I can’t wait to show off for you tonight. Start thinking about how far you want me to go. I love exploring this stuff with you.”

I didn’t really even get much of a chance to respond before she pecked me on the lips and was out the door. I looked over the clothes, and the bathing suits … she was definitely going to turn heads. I started to think … is it really that weird to want to show off your girlfriend? To get off on her exuding sexuality? For other guys to want the girl who comes home to you? I somehow felt closer to Gabby than ever before. I figured I should discuss things with Rachel.

I went out into the living room and she wasn’t there, so I knocked on her closed door. When she told me to come in, I was once again taken aback. She was going through her closet in just her bra and a thong. Since her back was to me as she flipped through her things, her Mia Malkova-esque ass was looking me right in the face. Living with Rachel really was going to be like winning the jackpot. Still, I needed to keep up appearances.

“Oh, sorry, I can come back in later.”

“John … don’t be silly, come on in. We’re adults now. You’ve got a girlfriend and you’ve got your own wants and desires and so do I. We can be mature about it. Just don’t get all pervy on me.”

“Ha, I guess you’re right. We’re a bit older now. I was kind of hoping to talk to you about that.”

Rachel sat down on her bed and motioned me over to it. Her underwear set was teal blue and cotton, and she sat down sort of indian style. Her legs were spread and her tits, though not as big as Gabby’s, were spilling out.

“What’s going on?,” she asked

All of a sudden, I wasn’t really sure. Maybe it was her tits, maybe I was clamming up talking to her about Gabby cheating on me and everything that had happened since. I sort of looked down, and Rachel sent me a lifeline, of sorts.

“Is this about Gabby fucking that guy Brian last week? She has told me about that. I’m really sorry about that John. And kind of surprised I had to hear it from her! You can talk to me about that stuff.”

“Err .. yeah. Yeah I should have told you about it. Kind of embarrassing I guess. And am still working through my feelings on it.”

“It sounds like you’ve been extremely mature about it, from what she was saying today,” she responded.

“Really? Do you think she really still likes me and wants to be with me?”

“John, trust me, she loves you. There aren’t many guys that are secure enough to let their girlfriend explore their sexuality like that. I think most of the guys I’ve been with wouldn’t be comfortable sharing.”

“Well I don’t know how comfortable I actually am with that sharing, I guess.”

“She said that every time it’s come up you’ve gotten real turned on and worked up. She said since it happened your sex life has really come alive. Didn’t you tell her you have gotten hot thinking about her fucking Brian?”

This was the second time she said his name, something I didn’t even have. I remembered the Instagram photos and wondered if Brian had taken them.

“Well, I don’t know if I said it exactly like that …”

“John, I do want to be straight with you here. It’s really important you don’t give her mixed signals. You could be yanking her around and playing with her feelings. She thinks you two are closer than ever. You’ve let her explore this part of herself in the prime of her life. That’s no small thing. But if you can’t handle it, it could really hurt her.”

I guess I hadn’t thought about it like that. In terms of her cheating, I guess I had been sort of selfish.

So I asked Rachel, “Well what do you think I should do?”

“She is trying to go slow for you. She knows how big of a step this has been and how crazy it is. I mean, we’re just 19 and supposed to be having fun. She didn’t take the job at Jerry’s and I think part of it was because she would have wanted your permission.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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