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I am very sorry it took so long to continue this saga. The demons took control for a while there, and it just wasn’t possible for me to be in the world these characters inhabit. The bad things have been banished for now, so here is the latest in the “Battle Scars” series. Thanks for waiting. OGB.

I awoke from a rare dreamless sleep to the sound of a telephone ringing, and then heard my Annie speaking in hushed tones. She took down a number, reciting it softly as it was given to her, and then disconnected the call. I heard her bare footsteps coming down the hall from the kitchen.

The morning light was beginning to seep through the small bamboo grove surrounding the meditation center outside our bedroom, the leaves tinting the light to a soft green, and breaking the silhouettes on the bedroom wall into indistinct waves of dancing light and shadow. The open glass doors admitted the warm smell of the star jasmine and wisteria near the Koi pond and I couldn’t help but smile. The hiss of blowing leaves overrode the sound of the waterfall, and the sounds of fall entered the bedroom to join the smell of approaching coffee.

I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes with the backs of my hands, the left one missing all but the index finger and thumb, thanks to an IED in Iraq. As I sat up in the huge bed, my Piglet came into the room. As had become my custom, I swung my feet over the edge and began to speak as soon as I saw her enter the room. Although I loved to talk with her, the sound helped to guide her to me.

“It makes my day to see you walk in here. It’s like having a dream come true every single morning.”

She walked into the room four measured steps, put her left elbow out and slid slowly forward until she felt the foot-post of the bed with her forearm, not even spilling the huge mug of black coffee in her hand, a near twin to the smaller mug in her right hand. She stepped two steps to the left and then three forward, coming to a stop within a foot of my legs. Her wonderful pendulous breasts swung to a stop shortly after she did. “That looks hot, be careful not to drop in, okay?” “Why would I drop it, Pooh, the dangerous part was just getting it here…oh!”

I had snuck my hands under the tray with the coffee mugs on it and was currently pulling down gently on Piglet’s small brown nipples. I rolled them between my thumbs and index fingers, and the hot coffee on the tray held her captive, helpless to escape my friendly assault, although the look on her face made it seem that the last thing she wanted to do was escape. Her mouth dropped open as I worked her nips, and already her pussy had begun to make happy wet noises.

“Take the tray, Pooh, I want your cock in my hands, okay? Honey, I really need you to take the tray form me. Please take the tray…? DAVID! TAKE THIS FUCKING TRAY BEFORE I THROW IT ON YOU!”

I took the tray, and when she heard it hit the bedside table, she launched her little body onto mine, grabbed my cock in both hands and stuffed it into her petite little mouth. Her cheeks went concave as she sucked and licked, and as one of her hands slid sown to her crotch, I slid mine over it. Her mouth popped off my dick, and she turned her face to me with a smile.

“Hands off, mister! This is MY show.” She growled at me.Her mouth returned to its happy work and took up a tempo to match her hand, and within a few minutes, I was ready to blow and so was she. In seconds, I exploded into her mouth, and she growled some more as she swallowed me, and then collapsed onto the floor as she came.

I pulled her gently but urgently off the floor and simultaneously lay back against the pillows and plugged her onto my still hard cock. Her pussy was still in spasm from her orgasm, and just as she stopped moaning in ecstasy I began to rocket up into her. Her moaning became an urgent keening as her cunt rippled on me, and my eyes locked on her tits, which had taken on a life all their own, jumping and slapping against each other, her tummy and my chest. The slapping noises we made filled the room, and her voice changed again, this time into an open-mouthed whine.

“uuuuuhhh, uuuhhh, ooohhhh, ooohhhhhhhhhfuuuuuuuccckkkkkmmeeeeee! Gonnacumagain, gonna cummm, gonnacumgonnacumgonnacumNOWWWWWW!” My balls felt like they were trying to either explode or crawl up my ass as I filled her completely with cum. She fell onto my chest with a wet noise and we both panted like dogs for a couple of minutes.

When we finally got our breath back, Annie pushed up a little and ‘looked’ into my face. “Oh, you sweet, wonderful stud! I think I entered another dimension. That was so truly fine!” I just nodded, and after I caressed her face and hair for a while, she laid her head down on my chest and we both drifted off.

We awoke about an hour and a half after she had walked into our bedroom naked, bearing joy and coffee. I was stroking her face and smiling like an idiot when she woke up.

“Ack! My thighs are stuck together! Do you always ankara escort produce so much cum, Pooh? I feel like you’ve been after me with a fire hose. I think we’re going to have to put a vinyl liner on the bed.”

“Are you complaining about our sex life? After all, we don’t always use the bed. But if it bothers you, we can always stop…” Like lightning, her hand flew out and groped around on me until it found my mouth and covered it to silence me.

With a very stern look on her beautiful face, she said, “This is not a complaint, mister, it’s a comment! And if you ever pass on an opportunity to fuck me, I will beat your ass ragged, do you understand me? Honestly, I never knew it would be like this, Pooh.” She smiled and kissed me passionately for just a second.

“I think about you and your cock all the time; it’s a good thing I’m blind, or I’d be looking around for things to stick up my cunt constantly. If these bedposts weren’t so tall, you’d come in one day and find me stuck on one like a hood ornament on a car.”

I laughed out loud at her. “That produces all kinds of wonderful images in my mind, Piglet, but none as hot as you.”

“You, sir, are a suck up. And that is just fine with me. So… seeing me with a zucchini in my pussy wouldn’t disappoint you, then?” she said, her head cocked to the side.

“Darlin’ you just let me know what you want for toys, and we’ll go get them.”

“Well, all rightey then,” she said, not much like Jim Carrey.

I headed for the shower, one of our favorite places, and she came along, holding my damaged hand lovingly. During the soaping up and rinsing down, I remembered that she had taken a phone call in the morning.

“Hey, sweetness,” I asked. “Who was on the phone this morning?”

“Oh! I’m sorry Pooh, I totally forgot about it. I was bringing coffee, and then you were playing with my tits, and, well, you know… It was a Doctor Hanson up at the VA in Portland. She was going into surgery, and she asked if you would call her around lunchtime. I wrote down the number on the pad by the phone.”

“You are amazing, Annie.”

“Bullshit! Any fool can take a phone message. Besides, it good for me to write, so I don’t forget how, ya know? Help me pick out some clothes and you can call while I’m getting dressed, okay?”

Annie made her way into our closet, her movement guided by subtle tilts of her head to hear reflected sound and by reaching ahead to find landmarks. There was no way I was going to miss out on her getting dressed. I was infatuated with this little woman; I just couldn’t get enough of her. I had promised to take her on a bike ride out into the Cascade Mountains today, and so we would be looking for warmish clothes to go under the riding leathers I’d had a friend make for her as a surprise.

Fall had already begun to descend on our little valley, and I expected temperatures in the 70’s, which meant 50’s in the mountains. A great time of year in the Rogue River valley, but cool on a motorcycle. It was a good thing she’d gone shopping.

I had learned a lot about clothes since Annie had come to me, in fact, I’d added a second walk in closet off the master bedroom for my clothes and moved hers into my old one. The closest I’d come to frustration since she’d arrived had been the process of moving her clothes into the closet. I had no idea there were so many colors, and names of colors, and textures, and styles.

My original plan was just to take the stuff out of her old closet at her old house (now sold off and gone, by the way) and put it roughly into the same place in the new one. What was I thinking? I finally had to back away and call in a friend.

Randy is one of my best friends, and makes an impressive living as the costume shop manager for the local mega-theatre complex we call OSF, the largest Shakespearean festival outside of England. So say the very least, the man knows colors, fabrics and can tell you measurements by looking at you as you turn in a circle. He is also a charter member of the precious circle of my gay friends.

I called him to ask for his help, and I could tell by his voice that by the time I’d finished telling him about Annie, that, one, he was weeping, and two, zombie hordes could not have kept him from organizing Annie’s closet, even after what I thought was a clever joke about how hard it would be to get him out of it.

The next afternoon, Randy arrived with his partner Eric, and after fussing about, treating Piglet like a china doll and getting a new one ripped by her, they got down to business. And business meant that most of the clothing I had so carefully put away ended up flying out of the closet door and going to Goodwill. This, of course, meant shopping, the one thing I dreaded more than overwhelming numbers of armed enemy combatants. And what is so wrong about wire coat hangers? You’d have thought that I had skinned kittens alive from the looks I got from the two amigos.

One of the things Randy mersin escort knows about me is my bank balance, so he knows I wouldn’t miss the money that I was absolutely sure he intended to spend on Annie. And for some reason, Medford wouldn’t do; in fact, I thought Randy’s eyebrows were going to fly off his face when I suggested it. Fortunate for me, I had a security job lined up that would take me out of the country for a couple of days, so I didn’t have to go to San Francisco with the Wonder Twins and Piglet.

It had been six months since I first saw Annie at the Medford Airport, and we hadn’t been separated since. Randy assured me that Annie was safe with he and Eric, and I believed him, since he was retired from the British SAS, and was possibly more deadly than I was.

Randy made the arrangements, including a private jet and two nights at the Mandarin Oriental. Thankfully, he had to explain the jet and posh lodgings to her, and not me. She wouldn’t hit him, at least I didn’t think she would. So I kissed her goodbye and waved at the Citation 7 as it scalded down the runway at MFR, then turned and boarded the more mundane CRJ700 bound for Denver, and then sites offshore. It didn’t occur to me until later that she couldn’t see me wave.

My body guarding gig was uneventful, and I returned unkilled from overseas, walking through the door at 11:15 on a Tuesday night. I’d left a voice message on our phone when I got on the plane in Denver three hours before, and Annie stood at the far end of the hallway waiting for me. Except for the automatic light on the porch, it was totally dark in the house.

“Be a good boy and do exactly as you’re told, is that understood?” she whispered.

“As You Wish.” My favorite quote from our favorite movie, “The Princess Bride”.

“Follow me.” She said. She turned exactly 180 degrees and walked away from me into the house. As she passed the wall into the living room, I slid the light switch on silently. She stopped, just out of my view around the corner in the bedroom.

“Can’t you wait to see me by candle-light? I can hear the elements sing as they warm up, Pooh. Please turn them off.”

I turned the lights off and followed as she walked away from me. Her four-inch heels made her just a foot shorter than I was, but they did amazing things to the way she walked. I heard the soft tinkle of bells, but I couldn’t locate them. Later, I asked Randy where he had gotten seamed silk hose and a garter belt tiny enough to fit Annie. He told me that I did not want to know, and I believed him.

I followed her beautiful swaying ass into the bedroom, which had been transformed into a palace of delight. There must have been a hundred candles in the room, the scent they gave off was intense, and they gave off a wonderful glow. Annie stood before me, her shaking hands betraying the fact that she was extremely nervous. Her black gloved hands swept up her body, which was encased in black leather from her little feet to the middle of her breasts, except for a glimpse of thigh where her boots stopped and her corset began. And I do mean corset, by the way.

Her waist is normally tiny, but encased in the rigid embrace of the delightful device she wore it could not have been more than 16 inches around. The corset enhanced her hips and ass, but the biggest focal point was her pubic mound. The corset was cut away from her out-thrust clit and labia, framing them tightly and pushing them even more to the front of her body. The tender flesh framed in the opening of the leather was engorged with blood, deep pink and literally dripping with shiny fluid. Annie’s clit looked like a cock, and it strained toward me with a quivering urgency.

Not far above it, her tits were presented on two black leather half-cones for me to stare open-mouthed at. Her nipples extended over the end of the custom-fitted holder, each of them dark, rigid and enclosed tightly in a golden band, from which hung a tiny golden bell. Playing the part, Piglet spread her black boots a little more and as she shook her shoulders, her bells rang softly. A strand of silver mucous stretched toward the ground from her pussy, her large brown labia engorged and two inches long.

Her hips pumped slowly, erotically, as she attempted to contain her passion. A black silk sash covered her empty eye sockets, tied at the side of her face like a pirate headband, and ringlets of her soft hair hung down over her shoulder.

The effect was absolutely stunning, and I said so.

“I have never seen, and I will never see, a more beautiful, erotic woman than I see before me now, Ann. You have taken my heart and my soul, and I think that I am happy for the first time since we drifted apart so many years ago. You are so beautiful that I am nearly afraid to touch you. Fortunately you are also so very sexy that I have to take the chance.”

Annie smiled and held her arms up to me. I closed the distance between us and took her hands in mine. I placed them on my shoulders izle and put my hands completely around her waist on the stiff warm leather. I lifted her, as light as a child, and placed her on the edge of the bed, where I knelt between her legs, placing her boots on my shoulders. Her clit stared up obscenely at me, and I took it between my lips and sucked gently. Annie came almost instantly, her body shuddering with release, the little gold nipple bells making a lovely sound.

As she caught her breath, I retrieved her breasts, which had fallen to drape across her upper arms, and played absently with the nipple clamps. She moaned and frowned in extreme pleasure as I pulled on them one at a time.

“I could get used to these, love. Very sexy.”

“I’m glad you like them, Pooh. I was thinking about having them pierced for you, would you enjoy that?”

“I have a hard time imagining you any sexier, but I think that would be very hot.”

“So do I; now come up here and lay down on the bed. It’s time for me to play with my favorite toy.”

“What is your favorite toy, Annie” I asked. She “looked” at me as she climbed up my body. “My favorite toy, David, is your amazing. Big. Fat. Fucking. COCK!” She hissed as she slid it inside her fiery cunt and dropped. Her tits followed her down a fraction of a second later, and they spent the next few minutes trying to catch up.

Fortunately for me, they never did. The night went on and on, and we made love and just plain fucked until dawn, and then took a long shower and slept nearly until dark again. We both walked like cowboys for a couple of days after that, but the smiles never left out faces…

I followed Annie into her closet and turned on the light so I could see her. She swept her left hand along the clothes on that side until she came to the short-sleeved blouses.

“Pick out the cropped red Kauai Harley tee for me, okay? And then the Seven Jeans with the wide legs; they should be in the drawer on the top left. And then the Engineer boots with the 4 inch heels. I’ll need some tall socks for them, probably the SmartWool ones, and the color doesn’t matter. I think a thong to please my man, and you can pick the color. Which bra do you like, Pooh?”

“I like the red Bombshell, if that’s okay.”

“But that makes me a DD and the t-shirt will get stretched.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing, Piglet,” I smiled.

“Men! If I had eyes, they would be rolling right now. Seriously, Pooh, would you want me to get implant to make my tits bigger? I’d do it if you wanted me to.”

Boy, talk about a sentence some men would pay good money to hear!

“You know, Annie, a lot of men would jump at that, but not me. I wouldn’t change anything about your boobs at all. If they were bigger, they wouldn’t move like they do now; it’s also possible that your nipples would be numb, and I don’t think that’s right.”

As I spoke, she started to smile, and when I was done, she inhaled deeply, throwing her chest back and shaking her shoulders an almost imperceptible amount. The combination of movements set her breasts in motion, bobbing and swaying, her dark nipples surging erect.

“Like I said, they’re perfect, just like the rest of you. Now, if you got an urge to have them pierced, I wouldn’t mind that at all.”

“I’ve made an appointment over at SouthSide Tattoo to have them done next week, Pooh. I feel so very lucky to have you, darling.” She said this while she was bending over, loading her breasts into the Vic’s Bombshell bra. I barely heard her because my attention was, as always, elsewhere.

“Why’s that?” I said.

She straightened up, and while pulling her boobs into place, ‘looked’ straight at me, suddenly serious.

“I came off a plane as damaged goods, emotionally and physically wrecked. No job, no prospects, no caretaker, no real means of making my way through this world. You picked me up, both literally and metaphorically, and just by being you, you fixed everything. You accepted me, took me into your home and into your heart, and did everything you could do and much, much more to ensure that I was all right. I hate to bust your bubble, hoss, but people just don’t do things like that in this world anymore. I just want you to know that I think about you all the time; I know how lucky I am that you were, and are there for me, and I will never, ever forget it. I owe you my life and everything in it, and I love you more than I thought it possible to love anyone.”

“Wow,” I said softly.

She chuckled softly. “That was a carefully rehearsed speech, and all you have to say is, ‘Wow?”

“Not exactly, darlin’. Come with me, okay?” I started out of the bedroom, and led her to our Zen Garden. I sat her down on our meditation bench and knelt before her. Her hand went to her mouth, and she inhaled quickly.

“My original plan was to do this in a more beautiful place, but then I realized that you couldn’t see it, and that it’s you that brings the beauty to a place anyway. I listened very carefully to what you just said, and you’re right, you do owe me for all the time and effort I have expended in your care lately, and I have decided on a way that you can repay me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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