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I grabbed his hand and led him into the bathroom toward the shower. My head was spinning and I wanted to feel him again, over and over. It was a wonderful feeling when he woke me from my dream. Both my holes were filled from him and his buddy occupying the space. He always knows just how to make me feel. I love this man for the way he gets me. I’m glad that I can fuck anyone I wish and he joins in. Maybe tonight I will surprise him with a friend or two from work. But right now, he’s all mine.

I led him over to the tub, bent over with my ass pointed at him, plugged the tub and before I even had the water turned on, I felt his tongue flick against my asshole. I about fell to my knees it felt so wonderful.

“At least let me get our bath running before you play.” I insisted.

The hot steam felt good against my face as I leaned over the tub. I must have been bent over to long, before I knew it his finger was inserted into my behind. He was loosening me. I let out a soft moan, he knew I wanted him.

“Are you ready my love?” He asked

Before almanbahis I had a chance to answer, his full erection was inside my tight ass, filling me from behind. His hands grabbing my hips and pulling me back to him again and again. He was grunting with a passion so new and fresh. I felt the moisture between my legs growing. I wanted him to fill my ass with his hot cum.

“Make me cum baby!” I begged. This made his motion speed up, he was fucking my ass so hard. “Cum in me, cum in me.” I was pleading. In one swift motion he rammed in cock in me so hard I could feel it in my belly. I was cumming, squirting under my feet. He collapsed on top of my back, breathing hard. I could feel his cock inside my ass pulsating as it spit every drop out.

“I can’t wait to get you in the tub.” I said breathlessly.

I don’t know what had gotten into me today. But whatever it was felt very good and I still have an hour before I have to be at work. Hopefully the hot water will calm me down.

Once Jim caught his breathe he lifted almanbahis yeni giriş himself off me and kissed my back. “Are you ready to get in the tub?” He asked.

I stood up and waited for him to sit at the back of the tub. I stepped in and the hot water felt wonderful. Before I could lower myself down to settle in with him, he wrapped his arms around my thighs, sliding a finger inside me. It felt so good but I just wanted to relax for a few minutes. Funny how I wanted to get him in the tub.

I grabbed his hand and raised it to my mouth, sucking all my juices off his finger. I heard him moan when his finger enter my mouth.

I bent over with my ass in his face, rubbing my ass down his chest to sit in the water. The hot water is not what entered my pussy. His cock was rock hard again and I slammed down onto him. I knew all it was going to take was a few more thrusts and I would be squirting.

Quickly I stood up with my ass to his face and moved back so that my pussy was over his mouth. If he wanted almanbahis giriş me to cum, he was going to take it all down his throat.

I slid three fingers into my pussy fucking her hard, wanting him to chock from my juice. Slam, slam, I could feel her getting ready to burst. My hips moving with every thrust my hand made. In one loud moan I started to shake, my cum shot right into his mouth. He swallowed every drop and licked my pussy clean.

When I looked down, his cock was standing at attention. “Fuck your cock for me, good and hard baby.” I demanded. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m very dominating when it comes to sex.

When he was close he started sinking into the tub, toes curling. Begging me, “Sit on my cock, please, sit on my cock!”

“You don’t get to cum again right now, you have to wait. I’ll bring you a surprise home from work that’s sure to make you want more.” I said.

“You promise baby?”

“Of course I do.”

Who shall I bring this time? John or Lisa? Maybe both. After all, my favorite thing to do is watch another man suck my man off. Just as he loves to watch another woman suck my clit. I may be a little freaky, but he loves it when I let him slide his cock inside another woman while she licks my clit. It is just sex after all.

Let the surprises begin!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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