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Arriving earlier than normal on Thursday, the bathhouse was still being cleaned and aired out, this being a comparatively cool August day after several hot ones. With the still ongoing construction/renovation in the previous darkroom section, the bathhouse has remained quite undisturbed in the other area.

Again it took a while to get a beer, but considering that it wasn’t even opening time yet, this was no cause for even the slightest complaint. The organic smoke I’d enjoyed just a bit before arriving contributed its own sensation of horny anticipation, knowing that the combination of a beer and a bowl would be working its magic on my uncovered and aroused body.

Taking the spiral staircase to the top floor, the brightness was unusual. At first, I thought the illumination was from the opened windows. They certainly contributed, but the lights were also on throughout upstairs, providing my first complete view of what the booths, video cabins, and porn theater looked like when properly lit. Unsurprisingly, the colors were unexpected combinations, in part there had only been little thought of color when walking around in the dimness before.

Equally unsurprising, everything was clean and obviously maintained at a level beyond most of my previous glory hole and porn theater experiences. Not that a certain kind of dirty doesn’t add to the experience, of course. Nonetheless, this sauna held up well to be being scrutinized following a half decade of experiencing its manifold delights. The stone work was truly impressive, both for its workmanship and its aesthetic variety of materials, both in form and color.

As upstairs remained empty, it felt like a rare privilege to wander everywhere naked, including the maze, which took on completely different dimensions when seen in relation, not merely felt out with carefully outstretched arms. Finally, I caught a glimpse of a man entering the maze by the rear entrance at the same time I was leaving using the central entrance, joining with the entry way to the older, now blocked off darkroom space.

Going a last time to the porn cabins and theater, nothing particularly interesting was playing. Returning down the corridor, the same man passed me, towel around his neck. We only saw each other only in passing, both naked and well displayed in the light. Clearly the first upstairs visitors, in a place designed to attract men interested in sex with other men.

Finally finished exploring the familiar spaces, I went into the new darkroom. The lighting made apparent five holes in the further platform wall, at different heights, three over the platform, and two in the space in front of it. After noting the reality, I glanced around, at least attempting to see the recently constructed space. However, my attention remained fixed on the grouped glory holes, providing the first overtly obvious space in this sauna for overt gay sex games. With the added twist that though getting sucked through a glory hole was decidedly sexual in such a public setting, the reality of how it works meant that the experience remains intensely anonymous.

The first of the five was definitely too low for me to stand in front of easily. Testing the next one, the height was ideal.

Letting the towel drop, putting my naked cock through, beginning to jack off by sliding it along the inviting edge of the hole, imagination flowing freely. The idea of such a wall was an immense turn-on, having provided me with much of my initial interest in what I only later learned were called gloryholes. More than 25 years ago, I’d seen an article about bathhouses in San Francisco in the 70s, including a couple of accompanying pictures.

The one that utterly turned me one showed a man clothed in a leisure suit, hands gripping through holes to each side, his crotch pressed against the wall, arching, head half turned, with the expression of a man getting his cock sucked by an unseen stranger. A picture that caused a number of orgasms, it being some of the most potent porn I’d ever seen, even if the only figure in it was clothed. Yet, the intensity of his pleasure was obvious to anyone familiar with how a man looks when getting pleasured.

Standing like this, it took little time to get turned on, both from the feeling of the smooth wood and from the fact that anyone entering the room would easily see my exposed dick. It was amusing to think of this propositioning as a reverse of customary gloryhole practice, where a finger or two rubbing along the hole is an invitation for the other man to stick his cock into glory.

I grew seriously horny, knowing that only my now swelled cock was exposed, the rest of my body being behind the open wall. A cock that has attracted attention and compliments in the past. Hearing steps approaching, I was fairly certain it was the man who’d passed me in the main corridor. By now, any thought of using a condom had been dismissed, leaving my cock ready for whatever happened.

In less than a minute of showing off, the sensations of my cock entering paradise made güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri me moan, and almost uncontrollably move nearer to the wall. The awareness of pure bliss overwhelming rational recognition, making it easy for a cocksucker to lure me against the wall, moaning. My mind disappeared under a wet wave of pure bliss, overwhelmed after having perfectly positioned myself to get sucked.

The sensations were fantastic, a repeated demonstration of just how good a gloryhole can be, a style I have enjoyed little of over the last few years, bathhouses having become the main focus for enjoying male only sex. Now, this bathhouse offered the added benefit that it would be possible to enjoy that original introduction to hot anonymous sex here in the future. A truly potent combination, my turned cheek pressed against the wall, arms raised over my head, pressing against the unyielding surface, a willing cock slave.

Pumping my naked cock deeper, sinking into the magical variations of touch and pressure of his tongue and lips, losing control. Thrusting harder, cock at the center of my being, a total slut. Squirming in delight, wanting nothing but to press further into a stranger’s mouth – fully aware of how much better this first time felt because I wasn’t using a condom. With the beer and bowl adding its own enhancement, I surrendered to the addictive pleasure.

After my thrusts grew more forceful, moans filling the darkness, I retained just enough control to keep from filling his mouth with hot cum. Putting down the towel, still holding the bag to get the poppers out, I carefully lowered the bag onto the towel, to keep the camera from hitting too hard. Taking a deep breath from the opened brown bottle, letting the potent vapor fill my lungs, feeling my cock grow immense inside a cock sucker’s mouth.

The blow job was fantastic, reminding me again why glory holes are so utterly enthralling. He stopped moving, his mouth at the hole, allowing me to ride the rush perfectly. Time slows with pure sensation using poppers, your cock becoming gigantic, every movement magnified. Including that of being sucked against the wall, cock sliding irresistibly deeper into a seductively talented stranger’s mouth.

Following several cycles of almost orgasm, partial withdrawal, and teasing or enthusiastic return, my desire to take pictures, in part to keep from cumming so soon after the bathhouse opened, forced me to break contact to bend down and get my camera out. He came around, saw what I was handling, and left. Revealing himself as the man with the towel around his neck. The space being empty, I used the opportunity to take several pictures.

I wandered again to the back section, hearing the sound of steps, without seeing anyone. Going to the blocked section with three booths in a row, I caught a glimpse of a man, likely the same one who’d been sucking me. Entering the last booth, getting ready to play with a stranger, laying out, door fully open, stroking my horny cock in plain view of anyone entering this section.

Steps became apparent, turning me on, circled thumb and finger quivering just underneath the cock ridge, an enthrallingly intense sexual sensation. Fully aware of how I was trying to tempt another man to have sex, hoping that it was the same one who had already gone down on me. Not only due to how good he’d sucked cock at the new gloryhole, but also because I’m truly becoming a bareback suck slut. If the stranger was the same man, than not even a vestige of concern need remain, my cock having already delightfully been in his mouth.

As the sounds grew closer, I could see a figure slowly move to explore this section. He took note condition, but kept moving. After seeing that the other booths were empty, he positioned himself to peer into mine. As he started to play with his cock, drawing my horny attention, he moved more clearly into the entrance area. Tempting him to take the final step, playing with my hard rod as he stared at it.

He responded by doing the same to his now extended shaft, moving past the entrance, but leaving the door open. We soon began jacking each other, then he moved back before going down on me. Sensations of unbelievable pleasure flowed over my cock, reinforcing just how much better sex is without using a condom. As a now familiar mouth covered my cock, I moaned and lay back, head on the platform, gazing through the still open door, aware that anyone could see me having sex with a man – and join in, if wished.

A fact even more apparent when he stood on the platform, and I began to go down on his condom covered cock, fingers feeling his balls. After only a fairly brief period, he left fairly abruptly.

Making several circuits of the entire bathhouse, encountering a minimal number of men and opportunities, I was upstairs walking around naked, as is now normal, holding my towel somewhat modestly, in front of my pubic region. Seeing my cock sucking slut again, moving closer as he went down on another man in the vestibule area at güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the rear maze entrance. Approaching the pair, I stood next to the new man, reaching out to stroke his chest. Quickly finding his nipple, hearing him sigh, watching his sexy stiff cock go into a man’s mouth, knowing that we would quickly become a threesome.

The new man was essentially bald, with black rimmed glasses, his towel still wrapped. Towels are even easier than most skirts to deal with for the person exploring between a partner’s legs, posing no real problems when fondling or sucking. Keeping my finger on his left nipple, when my tongue began to lick his taut skin, his animal moaning became a real turn on as now wettened fingers began rubbing his other erect nipple.

I moaned in turn, feeling the hand of the bent cock sucker, towel hanging down straight from his neck, touching my still swelling dick. The sliding of his fingers merged with my growing horniness, my left hand touching his lips, feeling his mouth as he went down on another stranger. We were soon working together, turning the third man into another total bathhouse slut like ourselves, fully surrendering himself to the wonderful reality of sex with other men.

The grasping motion on my cock changed, causing me to shift position, as intended. I felt a wonderfully wet mouth envelop my naked cock, aroused by the thought that this fantastic sensation probably included a good bit of the new slut’s pre-cum changing the slick wetness. A wetness that made my cock go as deep as possible in one extended motion, helplessly starting to face fuck him for the third time today. A smooth finger gently caressed my nipple, creating the entrancingly tempting bliss so easily found by visiting the baths.

After making me almost cum at least twice in rapid succession, his mouth moved away. Looking at the third man’s face, it was obvious when his blow job resumed. My fingers caressed both his nipples, tongue soon licking one, then the other. He obviously loved the wetness taking him deeper into paradise, two men turning him into a vessel of sexual sensation, clearly not for the first or likely even the 20th time.

He remained capable of playing with us, now feeling his hand reach out, unable to keep from gasping as another man touched my still well lubricated shaft. We soon became a fully involved threesome, my left hand joining the new man’s between the cock sucker’s legs, playing with his cock and balls, having created a triangle among us.

The new man moved a bit, breaking contact, before bending down, taking the cock sucker’s rigid dick into his own mouth. Again, my hand became involved in a blow job, thumb and finger circled, the remaining fingers playing with the sucked man’s sack. After a moment or two of watching, the new cock sucker went down on me. By this point, after allowing myself to indulge the sensations of my naked cock getting sucked by a turned on stranger, the remaining rational part of my mind knew that condoms would no longer make sense, evaporating the last reservations concerning how good it felt to have another man’s sexy rod against mine.

Withdrawing after almost cumming, the thought of getting sucked off with another cock arose, but never occurred. It was not too disappointing to have a rarely indulged but often fantasized sexual configuration not occur, with the ongoing sensations of sex among a horny male threesome keeping my thoughts in a haze. Such as re-entering an enthralled state of pure primal surrender when a familiar mouth soon returned to sucking me off, allowing me to compare the differences between the two cock suckers. With the new man rubbing my nipples, playing with the third man’s jutting rod, creating moaning that I could feel while being taken deeper past soft lips, encountering a swirling tongue, the attempt to make a comparison was quickly overwhelmed by immediate reality.

We played like this as several figures moved around us, none getting involved. At some point, the original suck slut got up from his knees, something barely noted as the other man and I kept playing with each other, both of us addicted to the sort of nipple play the other was providing. By now, even though getting sucked off with another man was not going to happen, the freedom I’d already given myself to ignore condoms made it easier to quickly move as a pair to naked cock to cock contact, two strangers’ mouths having already lubricated my length.

My hand guided his quiveringly erect cock towards mine, taking a small step to ensure contact. We clearly shared the same delight as our heavy and extended cocks touched, the reaction apparent on our faces, Soon, I began circling his cockhead around mine, in public, so to speak, at a place where men come to have sex with each other. A place where no longer hidden male desire rules, where it is easy to just submerge yourself in the pleasures offered by so many available partners.

When he pulled my head closer to kiss, I remained unenthusiastic at first. Kissing güvenilir bahis şirketleri can be intoxicating, however, and as he kept his tongue pressing past my lips, any hesitation related to the fact that I’d just seen him sucking a bare cock evaporating as we began to grind cocks and mouths together. I’ve changed over the years, especially in the last few months, pretty much abandoning condoms even in settings where they could be used. Of course, some things remaining completely condom mandatory, but by this point, getting sucked off is no longer something where condoms are involved.

‘Do you want to go to a cabin?’ he asked as we took another break from kissing, his hands playing with our horny cocks.

‘I don’t care’ was the extent of my replay before starting to kiss him again, thrusting my hips against his cock.

He eventually broke off, finally becoming able to override the ongoing pleasure being provided, using an eager hand to direct me into the nearest booth, just a couple of steps away. Going in first, I spread out the towel, condoms, and poppers, then moving towards the back to provide him space. He entered, bending over to start kissing me again, quite insistent, his cock quickly finding mine, making me moan incoherently, knowing that my tongue going slack betrayed just how good it felt to have him above me.

He held both cocks, requiring me to do nothing but indulge in the touch of a man’s cock and hand against mine, my moaning obvious. That the door was still open was just an extra turn-on as I spread my legs wider, both of us thrusting against the other’s cock unstoppably, sluts unable to keep from having sex with a willing man. Though by this point, kissing deeply, cock to cock, we were far beyond willing, having entered a state of pure male lust.

Pre-cum, likely from both of us, spread its magic over our skin. Men have a wetness as seductive as any woman’s I’ve realized, after years of experiencing it. A male experience that leaves me craving its magic again, knowing how easy it is to find at the baths.

As we continued to pleasure ourselves, a couple of other men drifting around as we grew more passionate. One sat in the chair opposite the door, discretely playing with a clearly erect rod, though he was mainly in shadow. My legs were lifted and spread, providing the voyeur a direct view of cock to cock action, made possible by the man on top of me leaving the door open for anyone to look in. Not every man in the baths is an exhibitionist, but all repeat visitors know how enjoyable it is to be voyeur.

Like I was, watching a stranger play with himself, focusing on his hot cock. Hard cock turns me on, something true from the first time I’d seen one, at a sleepover party, long before seeing the image of an erect cock in a magazine. At a male only sauna, such turn-ons are easily found, and shared by the various visitors.

At some point, I felt his mouth return to my cock. In the glorious wet haze of his talented blow job, I did a hit of poppers. From the start of my inhaling, the swelling sensation at my cock just grew as he began to suck me. Breathing out, saying “oh fuck yes,” I became a total slut, a stranger’s lips wrapped around my shaft. Rush makes getting head perfect, just floating along in extended pleasure, cock immense in a warm yielding mouth, centered on letting the person going down on me slide up and down my shaft.

Riding the familiarly almost overwhelming temptation, his mouth becoming the center of my immense cock’s existence as his lips slip over it, we continued to play like this for a bit. Moving his mouth away, he asked if he could do a hit. Moaning yes, we shared the bottle as his extended length touched my slippery shaft. Like most poppers users, his preferred style was breathing in and out several times.

My method, developed decades ago with my first girlfriend, involves taking a deep hit and holding it as long as possible, letting the rush of pure sexual intensity continue to grow until no longer able to keep from breathing out. Generally as the irresistible moaning and dirty talk begins to flow unstoppably. Along with the powerful pleasure coming directly from the center of one’s sexual being, stripping everything away in raw lust.

In this case, an utterly encompassing pleasure shared by rubbing cocks. Hearing myself say “oh fuck yeah .. cock sucker poppers slut .. fuck yeah sexy cock lover .. I love cock sex” while moving together, cocks merging as his mouth covered mine, his tongue going deep while his hips began to grind in perfect rhythm to our kissing, surrendering myself to his desire again.

As the poppers wave slowly subsided, my head lolling to the side, it became apparent that the chair was empty. Even more slowly, I realized that an older man was in the shadows to the side, hand under his towel, watching us.

My cocksucker moved back a bit, asking if he could a hit, and promising to do ‘something good.’ Laying back as he opened my legs, hearing him open the magical little bottle, looking at the now openly stroking voyeur, at most a couple of yards outside the booth. His hands under my knees, his soft tongue began to touch my inner thighs. I moaned, lost in sensation, feeling the teasing tip move closer to my quivering hole, an uncontrollable reaction revealing how much I desired to have my ass licked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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