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It was a lazy Saturday afternoon as Donna Travers returned home from the grocery store to her pleasant San Francisco flat, only to discover that her gorgeous-18-year-old girlfriend had arrived there before her, and was currently lying, stretched-out on her stomach across the older woman’s large & luxurious four-poster bed, wearing only a tiny white bra & panties.

“Spank me, Donna,” the beautiful young woman purred, gazing at her older lover with half-closed eyes.

Donna smiled and licked her lips as she took in the lovely sight, her eyes slowly traversing the pretty young blonde’s incredibly hot body, from top-to-bottom, ESPECIALLY that curvy bottom! Donna cleared her throat before replying.

“And why should you be spanked?” she asked, carefully placing her grocery bags down on the kitchen counter. “What have you done, my gorgeous girl?”

“Nothing,” the pretty blonde answered, with a mischievous smile. “But whenever you spank me you ALWAYS follow it up by kissing me… on my behind… and I want to feel your lips there.”

“And what law says I have to spank you first?” the older woman chuckled, quickly removing the store-bought items from the bags and putting them away. “Maybe I can just start things off by kissing that luscious butt of yours?”

“Yeah… I suppose you could do that,” the girl giggled. “But I also kind of like it when you spank me!”

“Well, that’s good to know because I just so happen to enjoy reddening your gorgeous rump while you squirm and try to get away,” Donna laughed, depositing the milk in the refrigerator and the last of the canned goods into the cupboard. “And, of course, I’ve always loved smooching your delicious butt after it’s over!”

“Then we have a deal?” the pretty girl questioningly purred, arching her back seductively upwards, so that her curvy rump was perfectly positioned on display for the older woman’s viewing pleasure.

“Yes, we do,” Donna replied, quickly approaching the bed where she sat down alongside her beautiful-young-blonde-lover, immediately stroking the girl’s slender long legs with her hands, relishing the feel of her satiny-smooth skin as her palms glided up to Brooke’s gorgeous round rear-end, fondling & squeezing its sexy curves! “So nice… and so firm!”

The two women then kissed, long and passionately, before the older woman broke it off and turned her attention back to the girl’s delicious butt.

Brooke whimpered as Donna tugged off her panties before then leaning in to begin planting kisses on the girl’s luscious ass, licking and nibbling at the skin of the gorgeous girl’s equally gorgeous tushie while the pretty blonde giggled and happily squealed her approval.

“Mmmmmm… I love the feel of your strong lips on me, Donna,” she moaned, further sticking her ass out for her older-and-more-dominant lover’s enjoyment. “I love the feel of your mouth on my bare butt!”

Donna wasn’t wearing any lipstick, for if she had, Brooke’s lovely derriere would soon have been completely covered with her lip-prints. Instead, there was now a thin sheen of the older woman’s saliva glistening all over the pretty girl’s butt where Donna’s tongue had travelled, starting at the swell of Brooke’s lower back and continuing over the curves to the upper region of her soft warm thighs.

“Wiggle this ass for me,” Donna ordered, slapping the girl’s curvy ass-cheeks, eliciting a yelp and another giggle from the pretty blonde.

“Yes… punish me, Donna… dominate me… make me your slave!”

The older woman smiled and playfully continued to sensually spank the girl’s sexy derriere, alternately fondling & squeezing it between slaps, often leaning down to plant warm, wet kisses where the girl’s skin was beginning to redden.

“My beautiful submissive slavegirl,” she whispered, her face pressing up tight against Brooke’s silky-smooth skin. “You’re mine… you belong to me!”

Brooke softly moaned, reaching behind her back to unhook her bra so that she was now completely nude for her older lover.

“I’ll always be yours, Donna… yours and only yours,” she whimpered, further arching her back so that her ass slid along the older woman’s face. “I love you so very much!”

“And I’ll always love you, my gorgeous slavegirl,” Donna answered, pressing her mouth up against Brooke’s hot little derriere, her lips locking on the beautiful girl’s delicious tushie-cheeks.

Brooke’s appreciative moan was quickly followed by a ‘pop,’ as a small hickey appeared where the older woman’s lips had just left their mark.

At this point, Donna suddenly arose and began pulling off some of her own clothing while Brooke leisurely stretched out before her. When the pretty blonde saw that the older woman was reaching into her dresser drawer for her strap-on and hand-cuffs, she knowingly giggled and rolled her eyes, immediately assuming the position that she knew Donna wanted her in, which was on her knees with her head down on a pillow and her beautiful ass poised upwards, wiggling seductively.

“There’s my obediant slave-girl,” Donna Ataşehir Escort laughed, handcuffing Brooke’s wrists to the bedpost before then donning her strap-on, while at the same time gazing down fondly at the beautiful nude young woman presenting her gorgeous body to her for her pleasure. “I do so love possessing you.”

“Yes, my mistress,” the girl responded with a smile, facing forward to present her curvy rump to the older woman, so that Donna could easily mount her from behind. The dominant older woman’s hands possessively gripped the younger girl’s ass, kneading and squeezing the firm tushie in preparation for doggy-style strap-on penetration. She ran her fingernails down the girl’s back before then sliding the dildo up into Brooke’s awaiting pussy, with the younger girl crying out as it fully entered her.

Donna then began to slowly fuck the girl, gently riding her back & forth, the older woman smiling as she ogled her girlfriend’s gorgeous body rocking to the steady rhythm of their lovemaking, her nails digging into the flesh of Brooke’s curvy hips and ass, leaving their indentations behind.

“Ohhh, yes… my mistress… make me your pretty little bitch!”

Donna laughed and slapped the beautiful blonde’s gorgeous white ass while she continued joyously fucking her. Brooke’s moans became louder as the pace increased. Again and again the older woman spanked the girl’s curvy butt, her other hand continuing to steadily squeeze the pretty blonde’s firm rump as they rocked together, back & forth.

“You’re all mine, gorgeous girl,” Donna said, licking her lips as she steadily pumped her. “And this luscious butt… it’s all mine, as well!”

Their mutual movements continued on for several wonderful minutes, slowly coming to a halt as the lusts of both women were at last sated, with the older girl then easing her dildo out of Brooke’s pussy. She remained kneeling behind the pretty blonde, her hands resting on the girl’s ass.

Suddenly, and without warning, she lifted the younger girl up by her waist so that her feet were now planted on the mattress, and her ass was lifted up up tight against Donna’s face. The older woman’s tongue then entered the girl’s pussy from behind before then moving swiftly to her ass-crack as she proceeded to devour the girl from behind, the older woman’s hands gripping the front of Brooke’s thighs to keep the pretty girl from losing her balance.

“Oh, Donna…” Brooke squealed. “This is all so deliciously kinky!”

The older woman laughed and bit at Brooke’s shapely derriere, causing the girl to drop down onto the bed where she landed on her back. Donna was immediately on top of her, pinning Brooke’s wrists over her head while she passionately kissed the blonde beauty on her pouty lips. Brooke sighed as the older woman’s mouth then travelled down to her neck and shoulders.

Donna’s strap-on meanwhile found its way back inside the girl’s pussy, this time from the missionary position. As Brooke was used to being taken doggy-style, she relished the change of pace that allowed her to actually kiss her dominant female lover while she was being fucked by her.

“Your breasts look especially lovely today,” the older woman observed. “I believe I’d like them both in my mouth.”

Brooke obediently arched her back so that both of her luscious, perfectly-proportioned breasts were soon in easy reach of Donna’s lips and tongue… the older woman attending to each one individually, kissing and sucking on the pretty blonde’s nipples, first the right and then the left, while the younger girl whimpered happily.


“That was wonderful,” the gorgeous young blonde afterwards exclaimed, both women now relaxing together in Donna’s large bath-tub, soaking in the hot, soapy water… Brooke, now leaning back into her older lover’s protective arms, as Donna’s fingers idly played with the girl’s nipples, gently tweaking them as she gently fondled & squeezed her breasts.

“I never get tired of playing with this beautiful body,” Donna murmured, her hands wrapping tightly around the pretty blonde’s slender waist while her lips kissed the back of Brooke’s right ear. “There’s nothing about you that doesn’t turn me on, my gorgeous girl!”

At this point, Brooke giggled and purposefully crawled forward onto her elbows and knees so that her curvy wet rump was raised up seductively in front of Donna’s face. The older woman joyously took the bait, running her tongue all over the younger girl’s smooth, silky ass cheeks, with her hands sliding up the sides of Brooke’s wet thighs, pulling the girl back towards her.

“I love this,” Donna whispered, sinking her teeth into the 18-year old’s luscious ass-cheeks! Brooke surrendered completely as her older lover continued licking and nibbling her beautiful ass at her leisure.


It was now a little over twenty minutes later, and both women were out of the water, dried, and now getting dressed. Ataşehir Escort Bayan Brooke was putting on a short skirt while Donna had chosen to wear black jeans and her favorite dark sweatshirt.

“Tonight will be my first night at the ‘Red Lips’ club,” the girl reminded her. “Are you still coming?”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world,” Donna answered. “I can’t wait to see you in your new ‘uniform’ – if that’s the right word for it!”

“Yeah… it’s like we’re nude, isn’t it?” the pretty blonde giggled. “But I’ll feel much better with you there watching me, Donna!”

“Well, that was certainly nice of Ashley to get me a membership card… do you know how expensive those things are?”

“Yeah… she told me that only really wealthy women are offered memberships!”

“And I’m not exactly what you’d call ‘really wealthy,’ am I?”

“You’re wealthy enough to own your very own slavegirl,” the pretty blonde giggled. “And I told Ashley that I wouldn’t even consider working there if you weren’t allowed in.”

“Well, they must have wanted you pretty badly,” Donna laughed. “I’m just glad I get to experience the “Red Lips’ lifestyle… did you know that I’m the one who installed their security system?”

“No, I didn’t,” the girl replied, walking up and putting her arms around the older woman’s neck and affectionately kissing her. “I’m just glad that you own me, Donna!”

“Always, my gorgeous girl!”

They kissed again.


“I can’t believe you’re actually allowing that sweet little piece of ass to work there,” Nancy chided Donna, an hour later at ‘Charli’s Place,’ a popular grrl-bar, where Donna had stopped for a cold beer. “You just watch… those decadent-dykes will dip her hot little butt in melted chocolate and serve her up for dessert!”

“What are you talking about?” Donna laughed. “The ‘Red Lips’ club isn’t some white-slavery outfit, Nancy… it’s an exclusive ladies club for the wealthy-older-women of San Francisco.”

“Exactly right… an exclusive ladies club for rich-bitches with an appetite for beautiful nude young girls!”

Nancy Bosley was the manager at ‘Charli’s Place’… and she was also very fond of Brooke, as the gorgeous young blonde had actually won a hugely popular amateur stripping contest at her establishment only a couple of months earlier.

“Everything’s going to work out just fine,” Donna assured her. “Brooke will have me there tonight to keep an eye on her.”

“And what about me?” Nancy complained. “Why can’t I go with you?”

“Two reasons… one – you’re needed here… and two – I’ve only got a pass for myself!”

“That’s not fair!”

“Life’s not fair!”

“So why couldn’t you talk your beautiful girlfriend into taking a waitressing job here, working for me? I’d have hired her in a New York minute… and paid her well!”

“She’s only eighteen, Nancy!”

“And is that old enough for her to work at the “Red Lips’ club?”

“It’s a PRIVATE club… different rules apply!”

“Yeah, well… I could have found something for her to do here… anything… but only after dressing her up in something incredibly skimpy to show-off that hot body!”

“Yeah… like she’d be safe working here…”

“I’d keep my eye on her!”

“Sure you would… you and all of the other horny-dykes who frequent this dive… say, what time is it?”

“A quarter to five… why?”

“Yikes… I’ve got to get to the ‘Red Lips’ club… they opened their doors at four… and I promised Brooke I’d be there!”


The ‘Red Lips’ nightclub was hidden away on the fifth floor of the prestigious Culberson building. The club had been founded seven years earlier by a wealthy group of San Francisco lesbian-socialites who wanted their very own highly-exclusive/private-retreat where they could go to relax in the company of beautiful-young-women who would wait on them… submissive young women, all wearing very little in the way of clothing, with whom they could ogle and fondle at their pleasure.

Brooke arrived early for her first day on the job, and was met at the entrance of the building by Debi, a very young, very cute, & very short dark-haired ‘Red Lips’ girl who escorted her inside.

“I was told to wait here for you,” the girl explained. “You need to have a special elevator key to reach the fifth floor… Mrs. Chang has one for you.”

“Do you enjoy working here?” Brooke cautiously asked the girl, as they rode up the elevator together.

“I do,” the smaller girl gushed in response. “If you enjoy the company of dominant older women, as I do, then you’ll love it, as well!”

Brooke smiled at her. The girl was obviously being sincere.

Once the elevator doors opened on the fifth floor, the pretty blonde immediately observed that the ‘Red Lips’ club exuded a considerable amount of class and sophistication. The foyer was dark & luxurious, with a faint smell of incense Escort Ataşehir in the air. The brightest object to be seen, as her eyes adjusted to the dim lighting, was the large ‘Red Lips’ neon-sign at the entrance, a deep red glowing-logo shaped in the form of a decadent woman’s passionate lipstick mark.

Debi introduced Brooke to Mrs. Chang, the club’s manager, a taller-than-average oriental woman who appeared to be in her mid-fifties. Ms. Chang was wearing a mannish-looking black tuxedo, which fit her trim figure well and looked quite stylish. The woman gave Debi a quick kiss on her lips before turning to address the pretty blonde.

“I’m so pleased to meet you, Brooke,” she exclaimed, giving the pretty blonde’s body the once-over before then taking her by the hand and squeezing it. “I do hope you will be very happy working here. Debi will show you the changing room and get you situated while I get your paperwork ready.”

The smaller girl then took Brooke’s hand and led her away to the employee dressing room. Upon entering, it looked to be a small-but-comfortable lounge, consisting of a large make-up table with several chairs and a long couch built up against the wall. Further back was what appeared to be a small, immaculately clean locker room where the girls changed their clothes, with benches and a large plastic-looking table against the wall.

“We always begin our work-day with a shower,” Debi explained. “Mrs. Chang insists that we look and smell clean & fresh before starting work. If you’d like to get undressed we can both shower together right now!”

“We shower together?”

“It’s easier and quicker that way, Brooke,” the smaller girl explained. “And Mrs. Chang says that, working here, it’s important to get used to the feel of other women’s hands on your body, and showering together allows exactly that!”

“Yeah, I guess that makes sense,” the pretty blonde said, undressing and putting her clothes into the small locker assigned to her.

Debi then again took Brooke by her hand and both young women entered the showers together, with the petite, smaller girl turning on the water and then laughingly stepping into the warm spray, with the pretty blonde immediately joining her.

It felt wonderful.

“Here, Brooke… let me do you first,” Debi laughed, rubbing soap all along the blonde girl’s back and then using her small hands to lather up and massage the taller girl’s shoulders. “You have really beautiful skin!”

“Thank you,” Brooke replied, as the smaller girl then turned her attention to the beautiful blonde’s curvy tushie, lovingly running her small hands over the blonde girl’s ass and then down to the girl’s silky thighs and long slender legs.

“You’re really beautiful… I love your skin… here, now you can do me,” Debi announced, abruptly turning around to face the wall so that Brooke could soap-up her lovely little body, which the blonde girl proceeded to do. “No tickling me, OK?”

Brooke nodded, giggling, as she ran her palms over Debi’s cute little bare butt, squeezing it affectionately as she did so.

“You’re so cute!”

The smaller girl laughed and then turned around and quickly kissed the taller girl, lightly, on her lips.

“I think I’m going to enjoy working with you, Brooke,” she said, smiling.

The pretty blonde nodded and smiled back at her.


After both girl had dried off they returned to the locker room, wrapped in the small towels provided that really didn’t cover much of their bodies. There they found Mrs. Chang waiting for them, with a red ink stamp in her hands.

“Bend over the table, Brooke,” the smaller girl told her, doing the same thing herself. “Mrs. Chang now has to ‘brand’ us both with the company logo.”

“That is correct,” Mrs. Chang said with a smile, as the the two girls dropped their towels and bent over the large plastic table. “I’ll be stamping your beautiful buns with this red indelible ink every night before work… after which you need to remain in this position, not moving, for another two minutes while it dries… understand?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Brooke nodded, as she watched the oriental woman first apply the stamp carefully to Debi’s bare little butt, affectionately patting the girl on her ass cheek beforehand.

“You little bottom looks as cute as ever,” she informed the smaller girl.

“Thank you, ma’am,” Debi replied.

Then it was Brooke’s turn. The beautiful blonde girl first felt Mrs. Chang’s fingertips grazing her behind before then giving her butt a little squeeze. She then felt the stamp pressed up firmly against her right ass-cheek.

“So very beautiful,” the oriental woman sighed, as she continued to ogle the curves of the girl’s delicious tushie. “Branding you girls is one part of my job that I truly enjoy.”

Brooke could hear the older woman’s lips smacking as she continued ogling their naked behinds, as she & Debi patiently waited for the ink to dry. Occasionally Mrs. Chang would caress their bare legs, clearly enjoying the intoxicating sight of two beautiful-nude-young-women bent over in front of her.

“When we’re done here, I have some forms for Brooke to sign,” the older woman broke the silence at last. “It’s the usual paperwork, including your health-care-application, W2 tax-forms… and, umm…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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