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Hazy, that is what came to mind when Akino tried to describe the nights. His friend and confidant had thought him mad, said he should be seen by a healer. Even if he were mad, he did not want the nights to go away. For those were the nights she visited him and he truly felt happy.

And in all his sorry life nothing had ever made him feel that way. For his father was a tyrant, that ruled over him with an iron fist. The kind of man to push against the glass doors of a closed shop and cannonballs the walls down to get inside. His mother was distant, unsure of herself and scared of her husband. Inevitably she was left unbound with him as a result.

But Azina, oh Azina. For her father and his father had been great friends. Well once they had been. But ever since years ago, when he hit the age of 18 did his father begin to scheme. A childhood friend, Azina had been taken away from him. Except when suddenly a few years ago as he hit the age of twenty-seven, she did come back to him. As if a phantom she did appear.

As he was sleeping, she crawled up to his window. With a smile on those cute cheeks. Her purple eyes a deep maroon in the moonlight. Azina had been gifted by Dahlia. A high honor in Jakaria, especially among the court. How the more fitting should heir to the throne inherit such a gift?

It made his father so angry. So incredibly angry. That his son should know a useless art as alchemy. Not even true magic?

Beautiful Azina had never lashed out at him. Honestly, he admitted that like Dahlia she was a flower. That bloomed as age went on. In the beginning she was not the kind of girl that was asked to gatherings.

She never quite had the confidence to express herself how she wanted. As age came, she became wiser. Though only a couple of years younger than him, she always seemed like the older one.

Oh, did he admire her for it. Best of all, she treated everyone with kindness, making the world a better place. Those were the most attractive traits in a woman he had ever seen.

Thus, when she crawled through his window in the dead of night it gave him a great shock, she smiled at him with this plump lips, her dark skin nearly blue in the moonlight. A moonlight which felt cleansing, it hung so heavy in the sky everything was bathed in its heavenly glow.

For in the North of Jakaria, they worshiped the moon. It came when things were most fertile. Akino watched as she waved him over. “Hurry up now!”

Akino sat upright. Sleep draining from his body. “Azina? Oh Azina how?”

“Akino, the new royal family was wrong. I’m alive and even though I could have escaped I could not leave you behind.” She paused, her long cottony hair blowing gently in the breeze. Her hair had grown back, Akino realized. She did not betray their ways.

“I never turned to darkness. I was framed, and so was family. But the thing is,” She paused, her lips curling back as she cried her tears. “I had to come back for you. Please come with me.” She extended her hand towards Akino.

Akino stared back at her, a tear rolling down his cheek as he saw her. “Of course.” He quickly stood from his bed, grabbing his quick sack his father had trained him to keep accessible but hidden. Akino jogged up to the anal escort window, which was just a cut out of the side of the chunk of the villa. “Azina, I-“

She shushed Akino, glancing down at the ground as she sensed the minds of two guards below. “We must go now.” She held out her hand. Akino grabbed it, holding on as she used some thickly rooted ivy vines to climb down the side of the main house of the villa.

The royal family did not only live among a fortress surrounded by commoners. No, the entire city was filled with only royals or those of highborn blood and noble connection. All living with their servants of course.

Akino looked down with bated breath as the two guards walked by. His chest heaving in and out. Yet he could not help but remark on how beautiful she was, eliciting her to angrily whisper at him to shut up. Azina looked down at the ground indignant.

Oh yeah, he remarked mentally, she is Azina alright. With the truth revealed, Akino reveled in seeing her again. Ready to leave his treacherous family behind. Especially for the only one in this world that he may be able to trust.

Azina slipped down the vine a bit too fast, loosening a chip in the pale adobe wall and causing it to fall near one of the patrol guards. They looked up, their suspicions rising as they spotted the two figures in the dark. She shook her head before calling out some strange and foreign phrase.

Suddenly, as if from nowhere a bird appeared. It was no ordinary fowl but a phoenix. Azina let go of the rope with Akino still attached to her, falling for a bit before landing on a saddle atop the bird’s back.

Akino took some time to catch his breath after such a feat. “Azina please just let me say-“

Azina shook her head, “Please, whatever it is, just let me explain myself and any other confessions we can have back at camp. Where we can get space if we need to.”

Akino sighed, before looking back at her painfully. “I suppose you’re being realistic about it.”

Azina laughed before shrugging off her shawl in the dim moonlit night. Showing that beneath she wore naught but a long skirt and a strip of cloth around her breasts. For the princess, well, former princess to be so lewd was, well, simply tantalizing.

Akino felt his cheeks warm and his cock twitch.

“Oh, is that it,” Azina purred, “Don’t pretend like we haven’t had this thing between us.” Azina got on her hands and knees and crawled towards him.

Akino swallowed, “Please do not do this.” He closed his eyes, leaning away from her.

His heart dropped as he heard her voice pitch down, “Oh, I just thought that you felt the same. I understand if you do not. I’m still glad that I came back for you.”

Akino shook his head, tutting at her, “Azina if you would just let me finish.” Azina went quiet, her eyes wide and looking back at him curiously. “For so long.” He looked down at the leather saddle with a clenched jaw, then looked back at her with a softness in his eyes. “For so long I have loved you.”

It was forbidden, he was not of royal blood, or at least that had mattered before. And she was heir to the throne, or at least that mattered before. What mattered right now bayan escort istanbul was after several long and painful years, after never getting to say what they had been dying to tell the other person, here they were right now.

Suddenly, as if possessed they descended upon each other. Akino tears away at her clothes. Ripping them off and exposing her heavy breasts. Immediately he felt his cock harden even further. He grabbed at one of her sensitive breasts. Azina moaned as he did so. Submissively she opened up her mouth to his exploring touch.

Azina cast some kind of spell or another to prevent them from falling off of the large saddle, even though the phoenix was giving a smooth ride. She cast another one in which Akino was not sure of its purpose.

Akino had only been in his bed robes when they made their escape, which easily came off due to Azina’s enthusiasm, giving his robes the same treatment that he gave her top.

Everything felt so slow and drawn out, well it was until he gathered her skirts above her waist. Seeing her folds spread apart so unashamed made his dark cock insanely hard. He could see how glistening wet she was.

While making eye contact, he bent over and gently began to spread her vulva apart with the tips of his slender fingers, revealing the cherry. The beautiful contrast between the inner folds of the labia being pink with the edges gradually darkening to match the rich tones of the rest of her skin.

Akino began to lap up her juices, savoring her scent. Every pussy smelled unique, and hers was like snorting an aphrodisiac. He lapped at her sex for an

indeterminate amount of time. Simply savoring how his tongue could cause her to make those beautiful faces.

His long, thick cock was dripping clear precum by this time. Aching to fill something. Not just anything or anyone, but Azina. The love of his life who he previously thought dead. How scared she must have been without him?

He steadily lapped at her clitoris, giving the cute little button as much attention as she wanted.

“Oh, oh Akino,” She gasped out. Short staccato breaths accompanying it. With her heavy breasts beset on broad shoulders moving with each languid breath.

Akino kept up his efforts, lapping up her delicious juices, grinding his cock against the blanket that sat atop the giant saddle they were on. “Oh Akino, I’m going to- ah!” She gasped, her breath quickening with each second as he frantically lapped at her sex.

Akino ground his incredibly hard and thickened cock against the blanket, more precum dripping down and getting smeared on his inner thighs. He was a mess, in just as much of a frenzy as Azina as he brought her to completion.

He made a slight adjustment of his hips and let out a bellow and his orgasm immediately descended upon him. Cock twitching constantly and with each one releasing a jet of his seed on the blanket. When Azina could take not more stimulation they stopped, before sitting together and looking up at the stars.

No one could find them there. Akino turned to her, watching her and the sky for a few hours. They were always able to do that, just bathe in each other’s mutual silence. That is until his eyes landed şişli escort on her breasts again.

A man in his prime, Akino’s cocked rebounded, growing hard and stiff, even against the chilled night air. Azina looked back at him with her sultry almond shaped eyes. She blew him a kiss before bending down and taking his hardened cock in her mouth.

Akino groaned and his eyes rolled back. Biting his thick bottom lip as Azina began to suck. Her hot mouth expertly drawing the utmost of pleasure. He grabbed at her long kinked and coiled hair, pulling it down and pulling her head gently back. “You always bragged about liking to get your hair pulled.”

Azina nodded, but the movement was restricted, “I hoped you’d notice.”

“Of course, I would notice, with how beautiful I have found you for so very long? Aching to tell you how much I love you? Azina, I’m so sorry.” He pulled her closer to him.

She looked him in the eye and gave a gentle smile. “I want to feel you inside of me.” As she said this her voice was breathless.

Akino immediately began to kiss her neck. Pulling her skirt down and all the way off. He flung the thing somewhere and immediately pressed himself against her. Crying out as his cock contacted the wetness of her pussy.

“I have cast as spell, such that if we don’t want to bear a child from this union, it shan’t happen.”

“Azina,” He bent down from her neck to her dark and puffy nipples. Taking it in his mouth and twirling his tongue around. Azina moaned gently beneath him, her pussy grew slicker and wetter.

Azina wrapped her legs around Akino, “Please,” She whispered, “Please don’t tease me anymore. I’ve waiting for you for so long.” She paused, “I can’t bear to wait any longer.”

With that Akino thrust the head of his cock inside of her. Grunting at her incessant tightness. “Were you waiting for only me,” he asked.

“No but feel this my love.” She clamped down on him. Akino gasped, before increasing the pace of his hips until he was ramming into her.

She held onto his back; her nails dug in. Pretty face contorted in pleasure, clenching down harder and harder the more his rammed his thick pulsing cock inside of her.

Akino knew it would not be long until he was spilling his seed inside of her. The thought of them, together, and husband and wife was too much to bear.

He let out a bellow as the most intense orgasm her had ever felt surged through his body. Hard cock rammed wildly into her, and he pushed her legs own almost flat on the sides. Azina moaned and clenched around his cock as his cum poured inside of her. “Oh Azina, my love.” He held her tight.

The two looked up at the sky, loving each other’s presence, before drifting off to sleep.


As he awoke in the morning, his heart shattered in a million pieces. For he was back in his bed, at the villa, the previous night was some kind of dream. Despite how his father had raised him to always be stalwart in his emotions, a tradition from the old ways, he felt a warm tear roll down his cheek.

The dreams did continue, being his torment yet slowly becoming a sense of comfort. If Azina truly is gone, whether dead or alive, at least he had his dreams. At least for a few hours every night, in a way he got to have her back.


After a hard day of handling diplomatic errands, he lay into bed. Akino smiled, for he knew that the dream would soon be upon him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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