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There I was, minding my own business, sitting in my recliner, reading the newspaper when out of the blue my wife comes running in holding her charts, thermometers, bells and whistles and shouts, “I’m still ovulating.”

“Okay,” I replied, “what do you want to do about that?”

“You need to come back here and fuck me.”

“Didn’t we just do that yesterday, and the day before and the day before?” I asked.

“So what, any guy in the world would love to get it four days in a row.”

“Yeah, with four different women,” I mumbled.


“Nothing,” I said, turning the page in the paper. Then noticing her staring at me, tapping her foot I continue, “What?”

“Well come on.”

“Won’t you still be ovulating still later tonight?”

“Look mister you better drop those drawers and march back here right now, and wipe that frown off your face, you like this, I know you do.”

“It’s just that I like it when I want it…”

“What are you telling me you don’t want this? After all the treatments I went through, all the pills and shots and everything else and you don’t want to do this tiny little thing.”

“It was no tiny little thing before we got married, I mean it was this huge wonderful thing you gave me back then, but now you want it from me and it’s some tiny little thing.” Oh good god, suddenly she was crying. “Okay, okay I’ll be back there in a second.”

She stopped the fake tears and headed back into the bedroom.

I folded up the newspaper, neatly stacked it and slowly almanbahis climbed out of the recliner. I then trudged down the hallway, turned the corner near the bathroom and walked on into the master bedroom.

There she was, completely naked, her legs spread wide open. I was able to stifle my wince until I turned around to pull off my clothes. And it’s not that I don’t like pussy, I do, but damn… You see, the first day, this was hot, her all spread out like that just waiting for my cock go dive in. The next day, yeah it was good and it was nice to take a quick dip with my cock. By the third day, well I’d seen that, done that before, but yeah, I’m a trooper, I’ll tiptoe in.

And today, I see those pussy lips frowning at me, taunting me, “Yeah, we’ve put up with probes, fingers, shots and all kinds of pussy hell and you can’t even show me a hard cock. What a menacing disgrace of a human you are.”

I looked up at her face and she smiled sexily. I crawled up on the bed and moved between her legs, and started kneeling there when she said, “Hey, what about foreplay.”

“Oh yeah,” I replied, “Let’s tease that crabby pussy,” I didn’t say.

Squeezing in beside her I reached down and avoiding the sharp teeth, I slipped my finger into her pussy. Getting it a little wet, I moved up to her clit. I moved my fingers over and around the tiny nub.

Closing her eyes she said, “Oh yes, that feels good.”

“Yeah, yeah,” I thought, fighting off a yawn.

Finally, moving my fingers back down into her pussy I determined almanbahis giriş she was sufficiently wet so I moved down between her legs. Trying to remember some of the porn I watched when I jacked off into a jar at the fertility clinic I tried to muster up an erection.

“Oh yes, that was a nice image,” I thought, remembering the incredible redhead in the porn flick. I then leaned forward as my wife guided my cock into her pussy. Keeping my eyes closed, I pictured the redhead masturbating while watching me fuck my wife. She urged me on saying, “Come one fuck her, fuck her good for me.”

I happened to open my eyes and what the fuck? She was reading her magazine. I stopped moving and asked, “What is going on?”

“You’re fucking me.”

“And you’re reading a magazine?”

“Oh I’m sorry is this bothering you?’

“Well of course it is, I’d like to think you were part of this.”

“Hell, back before we were married that wouldn’t have stopped you.”

“Look, you want me to perform, you put the magazine down.”

Okay, I didn’t realize I was fucking a Prima Donna.”

Now where was I, oh yes, the redhead masturbating, urging me on. I see her fingers slide down through her red curly pubic hair, sliding down her slit and dipping into her pussy. Yes, her fingers are wet, so wet as she move them up to her clit and begins to circle. Oh I can hear her moaning.

“Wait a minute, were you moaning?” I asked.

“Yes,” my wife replied.

“And do you think you might try and make it a little more realistic. canlı bahis siteleri If not just don’t do it.”

“Sorry,” she replied.

Damn, I needed to focus. Okay, redhead, curly red pussy hair and her fingers, yes and oh my, she’s coming. Picturing the woman I feel an energy pulse through me, I shoved my cock deep into my wife’s pussy and came, spurting my cum again and again. I remained on top of her while my cock slowly shrank and slipped out of her.

Proud of myself, I rolled off of her, gave her a kiss and then started pulling on my clothes. I figured I’d finish reading the paper before dinner.

“Oh hon… you’ll need to fix dinner for us tonight,” she said as I was heading out of the room.

“Fix dinner?”

“Yeah, fix dinner.”


“Look, you know I have to stay here propped up on this pillow.”

“For just thirty minutes.”

“The book says thirty minutes, so I’ll do it for an hour.”

“So I fix dinner, great.”

“Don’t you want to have children?” she said, starting to cry. And fuck these were real tears.

“Oh honey of course I want children, please don’t cry.”

She sniffled and then grabbed a tissue and blew her nose. Yeah that’s a sight and sound for just after sex, well so much for afterglow.

I headed on in and began working on dinner. Well I had to do the left over dishes before starting dinner. As I loaded the dishes into the dishwasher I found myself staring down into the garbage disposer.

“Hey honey,” I heard her shout, “this article says we should do it again, right now.”

Yes the garbage disposer, I wondered if I could possibly fit my head down into the disposer and still reach the switch to turn it on. It was a comforting thought for me at that time.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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