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I was restless. Just 26, but divorced from a horrible man that held me captive. After breaking free I realized it was time to live MY life. I had been denied pleasure & passion for the last 6 years. I was yearning to strike out on a new path, so I was taking a trip to find myself. To get back my lost years to revel in pleasure & spontaneity. Just a quick trip from Kansas City to Saint Louis for the weekend. Hadn’t been since I was 17.

As I got clear of the suburbs I saw the open country road that made up central Missouri. I also saw plenty of strip clubs & sex shops. Due to my newfound exuberance for life I had been working out & was back to a fit 120 pounds on my curvy 5’2¨ frame. I was tanned & toned & ready to strut my stuff. I was wearing a flowy mid thigh length white skirt with a tiny white g-string underneath. A lace peek a boo bra under a pink silk button up tank & strappy silver heels. I felt sexy & ready to have some fun.

I daydreamed about sex, making my way across I-70 until I realized I was hungry. I pulled off the next exit as it had a gas station & Dairy Queen which happened to be across from an Adult Entertainment Emporium (so the sign said). As I got out of my car a gust of wind went up my skirt & I realized how much hungrier my kitty was than my stomach. I pulled into the sex store parking lot to check the place out, give myself a little relief. I looked around & found a high end, satin smooth virator, super slim butt plug & of course some good lube. I made my purchases & went across to the Dairy Queen. I only got a corn dog, a Dr. Pepper & small cone. A young man that looked like a cowgirl’s dream (tall, tan, fit, piercing eyes, strong jaw about 18) was following me with his eyes as I sat down at a table. I ate the corn dog deliberately. Licking a bit of mustard off my finger slowly, pretending I didn’t see him. My skirt rode a little high when I sat down & normally I would adjust it, but this time I scooted toward the edge of my booth to expose even more leg & if he looked right, he could see a glimpse of my panties. I continued to eat the dog, until it was gone. Sipped my soda & looked up. We caught each others gaze & smiled. topkapı escort I continued looking at him as I licked the ice cream dripping down the cone. I licked seductively as I felt my nipples stand at attention. They were obvious through the sheer silk. I got down to the cone & tongued the inside while I watched him bite his lip & reach down to readjust himself. I got up to throw the rest away when I dropped some of my trash & bent over to pick it up I knew he could sneak a peek at my smooth pussy lips & ass. When I stood up I felt him behind me.

I walked toward my car. He followed. He said to me, “Hey there! Are you really gonna just drive away?” I told him, “What did you expect me to do?” He said, “I don’t know, but My God!! You really know how to get a guy worked up.” I pointed to my bag of goodies & told him I was covered. He asked me if toys were really better than the real thing. I said it depended on who’s thing. He put my hand on his hard on in his pants. He asked if he could try & show me a good time. I figured what could go wrong? I’ve been stuck in the dark, maybe this is the adventure I was looking for.

I told him to lead the way & as we rode down winding country roads I felt the vibration of the gravel beneath me. I was turned on by the excitement of it all & then even more by my bouncing breasts as we turned toward a big blue barn I could almost not wait anymore. He stopped his truck & I put my car in park & could feel my juicy cunt begging to be fed. He told me to come inside. I climbed up the ladder to the loft as he climbed after me I stopped & put one leg around the outside of the ladder. He kept climbing so he could put reach my pretty lips with his tongue. He moved my barely there anties to one side & began to lick slowly. I moaned loudly & shuttered a bit. My God my I needed this!! I was having a hard time hanging on so I rushed the rest of the way up the ladder to the platform. There were blankets he laid out quickly & I lunged at him, almost ripping his jeans off. I NEEDED that fat cock in my hands, in my mouth in my starving pussy. He was throbbing as I stroked him & licked his swollen aksaray escort head. His penis had a nice curve upwards & was thicker from the middle to the base. I know this would spread me open beautifully. I guess all the tension caught up with him as in just a few pumps of my hand & his head ramming the back of my throat he exploded damn near yelling when he came. I hadn’t even taken my clothes off!! Damn it!

I wiped my mouth & picked myself up & headed down the ladder. I was gonna finish this one way or another. I headed to my car, took off my panties & set my sexy ass down on my seat & pulled out & unwrapped my toys. He came stumbling after me apologizing as he zipped his pants. I told him that is why they make vibrators & I’ll get it done. Just then I heard another truck coming towards us. I sighed said, “Forget t!! I’ll go”. He said hang on, it’s my friends, Jake & Cole…I’m Luke by the way. They are always up for some fun. You wanna hang out for a bit? I told him, “WHAT I WANT TO DO IS CUM!!!” It’s been 6 years without any good sex. Will they fuck me better than you? He looked a bit ashamed. He said I’ll see what we can do for ya.

Luke walked back to greet his buddies while I lamented my lack of orgasm. I decided to go ahead & start in with the vibrator. I put it between my labia rubbing lightly so I could get it slippery from my plentiful wetness. The 3 guys walked up to my car each their own kind of sexy. Luke introduced Cole a tall, buff, dark piece of prime cut beef who looked to be playing with himself a bit while watching me. Then Jake, a cute blonde thing that looked maybe 17. He looked a bit nervous. I felt for him & grabbed his hand & put it on my toy. I said, “Hi, I’m Angel (not my real name) are you a bit nervous?” He just shook his head yes. I told him if he wanted to he could stay outside while I figured out what Cole could do for me. I got out of the car & walked toward the barn. There were a stack of square bales to my right & I went toward them, Luke & Cole close behind. Jake hung back by the doorway.

Cole asked me what brought me out this way. I told him I was on my way to St. Louis nişantaşı escort & stopped for a bite but got horny instead. He asked me what I wanted. I told him I wanted to cum harder than I ever had before. He reached between my thighs to finger my pulsating clit. Luke unbuttoned my blouse to suck on my aroused nipples. I gasped in pleasure as i groped for a phallus to stroke or suck. Luke had released his once again rock solid member as I got Cole’s impressive fuck rod free of his pants. Luke laid me back on the hay & went down for another taste of my sweet punani. Cole placed this head in my mouth as I cupped his balls & stroked his shaft. I looked up to lock eyes with young Jake who was obviously having a hard time deciding what to do. He didn’t know if he should watch, leave or join. In all the excitement Luke hit the perfect spot on my clit & I held his head until I came hard, screaming as Cole also came on my heaving tits.

Luke flipped me over & shoved his long fuck rod in my seizuring cunt. I called to Jake to come here. He did. He stood in front of me. I told him I wanted to see his dick, I wanted to suck it. He dropped his pants & he was so ready his cock was noticeably throbbing with each pump of blood through it. It was nice sized, perfect in so many ways. I took it in my hand & told him to fuck my face. He came all over my face instead. I licked it off as Jake kept blowing me hard. I turn to see Cole was back up & ready for more So I tell him to lie on the floor as I ride his big hog. Luke is in my mouth, Cole inside me as I cum again even harder this time. Luke has staying power this time but cums down my throat soon after my pussy gets her joy. I am dripping everywhere. I ask Jake if he’s ever fucked anyone, he said yes, but only a little bit until she got scared. I asked him if I looked scared & he said no ma’am. I asked him to lie on the bales & I would take care of him. I put a rubber on him & slid my slippery fuck hole down his hard shaft. I asked Cole to fuck me in the ass until he came. I could feel each man in me getting ready to blow as I watched Luke jerking his chain trying to get in on the action. Cole came hard, pulling out & shooting it all over my skirt & back. I rode Jake faster, squeezing my pussy tight around him like a hug. He came too just as Luke gave me a facial. I was satisfied & those three country boys were drained. Maybe I’ll stop again on the way back to KC.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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