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Don walked in the door and gave his wife, Jean, a big, wet hungry kiss. She pressed against him and felt his bulge and she nuzzled his neck, giggling softly. He had her out of her shorts in no time and afterwards, as they toasted their sexual appetites and escapades since knowing each other, Don told her what he had in mind.

She looked at him untrusting and said “You’re serious. You’re gonna let your barber put his hands on me, shave me while you watch? Just like this?” and she positioned herself on the sofa so that she was sideways, one leg up on the back of the sofa and the other one hanging over the side, causing her hot little fuckhole to gape opened.

Damn, Don couldn’t believe the beauty of this pussy, but yes, he convinced her, that’s exactly what he had in mind. To his utter disbelief, not only did his little wife agree, the entire idea aroused her to the point where she masturbated for him, bringing about an intense orgasm that he greedily licked up.

Next day, they were ready. She wore a halter top, gym shorts, and sandals. They arrived at Larry’s place on time and Larry was ready. He had closed the shop and put up a sign that read “under renovation” so that the place would appear closed for the day. The chair for Jean was off to the side, away from the door and any windows. They all made small talk, then Jean set the pace and said, “Larry, if you can really do a good job so that I have no rash, no burn, and can wear that skimpy thing Don bought for me last month, I’ll get you more business.”

They all laughed and Larry just said, “Then let’s get started!”

Jean gasped when she saw the chair. It was ingenious and she couldn’t help but exclaim “I know my husband’s casino siteleri work when I see it! Ok, what now…do I go in a dressing room, do I just pull down my shorts right here?”

Damn, Larry wasn’t prepared for such willingness! He felt familiar stirrings…in a moment this woman was going to be baring her cunt to him…and right now, that’s what it was: one hairy, female cunt that he would going to treasure touching, inspecting…

“Uh, hon,” Don said, “why not just pull them off here, what difference does it make, right?” She agreed so off they came. She walked over to the chair, eager to try it out. She climbed on and attempted to position her legs but in a playful moment invited the two men to help her with that. The guys looked at each other for a second, Don nodded, and they each gently took hold of an ankle and slowly brought her legs up (just what Jean was hoping for…she saw Larry looking at her pussy…and loved the attention) and adjusted them so that her thighs settled into them. Her ass came just to the edge, leaving her pussy easily accessible. She was quite a sight.

“Honey, does this recline any more? I think I’d like to lie back a bit more.”

Don adjusted the chair, standing beside his wife, eyeing her spread legs in the mirror, opening her naked pussy for the barber who now had his back turned to them as he prepared hot towels, lather, razors…When he turned back, Larry was hard. His cock bulged and throbbed but he set about placing a hot towel on Jean’s pussy. She sighed and actually strained to open a bit more, saying softly that the towel really felt good. After a moment, Larry removed it and began to lather Jean’s pussy, applying the cream softly with his fingers to canlı casino Jean’s lower pussy lips. He then positioned himself on a short stool between her legs and began to shave her.

Don watched this man touching his wife. He was hard, too. Jean was enjoying herself, her eyes were closed. Her scent was filling the room. Larry shaved artfully and professionally. Don was very aroused at the sight before him, Larry’s face only inches away from his wife’s box, his hands expertly touching her. In only a few minutes more, Jean’s bush was gone. She remained in the chair, spread wide, silky smooth lips forced apart by the position she was in. Larry applied another hot towel and Jean moaned at the touch of it. Larry began to wipe away the cream, then explained that he was going to use a light to check for any stray hairs….yeah, right thought Don. Larry pulled over a small lamp and with his fingers began examining between the outer and inner lips of Jean’s pussy. Her clit was throbbing and she was spread naked with two men.

“Well, Don, what do you think?” asked Larry.

Don reached down to his wife’s pussy, pulled back the hood as if seeking a better look, and said, “no Larry, what do you think?”

“Personally, man, I think she looks good enough to eat.”

“You first, my friend. She looks positively gorgeous and you deserve the credit for that.”

Jean moaned in agreement and Larry wasted no time. Don watched as Larry moved in closer, staying on his stool, eagerly french-kissing his wife’s snatch. He was devouring her, his tongue lapping at her like a hungry dog. Don reached inside his wife’s halter top and began squeezing her tits, then bent down to kiss her deeply. He fingered Jean’s kaçak casino cunt while Larry licked at it, licked at her asshole. Jean reached up, unhooked her halter and tossed it aside so that her tits were exposed. Larry took one look at those nipples and dug his teeth into her pussy. His hands pressed against her inner thighs to open her more…she whispered over and over fuck me, fuck me..” and Larry wasn’t going to miss his chance. He stood up, took out his rock hard cockmeat and positioned himself for perfect striking. He moved into her, fucked her hard while Don watched, shot his load in record time, then pulled out, changing positions with Don who was now ready to fuck his wife. And fuck her he did, like he never had before, as he watched Larry shove his cum covered meat into his wife’s dirty mouth. She licked and sucked and Larry watched Don pull out in time to jerk off all over his bitchy slutty wife. In all, they would spend the next three hours together, sucking and fucking each other till there was just nothing left!

A month later, Don came home with roses for Jean.

“Well, what’s this occasion baby?” she asked.

“You have brought Larry so much business that he can’t keep up with it. I’ve decided to buy half of it from him and become his partner. I’ll be working every Saturday morning with him.”

“Hm,” Jean replied playfully, “you don’t say. You’re gonna help him with all the pussy that walks in that door? On one condition mister.”

“Oh yeah, what might that be?”

“Details, baby, details. You’re gonna come home and give me details of every tit you suck, every cunt you eat, every ass you lick, got that?”

Oh yeah, he got it. He got it just fine…but would never tell her about the private viewing area the guys installed for their buddies, where they could watch quietly, not be detected, as Don and Larry gave the full service treatment to every hot little bitch who walked in….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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