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Big Dicks

[A heart-felt thanks to Marc-1 for all the encouragement over the years in many ways and to Marc-2 who inspired this story and who I hope gets what he’s looking for.]

* * *

“Sure.” That’s all I said, but you can’t believe all I had wrapped into that one syllable. There were literally years of my looking, almost desperately at times, for the right, safe situation for this to happen, and now it was about to. When he asked, my emotions were simultaneously terror of Murphy’s Law and exhilaration like I was sitting on a missile. The latter easily took over the former, though. I tried to hide all this with a nonchalant smile and even in this alternative word I chose for “please – yes – please.” His just got a huge smile on his face in return.

Somehow in the conversation leading up to this, after the three martinis — four, I forget, I let it slip how I’ve been wanting more and more to try getting it on with a guy. I told about how I tried out a little mutual jacking off and even oral once in college, but nothing since. He said he had too, and we laughed and agreed that any guy who denies doing at least that much is a fucking liar. I told him about this gnawing desire, but the more it increased, the more there seemed to always be some reason why I can’t, even when there’s clearly a two-way connection. Becoming more reflective and analytical about it I even said, sort of defensively: “look, you see me. I’m not that bad looking. I’m a reasonably well built, six foot married white dude with normal hardware below. I still turn a head or two – women and men. Since I took care of my face, you even guessed me to be 8 years younger than I am.” He just agreed and meant it.

He had this demur, I don’t know, somber personality; not rude or anything. It’s more of a peaceful confidence, and believe me, he has plenty to be confident about. Even at our age north of 40, he’s fucking model material. I think he looked a lot younger because his blond hair hung down over his forehead to his eyebrows. He wore that slightly unshaven look. His eyes were almost navy blue. Even though we were still in our suits from work you could see great things in that body, particularly that ass when he bent over sideways to pick up something off the floor. I wish you could’ve seen it. It fit his frame; attached high on his back; and protruded round and muscular from his thighs. When he sat back up, you could see his dick rolling around. I don’t think I could’ve dreamed up güvenilir bahis a much better looking dude to do this with.

Anyway, we ended up at the bar together by luck – accident — whatever. I was there because I was rotating off the board of that professional group, and he was coming onto the board. I hadn’t seen him for years and really didn’t know him that well, although I remembered the body. Anyway, I’d had enough of this group and was sort of pissed that I had to be there. I go to this meeting room off the hotel dining room, and there are 103 people chasing 100 chairs. I decided to go take a leak and think about whether I could just bolt. When I came out of the men’s room we ran into each other and said hello. He was pissed too about having come into town, paid for a hotel room and now had no place to sit. You know me, liquor and sex — or the lack the latter — rule my life. I spotted the bar just on the corner of the meeting space and suggested we go sit there, ostensibly to listen to the meeting program at a distance. I don’t think we ever heard a word of it.

You know how you feel that unspoken connection with another guy and know what you’re both thinking and wishing for. I felt it right away with him, even before the first drink kicked in. We talked about stuff, emphasizing some point of the conversation by a light tap on the leg or squeeze of the arm. Eventually, our legs made contact below the bar. It was too dark in the bar for anybody to really see any of this, and I was turned on as hell. Both of us kept returning the conversation to sex, and eventually he leaned in at one point so our arms were touching too and told me about this smoking hot, college-aged parking valet he’d seen earlier giving him the eye. As he described the young stud, you could see the lust growing in his face and hear it in his voice as he was reliving the moment in his head. I looked down, and he had a major boner, and that started giving me one too. He had to talk a big gulp of his ‘tini to regain composure. He saw that I saw his boner as he did and said, “sorry,” but then crossed his legs so I got a better view.

I said: “no problem, I’ve got one too,” and leaned back so he could see it. And that’s when he leaned back in, looked me hard in the eye and wondered if I’d like to come up to his room.

He paid the bill while we recomposed ourselves, and we went straight for the elevators. I went in the elevator first while he held the door. As the güvenilir bahis siteleri door closed, he invaded my personal space, without touching, as some sort of man-taunt. I enjoyed it.

When we got to his room, his first two door key swipes came up red. I remember our breathing was getting pretty heavy, especially at the frustration of possibly having to get another key. When the door finally opened, we both almost fell in. He pushed it shut and me by the shoulders against the wall. That’s when I got my first kiss from a guy: his face into mine, both our mouths wide open with tongues moving; the scent of another person; his face stubble. It was a forceful exchange by men with our lips and tongues going all over. We were panting through our noses, if that makes sense.

He broke it off so he could go take a leak, and we frantically took off our coats and ties and kicked off our shoes. He went into the bathroom and took off his shirt, and I did too. While he was pissing, I pulled up beside him and pissed too. When we had both finished, we took each other’s dick in our hands while we stroked them back hard just standing there kissing.

We walked out to the bedroom with our hard dicks sticking through the zippers. He sat on the edge of the bed, pulled me closer and started sucking my member hard. Damn he was good. He went slowly down, all the way until his nose brushed my pubes, and then slowly back out. After a few minutes of this it was my turn. I dropped to my knees, spread his legs wide and starting slowly stroking and blowing him. While I was sucking he pulled off his undershirt and then mine, and pulled me back to my feet. Once I stood he pulled me back onto the bed. He leaned over and unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants and underwear down past my ass. As I lifted, his hands rubbed slowly down my ass. He did the same for his, and I remember my dick standing vertical while his curved upward some and slapped his abdomen. By then I could really smell that man scent of hot meat from us both, and it was driving wild. He rolled on top of me and kissed me deeply. When he did, my hips sort of involuntarily jerked up, and he started grinding his dick back against me in response. All the deep guy-kissing, his warm body on top of my mine while I rubbed his back and ass, with our throbbing cocks rubbing together was all fucking awesome.

We broke off the kisses to gasp for air. I turned my head to the side while he tongued my neck and iddaa siteleri in my ear. As I did, I saw in the mirror just exactly what I’ve craved so long, me and another guy locked in unromantic, uninhibited, unbridled buck rutting. Our suit pants, which we’d been wearing all day in public now pushed down to expose our asses, contrasted against the raw man features of stubbled faces, armpits, muscular man asses and male torsos grinding on each other. He looked into the mirror too and pushed his torso up on his arms. This arched his back so his ass became more vertical and rounded, and we could see our rock hard dicks sliding together on planes of blonde and brown pubes and streaks of glistening pre-cum. We both glared together at this gyrating cock and ass, man-on-man, live, XXX-porn show we were creating together. As I watched us, my only conscious thought was to not come yet.

Neither of us could hold out much longer. As we started kissing again, he rolled onto his back and pulled off his pants; so did I. The feel of my nakedness touching another naked man was spectacular. He reversed himself on the bed, and we went down in a “69.” We jacked, sucked dicks and nuts, licked, nibbled and sucked some more. We used every trick we knew or had ever wanted to try. It soon must have been too much for him. He pushed me aside and started wildly pumping his dick while arching his head upward with his mouth wide open and tongue out, like a target. His first cum missile missed and hit his cheek, but some of the second load hit his mouth. The rest gushed all over his chin, chest, dick, blonde pubes and hand. The waft of hot jiz smell hit my nose while I was jerking and watching all this just inches away, and I told him I was coming. He leaned over started fucking my dick with his face while I reached in and hugged his leg. My huge load started blowing into the back of his throat, and he gagged some but kept sucking. I even tasted some of his fresh cum, and then some of mine too as we kissed.

We lied there a long time in the afterglow, just kissing around the face and neck and slowly rubbing our hands over each other’s bodies, feeling really satisfied. What can I say except it was fucking awesome?

* * *

After listening raptly to the whole story without interrupting, Mark just looked at me for a minute, then said: “Jeeeeesus, that’s some story.” I responded with a little laugh and grin and picked up my empty glass to munch on an ice cube.

The bar tender came back by and asked: “another round for you guys?”

I replied, “absolutely.”

Mark asked me: “so you went home then.”

“Nope,” I said. “We went for round two, and it was even better.”

[end Chapter 1]

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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