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Julia shifted in her seat, the barstool uncomfortable against her ass. While the feeling itself wasn’t overly pleasurable, she remained seated where she was, as the memory of what caused the discomfort was very pleasurable. The day before, in anticipation of leaving on a week trip to San Diego for work, she had arranged to meet up with her boyfriend for a goodbye fuck. Julia equivocated for a moment in her mind as to whether boyfriend was the proper term for him. While they were doing all sorts of activities normally reserved for a boyfriend, the fact that she was married as well made Julia doubt whether boyfriend was the correct term. Shifting again and wincing at the pain, Julia mused on what the male form of mistress would be..mister…master?

Neither seemed exactly right, though he certainly fit the category of master in a number of ways. He gave her the chance to be submissive and she enjoyed that to an extent that sometimes even surprised herself. The sex was fantastic, at least in part because he grasped the fact that despite being in charge at work, she didn’t want to be in charge during sex. Strong, confident, able to handle herself well in a tense situation, Julia knew that when it came to sex, she didn’t want to take control. She wanted to be submit, to do what she was told and to be treated like a slut, so she could feel free to behave like a slut, to do all the things Julia couldn’t imagine doing without.

The reason she couldn’t sit without wincing was because the day before, her boyfriend had made Julia take his cock as deep up her ass as she could manage. Julia enjoyed anal sex with him and the few twinges she normally felt afterwards served as pleasant reminders at the fact that she had been a very dirty girl recently. This time, however, her boyfriend had been in fine form and the rough pounding of his cock up her ass had at once both made her cum as well as moan for him to stop. Unfortunately, he either chose to not hear or decided he couldn’t stop, because he fucked her asshole until he came, which was a minute or two longer than Julia would have liked. Apologies and massages afterwards had made up for it, but Julia was still feeling very tender, and sitting was somewhere between torment and delight as she recovered.

Shifting again, Julia decided that enough was enough and stood up, her skirt riding up to show some leg as she slid off the stool. Catching the bartender’s eye wasn’t hard, as he had been watching her when he thought she wasn’t looking. As she ordered another gin and seven, she caught his eyes sliding down to her tits. Men seemed drawn to her tits, which, she reflected, was like saying the ocean is drawn to the shore. Normally hidden behind a conservative top, Julia had relaxed a bit on the trip, very much aware that she knew no one in San Diego and showing off her tits a bit wouldn’t cause any problems. The tight skirt she was wearing was also a little shorter than she would normally wear, though tight and clinging was fairly regular for her. Though men seemed to focus on her tits, Julia personally felt her ass was her best feature. Her boyfriend seemed to agree, and when she had bent over yesterday, reaching behind to spread her ass cheeks for him, he had commented on how tight her ass was. Her comment back “How can you tell how tight it is until you get that big cock in it?” might have been somewhat responsible for how hard he ended up fucking her ass.

She did love making him lose control like that, and the first moment when his cock slowly slid into her asshole was just heavenly. In fact, up until the point when he had ignored her cries, it has been pretty much one of the best ass fuckings he had ever given her. Face down in the pillow, one of hands holding on to her hair, pulling her back, his cock huge and throbbing inside her ass, telling her to take it up the ass like a dirty whore, making her touch her clit as he fucked her, random slaps to her ass — yes, Julia decided, it had been a great ass fucking.

As the bartender placed her drink in front of her, Julia realized that the low-grade horniness her sore ass had been causing all day was growing dramatically. The memory of what had caused it was making her horny as hell and as she sipped on her drink, Julia wondered idly whether she should consider picking up a guy. Turning and placing her back against the bar rail, Julia raised her hands up to rest behind her on the bar, not unaware of the fact that the position stretched her top tight against her tits. Looking around the bar, Julia spotted the usual suspects at any business section bar in any town she had ever been. The traders, clustered together, drinking expensive beer as they congratulated each other on their wisdom and knowledge of how the market worked. The marketing girls, out for a drink or two, flirting with investment bankers and out of towners before retreating to favoured clubs for free drinks and being hit on by horny guys.

Despite her growing desire, Julia decided that she wasn’t going to try and pick up a guy. Letting some stranger fuck her wasn’t her style and she wasn’t drunk grup escort enough to justify it. Perhaps I should change that, she thought, and finished her drink, turning and winking at the bartender who moved quickly to make her another. As she turned back to face the room, a man spoke to her, suddenly standing in front of her, her earlier review of the room apparently enough of a signal for him to approach. “A woman after my own heart. You drinking gin and tonics?”

Julia smiled and made a non-committal movement of her head. Investment banker she decided, suit is too nice to be anything but and he had the confidence that came from lots of money in the bank. “Let me buy you another. Or 8.”

He grinned as he said the last bit and Julia smiled back at him, amused more by the transparency of his attempt than the comment itself. Gesturing to the bartender for another round, he positioned himself beside Julia, telling her something about his work or his house or car. Having classified him, Julia had pretty much tuned him out and it took a moment to realize he had asked her a question. “Pardon me?”

He smiled again and she noticed this time that he had good teeth. “I said, I noticed you wincing a bit when you got off the stool. Hitting the gym pretty hard?” Julia considered her answer for a moment and feeling reckless in a strange city, decided to not play the game and stick to the truth.

“To be honest, no, I had some fairly hard sex yesterday.”

To his credit, the man didn’t show much surprise or react overly to the comment. His response was accompanied by a grin that was decidedly mischievous. “Well, that is much better than Pilates. I hope he had the good sense to make sure you were ready beforehand.”

Julia paused again, considering how far she wanted to take this conversation. As the man handed her a drink, she decided it couldn’t do any harm to continue being honest. “Oh, he did, but I can only take so much fucking before my ass gets sore.”

This time, the man did react, his face registering shock for a moment before that grin returned. “You know, I think I like you.” He took a sip of his drink as watched her face, waiting for her reaction.

She smiled this time, then leaned in to whisper to him. “I am flattered, but there is no way I can take a cock in my ass tonight and I don’t let strangers fuck me anyway.”

He smells good, Julia thought, like expensive cologne, as the man leaned in to whisper back to her. “Truth be told, I wasn’t thinking about fucking you.” As Julia raised her eyebrows to express surprise, the man whispered again.

“I was more thinking about how good you would look on your knees, sucking my cock. I think you are likely a phenomenal cocksucker.”

Her strange calm and distant feeling was shattered at the comment and Julia blushed at the sudden realization she was having this conversation with a total stranger. Taking a gulp of her drink to cover her embarrassment, Julia finally looked back at the man, not sure what to say.

He seemed pleased at the reaction and her embarrassment and leaned in, placing a hand on her waist as he whispered again. “You are, aren’t you…just incredible at giving head. I can tell by how you reacted. I can also tell that you like the idea, of being on your knees, sucking my cock.”

Julia couldn’t break eye contact with him, his smile focused on her as she realized that what he was saying was true. She loved giving head and yesterday her boyfriend had been too focused on her ass to let her get her fill. Julia realized that she did actually want to suck this stranger off and the thought both startled and aroused her.

Julia’s face must have been an open book because the man moved smoothly forward, taking the drink from her hand and placing it on the bar and with gentle pressure on the small of her back, walked her away from the bar. He was talking as they walked, something about the décor and how she really must see the bathrooms in the place. Down a hall he led her, towards a row of unisex washrooms, a number standing open. With a glance back to see no one watching, the man opened one of the doors and followed her inside.

Closing and locking the door, the man spoke as he turned. “Get on your knees.” Julia was sinking to her knees before she had time to think about it, looking up at him as he smiled down at her. Waiting as he looked at her, Julia realized that underneath her tight skirt, her pussy was suddenly dripping wet.

She watched in almost disbelief as the man undid his belt, unzipped his pants and reached inside his underwear, pulling out his cock. “Give me your hand.”

Julia mutely obeyed, not sure who she was or why she was acting this way, but unable to stop herself. He took her hand and placed it on his cock, which was rapidly growing in front of her. “Stroke my cock you little slut….make it nice and hard so you can suck it.” Julia found herself stroking his cock, finding a natural rhythm quickly. Within a moment his cock was fully hard before her and without any further comment, eskort bayan istanbul the man removed her hand and moved forward, pushing his cock into her mouth.

As Julia took his dick in, she felt the man’s hands on her head and heard his voice. “That’s it..suck that cock. God…yes, take it all the way in, take it like a good little cocksucker.” Julia began to bob up and down on the dick, enjoying the taste and texture of his cock, getting lost in giving head as she always did. Her pussy was now completely soaking wet she realized, and the man continued to talk dirty as he fucked her mouth.

“Oh, you beautiful little slut..that’s it…suck that cock. You like giving head in a bathroom to a stranger, taking that dick down your throat?” He didn’t give Julia a chance to answer, his hand guiding her head as he fucked her face, pushing his cock deep down into her mouth then pulling back before thrusting in again.

His pace increased as Julia reached up to cup his balls, licking and sucking on his cock like she knew her boyfriend liked. “That’s with my balls..oh god, you dirty slut, suck that cock. Oh my god, you look so gorgeous like that..on your knees, my dick in your mouth..jesus, the moment I saw you I wanted your beautiful lips wrapped around my dick..god..oh..oh..”

The man spoke less and groaned more as he slid his cock in and out of Julia’s wet mouth. She was startled when he suddenly pulled his cock out and slapped it against her cheek, first one side, then the other, before grabbing her head and pushing in again. His cock went deep inside her mouth and Julia gagged as he bottomed out on her throat. The sound made the man moan and he slammed his dick in again, making her gag as he spoke. “That’s it..gag on the dick you little slut..yeah, suck it deep you whore..take it deep inside that mouth..god…I can’t believe I am fucking your beautiful face..take it baby…that’s it..oh god, oh god..”

The man pulled out against suddenly and looking up at him Julia realized he was about to cum. He stroked his cock feverishly, moaning as he positioned himself in front of Julia’s face. His cock throbbed and the first jet of cum shot out, splashing on Julia’s lips, the taste of it vivid in her mouth. He continued to stroke his cock as his cum exploded, splashed going across Julia’s cheeks, one shot barely missing her chin and hitting her neck. The final shots were weaker and Julia held her hands out to avoid having them land on her dress, cupping the bits of cum as he squeezed his cock clean.

The man smiled at her, slowly placing his cock back in his pants and zipping himself up. “I was are a fantastic cocksucker. Thanks for that baby. I’ll let you get cleaned up.” His pants back in place, the man adjusted his jacket, looked at the mirror on the wall and without another word, opened the stall door. Julia knelt on the floor, the feel of his cum still warm on her skin, the taste in her mouth, in disbelief that she had just sucked a stranger off. As she began to get to her feet, the door to the stall opened suddenly. Julia gasped and looked up to see the bartender standing there, his expression unreadable. As Julia struggled to find something to say, he suddenly backed away, closing the door behind him, leaving Julia once again alone in the stall.

Standing up on shaky legs, Julia looked at herself in the mirror. Cum lay in thick strands on her face and was slowly sliding down her neck into her cleavage. At the same moment she realized how turned on sucking him off had made her, a burst of shame filled her and she grabbed some paper towels, wiping the cum off, quickly restoring herself to an outward appearance of collection.

After what felt like an eternity of indecision, Julia opened the door, walking out the stall and back into the bar. She reached her stool, picked up her coat and was turning to leave when the bartender spoke. “Miss?” Julia slowly turned around, embarrassed to have to look at him after he had seen her on her knees with cum on her face like a common slut. He passed her a leather-bound booklet and she realized she still had to pay her bill. She reached down to below the stool to her purse and stared uncomprehendingly when she realized it wasn’t there. She looked at the bartender in disbelief.

“My purse is gone.” The bartender’s face hardened and she realized he didn’t believe that she had had a purse.

“No, it was here, I just..I went to the washroom..” The bartender cut her off.

“Oh, I know what you did in the washroom. Didn’t earn enough money there to pay for the drinks?” Julia blushed bright crimson as she realized the man thought she was an actual hooker. She began to stammer an explanation as he came out from behind the bar, gestured to a server to tend the bar and took the upper part of her arm in his hand and walked her to a door to the side of the bar.

Inside, a small office, filled with bar supplies and equipment, tidy but with little room to move. The bartender released her arm roughly, leaving a red mark on it and causing her to walk oral escort into the middle of the small room. He glared at her and pointed a finger towards her.

“You owe me $45 for those drinks and you are damn well going to pay for them. So, how are you going to pay?”

Julia stared at the bartender, trying to process how she was suddenly in this situation, in this place. In the course of minutes, she had gone from feeling buzzed, sexy, alone in a city with no one to expect her to act a particular way, to this. In a storage room with an angry bartender, demanding money for drinks, her purse gone and the taste of a stranger’s cum in her mouth.

“Well? Answer me!” The bartender was flushed now and Julia realized with alarm that he seemed to be working himself into a real state of anger. She put her hands out in a placating fashion to try and calm him down but that seemed to infuriate him and he grabbed her wrists and pulled them up to his chest, in the process pulling her up against him.

“You think you can come in here, like a little cock tease, wink and show your tits, then suck off some suit in our bathroom and then leave me with the bill?” Up close, his eyes were filled with emotion and with each sentence he spoke he shook her wrists slightly to emphasize the point.

“Is this some game to you? Do you think its fun to be a whore for a night? Be the bad girl? Cheat? Lie? Steal?” Julia shook her head in response to each question, each time beginning to open her mouth to answer, to some explain, before he continued without waiting for her response.

The bartender suddenly released her arms, pushing her away from him with force, Julia staggering back and partially falling against the small desk at the wall. Before she could regain her feet, he was in front of her again, leaning in, his legs touching hers, the lower half of his body pressing against hers as his hand grasped the back of her neck.

“No one cheats or steals from me. You had those drinks, you have to pay. Either that or I call the cops. Maybe you’ll pay like whores do, by taking my dick.” At his final comment, Julia suddenly realized that she could feel his cock pressing against her left thigh, that as he spoke he was pushing against her, his dick growing as he convinced himself that this was what she would have to do to pay him. As shocking as the turn of events had been, his hand, strong and large on her neck, the feel of his cock pressing against her and the passion in his eyes made Julia realize that she did want to be fucked. That hard, rough sex was exactly what she wanted after the warm-up yesterday with her boyfriend, the stranger in the bathroom stall today. Julia began to speak, stopped, then with her eyes closed, answered his last statement.

“If you fuck me, will you let me leave? Will, will my drinks be paid for and you will let me go?” Julia opened her eyes to see the bartender looking at her with an expression so intense Julia almost lost her nerve and she thought she would have started crying and begging him to please just let her go if he hadn’t spoken.

“Yeah, you can go after you take my dick, after you be my whore.” His hands were suddenly on her blouse, fingers pulling at the buttons, snapping two off as he exposed her bra. His eyes took in her tits as he ground his hard-on against her legs. Squeezing her breasts, his eyes locked on them, the bartender’s breathing grew heavy and Julia knew that if she had hoped to leave without being fucked by him, that chance was gone now. He reached inside her bra, cupping her tits, his thumbs playing her nipples as he pulled her tits out of the bra.

“God…such gorgeous tits…fuck, take off your top you slut.” Julia moved to comply, her hands shaking slightly as she pulled her top away, unfastened her bra and twisted her body to place them beside her on the small desk. When she turned back, the bartender was unfastening his pants, his eyes locked on her as he pulled out a very hard, long cock. He stroked his dick as his eyes wandered down from her face to her tits, to her tight skirt, then back up to her tits. He suddenly glanced at the shelf to her left, then smiled and grabbed her upper arm as he had when he brought her into the room. Pulling her off the desk, he pulled down on her arm, talking as he reached for something on the shelf.

“Lie down, you slut.” He had grabbed what seemed to be a bottle of olive oil from the cooking supplies on the shelf and as Julia sank to her knees in confusion, he spun the top off with one hand.

“I said lie down you stupid slut. I don’t want you to suck my cock after you blew that suit. Get on your back.” Awkward in the small space, Julia managed to lie down, her head almost touching one of the desk legs. She gasped in shock as the bartender suddenly poured some oil into the middle of her chest.

“I am going to fuck those gorgeous tits of yours so rub the oil in, make it slippery for me.” Julia reached up, her palms gathering the oil and spreading it across her tits, covering both of them in oil, the slippery feel of it and her fingers touching her nipples making her already wet pussy quiver. The bartender straddled her chest, his weight heavy but not uncomfortable as he took his cock and slapped it down on the residue of oil between her tits. He began to stroke his cock again, hard and glistening as he looked at her face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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