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Chapter Six—For Tess

“For you, Tess. For your pleasure. Naturally.” Dr. Williams had written on the note card which was taped to the gift. The gift or present or whatever looked to Tess like a small hair accessory. Non decorative. “If you can’t determine how to work it, give me a buzz,” he’d ended the note.

After a five minute assessment, Tess’s curiosity had gotten the better of her.

“I give up,” Tess told Dr. Williams, the gynecologist, over the phone,

“Be right there,” he told her. “Better yet, come here.”

Dr. Johnson moved along the Viewing Room booth to seating above Dr. Williams’ office and lab.

“Up in the stirrups again?” Tess inquired.

Not necessarily the stirrups, dear. Just hop up here and relax.” Hiking her skirt up, Tess hopped up on Dr. Williams’ table. It seemed natural to spread her legs apart.

“Perfect,” Dr. Williams exclaimed, massaging her clitoris gently before attaching what Tess thought to be a hair barrette.

Tess moaned. And moaned again. And groaned and longed almanbahisbahis for, soon begged for an Ever-Growing Penis.

“Nice, huh?”

Tess moaned again, loudly.

“It’s a Clit Clip!” Dr. Williams exclaimed excitedly. “Don’t you love it?”

Tess indicated she did indeed love and made a lunge for Dr. Williams’ penis.

“Not yet, not quite yet, my dear. I want you to wait until you’re so wet that you’re absolutely dripping … well, I guess you are,” Dr. Williams surmised after touching Tess, “works better than even I thought it would!” He was ecstatic. As much with his invention as the act it would soon bring forth and enhance.

Tess was enraptured and nearly begging.

“All right, my dear, all right.” Dr. Williams accommodated her, fulfilling his specimen donation quota for the day and then some.


Chapter Seven—Coming Late

“Damn,” Tessa muttered to herself on the way up to FNS Bank. That’s morning’s argument, one in a long series of arguments with Simon, had caused her to be late almanbahis giriş for work. Late for the only job she’d ever loved and never wanted to screw up. So to speak.

She’d just seated herself at her desk when the phone rang.

“Miss Truman,” Dr. Johnson always called Tess Miss Truman.


“Please report to my office.”

“You were, let us see, 15 minutes late this morning, were you not?” He asked, or told her, when she arrived.

“Yes, sir.”

“Hhmm. I expect we’ll have to deal with that, now won’t we.”

“I suppose so.” Tessa was feeling a little frightened and terribly excited all at once.

“Lean over the desk, please.”

Tessa did so as Dr. Johnson lifted her purple dress and ripped down her matching crotchless panties.

Then he opened his desk drawer and pulled out a whip.

“My God!” Tessa exclaimed, suddenly more frightened than excited.

“Don’t worry, Miss Truman. It’s Dr. Williams’ new ‘Leaves No Marks Spanker'”. And he began spank/whipping Tessa. almanbahis yeni giriş “One, Two, Three, Four, Five …”

Dr. Johnson had to admit no marks were being made on that glorious ass of Tessa’s.

Tessa had to admit it felt wonderful and only a little bit painful. Dr. Johnson had been assuring her a little pain was good. She also had to admit to herself that she agreed with this theory of his, too. She did love the twice weekly elevator excursions with Dr. Johnson, which he insisted were good for her; he ended each with a sound hand spanking. This morning had been one of their scheduled excursions, which probably accounted for his ire.

“Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen!” Dr. Johnson ended with a flourish, panting somewhat.

Since the tenth strike, Tess had been madly searching through Dr. Johnson’s top right drawer for a Clit Clip or an Ever-Growing Penis or even a flat ended pen, but found nothing of substance.

“Please …” she moaned when Dr. Johnson had reached his fifteenth markless mark. “I need,”

“I know what you need, my dear Miss Truman. Therein lies the punishment, don’t you see?” Dr. Johnson then kept Tessa in his office taking dictation for a full twenty minutes. Twenty minutes of torture away from her Secretary’s Best Friend and her personal Ever-Growing Penis.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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