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Bands of Lust Chapter II

She had left me with a napkin with her address and quick directions. I stuffed that carefully into my pocket to avoid smearing the ink. And set out to drop off Simon and Nathan who were essentially still shifting between reality and whatever dream world they were simultaneously occupying. Nathan usually was never one to get stoned or drunk, but he was no match for Simon’s persuasion, which usually consisted of him punching Nathan in the arm until he gave in. I left them each at their houses and then turned my wheels for Terra’s place.

“Two in the morning,” I said, looking at the car’s digital clock. “God I hope I don’t wake anyone up.”

I parked a few blocks down from her place to avoid any awkward morning. The last thing I needed was her parents asking about a strange ca by their curb. I walked to the house, and crossed up to the front door. It was a two story brick box with a garage extension, and a matching brick wall with a black gate leading into the backyard.

“Christ, I can’t believe I’m actually doing this.” I called the number on the napkin and waited.

“Yeah?” Terra asked. Even on the phone her voice didn’t lose its honey.

“It’s me. I’m, I’m outside your front door.”

“Oh, my window is on the second floor on the right side of the house, hop the fence and climb up.”

“Climb up?”

“Yeah, you’ll see.”

“Fine, I’ll be there in a few minutes.” I flipped the cell shut and stuffed it into my slacks. “Okay, now I’m climbing into her room. What am I, Romeo?”

I hopped her fence with a bit of effort using her garbage bin as a boost. I was just waiting for it to roll out from under me, but I managed to land on the other side. Her window gleamed with light, and then I saw what she had meant. A wooden grid painted white and covered with intertwining vines with their flowers not yet in bloom ran up the full height of the house.

“I’m not athletic,” I sighed. I grabbed the rungs and started my climb. Dress shoes didn’t have any grip so I tried to go as slow as possible. As the window neared, I made a conscious effort not to look down. “Just a few more feet and, there.” I was right next to the open window sill, now came the hard part.

She stuck her head out the window and smiled. “Didn’t think you could climb that,” she said.

I smiled back. “Neither could I, can I get some help?”

“Sure, just ease over here and put your left foot on the sill and hold the top of the window with your hands.”

“I see you’ve done this before,” I said, stretching my left foot out to the sill.

“A few times,” she said.

I got my left hand on the top of the window, then my right, and then finally inched over until my right foot was where it needed to be. “Now what?”

“Now, just swing yourself in.”

“You sure I shouldn’t have just climbed up from the sill?”

“Just put one foot in, hold onto the sides and slip in.”

It took me a good minute to get up the nerve and three more to finally pass through in slow, jerky movements. There were at least two times I thought I was going to slip and fall to my death, or a pair of broken legs. “Oh, man, that was nuts.” I shook myself back to life, my nerves still shooting bullets of ‘scared shitless’ through my system. I dusted some green refuse from my blazer. Then my hands brushed up against Terra’s soft hands on my left arm.

“Let’s get this blazer off,” she said. Her hands slid up my arms to my shoulder, her firm grip sending bolts through to my feet, but they seemed to start collecting somewhere else. Her fingers curled around the collar and slowly slipped it off before tossing it onto the chair of her desk. Her heels clicked on the wooden floor as she came to my front and placed her hands on my chest. “Let’s get you off those sore feet.” She kissed me, her tongue pushed into my throat. She hadn’t brushed her teeth. The thick smell of her club drinks poured down and into my stomach. I wondered how she even managed to drive back here. Then she pushed me onto her bed.

“It’s only been thirty minutes since the bathroom at the club,” I said.

“I know,” she said, gazing down kocaeli escort at me as her fingers unbuttoned her vest. “I had to satisfy myself on the way over here, I couldn’t hold back.”

“What the hell have I gotten myself into?” I thought. I watched the vest slip from her shoulder and hit the floor before sliding off into a corner from a kick. She pulled off her red shirt and tossed it away just as carelessly. Her breasts, the breasts I’d been seeing in my dreams and pictured naked in my mind’s eye every hallway passing, burst up with soft yearning from black satin cups traced with red flowers. She reached back, undid the clip and let the bra fall to the floor. “Oh, damn.”

“The heats coming back,” she said.

“Yes it is,” I blurted out without much thought. I could feel my cock pressing against my slacks. Her skirt fell and joined the other clothes. Her white panties, now soaked, hit the ground and wound up somewhere in the room, I wasn’t really watching. She stood with her striped stockings and hiking boots, and her long netted gloves. “Aren’t you going to take off your boots?”

“I like fucking in these,” she said, and then she pounced.

Buttons clattered against the walls as my shirt was ripped open and pulled off and discarded. “Christ!” She slid down along my body, nails raking my chest and stomach with tender pain. She undid my slacks and yanked them down with my underwear and hurled them into some forgetful corner. I didn’t even hear the belt buckle strike the wood. I managed to peer down and saw my erection throbbing with carnal vigor. “Make me cum,” I said, out of breath.

“I plan to,” she said with a lush flashing of whites. She leaned forward and lowered her smooth rounded breasts down to my cock. She squeezed them and liquid ecstasy doused me like a surfer’s wave. Her soft, liquid gloves formed around my hardness with burning comfort. I could sense her heart beat through my dick, each thump sending surges of energy through my shaft. Then they rubbed against me, the softness firmly holding me as her warmness combined with my own into passionate fire. My cock slipped in and out of her cleavage, my pre-cum sticking to my shaft and making her breasts glisten.

“Oh, god,” I said. I was staring up at the ceiling with my hands at hands above my head. I didn’t look down. Not seeing her do it increased the pleasure. I just stared at the ceiling and kept my mind from wandering. I stayed there and now. Her breasts were slick now with my pre-cum, the firm pressure of her cleavage massaging my shaft caused my cock to twitch and my balls to tighten up. “Oh, shit, I think I’m going to cum.”

“Go ahead,” she said. She pumped her breasts faster, the softness of her skin washing my dick in pleasure. “Right into my mouth, baby.” Her head bent down and I gasped aloud as my head disappeared into her mouth. Just like when she’d cleaned me off in the bathroom half an hour ago, the lips tightened around the head and I growled in surprise as I felt her inhale. Air rushed over my cock and I nearly lost control. It vibrated off the head’s skin and sent my senses swirling, and when her tongue began to spin around it with moist slather I felt my body stiffen up. My balls finally tightened to their tightest, and my cock gave its final spasm before spraying white warmth into the back of her throat. As soon as I came, her breasts released the pressure and her mouth rushed down to take my entire length into it as a surplus of seed once held back by her breasts exploded with such force my hips rose up and my back arched. “Oh, fuck!” I cried out.

When I finally relaxed, Terra kept sucking me off to take what was left of my cum down her throat. My balls had shrunk, spent, and my dick still twitched from the unexpected force of release. I felt my cock pop out of her soft, strawberry lips. It took effort, but I came up onto my elbows. She was drooling strings of spit down onto my cock and lubricating it with her soft, but aggressive fist. “How many more times can you go?” she asked.

“I’m not sure,” I managed to say. “Ungh,” I groaned as my cock started to build up again to its full length, hot red fire stiffening it. There were thin darıca escort pale lines along my shaft from where her teeth had gently scraped me when she’d come up. I was so dazed from the release I hadn’t even felt their soft bite.

“Well, let’s see.” Once my cock was glistening and didn’t seem to be growing anymore, she straddled me and slipped her fingers down to her burning, wet lips. She spread her pussy wide, still raw from the finger fucking she’d given herself on the way home, and then lowered herself down. She took in a long lungful as my hot length stretched her even more. I groaned as I felt the pressure of her cunt constrict around my shaft, its wet warmth burning me raw with ecstatic pain. I felt my pelvis tighten up as the weight of Terra’s sex was borne down on me. “How does it feel?” she asked, fire swirling in those hazel eyes.

“Warm,” I said.

“Let’s see how long you can last,” she said. With her palms against my chest, her nails digging into my flesh and pulling a groan of pain from my throat, she began to pump herself up and down on my shaft harshly. Her lips smacked loudly against my pelvis with each descent, my ass and hips bouncing on the edge of her bed as she impaled herself on my cock over and over.

“Terra, please, this is too much,” I groaned. I wasn’t sure if I could hold it in.

“No, don’t cum yet. I’m…still…not…there yet,” she huffed. Her breasts bounced before my eyes as she worked my cock like a pole. My hips started grinding into her. I thrust my cock up into her frantic pussy, her warm furnace swallowing my burning stiffness eagerly. I could feel her stretching and shrinking with each rise and fall. Each spearing ripped her open and tore strong moans from her throat. “Yes, yes!” she screamed. “Push it deeper, I’m right there.”

“Terra,” I huffed, my cock pounding her without rest. “I don’t think I can hold it, arrgh!”

“Hold it, hold it,” she cried out. “I’m on the edge of it.” She rode me even harder; her pussy began to redden my sore pelvis with each pump. Her nails dug into me, scratching me with feline care.

“Oh, shit!” I growled. I clenched my stomach, but I was too late. I grabbed her hips firmly at the last second. I exploded into her, every ounce of my seed adding to the gallons already within her. If she didn’t get pregnant after that, I would think it was an act of God.

She screamed into the ceiling, her angelic voice ringing in my ears with a hurricane of sound and fury. Her pussy muscles relaxed as her sex came to rest on my sore pelvis, my even sorer cock still throbbing within her, the last of my seed oozing from my twitching length. I could feel her climax pouring down my shaft; its moist warmness was as thick as honey. My balls had collapsed, its second release being more volcanic than the first. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to go a third time.

We both groaned with sharp burning sensation as Terra dismounted, both our raw flesh still too reactive to even the lightest touch. She rolled onto her back to my right side and spread her dripping legs open, the hem of her stockings soaked with her trailing juices. She massaged her inner thighs, and took a long look at me. “Mount me,” she said, her breathing heavy and beckoning. Her voice quivered with need, ached with her uncontrolled addiction.

“Can’t we rest,” I asked, completely convinced I couldn’t get it up for at least a few hours.

Her answer was to grab me and throw me on top of herself. Without a word she grabbed my cock and massaged it back to life, her tongue licking her lips in hunger. “I need you,” she said. “The heat’s still there. It’s burning me up.”

My cock stiffened up and quaked with renewed vigor, and I sighed to myself. I was dripping buckets of sweat, some of those salty droplets drizzled onto her heaving stomach. She yanked me forward so suddenly that my cock’s head struck her swollen clit. She cried out in unexpected euphoria, but I felt sharp pain race up my shaft. I took in a deep breath, looked down to her soaked cunt and pushed my cock once more into her engorging folds. Her heat was still fresh. I growled through clenched teeth as my cock roared with sensation, gölcük escort the rawness too strong to forget. I let my breath out, and managed to look her in her eyes. They were closed and her head was tilted back, mouth slightly open. Hot, needy breath escaped her. “She’s just waiting for me to start,” I thought. I grabbed her thighs and squeezed, then I pulled out and thrust in with as much force as I could muster. The bed rocked with each thrust. Her legs wrapped themselves about my waist and her boots interlocked. I had to rise up on the balls of my feet to be eye to eye with her. My hips rose and fell as her pussy took my cock in its firm hold once more. With my palms pressing into the giving softness of her bed on either side of her head, I huffed and growled as my weight pressed her down into the frame forming mattress.

Terra let her hazel eyes grow accustomed to my own black orbs. Her gloved hands massaged their way up my taut arms and then around my body. Her nails dug into my upper back, my aching shoulder blades feeling the sting oh-too-well. I released a soft groan that brought a smile to her features. Clinging to me, she raised herself up so that only her ass and lower back touched the bed and buried her moaning face into my right shoulder, her cries being muffled into my flesh. I felt her hip buck and grind against me, rising to meet each thrust with equal fervor. We fucked each other without a pause for breath. She was like a bitch in heat, her hips slamming themselves passionately into me, my cock driving into her with such speed and strength that I could hear the meeting of our pelvises like the crack of a whip. “That’s it,” she cooed. “Don’t stop, right there, baby.” Her eyes were shut, but I knew unbridled lust lay in those autumn hazel stars.

As the bestial heat rose up within us both, I could feel our bodies rushing to finish. My hips were a jackhammer on autopilot, the fullness of my length boring into her body with the ease of a water slick tube. I could feel the passion’s heat rising up in my loins, my balls growing hard and heavy. I was ready to release, and she knew it. Her pussy could feel my cock’s struggling twitches within the vice grip of her vaginal muscles. She just tightened around me with desperation, her inflamed cunt trying to burn the last of my seed from me. I pumped harder and faster, my breath coming loud and heavy. Groaning in some deep beast voice, I wrapped my arms around her back and held her tight against my chest. Her supple breasts were flattened against my heaving biceps, both our hardened nipples sword fighting as we ground into one another with anticipation of our final climax. As I felt my cock spasm several times and my balls began to tighten for the surge, I counted the seconds and timed my release. When I knew I could no longer hold it, I released all mental restrictions and sunk my teeth into Terra’s supple neck for a gentle love bite. Her body stiffened at once, her hips slamming me without pause. Her cunt squeezed my cock in one final burst of aggression, her juices showering me in a rush of liquid lust. She cried out in pure uncontrolled satisfaction as her climax ripped through her senses like a storm. Seconds after, I exploded into her for the third time. My balls shrunk with spent juice, and my cock roared with fire and pain as it released what I took to be my final supply for the night. I prayed she was finally satisfied, that the heat that so often consumed her was finally gone for the night.

“Arrgh!” I growled. I collapsed on top of her spent, my chest heaving in time with hers. We still held each other in a tight embrace, our faces buried in each other’s shoulders to muffle our exhaustive breath.

She gasped for a long while; the last of her hips’ jerks releasing whatever cum was left within her. I could feel my cock twitching within her burning loins. “Good boy,” she said, her fingers petting the back of my head. “Thank you, Brody.”

I panted into her shoulder. “No problem,” I said. “Can we sleep now?”

She laughed. “Yeah, we can.”

My eyes shut as if weighed down, and my consciousness fled into some other place. I could still feel the heart between our bodies, but that was all. My breath calmed and my heart slowed its pace, and I let the familiar darkness of sleep take me, the Saturday morning sun’s rise only hours away.

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