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Big Dicks

Please enjoy this new chapter of Bad Boy Road Trip. It is a work of fiction, intended for adult readers. All characters are adults, eighteen or older, and unusually horny.

If you would like to assist with proofreading/editing, please contact me at via the CONTACT tab on my profile. Thanks.

–Taylor VanCannon


Jake followed his GPS along a narrow back road lined with barbed-wire fencing before turning onto a dusty dirt road. Up ahead was an arch emblazoned with the name of the ranch he was looking for: Belle’s Double-D Ranch.

The RV had nearly cleared the arch when he hit the brakes, throwing up a cloud of dust. Unsure of what he’d just seen, he hopped out and walked back until he could gaze up at the arch. Belle’s cattle brand was burned into each side of the weathered wooden sign. He shook his head in amazement, wondering what kind of devious mind designed it.

Two interlocking D’s faced away from each other, with their curves crossing at two points. The straight edges tilted outward, suggesting a triangular shape. The B sat sideways atop the interlocking D’s. Further examination only confirmed his first impression: two breasts pointing skyward atop a stylized pussy with wide open lips. Picasso would have been proud.

Jake continued down the road until he reached a large ranch house. He bounded up the steps onto the broad verandah and immediately recognized Belle. Aside from her short hair, she was the spitting image of Dixie, her twin sister. She sat in the center of a line of rocking chairs, flanked by two women on each side.

Belle eyed him cautiously as he approached. “Hello,” she said, extending her hand.

Jake chuckled to himself as he grasped her hand. He could only imagine the confusion his appearance caused. “Hi Ladies,” he said with a warm smile, “I’m Jake… I think you’re expecting me.”

Relieved, Belle said, “I think my sister needs her eyes checked. You look nothing like I imagined.”

“An improvement… I hope.” Jake told them the story about the Brad Pitt poster and his makeover in Pecos, leaving out the extracurricular bits.

“Indeed!” Carole said, introducing herself. At thirty, she and Susie were the two youngest of the book club. Her golden curls hung down to her shoulders; she had a mischievous look to her. Like the others, she wore a lightweight sun dress, gathered at the waist. She extended her hand. “I’m Carole.”

“I agree,” Janice chimed in, “they did an excellent job, definitely Brad Pitt material.” She beamed with enthusiasm. Her short brunette hair was a mass of dark curls. “I’m Janice,” she said, taking his hand. At forty-something, she was closer to Belle’s age.

Kim took her time looking him over before introducing herself. Her strawberry blond hair was done up in frizzy curls, hanging just off her shoulders. Her bright blue eyes lit up her face. She couldn’t resist dropping her eyes down for a quick glance at his crotch.

Knowing that his tailored slacks revealed nothing, Jake playfully tapped her under the chin to lift her eyes. He figured her for about thirty-five.

She blushed, but only slightly, her interest piqued. “This is my friend Susie,” Kim said, “she insisted we let her join our group… just for today.”

“Oh,” Jake said, turning to Susie, “you’re not a book club regular?”

She shook her head. “I helped Kim bake you a cake last night… and, well, I just had to be here to see your reaction to it.”

“A cake?”

“Un-huh, I think you’re going to like it,” she said. “I work at Kim’s bakery… and came up with the design myself.”

He imagined something along the lines of the cattle brand. He winked at her and opened his arms, inviting a hug.

She obliged, pressing herself into him. Her lightly freckled face was just inches from his, close enough for him to take in the rose scent of her short blond hair. Her ample tits mashed flat into his chest. He sensed she was fishing for something, so he parted his legs just enough to give her room to wedge her leg in between his. “Better?” he whispered into her ear.

“Mmm,” she cooed, doing her best to conceal her surprise. There was no doubt she found what she was looking for.

“So, it’s true,” Belle said, eyeing Susie’s reaction. Dixie’s general description of Jake may have been wildly wrong, but Susie’s wide grin confirmed that she was spot-on about the size of his manhood. “Can we offer you an iced tea?”

“How about something a little stronger?”

Belle smiled and poured him a tall drink from the pitcher. “Try this first… it’s sweetened with Southern Comfort.”

Jake took a sip of the sweet concoction. “Nice,” he said, “looks like you’ve got a head start on me.”

Belle nodded. “So Jake, what do you think of my spread?”

He eyed her carefully, pondering how to answer a question so loaded with innuendo. Over her head was a sign, almost as big as the one he drove under, with the cattle brand prominently displayed. He looked up. “Nice… I especially like your cattle escort izmit brand.”

That got all the girls twittering at once.

Belle winked at Jake, “Let’s just say I put a lot of myself into the design…” She lifted a leg and draped it over the arm of the rocker, and then did the same with the other leg. It only took a slight tug on her dress to expose her neatly shaved pussy. “… you can see where I got my inspiration.”

Jake let out a low whistle. He stalled for time, racking his brain for just the right response. The jagged lips of her well worn pussy bore no resemblance to the clean graphic lines of the cattle brand. He looked to the other girls, hoping they might follow Belle’s lead, but there were no takers. Aroused by her brazen display, he returned his focus to her glistening pink gash. He dropped to his knees and moved in close, unable to resist the urge to take a taste.

Belle wagged a finger at him and slammed the door shut on her pussy. “Patience my friend… there’ll be plenty of time for that later.”

Jake scowled at her in mock indignation, and then turned to the other girls, fishing for a more accommodating response.

Janice volunteered, “Belle can be a real ball-buster…”

“Yeah,” Kim chimed in, “but she doesn’t speak for all of us.”

Susie jumped to her feet, judged her distance to Jake and then took two quick steps toward him. With a quick twist, she bent down and kicked herself up into a handstand, facing him.

Jake stared down at the thin red thong, wedged between the lips of her pussy, on display just inches from his face. Her thicket of strawberry blond pubes poked out in all directions.

Kim gave her friend a playful smack on her bare ass-cheek. “I knew it… Susie lied about her interest in our book club.” She hooked her fingers under the waistband of Susie’s thong and slid it up her long legs, until the narrow fabric snapped free of her crack.

“A little white lie,” Susie said, as she split her legs, forcing open the lips of her glistening pink pussy.

Jake bent down and kissed her luscious pussy lips. He wrapped his arms around her waist and stood up, lifting her off the ground.

Kim placed her hands on Susie’s waist to help lift her weight, and found herself staring directly into her friends tight little ass while she watched Jake’s tongue slither through the folds of her labia. She inhaled deeply, taking in Susie’s musky scent. She couldn’t resist extending her tongue for a quick taste.

“Mmm,” Susie cooed, feeling two tongues lashing her open gash. With her hands free, she unzipped Jake’s pants and fished out the object of her desire. “Oh my God!”

Kim couldn’t resist leaning over to take a peek. Susie had both hands around his monster cock and was stuffing it into her mouth. “Damn!” She reluctantly tore her eyes away from the big cock and returned her attention to Susie, probing the crack of her ass with her tongue.

Jake liked what he saw and took a moment away from Susie’s pussy for an impromptu sword fight with Kim’s tongue. He was tempted to make out with Kim while Susie blew him, but soon realized that there was no way she could finish the job from her inverted position.

Apparently Kim had come to the same conclusion and broke off her kiss with Jake. She winked, and said, “Don’t worry about me… for now…” Her tongue darted into Susie’s ass crack without finishing her thought.

Jake understood perfectly and was thrilled to see Kim go after Susie’s tight rosebud. Perhaps they shared the same fetish… and he’d soon be probing hers. He went straight for Susie’s clit and hit it hard.

Overwhelmed by the tongue assaulting her clit, she let Jake’s big cock slip out of her mouth. She squirmed in ecstasy, gasping for breath, as she stared at the big cock dangling in her face. Her orgasm built slowly, deep in her loins. She screeched as intense pleasure overtook her, radiating out to every corner of her writhing body.

Jake and Kim kept at it until Susie had absorbed every last ounce of pleasure her body could take. They gently lowered her back into her handstand, helping her with her balance until she could keep herself upright.

Susie twisted and jackknifed her legs to step out of it. She planted a big kiss on Jake’s wet lips, savoring her own pussy juices. Done with Jake, she turned her attention to Kim, and kissed her hard, forcing her tongue into her mouth… just like Kim had done to her tight asshole. She twirled Kim around using her best dance move; a ruse to deliver up Kim’s ass for Jake. She dropped to her knees and pulled Kim over, bending her at the waist.

Jake flipped Kim’s dress up, exposing her tight black boy shorts. He admired her ample ass as he unbuttoned his shirt and stepped out of his new pants.

Excited by where this was headed, Kim reached back to slip her black panties down over her ass, teasing Jake with an exaggerated wiggle.

Jake didn’t wait for her to finish and plunged his big cock into her as soon as her waistband cleared izmit escort the entrance to her pussy. After watching Kim rim Susie’s tight little rosebud, there was no doubt where he wanted to finish.

Kim gasped, not quite prepared for the sudden intrusion. She glanced back and saw his mischievous expression and realized that he might have something else in mind. She mouthed the words, “Be gentle.”

He nodded, and pumped her, increasing his pace with each thrust.

Belle was not amused with the sudden turn of events, but the other girls seemed to share Kim’s enthusiasm, and loudly cheered her on.

Jake paused to acknowledge them with a slight bow, and then got back to pounding Kim’s slippery pussy. Each thrust popped her cheeks open, giving him a brief glimpse of her asshole. Mesmerized by her tight pucker, he stared down, unblinking.

Susie gave Kim one last kiss and then stepped behind Jake to fondle his balls. Aware of what he wanted, she whispered into his ear, “You know she wants it… start with your thumbs.”

Jake pulled back until just the head of his cock was hidden between the glistening folds of her pussy lips. He used his thumbs to spread open her ass crack, and then leaned over to dribble warm spit into it.

Kim surprised him by reaching back with her fingers and pushing his spit up into her asshole, adding one finger after another to stretch herself open.

“You go girl!”

Jake glanced over to see it was Carole egging her on.

“Take that big cock,” Janice chimed in, “take it up your ass.”

“Ladies!” Belle exclaimed, in a futile effort to reclaim control of her book club.

“Now,” Susie whispered, “she’s ready.” She emphasized her point with a firm squeeze of his balls.

Kim cried out as his big cock filled her ass… plunging in swiftly, just like he did to her cunt.

Was it pleasure… or pain? Jake paused when he was half way in and waited for her reaction.

Kim gasped, and then gently rocked back against his big cock, eager for more.

Definitely pleasure. He eased his cock forward, giving her what she wanted.

She gasped again, loudly.

He slowly withdrew until just the head stretched her open.

Kim pushed back against him, hard, forcing his big cock back in… deep.

It was all the encouragement Jake needed. He took over and pumped her with a steady stroke.

Susie released her grip on his balls and stepped to the side so she could reach Kim’s clit with her finger.

Kim moaned with pleasure at Susie’s touch. She roughly squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples. Inspired by Susie’s intense orgasm, she desperately wanted to experience one for herself.

Susie rolled Kim’s hard nub between her fingers while Jake assaulted her ass, pounding her furiously as he strained for his own pleasurable conclusion.

Kim got there first, screeching like a banshie as her body convulsed in orgasmic pleasure.

It caught both Susie and Jake by surprise, and they weren’t prepared to support the weight of Kim’s body. When her legs buckled, she fell to her knees and slipped off of Jake’s big cock.

Susie was quick to react and sat down on Kim’s quivering ass to face Jake’s raging cock. She stroked him with both hands, listening for the telltale signs of an orgasm. It didn’t take long. She opened her mouth just in time to gobble up his explosion of cum.

Kim twisted underneath Susie and rubbed her back as she devoured Jake’s copious load. After filling her mouth, Susie turned back to Kim and hovered over her face. Kim took the hint and opened her mouth to accept a stream of Jake’s goo dribbling from Susie’s lips.

Jake watched in amazement as the two girls put on a show for him, exchanging his spunk in a very sloppy kiss. Their tongues tangled until all his cum disappeared down their throats. They proudly displayed their clean tongues to Jake, and the rest of the book club ladies.

Belle spoke in a deadpan voice, “Now… can we take this inside and get our book club back to regular order.”

The twittering girls complied, but not before giving Jake a high-five as they passed by him.

Jake retrieved his new duds and brought up the rear… his new speciality.


Jake sprawled out on a large leather sofa and admired the animal heads mounted on the walls of the rustic family room, all symbols of ranch life. Belle was every bit the cowgirl.

Susie stepped out of the kitchen carrying a cake dish with a very tall cover. The other girls followed her, bubbling with excitement. Susie and Kim were as naked as Jake had last seen them on the porch, but Janice, Carol and Belle still wore their sundresses. Disappointed, he was about to say something when Susie stopped in front of him and lifted the cover off the cake.

His jaw dropped open, at the sight of a monster cock jutting up from between a pair of humongous balls nestled on the cake plate. It was a perfectly sculpted shaft capped with a bulbous head, all covered izmit kendi evi olan escort in dark chocolate. There were even dribbles of white frosting cascading down the shaft. If it was supposed to represent his cock, they had obviously overdone it… but not by too much!

Kim plopped down next to Jake and lifted his soft cock to compare it to their culinary masterpiece.

“Maybe if he was hard,” Janice suggested, taking a seat on the other side of Jake. She lent a hand and together they stroked his big cock back to life.

Carole dropped to her knees in front of Jack and pitched in, wrapping her lips around the head of his cock and noisily sucking him into her mouth.

“Ladies!” Belle exclaimed, “Control yourselves… this is supposed to be a book club meeting.”

That brought a round of jeers from all the other book club members.

Jake smiled at Belle and shrugged his shoulders.

Any progress Carole made on Jake’s cock was quickly tamped down by Belle’s icy glare.

Defeated, Jack pushed Carole off and said, “Belle’s right, I’d love to hear about your book club.”

Carole frowned, and then in an act of defiance, she turned her attention to the cake. She gave the head of the chocolate cock several quick licks, tasting the mixture of black and white frosting.

“Go for it,” shouted Susie, eager to see her artistry put to its intended use.

Carole opened her mouth wide and wrapped it around the chocolate head, taking in about two inches.

“Do it,” Kim shouted as the others cheered her on.

Carole snapped her jaws closed, severing the head of the big chocolate cock. White cream filling oozed from the center of the severed member as she wolfed down the chocolate cake concoction.

Jake applauded as Susie, Kim and Janice took turns biting off chunks of the diminishing cock until only the two big chocolate balls were left on the plate.

Belle stood and glared at the girls.

“Lighten up Belle,” Janice said, “we saved the best for you.”

Jake watched a wide grin spread across Belle’s face. Apparently her days as den mother were about to come to an end. She plucked one ball off the plate and stuffed half of it into her mouth. She turned and straddled Jake’s lap, forcing the other half of the chocolate ball into Jack’s mouth. She teased his cock with the ample cheeks of her ass as they took their time eating the sweet, cream filled testicle.

“Hey,” Janice protested, “no fair. You said we had to do book club first.”

Jake laughed. “I think she’s got you there, Belle, besides, I’d like to hear more about what goes on in this book club.”

“Okay,” Belle said, “I hereby call our book club to order. Who want’s to go first?”

“What about the Talking Stick?” Janice asked.

Jake glanced at her, puzzled. “Talking Stick?”

Belle answered his question. “It’s an old Indian custom, so that everyone doesn’t talk at once.”

“Yes,” Janice said, nodding to Jake and grinning, “and let’s use a real one.”

Kim got her drift and chimed in. “Great idea, Janice, should we dispense with our usual one?”

“Usual one?” Jack asked playfully, knowing exactly what they were referring to.

Belle opened a drawer in the coffee table and showed him a large collection of dildos.

Janice slammed the drawer shut and took up her old position in front of Jake. “Forget those… we’ve got the real thing right here.” She reached down and gave Jake’s limp cock a gentle tug.

“All those in favor?” Belle asked, knowing it would be unanimous.

Kim and Susie gathered next to Janice to give her a hand.

Janice swatted them away. “Give me a minute to get our Talking Stick ready.” She teased the head of his cock with several wet licks of her tongue. “You two decide which author we’re going to discuss.”

Jake sat back on the sofa and watched Janice devour his growing cock, snaking it all the way down her throat. He closed his eyes and listened to the cacophony of voices as they argued about which author to discuss, leaving no doubt that his Talking Stick was about to get plenty of action.

Belle announced that the author they selected was Taylor VanCannon, and that Janice would go first, since she had done all the work to get Jake’s Talking Stick ready.

Janice was so focused on sucking Jake’s cock that she was oblivious to Belle’s instructions. Unable to get his hard cock down her throat, she was content to suck the bulbous head and stroke his slippery shaft. She looked up when Belle tapped her on the arm. “What?”

“You’re up,” Belle said, “it’s your turn on the Talking Stick.”

Kim and Susie jumped up and helped strip off Janice’s sun dress while Jake looked on, admiring her dark curly pubes poking out from her emerald green thong.

“You like that?” Janice asked, watching Jake eyes drop to her crotch. She slipped a hand under the thong and rubbed herself.

“Come on, Janice,” Carole demanded. “You’re wasting time.”

Janice peeled off the thong and flicked it like a rubber band towards Carole. She stood on the couch, straddling Jake, giving him one last look at her unruly muff. She turned and squatted over his erect cock.

Jake placed his hands on her hips, gently guiding her onto his rigid pole.

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