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Chapter One, Part One, Section One:

Either way you look at it this is the beginning of this tale. Enjoy it, read it…please let me know what you think. I hope that it does to you what it does to me every time I remember it. I also would love to hear your comments and reviews. As always please Vote.


I stood there and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked at the reflection, of what I was wearing, slightly disgusted with myself. Disgusted but turned on and horny. At this point in my life I am a thirty year old man who gets off by talking about sex. Whether it is age play, Non-consent, Cross-dressing, forced feminization (I do believe I spelled this word wrong if it is even a word), Bi-sexual action (Whether it is girl-girl or guy-guy it doesn’t matter) and especially I love talking about fucking my mother. There is something about sticking your dick between your mother’s legs that is totally erotic. Even though I was adopted she is still my mother. She is still the one I snuck looks at, and sometimes was even offered glances when she would call me in to help her dress. Nothing big just helping with the buttons on a blouse, or a bra strap, or even a zipper on her skirt. I was younger then, I didn’t know she was trying to seduce me.

I would masturbate in her room when she went out, hoping upon hope that she would catch me. I would be curious and look through her things. First finding the joys of jerking myself off in her clothes. I do so love a good pair of thigh highs and garter belt. Many times I would place them on and look at myself in the mirror. Much like I was doing now. This time though what I was wearing either belonged to me or my girlfriend. Although as I write this we are having trouble and I hope I can battle over this adversary and still be able to keep her heart, but that story is not sexual. I am sure you would rather here my exploits about my Mom. So back to it. Where was I? After a while the clothes were not enough I needed more. I needed something different. I found that something different in the shape of a tacky brown duffle bag. It wasn’t military issue nor as big as such but it was full. Full of my new toys.

OK, so they were my Mom’s toys, but still I decided that I could play while she was gone. The first thing I did was view the tapes. Nothing like a good porno movie to a curious growing boy. The first one I couldn’t believe. I had to watch it a few times. It didn’t turn me on at all, but it was very weird watching this man stick his foot up this woman’s pussy. I don’t mean a toe, but his whole foot. The other reason was the quality was poor. I went tape through tape through tape. It took me quite a few Tuesday nights because that was the only time I knew she would be out for a long time. Then I finally made it to the last tape. I don’t know why it was last but it was. At this point I saw fisting, footing (OK what would you call it), fucking, and every position possible. What I saw next was a movie. A movie that had a generous amount of sex. Even an orgy scene, but what grabbed my attention most was the scene at the end. The scene where the Mother wanted the Son. The movie was Taboo.

That night was the first night I jerked off thinking of my Mother. I was fascinated that I never thought of it before. I also started to jerk off in her room more. I found out that sticking a dildo up my ass was enjoyable. It felt really good knowing that my Mom had that in her pussy. I noticed a few things though. I noticed my Mom would rub my thigh more, and even pat my ass. She would ask for back rubs while wearing basically nothing at all. She had this white T-shirt that was frayed and barely covered her ass. She would wear that a lot. I had no problems giving her back rubs since I got to stay up and watch more TV. She always wanted her lower back rubbed, I wondered what if I rubbed even lower. What if I felt her ass through the soft fabric. If I would have lifted the tiny bit that covered her ass and probed my finger between her bushy mound. There I go jumping ahead.

Well, I could continue on but I already wrote some of the görükle escort bayan things that happened in one of my stories (compared to this being a bit more of a forward then an actual story, plus the story in question… A Son’s Curiosity happened a long time ago. These events that I am dying to tell you are more recent and no more a story as the best possible retelling of events. So like I said, here I was in front of my mirror, I stood looking at myself wearing a pair of thigh highs attached to a garter belt, a pair of black silk panties and what I believe to be a teddy. My dick was hard and straining to get out. In fact I took pictures, I had to, it’s what my Mom wanted me to do. A few days ago I ran into her. It was at the Walmart. I was in there looking for some new lingerie. I am always turned on by wearing new stuff. Anyway as I was walking around the panty cubicles I bumped into her. I was about to excuse myself when I realized who it was.

This is where I apologize and tell you I need to finish those other stories but at least here you jump ahead. Like I said I am thirty, My Mom is older. I don’t wish to say how much older because she will be reading this way before you do. I stopped talking to her when I was nineteen. We had some words, an argument, a fight, some really rough sex and I left her hanging. Once again a story for another time.

I got dressed over the lingerie she had me take pictures of myself in. I Kissed my girlfriend good-bye and left. Thankfully she was very understanding. She told me to have fun this time but next time she wanted to watch. Getting in my car I drove over there not paying any attention to anything other than the fact it was about to start all over again. I liked the feeling for being her slut. I like the feeling of being her sex slave. My cock stretched in my jeans making me drive a bit faster. I haven’t fucked my Mom in over ten years and here I was about to do it again. The first time I slid between her legs was amazing, I came in a few seconds…like I said I was young and well I was a virgin.

Light after light passed. I was strangely in awe how the old neighborhood had changed. I pulled up into the driveway. I guess my Mom finally cleaned out the garage I did not see her car anywhere. Then again it has been so long she could have gotten a new car. I parked and went to the side door. Some dread fascination over came me and I tried my key. It didn’t work. I guess the last time I saw my Mom made her change them. I knocked like some common salesman. My dick was getting soft, but I could feel the pre-cum soak my panties. I made sure I had the digital camera with me. As I looked down to stare at it the door opened. My Mom Made a gesture to come in. I entered and we exchanged uncomfortable hugs. She told me that she just had to finish up the touches in the basement and that if I wanted to I could go see my old room.

I went up to go check it out. Counting the gray carpeted steps as I made my way up. Remembering all the times I would see how far I could jump down them. The most I was able to skip was eight. At the top of the stairs I turned to the right and entered my room. It was the same, everything was the exact same as the day I left it. OK so it was a lot cleaner but I thought she would have changed some things around a bit. The carpet was still an ugly orange yellow. Reminds me a bit of puke. I looked at the closet that I watched my Mom force my best friend and his Mom have sex. I looked under the mattress hoping to find my old magazines, but they were gone. Picture after picture forced their way down my memories. I noticed the phone wire my sister slipped through the ducts so I could have a phone.

I decided to check out her room as well. I wanted to know if it was the same, or changed. I exited my room and made a left down the landing that ran parallel to the stairwell. I stood in the doorway. No change, not one. One I could see anyway. I checked out the closet really quick. Yup, one was empty and the other full of my Mom’s clothes. Nothing spectacular, she left those in her closet. altıparmak eskort Since I didn’t hear her call for me, and her voice was hard to miss, I walked to her room and made straight for the closet. I had to know if the bag was still there. I was about to enter the closet when her voice stopped me.

I left her room and walked downstairs, through the gray carpeted living room, pass the entrance foyer and stopped to see her in the dining room. She was wearing a leather bodice, her tits were pressed out to show an abundant amount of cleavage. The bottom of the bodice ended with four garters stretching down holding onto these black glistening latex thigh high boots. Her hands and arms were covered by gloves that went up to her elbows. She was really decked out. I was getting more than excited, my cock slipped out of my panties.

I so wanted this. I so missed being her bitch. All the times she made me eat out one of her friends, the time she dressed me up and took me to an adult theater (even though it was a twenty-one or over). She made over four hundred dollars in telling the guys in the theater that I was her daughter and she wanted to teach me a lesson that I shouldn’t blow a guy until I knew how to do it right. I was so full of cum. It dripped down my clothes, it sat in my belly, and it was all over my face. She took me home that night slipped me into the bath and told me to tell her all about it while she fingered my ass. That was something else at that age I knew she was trying to prepare me for. She slipped in four fingers that night and fucked me with them until I came.

Now, I stood there waiting for her to break the silence. She raised her hand and for the first time I noticed a blindfold. She held it to me. Instinctively I took it from her hand and held it at my side. I waited for her to speak.

“Strip” was the one quick word she said. I undressed I stripped down to what she wanted me to wear. Once again my dick was hard in anticipation. All the times she had me dress in something like this and she forced me to show others. (~~>she mentioned that if anyone were to ask for a picture I was to send them one<~~) She knew I was hers again. She told me she had a guest downstairs. She was tied up and ready, the only catch was I had to do it blindfolded. I was told she was disease and drug free. She was bound and gagged like the time I had to fuck her friends daughter. She screamed and cried no until the very end. She knew that I was just to get her ready for her father. I wonder what ever happened to her. I was led to the basement door. I knew I had only two steps before I had to step down. A thought slammed it’s way through my memory. It was about the time my sister and I would race down the stairs. She would always win being five years older. Well, one time she steeped back. I thought I was actually going to win, so when she said three I was off and running, so I thought. Her hands pushed me and I went rolling down crashing into the television at the bottom of the staire. She walked down afterwards and stepped over me claiming her victory of watching the television. Standing up, holding my bloody bump, I sat down next to her. I was more upset that by her reasoning of turning on the TV that she won even though I DID make it down the stairs first. The thought came to me since I hoped I would not fall down now. I could hear her breathing. It was heavy, like a person trying to catch her breath. I counted the thirteen steps to the ground, placed my hand on the TV and faced the general direction. I heard the steps creek after me, knowing my Mom was following I stepped two steps forward. The tip of my panty hosed feet touched the subject I was supposed to control. I kneeled feeling my way around, slowly as not to seem clumsy. I found myself between her legs. I inched up and closer to her pussy. I could smell the excitement. She squirmed at my touch, apparently being blindfolded as well. Her grunts were totally incoherent, made that much more difficult which I could only assume was a ball gag. nilüfer escort Many times in my past I was forced to wear them. My tongue finally pierced between her legs, a cry of what I can only decipher as the word, ‘No’.

“You are here for one reason only, you are here for our Mistress’ pleasure, you are a whore, just like me,” I had to begin speaking. I had to orally assault her and make her feel like a slut. Although knowing that she was here for my Mother she was a slut, or she liked feeling like one. I slowly began to wonder how my girlfriend would act in this situation, all tied up and about to be forcefully fucked. It turned me on knowing she wanted me to be here. As I continued to talk I checked her legs reaching for her bounded wrists and ankles. I was right, not only the rooms didn’t change nor did my Mom’s knowledge of knots. “You seem to like the feel of the rope.” I tugged at them as I spoke. It was a nylon rope, hard to damage the skin. The more I talked the more she squirmed. The more it seemed like she wanted to tell me something. My cock was pressed hard against my panties, I was ready to cum. I wanted to make sure that the slut tied up was ready too as well. I pressed my hand against her mound and stuck a finger up her cunt.

It was so moist and tight. My finger slid in like it was slipping into heaven, well how else can you describe a finger sliding in. I followed with a second one. I felt her body convulse, only slightly at first, but enough to make me want to touch myself. I had two fingers in her pussy and my hand wrapped around my cock. I started to jerk off slipping my hands under the silky fabric. My back was smacked hard, by what I couldn’t imagine. All I know was that it hurt. “You are not here to do that yet. I only want you to make that fucking bitch cum and cum again. Is that understood you ungrateful little bastard?” I was ready to answer when I was hit again.

“Yes, Mistress.” I replied. My cock wasn’t as hard as it was, but I was still horny, and I still had two fingers in a nice juicy pussy. I figured I would up the ante, so I placed three in. Feeling somewhat sheepish now I lowered my face to her mouth watering cunt and started to munch. I could feel her struggle against the ropes. It was a mixture of wanting freedom and getting ready to cum. The more I thought about it the more I was turned on. What set me over the edge was I started to imagine it was my girlfriend. I couldn’t think who else it was so I had to put a face to the body. It was enough to get me to finger fuck her quicker and quicker. She began to buck and cum against her will, just like a good cunt. I had to move to get a better angle to continue to finger fuck her, the movement was a mistake.

I was beginning to cum. I couldn’t stop it, nor did I want to. I continued finger fucking this captive girl. Riding her wave of please as cum shot out of my dick landing who knows where. A smack, as sharp as the first time slammed my left shoulder, my right was to busy keeping a bucking motion to stimulate a good orgasm for the bound girl. “Did I tell you to cum?” Before I could answer the back of my hair was pulled and my face was slammed down into it. I could feel the cum against my nose and lips. The warmth underneath told me it landed on the sweet whore my finger were gouged in. “Lick that mess up” I did so eagerly. I so love the taste of my own cum, but only when I am forced to do it, or when I get a blowjob and it is shared back by a kiss. I only wish my girlfriend would learn to be more domineering and make me do that.

Well, it is late. I must get some sleep, after jerking off. I will continue my story tomorrow and hope that this gets posted today, or at least as soon as possible. I like to write but I also feel that to much you tend to skip through looking for the juicy parts. I need to do a few spell checks and have my girlfriend edit it some. I do hope that you will send me your opinions on this chapter of my life. The story of my life continues and I love telling people about it. I will try to finish all three parts before I go away and meet with some porn starts in Atlantic City. That will be a story in itself, one for the video camera. Please if you skimmed through reread it. I do believe I placed a good amount of goodies through out the story. Now whether it is true or not you will have to decide, all I can say is that I look forward to Mother’s day once again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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