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I shivered as I walked from my car towards the welcoming doors of Rancheros, our local “watering hole”. I was meeting a group of friends here tonight to have a few drinks and dance a bit. The rush of warm air I felt was welcome as I entered the building. I shrugged out of my coat and hung it on the rack with multiple other ones. I glanced around the room as I straightened the plaid western shirt I was wearing and spotted my girls over by the bar. I signaled for them to grab me a beer as I headed over, and they did.

I took a swig after greeting them and we headed for the dance floor. I began to shake my ass to the beat of the music with the girls and we were having a blast. A couple of the girls paired off with guys they knew or had met, leaving just me and my friend Kaytlin to dance together. We were having a good time when I felt two large hands grip my hips. I turned around, smiling, thinking it was my boyfriend, Josh. But I was wrong.

I didn’t know the man dancing behind me and politely tried to untangle myself from his hands. The man wouldn’t let go though. I tried to walk away and he tugged me back, making me angry.

“Look dude, get the hell off of me,” I said, glaring at him. He just laughed and pulled me closer. I glanced towards where Kaytlin had been and noticed her walking up to Rafe, a friend of ours, and my boyfriend, Josh’s, coworker. Rafe glanced at us and began to scowl as he stalked over.

“I believe the lady asked you to let her go…” Rafe said in an intimidating voice. All the drunken man did was laugh and hook an arm around my neck pulling me close to his sweaty body. I nearly gagged at the stench.

“Aww the lady and me’s just havn shum funn,” the man slurred and had the audacity to wink at me. “Riight, honeyy?” he asked and I shoved away from him again, causing him to stumble.

“Hey you bitch!” the man roared and came charging back at me. At this point in time Rafe stepped in front of me halting the man’s progress. “Yo that bitch needs to be taught a lesson!” the man slurred and I saw Rafe cast a glance at me.

“Don’t talk about the lady like that,” Rafe said in a calm voice. He was an expert at keeping his cool; being a cop helped that a lot. The drunken man looked around Rafe and spit in my general direction. He then proceeded to shove Rafe back into a table, spilling beers and making people fall.

The man then took a swing at Rafe, clipping his jaw, before Rafe pulled some move so fast I barely caught it and had the guy on his stomach, face planted in the ground and his hands behind his back.

“You are under arrest for assault on an officer, buddy,” Rafe said before taking his cuffs out from beneath his chambray shirt. I smiled to myself. Bet that asshole hadn’t known Rafe was working undercover that night.

My hands were shaking slightly from the adrenaline when Rafe stood up and turned to face me. He gave me a smile and tugged me into the crook of his arm.

“You OK, kid?” he asked giving me a quick hug and releasing me when I nodded. He always called me kid, since he was six years older than I, and he knew it agitated me.

“I’m alright” I said watching as the man on the floor cussed and kicked at anybody who got near him. Rafe checked the watch on his wrist.

“Josh will be here in about thirty seconds, I’m willing to bet…” Rafe said with a smile and I smiled back. Josh would have heard the call come over the radios and have made a beeline for the bar. He knew I was here tonight.

Sure enough a few seconds later the bar door swung open and Josh, followed by his Partner, Ryan, strode into the room. My heart stuttered kırgız escort at the sight of him in his police uniform. He was so god damn gorgeous. His eyes sought mine out and I saw the concern in them as he assessed me from afar. Apparently he deemed me to be fine because he smiled at me as he approached.

“Why do I always find you in the midst of trouble?” Josh asked before leaning down to kiss my lips hard. I smiled innocently at him.

“Hey, trouble finds ME, ok?” I asked with a wink.

“That BITCH needs to be the one being arrested for being such a little fucking tease!” the man on the ground yelled out. Josh’s gray eyes went from silver to steel in a matter of seconds. He strode over and yanked the man to his feet using the cuffs.

“If I EVER hear you talk about that lady, or any other lady for that matter, like that again, I will personally make sure your ass stays in jail until you rot,” Josh said with a menacing look on his face, causing the man to flush and start to sputter things like “you can’t do that”.

I tried to hide the smile playing across my face. Josh really wasn’t the man you wanted to mess with around here. He gave the drunk a shove, causing him to stumble into Rafe. “Take the trash out Rafe, I’m getting my girl home,” he said with a wink and then held his hand out to me. I quickly said bye to my girls and left with Josh, climbing into his cruiser with him. We’d get my truck tomorrow morning.

“Ain’t no wonder that man wanted a piece of your ass, dressed in that outfit,” Josh said with a sly smile as we drove towards his house. I laughed at his comment; he hated it when I dressed “too sexy”. I didn’t have any excess amount of skin showing tonight, just tight clothes.

“Them jeans are like a second skin,” he commented, tugging at them and making me laugh again. “That ass should be for my eyes only, not for any random dude to see you shaking”. I rolled my eyes.

“Well in that case you need to take off that uniform because it molds to your muscles in a way that would make any girl, including me, drool,” I replied smugly, eyeing his bulging biceps and rock hard thighs.

Josh smiled over at me with a mischievous look on his face. “Remember that game we used to play, where when one of us spotted an animal the other had to take off a piece of clothing?” I smiled at the memory. It had always been a favorite way to pass the evenings for Josh and I. By the end of the night we would always end up naked and… Well, you know.

“I tell you what…” Josh said. “You get me naked before I get you naked, and I wont comment on the clothes you wear out to the bars. If I get you naked first, you agree to not look so god damned sexy when you go out without me”. I pondered this over. It seemed fair enough.


Josh called into the HQ and told them he was done for the night and then we hit the back roads. Immediately he spotted six deer in a field. “Take off your shirt,” he said. I shook my head.

“No way! Its shoes first, then socks, then shirt, pants, bra underwear. Always has been!” I said as I pulled my boots off. Soon we had both lost our shoes and socks.

“Rabbit!” Josh shouted as we rounded a bend in the road and one scurried in front of us. I sighed and unbuttoned my shirt, shrugging out of it. The air was cool on my bare arms and stomach and Josh turned the heat on low. His eyes raked over my body as we stopped at a stop sign and I could see a bulge in his pants. I was wearing my favorite, and his favorite, bra; a black and red, silk and lace one. I also had my navel ring in that had his name eskort istanbul engraved in the bar. Of course he loved that.

“Hey babe,” Josh said after a few miles and I glanced over at him. He pointed out the window. “Possum”. He gave me a smug smile and I growled under my breath. He always had been good at this game.

Next I shucked my jeans. My silk black thong panties weren’t much protection against the cold air and Josh cranked the heat up another notch. As we continued to drive Josh reached over and trailed his fingers along my collar bone and down to pinch my nipple through my bra. I moaned softly. His fingers then traveled down to my panties where he ran his fingers along my slit. The silk of my thong grew damp from my juices and my hips bucked a bit at his touch.

“Tease,” I said softly under my breath, but then I spotted a deer and yelled it out. “DEER!” My unexpected shout made Josh jump and I laughed out loud. He gave me a look and then pulled the car over so he could shrug out of his police shirt. His abs rippled with the movement and his shoulders flexed making my mouth water.

I leaned in my seat enough so that I could kiss his neck and he wrapped one arm around my waist hugging me to him. We then resumed our game. He had two more animals to find, and I had three. We always counted his belt as an article of clothing since he didn’t wear a bra, although people often teased us, saying his “tits” were bigger than mine. Main difference? His were all muscle.

I spotted a frog in the road and called out. “Oh c’mon!” Josh protested. “A frog does not count, they’re everywhere!” I merely shrugged and smiled, explaining that it was an animal. He glared at me but took his belt out of his work pants.

He was the next to spot an animal, a raccoon darted back into the woods in front of us. That did it for my bra. Josh pulled to the side of the road.

“Let me do it, babe,” he said in a husky voice and I turned my back to him. His lean fingers easily unhooked my bra and I slid it off of my arms before turning to face him again. His eyes traced along my breasts, memorizing every inch of them. His stare made my nipples to pebble into hard nubs and he reached up to trace a finger over both of them, causing me to moan softly.

Josh leaned forward and caught one of the tiny peaks in his mouth, swirling his tongue around it and using his teeth to tug gently. He then pinched it hard enough to make me gasp but not hard enough to hurt me. He smiled wickedly at me before turning his attention back to the road.

I got Josh down to his boxer briefs by spotting another deer out in a field and as he stripped off his uniform pants I could see his hard cock straining to be freed from its confinement. I reached over and softly stroked my fingers along the length of him, making Josh groan and pump his hips up towards my hand.

We were both tied for the win so we turned back to the game. After about fifteen minutes Josh spotted a rabbit and shouted out triumphantly. He had won and I would soon be naked. I lifted my hips from the seat, slowly sliding my thong down my smooth legs and off. Josh had once again pulled over so he could watch me and he smiled appreciatively.

“God baby, you’re so gorgeous,” he muttered before reaching over to trace his hand up my thigh and to my pussy. There, he slid two of his fingers along my slit, spreading the juices around, before plunging them into my pussy hard. I cried out in pleasure as he fucked me with his fingers. He brought his fingers away from my pussy and licked them himself, moaning.

“God your cunt tastes so good,” he genç escort said softly before diving his fingers back into my depths. I was slouched in the seat, my legs spread open wide and he tweaked my clit between his thumb and forefinger, making me whimper. He reached across the seat and pulled on my body, urging me to climb into his lap. I did so, and I could feel his cock pressing against the apex of my thighs through his underwear. I shifted so that the steering wheel wasn’t pressing into my back quite as much and then reached down to free his cock through the hole in the front of his briefs.

His cock sprang to life in my hands and I stroked him up and down before reaching down and wetting my hand with my own juices. I then began to stroke him faster, using my juices as lubricant. Josh’s hips bucked up towards my pussy and I could tell by his face that he was really enjoying himself. His jaw was clenched tight, his eyes glazed over in pleasure.

I leaned forward and pressed my lips to his neck and then whispered softly in his ear, “Fuck me, baby”. That was all it took. Josh slid an arm under my ass lifting me slightly and plunged his rock hard cock into me making me cry out as my head fell back in delight.

His mouth latched onto my throat, sucking and biting, making my body quiver. His hands squeezed my tits, cupping their weight and palming them. I began to ride him, moving my body up and down on his cock. His hips thrust up towards me as I came down every time, causing our bodies to smack together with enough force to rock the car. The windows were beginning to fog up and my hand placed on it left a print as I clawed for something to grasp onto.

Josh grunted as his cock impaled my pussy especially hard and I cried out in pleasure. He stretched me and filled me so tight sometimes I didn’t think I would be able to take all of him, but we always managed to make it work.

Josh reached a hand between us and pinched my clit, kind of hard, making me squeal softly and begin to cum on his cock. The inner walls of my pussy clenched at his cock as I had my orgasm, milking the seed from his depths. I reached down and rolled Josh’s balls in the palm of my hand as I continued to meet him thrust for thrust. This caused him to cry out hoarsely and I could feel his cock begin to spasm in my pussy.

Josh’s seed shot out of his cock into my canal, his cock pulsing with every thrust. His head was thrown back against the seat, his gorgeous face tight with pleasure. His hands were squeezing my hips so hard I figured I would have bruises tomorrow morning.

“God yeahhh, baby, fuck yeah,” Josh moaned as he finally finished cumming. Exhausted I lay my head on his shoulder, still breathing hard. His arms wrapped around my back and he kissed my temple.

Just then we saw headlights coming down the road towards us. We quickly scrambled into our own seats and Josh threw on his pants, sans underwear. He threw the car in drive and began to move just as the other car approached us. I was scrambling to find my bra as red white and blue lights flashed behind us.

Josh busted out laughing at this and I gasped. Josh pulled over to my dismay as I finally found my bra. I was just closing the clasp on it as Josh’s partner and best friend Ryan walked up to the car. Ryan burst out laughing at the sight of the two of us, all disheveled, and the hand prints on the fogged up window. Josh merely shrugged and I glared as I shrugged back into my plaid shirt.

“Well shit…” Ryan muttered as he squatted down to talk through the window to us. “If I had known what y’all were doing I would have come a little earlier and joined in on the fun,” he said with a wink and a smile. I saw Josh glance in my direction with an inquisitive look and my pulse sped up again.

This might turn out to be a very interesting night, I thought to myself as I watched Josh and Ryan exchange a glance.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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