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For the second time in a few days, I was going into a bedroom with Yolanda and a man. Last time, it was my brother, Jack. Today, it was my gorgeous husband, Tommy. I was happy, and ultra turned-on.

“Now, Tommy, you lean back against there,” Yolanda ordered while indicating the backboard. It was clear that Yolanda was taking control of this session.

“Your lady has beautiful breasts, doesn’t she, Tommy?” Yolanda asked my husband.

“Yes, indeed,” Tommy acknowledged. “I like to suck on them every day.” He looked my friend in the eye. “Would you like to suck on them?”

“I thought you’d never offer.” Yolanda’s head moved down to my mams and she began tonguing my large buds. She looked up at me and smiled. “Your husband is a real gentleman.”

“I’m not so sure of that,” I said, pointing over at Tommy. He had his meaty cock in his hand, and he was stroking it while he watched Yolanda suck my tits. “Please continue, honey,” I said, gently guiding her mouth to my other nipple.

While her tongue played havoc with my pleasure bags, I saw Yolanda raise her shapely ass in the air in Tommy’s direction. I then witnessed my husband reach over and run his hands over the globes of her spectacular derriere. Tommy also slipped a finger into the back of my best friend’s thong.

My attention was next diverted by Yolanda’s sharp teeth which began a series of not-so-light bites of my berries. It was the perfect combination of pleasure and pain.

“Oh, shit, girl,” I exclaimed. I had never said that word during sex. But, the feeling was so novel and so good that I could’t help myself. “Fucking bite my nipples, you little whore,” I directed. Once again, I could not believe that I was saying such things.

I looked over at Tommy. He was very busy. With one hand he gripped his horse cock; the other hand was buried beneath Yolanda’s bikini bottom.

I heard Yolanda suck air in, apparently from the pleasure Tommy’s hands were giving her as he inserted his long fingers into her from behind.

“Hold on for a second, everybody,” she said as she lifted her beautiful face from my jugs. “Let’s rearrange things a bit.”

Yolanda stood partially up and pulled off her bikini bottom. She put it in my husband’s hand. She then pushed his hand and the panties right up to his nose. Tommy inhaled like a man needing oxygen.

“You’re filthy,” I said to her with a wicked smile. I leaned forward and pulled off Yolanda’s top. “Do you mind?” I asked as I sucked one of her erect nipples into my mouth. I began quickly running my tongue back-and-forth across its surface.

“Not at all, baby,” she said letting out a small moaning noise. “You do realize that your man’s hand is in my twat, don’t you.”

I looked down and saw that Tommy had reached under Yolanda’s slender ass and had inserted several of his fingers in her little quim. He was frigging her as he smelled her bikini bottom.

“That’s nice,” I replied, returning to my work on Yolanda’s boobs. Her chocolate nipples were a mouth-watering treat for me.

After a few minutes of this pleasant activity, Yolanda placed her hands on my shoulders and pushed me back on the bed. She then began to peel down my tiny bikini thong. It felt so good to expose my hot pussy to the open air.

“Tommy, do you want to watch me eat your wife’s cunt?” she asked. Tommy nodded enthusiastically.

What can I say? I am falling in love with my best friend. Or, at least, I’m falling for the exquisite way in which she gives me head. Yolanda really knows how to lap my vagina. With her talented tongue and fingers, casino oyna she had me on the brink of a massive orgasm within minutes.

As a girl, Yolanda instinctively knows what feels good to another girl. However, it is also evident that my friend has licked a lot of cunt in her day. I wanted to ask her about her experiences. However, her tongue was very busy at the moment.

I saw Tommy rise up behind her and start to root with his big plunger around Yoli’s shapely rear. But, Yolanda was the one in control. She calmly lifted her head out of my wet lap, and pushed Tommy backward on the bed.

“You couldn’t have gotten too much flavor from that bikini,” she said to him lasciviously. “I only wore it for a short time. Let me give you a better taste, my friend.”

With that, my best friend sat on my husband’s face. Tommy eagerly accepted her, and went to work immediately on her cunt with his tongue and lips.

Yolanda was facing me. She reached down and grabbed Tommy’s supersized erection. “Why don’t you have a seat here, wife?” she asked me.

I thought this was one of the best ideas I had heard in a long time. I positioned myself over Tommy’s giant wang, and slowly slid down on it. I let out a loud sigh as I felt the tip of his manhood brush my G-spot. I then began to ride my husband’s love iguana for all that I was worth.

My moans of contentment were interrupted by Yolanda’s hungry mouth as she leaned forward to kiss me. The three of us must have formed quite a sight: Yolanda planted on Tommy’s face, and me pistoning up and down like a madwoman, while Yolanda and I embraced passionately.

It would be too cliché to report that the three of us came at the same time. It didn’t happen exactly that way. Yolanda went off first — breaking away from our kiss. The sight of her in ecstasy drove me over the edge. I yelled at the top of my lungs as my dam broke.

“Fuckin’-A, Amy,” I heard my husband cry in a tone muffled by my friend’s juicy cunt as Tommy filled my snatch with hot come.


The three of us lay lounging in bed. I brought in grapes and cheese. Tommy opened a bottle of wine. Tommy was in the center of Yolanda and me. Each of us luxuriated in the others’ company — caressing, stroking, whispering sweet nothings. It was a blissful afternoon.

After lying in this manner for an hour or so, I asked Tommy: “You realize that my brother and Yolanda are together as a couple, don’t you?”

“Yeah,” Tommy replied. “I know that. What’s Jack doing this afternoon?” he asked Yolanda.

“I imagine he is watching the game. Just like you were before you were interrupted,” my friend said with a sly grin.

“What a great interruption,” Tommy responded. “Does Jack know you are here?” he asked.

“He knows that Amy and I went shopping,” Yolanda said. “Nothing more.”

I cut in: “Tommy?” I asked, taking my husband’s face between my hands. “How would you feel about bringing Jack into our lovemaking with Yolanda at some point?”

I held my breath. I was taking a chance, and I was totally unsure of my husband’s response.

Tommy took a moment before answering. He said tentatively, “I guess that would be the fair thing to do.” Then he looked to each of us in turn as the light went on in his head.

“You two have already fooled around with Jack, haven’t you?” He asked this in a flat tone of voice. I was having a hard time reading my husband’s reaction. Was he angry or merely curious?

“Yes, Jackie. We have,” Yolanda said simply. “It was wonderful.”

I could see the enormity of the situation canlı casino dawning on Tommy. He looked over at me incredulously.

“That means that you and your brother got it on,” he said sharply.

“Tommy,” I said softly. “Don’t be angry. There’s more to the story than that.”

“Well, why don’t you tell me?” he asked pointedly. Tommy sat up in bed on his elbows. I couldn’t tell if he was angry, disgusted, or a combination of the two.

“It started the night he came home from Iraq,” I began. “He went out with his friends who were supposed to make sure that he got laid. There was some sort of mix-up, and he came home all depressed. I was up after you went to bed. I was wearing one of my shear ‘peak-a-boo’ nightgowns. Jack was very turned-on and I felt bad for him…”

I continued on for the next 20 minutes or so recounting my sexual exploits over the last week for my husband. I knew I was risking a serious marital crisis. However, I also knew that I could no longer live concealing the truth from Tommy. I loved and respected him too much.

After I had brought him up to the present state of affairs, Tommy was silent for a long while.

“Honey?” I asked. “Are you furious with me?”

Yolanda pulled back the sheet that covered my husband’s groin. His large erection emerged into view.

“I’d say he’s turned on by the whole deal,” Yolanda wryly remarked.

“Truth be told,” Tommy stated. “I am a little put-off by the fact that you’ve been fucking your brother.”

“I’ve never fucked Jack,” I responded defensively. “He has wanted to put it in my vagina, and I have never let him. I have drawn the line there. That is only for you, Tommy.”

“Well,” he said sarcastically. “That’s nice to hear. I guess that makes blowing, tit-fucking, ass-fucking and getting eaten out by your brother all okay.”

“Now, Thomas,” Yolanda cut in. “Let’s not be hypocritical. Now might be a good time to tell Amy about our little thing.”

My mouth popped open.

“That was only one time.” It was Tommy’s turn to be defensive now. “And, it was over six months ago.” He was backpedaling.

“I agree, Tommy,” I stated forcefully. “Now is the perfect time to tell me about something that happened between you and my best friend.”

Tommy had lost some of his righteous indignation. He stammered a bit before going on.

“It was after that party at Joan and Randy’s house. You went home early because you weren’t feeling well. I took Yolanda home because of the late hour. We both had had a lot to drink. When we got to her place, she kissed me.”

“AND…” I blurted. “What else went on?”

Yolanda said bluntly: “We fucked, Amy.”

Now, it was my turn to go silent. I chewed on this for a few minutes. Tommy and Yolanda quietly exchanged glances during this period.

“I guess,” I said as I forced a smile, “that we all need to give each other a pass for what happened before today.”

“Agreed.” Tommy said curtly.

“But, we still have one unresolved issue,” Yolanda said simply.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Your man still has this raging hard-on,” she replied with an impish grin. “I say it’s our duty to take care of it.”

“Amen,” said Tommy, as he thrust his huge dick up between us.

I leaned down and gave my husband a peck on the tip of his cock.

“How about a show first, Tommy?” I asked.

“What do you have in mind?”

“Would you like to see your wife go down on her beautiful best friend?”

Tommy smiled from ear-to-ear. “How can I refuse an offer like that?”

“Oh, goodie,” kaçak casino Yolanda exclaimed, badly restraining her glee. “Let me just get comfortable here.” She pulled back the sheet and spread her long, languid legs. Tommy fluffed up a pillow and placed behind her head.

“Honey,” I said to my husband. “Why don’t you come down to this end of the bed so that you can get a better view?”

Tommy responded to my suggestion by scampering down to the foot of the bed so that he was looking over my shoulder.

I bent in and began licking my friend’s fine pussy. Yolanda immediately started making cooing noises. After thoroughly wetting her twat, I began sucking on her prominent, dark labia. They were the sweetest things I had had in my mouth in a long time.

After a few minutes of this agreeable activity, I gestured for my sweet husband to join me between Yolanda’s thighs. Tommy moved in and I gave him an open kiss on the mouth to share Yoli’s flavor with him.

“I know you were just here,” I said indicating the beautiful vagina right in front of me. “But, I thought you might want to help out.”

Tommy laughed and moved in with his tongue extended. He began lapping Yolanda with broad strokes. I moved out of the way to give him some room. Coming in from the side, I leaned over and starting sucking on Yolanda’s tiny clitty.

Yolanda moaned and groaned. She was really enjoying herself.

Tommy said to me, “Come on back here, Amy. You’re probably better at this than I am.”

“I’m just a humble beginner,” I responded.

“Yeah,” Tommy said. “But, I want to fuck you.”

“Oh, okay honey,” I said simply, moving back between my girlfriend’s toned legs. I then began a renewed assault on her little baby.

Tommy moved behind me and began inserting his huge dick into my cunt from behind. When he had it all the way in, he began a series of regular thrusts which caused me to lose my breath. I struggled to keep up with my twat-licking as Tommy pounded me from the rear.

“Hey, don’t forget about me, sweetie,” Yolanda said as she raised her head off the pillow.

This caused me to apply additional effort to the yummy task before me. The only time I let up was to ask my sweet man to take his dick out of my pussy, and to place it in my tight asshole.

Tommy had no problem complying with this request. He squeezed his huge rod into my secret dark place. I squealed with delight as I ate Yolanda’s vagina.

Tommy pumped my ass with vigor. I felt my passion rising. Tommy’s reached under me and began stroking my protruding clit with his gifted hand.

At that point, I went off like a rocket on the Fourth of July. I bucked and gasped as I endeavored to keep my tongue and lips on Yolanda’s darling little peach.

Tommy pulled out of me. He was still stiff like stone.

Once again, Yolanda took charge. Rolling over on to her hands and knees, she guided Tommy’s turgid member into her puckered anus. She then commanded me to move in below her flat abdomen, and to lick her pussy from below.

While my husband fucked her in her bad place, I sucked on my friend’s quivering twat. This maneuver was not a thing of beauty. It was awkward. But it did not last long. The desired result was achieved: Tommy and Yolanda both paid off like giant slot machines in Vegas.

After the moans and shouts had subsided, Tommy pulled his dork out of Yolanda’s sweet butt. I came out from below her body. Having tasted Yolanda’s booty once before on Jack’s cock, I did not hesitate to clean Tommy’s penis with my eager mouth. The taste was indescribably erotic. Literally, it was so bad that it was good.

“Well,” I said, wiping the remains of Tommy and Yolanda’s ass-play from the corners of my mouth. “Shall we pick a date for some fun-time with my brother?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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