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I was just sitting around, doing nothing much, waiting for the baby-sitter to arrive. Finally the doorbell rang and I strolled over to let her in.

“Come on in, Carleen,” I told her, and take a seat. “Marg had to go down the street and insisted on taking the little horrors with her. She won’t be back for another half hour at least so you might as well relax for a while.”

She came trotting inside and flopped down onto the couch. A pretty girl, Carleen, and she always seemed to be smiling and laughing. Nothing seemed to get her down. I looked her over, more from boredom than anything else.

Now Carleen had been our sitter of choice for several years, and I always thought of her as being that young lady I first met at age fifteen. Looking at her now with new eyes I started doing some calculations. Fifteen when we first met her and that was three or more years ago. That put her at eighteen plus. Originally chubby, she’d gained height and any excess weight had rearranged itself quite nicely. At fifteen it would have been flattering to call her an ‘A’ cup. Now? ‘C’ or possibly ‘D’. A very attractive package in my opinion.

We chatted about nothing in particular for a minute or so and then I made a suggestion.

“Care to step into the back yard for a moment? I want your opinion on something.”

Curious she followed me out to the yard and I gestured around.

“As you can see, I’ve managed to make this yard a completely private place. Wouldn’t you agree?”

She glanced around, taking note of the fences and trees and such, seeing that no windows overlooked the yard. We were completely private.

I extracted a fifty from my wallet and held it up.

“How would you like to make a little bonus while you’re here?” I asked.

She wasn’t stupid, by any means. She caught on to my meaning straight away. She gave me a firm look.

“You’re married,” she pointed out.

“Yes, I know,” I agreed, “But that’s not the subject under discussion.”

She hadn’t turned and walked away so that was a plus in my opinion.

“You esc şişli don’t seriously think I’d take money to let you, ah. . .”

Her hand fluttered nervously, pointing at me and back to her a couple of times.

“Of course not,” I responded, meaning of course. “The fifty is just a bonus. The fact that I also want to play with you is incidental.”

“Come on, you can’t be serious,” she said, blushing and giggling.

She’d made some formal protests but no refusal to this point. I decided to let her see how serious I was. I started undoing my belt while she watched, surprise on her face. Belt undone I unzipped and pushed my trousers and jocks down, with Carleen continuing to watch while I did so.

“How serious does this look?” I asked her.

“Ah, quite impressively so,” she answered with a giggle, eyes silently measuring me.

“Then how about you lose your dress,” I suggested.

She lifted her eyes from my erection to my hand and calmly extracted the fifty and tucked it in a pocket in her dress. That done she undid a couple of buttons and lifted the dress up and over her head, dropping it to the ground.

I was definitely going to mark those breasts down as a ‘D’ cup, barely contained in a frilly little bra. She was wearing matching panties, small and frilly, and I recalled the rule that a girl expecting to get laid will wear matching panties and bra. Did Carleen have plans for after her sitting job, I wondered.

“Very nice,” I said approvingly. “Now the rest.”

She just looked at me, all smiling and giggling, and slid her panties down. It seemed that she nearly shaved, having left a small landing strip. She didn’t even turn side on, just letting me see everything while she reached behind to unclip her bra. Two wondrous globes of white, pink tipped, came into view as her bra dropped away.

I just looked at her for a moment or two and it seemed to me that my cock was getting harder by the moment.

“Why don’t you lie down and see if the grass is as soft as it looks,” I suggested.

She şişli esc sank down onto it, still smiling. She finished up lying flat on her back, arms spread wide, legs just slightly parted, but sufficient for me to see the cleft of her sex.

“I wish I had a photo of you like that,” I told her, “but Marg would kill me if she found it.”

She dropped her smile at the thought of a photo but regained it when I vetoed the idea. I settled down next to her and ran my hand over her, starting at her upper chest, lingering as I crossed over her breasts, and then moving steadily down until I crossed over her mons and slipped between her legs. I was slightly surprised to find her pushing up to press firmly against my hand.

A little massage and some gentle exploration showed that she was already wet and ready. Seeing no real reason to wait I moved her legs further apart. Carleen offered zero resistance, her legs spreading easily, knees bending to provide a cradle for me to lie in.

I moved into position, easing her lips apart and starting my plunge. She hitched herself up on her elbows, head lifting, wanting to see it happen. I drove in firmly, hearing her give a hiss of triumph. I came slamming home, my groin smacking against hers. I stayed there for a moment while my hands reached for her breasts, with Carleen once more settling down onto the grass.

I started moving, ready to bring her along easily, only to find out that she had other plans. Her legs came up and wrapped around me as she pushed firmly to meet me.

“Harder,” she demanded. “I won’t break, you know.”

I went in harder, while still trying to be a considerate lover, and got scorned for my pains.

“Oh, come on,” she protested. “Surely you can do better than that. You’re big enough to be able to put some muscle into it.”

My motto is to never argue with a woman at times like this. Consideration went out the door, a jubilant lust replacing it. I banged in hard and fast, my hands massaging her breasts roughly all the while. She was responding şişli bayan escort openly and eagerly, bouncing under me while clinging to me.

I kept going, pushing her hard towards a climax, pushing myself there as well. Not that I had any intention of climaxing just yet. Neither was she, for that matter. I rode her hard, telling by her responses when she was getting close. About the time that she was ready I pulled out.

She almost hit the roof.

“What? What? What are you doing?” she half screamed at me.

“On your hands and knees,” I said lazily, smiling at her.

My, but she moved fast, rolling over in an instant. She had her arms folded and her head resting on them, looking back at me, while she was on her knees, her legs nicely parted. I knelt behind her, then thrust in hard.

It had only been a small delay but enough to take both of us off the boil, meaning I had to bring us back to that level. A hard task but one I would not shirk. My arms were around her, her breasts in my hands, and I was thrusting into her for all I was worth. She was cheering me on, her bottom bouncing up and down, doing her best to help the proceedings along.

As I neared my climax again I seriously considered pulling out and changing position again but wiser councils prevailed. I mean, Marg would be getting back soon and it would be embarrassing to have her find me balls deep in the sitter when she did. I settled down to bring things to a finish.

From her behaviour Carleen was more than ready to bring things to a finish as well. She was pushing back to meet me most energetically, squealing out her enthusiasm, urging me onwards. Oddly enough, as soon as her climax hit her she fell silent, just letting out a loud gasp while her passage tightened around me, almost forcing my own climax upon me, not that it need much forcing.

She grabbed her clothes and darted inside, wanting to clean up a little before Marg returned, which was understandable. I also took a few moments to tidy up. An entertaining way of filling the time. I wondered how adventurous Carleen would be in other circumstances, like how would she react if I invited her over to meet a friend of mine at my friend’s house, especially if I made it clear what her duties would be. It was something worth thinking about.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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