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Big Tits

Appreciate the comments and feedback of Babydoll. Of course, these are fictional accounts, any likenesses or similarities are purely coincidental. I wanted this to be better than the first one — I hope it is. Please read the first chapter if you haven’t. My object is to create more of a drama-love story, within this genre, as opposed to perverse, kinky, fruitcake stories that don’t turn me on. I feel if it turns me on, then maybe it will turn you on. Hope you enjoy. Any feedback will be kindly appreciated.


I left Ash’s room that day knowing that I was going to have to have that pussy again. The way her velvety walls clung to my cock was no match for playing solo. It was such a perfect fit that I knew that we belonged together. She had me hooked and I was obsessed. But, at the same time, I didn’t want to be too aggressive. I wanted more than her pussy. There is no way that you couldn’t say that this was true love.

I’d have to say that Ashley’s one big problem is that she could have very little self-confidence. I’ve already told you about her figure. She is fairly tall and thin, but well toned, and she has the complexion of a Swedish girl. How a girl this beautiful could be so reserved about her looks is beyond me. But, I was going to make sure that she knew how beautiful she was while taking full advantage of the situation.

The one thing that I held to my advantage was that I knew that since we were little kids, my sister Ashley had this kind of crush on me. She was always hanging around me and wanted to do whatever I did. I really didn’t mind, because I felt the bond, and this is what had made me begin longing for our first sexual session.

She was always into wearing tight-fitting clothing and she didn’t mind walking around in her panties, bra, or bikini. I believe that she was just as enamored by me as I was of her. The difference being that she was a girl and a girl isn’t always comfortable about acting upon their sexual desires. I also think that her shyness kept her from accepting the forward advances of guys our age. I don’t think that she truly thought that she was ugly or unattractive. It was more like she needed some aggressive positive reinforcement to let her know how hot she was. This is what had allowed me to get into that tight little pussy to start with.

I knew that I would have to be patient. Sure I could attack her, but that would be tragic. Either I would get into a lot of trouble or she would be emotionally scarred for the rest of her life. I wanted love from her and for her to want it as much as I did. If this meant that I couldn’t get my rocks off for a while I was willing to accept that.

Another issue was our Mother, Stepfather, and Older Sister. I couldn’t be so forward about the feelings that I had for Ashley that I caused any suspicion amongst them about what was going on. Oh, I could give Ashley material things and splay beautiful words upon her; but I had to have a certain — shall we say — healthy dose of paranoia about how the others might react.

After our first tryst, Ashley kept a healthy distance from me and I didn’t want to push the issue. The next day I let her know that I was serious about her being my girlfriend. I told her that she was my number 1 and that I didn’t care about any other girls. She told me that she was so confused that she didn’t know what to think. That what we had done was wrong and that it couldn’t happen again. I promised her that I would never do anything that she didn’t want to do. Then I asked her for a hug, which she reluctantly gave to me. The assuring hug and the gentlemanly kiss on the cheek assured her that there would be no shenanigans on my part.

That was my first step back into the permanent good graces of Ashley. But, I wasn’t ashamed of what I had done. That pelt belonged to me. I was her first and no matter what happened that would always be. Now my good graces would get me a permanent position in her sexual life. The first step was to get back to experimentation.


I figured that the best way to be near her was to start doing my schoolwork with her. I certainly wasn’t a better student, but I figured that I could help her since I was a little older. This was also a smooth way to be near her because we just appeared to be taking an interest in one another’s studies and nothing would be thought of that.

The funny part was that the residual effect was that both of our grades improved from C’s and B’s to A’s and B’s and praise began to be heaped upon us from our parents, grandparents, and teachers. Heck, this was a good by-product of my dastardly intentions. It is funny how some good can come out of wanting to get your dick all ooey and gooey.

The even better part was that I had won over Ashley heart and soul. Maybe not well enough to get her to lock another vice grip on my cock, but enough to where she would display a lot of affection towards me when there was no one else Çapa Escort around.

She was so proud of the fact that her mind was developing and that she was having praise heaped upon her. She had started to come to life in the way that she expressed herself, both mentally and physically. This brought out even more guys that were trying to make forward advances towards her, but I think she had decided to stick with me whether that was a conscious or subconscious decision.

Our parents were so happy with our newfound maturity that they started leaving us on our own even more. Of course, Jan would still be around much of the time to create her authoritarian havoc, but we found ways to deal with her — those were the best times for studying or doing chores.

When we were all by our lonesome, we talked about our private issues so thoroughly that we were able to start communicating non-verbally. It had only been 2 months since our first sex and I knew that anything too fast would spoil my best-laid plans. I had to be sure not to jump the gun. Hell, the occasional jack off session relieved a little pressure, but there wasn’t the same kind of thrill in it anymore. After that first taste of Ash’s muff nothing could compare.

I knew that I had to move things forward and I knew that I deserved a reward for the development of our maturity. I started getting to where I would kiss her for any reason at all. She never made me stop, but she didn’t reciprocate. I would ask her for a hug and she had no problem with coming up and openly embracing me, but she would never initiate the contact.

On the last day of the school year, we were home by noon. We had found out our grades for the previous semester and Ashley came up to me and told me. She had made all A’s for that semester and she was so thrilled that she threw her arms around me and kissed me on the cheek with a loving embrace

I just melted into her as she said to me, “Jimmy I couldn’t have done this without your help.”

I told her. “Ash you don’t know how proud I am of you. You should realize how smart you are now. You are smart and sweet and you are so beautiful. Besides, helping you has helped me. If you haven’t noticed I am doing a lot better and staying out of the dog house.”

I started feeling tantalized as I held her and stroked her hair, “Ash, just think we’ve got the whole summer off to relax and have some fun. I think I’m going to go get in the pool and relax.”

With a twinkle in her eye Ash she told me, ” OK, I’ll be out there in just a few.”

“Hey, Ash will you wear your Black Bikini. You look so hot in it.”

Snickering a little wistfully, “Jim, I haven’t worn it since last year. I don’t think it fits.”

I wasn’t going to pressure her because it was just a passing thought. “Ok, I’ll see you out there in a few.”

I went upstairs and put my swim trunks on and went out and jumped in the pool. I didn’t have a care in the world. Sure I might get a little part-time job, but this was the end of May — the Friday before Memorial Day — and there would be no school for two and a half more months. This was freedom; the freedom that I knew that I needed to enjoy while I wasn’t weighed down by the burdens of adult life.

About twenty minutes later Ash came walking down and she was stunning. She was wearing that old black bikini and yes it did look a little more snug on her than it had a year ago, but man did she look sexy. It wasn’t a string bikini — my mother would never let her wear anything so scanty. But, the sides were very thin and the front didn’t leave much to my boner’s imagination. I loved the strapless bikini top. Her chest reminded me of Dian Parkinson’s — the former Barker Beauty on the Price is Right.

I couldn’t hold back my smile at seeing her like this. It made me feel so warm that she had done what I wanted. All I could manage was to stammer out, “Hey Ash.” I think she could see the love in my eyes as she nervously smiled back. She went and laid down on one of the lounge chairs next to the pool and proceeded to start rubbing Hawaiian Tropic on herself. That was a good thing, because she, like myself, needed to start working on her tan.

I got out of the pool, not caring if she noticed the woody that she had created, and strolled over beside her, “Honey could you put some of that on me. I’m not wearing anything.”

“Sure and maybe you could put some on my back too.”

So I grabbed the bottle and put lotion on all the places I could reach. Then I sat in front of Ash and let her rub the lotion on my back. “Man, that feels good Ash.” It only took a few moments for her to get the lotion applied, but I enjoyed having her hands on me. Now if I could ever find a way to get her to voluntarily do so.”

When she was done, I sat beside her and gingerly rubbed lotion on to her back. I’d like to have been able to rub it all over her, but she had already gotten it on her in the places that she could easily reach. Then we proceeded to lay prone on the lounge chairs Çapa Escort Bayan and let the sun’s rays warm and soothe our bodies for the next 30 minutes.

I was enjoying the rays immensely and I told Ashley, “When I get done with this lounging by the pool, I think I’m going to go take a nap.”

“Me too. The last few weeks wore me out. This feels great, but I think this heat is getting to me.”

I laid on my back for 20 minutes, and then I got up, got in the pool, and laid in one of the floating lounge chairs; while Ashley turned over and laid on her back. She couldn’t see me staring at her since I had put my shades on. The sweat on her made her look so wonderfully sexy.

After another 5 minutes, she got up, stepped to the ladder, and lowered herself in the pool to cool off. My cock, having a mind of its own, started to spring to attention. As she raised back up out of the pool, and the water dripped off of her, she did 3 unknowing things that beautiful women have a way of doing. She pulled her hair back — wringing the water out, then she wiped the water away from her firm tits, and then she pulled the sides of her bikini bottoms up since they had slipped down slightly. This was a show that any man would enjoy, especially in 3-D living color. She then proceeded to lie back down on her stomach for another 15-minute sun session.

I didn’t say a word. Who needed to talk? Just being at this place in time was wonderful. Too many words could only spoil that. I just enjoyed getting in the water and being cool. It helped to control my spontaneous libido and reenergize me from the rigors of the last few weeks and the heat.

I was biding my time. We had been out in the Sun for 90 minutes, I knew that Ash would be ready to go inside in a few minutes and then my coaxing could commence. I moved over to the edge of the pool where she was lying, “Whew it’s hot out here I’m going inside here in a few.”

Ash looking at me while lying on her back, “Yeah, if I’m out here much longer I’ll burn. Besides I’m about exhausted.”

So I swam a few laps and then just stayed neck deep for a few more minutes. Then Ash got up and got in the pool for another self-dunking session. Then she came over to where I was, “Well I think I am done for the day. If I stay out here much longer I’ll be burnt to a crisp.”

I looked at her, “Yeah it’s 2:15 right now. I think I’m going to take a nap. Mama won’t be home until at least 5:30. Why don’t you come upstairs and lie down with me.”

She looked at me nervously with goosebumps forming, “I don’t know Jimmy. I remember the last time I laid down with ya”

“Ash, I promise that I won’t do anything. Have I not proven my loyalty to you? Have I not proven that I love you? All I want to do is cuddle with ya. All I want to do is hold you and smell you and feel you. I looked at her and kissed her softly on the lips.”

She nodded slightly, “OK. Let me dry off and I’ll be up in a few.”

I went up and laid down on my bed. I rolled the sheets down about halfway. I set the alarm clock for 4:30pm. It was 2:32pm. Ash came into my room wearing a Black T-Shirt and a pair of cutoff jeans. Damn, she looked hot.

“I set the alarm clock for 4:30, OK Ash.”

As she laid down next to me, “OK, That’s cool.”

I raised the covers so that she could tuck in beside me as I lay upon my back. She crawled in and rested down on her side to the right of me.

I turned over and she was in front of me. I started cuddling with her in the spoon position.. I began stroking her hair and caressing her.

“Ash, you can get comfortable you know. Why don’t you take off your shorts? They can’t be easy to sleep in. I swear I’m not going to bother you.”

” I know.” She started wriggling out of her cutoffs and now all she was wearing was her T-shirt and powder blue silk panties — my favorite. Her smell was intoxicating and the pheromones were making my cock iron hard.

“Mama won’t be home for a while. You won’t mind if I get comfortable, do you?

“OK, Jimmy, but remember no funny business.”

So I took off my shirt and shorts. I was nude because I wasn’t wearing any underwear. My naked cock nestled in the crevice of her panty-clad ass.

This surprised her. She rolled on her back and she demanded, “What are you doing?”

“I am getting comfortable, why?”

“But you’re naked. Y-Y-You don’t have any underwear on.”

“I wasn’t wearing any. Trust me I won’t do anything.” And I wasn’t going to.

“Y-You’re very hard.” In an anxious tone, I’d seldom heard from her before.

What could I say? “Yes.”

She stretched her body, showing me her belly button before pulling down her t-shirt covering her belly again, then proceeded to pull the covers over us again.

“What’s got you so hard Jimmy?” She said in her natural baby doll tone that had my cock twitching against her side.

I started to stroke her arms and caress her hair. Then I kissed her cheeks and neck and nibbled on her ear Escort Çapa lobe. “I’m laying next to the most beautiful girl on earth. You don’t understand what you do to me. I just want to lay here and hold you and feel your body against mine.”

“But you scare me, Jimmy.” She said, whimpering a little like a little girl.

“Baby, I don’t ever want you to be scared of me. I would never do anything to hurt you,” then I kissed her on the cheek.

“But-but, you f-forced yourself on me the l-last time we were together.”

I whispered in her ear, “I am sorry. I was out of control, but now I am in control and I will do everything I can to prove it to you. Will you give me a second chance?”

She conceded, “OK-K, I do love you. You do know that?”

Those words made me snuggle a little tighter, “I know you do and I am sorry that I did something against your will.” My hot rod was nuzzling against her pelvis, “You know I want to make you feel good.”

“Huh?” She questioned

I started the tantalizing proposition, “I know that you enjoyed getting off the last time. You were just scared when I stuck it in you. But, I know you had an orgasm.”

‘Y-Yes.” She had admitted.

“If I swear I won’t fuck you, Will you let me get you off?”

“I dunno.” she shook her head.

“Come on. Baby let me eat your sweet little pussy.” I purred in her ear. “I’ll drive you crazy. I want to see you come.”

Then I reached over and cupped her muff and started licking her ear lobe. “Let’s get these panties out of the way. If ya don’t wanna that’s fine. But why not give it another chance, doncha wanna come?” Blowing the words in her ear.

With the submissive body language, “OK.”

“OK, What?” I whispered in her ear again.

“OK, I want you to get me off.” She surrendered.

And with that, I slowly dragged her baby blues off of her hips. She didn’t offer any resistance. In fact, she raised her legs to give me easier access to get them off. I was staring at her lovely mound. Her muff had a little more hair on it now than a few months ago. I could tell that she must have trimmed it before she put her bikini on a couple of hours ago.

I raised her shirt and kissed her belly button causing her abdomen to ripple. She was starting to breathe heavily as was I.

“Come on Baby, let’s get completely naked.” I started raising her shirt and then she grabbed it and slowly pulled it off the rest of the way revealing her magnificent globes. Her tits had obviously grown a size since the last time we touched. Her areolas were now half-dollar sized and the nipples were firm and erect.

I got between her legs and French kissed her belly button again causing her stomach to rumble and quake. Then I licked my way up to each nipple and flicked them with my tongue causing Ash to moan unwillingly. Sliding up further I kissed her on the lips and she started returning my advance until we were open all the way — tongue after torrential tongue. And then my big boner started slapping at her pubic bone.

“No, Jimmy, No.” She pushed my shoulders down.

“I Know Sissy. I know.” I lowered myself to the original objective.

I could tell that the kisses were having an electrical effect on Ashley. In my mind, she seemed apprehensive, almost scared, that she was going to enjoy this, especially if I did it right. She didn’t want to fuck and I wasn’t going to overstep the predefined bounds. When we did, it was going to be right and it would be her decision — or at least she would think it was.

I lowered myself to her furry gap and kissed it causing her pussy to quiver and then I blew on it making her writhe. I placed my hands on her side and drug her to the edge of the bed. Getting down on the floor, so that I had better access and control of her love.

Ashley placed her legs on my shoulders, rising up on her elbows, silently controlling my tongue’s advances. “Oh wow… That feels great, Jimmy. Uuuummm, Oh oh, Uh Yeah., Oh yeah, Ummmm, Ummmm, Ohhhhh.” That was all the encouragement I needed and I was eager to take it further. She was really turned on.

“That’s it,” she hissed. “Do it, Do it, Oh God,” she laid back down off of her elbows.

Then I started to poke and stab making her writhe even more. My tongue started getting tired as I licked, flicked, jabbed, and cajoled her clit to its every need. Then I got the idea to stick a finger in and motivate her g spot. This sent her into to shivers as her pussy started spouting its love juice. “God, you’re beautiful,” I let her know.

“Oh God, Oh Yes, I’m gonna, huh, Uh, Oh, so good, Ohhhhh, Huh, Huh, Huh, Oh., Ohhh God., Oh, Oh, Oh my goodness, Ohhwwwww; flailing her arms softly on the bed and then grabbing at the covers. It was obvious she had climaxed. As she started to relax I got up on the bed and laid beside her.

As I looked at her she seemed to be in a tranquil daze. She seemed spent. “Ash, did that do it for ya?”

“You couldn’t tell?” She giggled. “I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I must of cum 5 times. I wanna do it again.”

“OK, now?” I questioned

“Later, whenever… I love you.” Then she moved forward and gave me a kiss and looked down at my purple-headed monster. “Looks like you need some relief. Can I touch it?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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