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“Daddy loves you baby girl,” Daddy whispered in my ear.

A smile curled on my lips, then Daddy lifted me off Uncle Nikki and set me gently on the floor.

“Now go upstairs and wash, get ready for bed,” Daddy said, patting my cheek.

It hurt to walk. There was a throbbing pain between my legs and in my ass. I had to crawl up the stairs.

As I entered my room, Momma was sitting on my bed. She was dressed her pink night shift, her dark hair up in a bun.

“Back already?” she said with cheerful sarcasm.

She stood up.

“Look at you, you’re filthy,” she hissed.

I was silent for a moment. I’d only just gotten upstairs, I hadn’t even turned on the shower.

“I’m sorry Momma,” I said.

“You always say that but you don’t mean it,” Momma said.

“I do mean it Momma, I always mean it,” I said.

Then Momma took out a tape measure and started to measure me. I don’t know why she bothered. They were always the same,

bust- 42D

waist- 37

hips- 40

I’d barely grown an inch since I was sixteen.

“It’s been a month since you had the baby and you still haven’t lost any weight!” Momma said.

She picked up a corset, it was light pink and trimmed with black lace, and helped me into it. She laced me tightly, so tight I could barely breathe. When casino oyna I looked in the mirror I felt as though the weight of my breasts would break my back if I leaned backwards.

“Please can I take it off Momma? It hurts, it cuts into me,” I said.

“No. You want to act like a little whore then you’ll learn to be one, now on your knees,” Momma said.

I knelt on the floor and Momma tugged off her shift. She picked up a strap-on dildo and slipped into it.

“Open your mouth,” she said.

I didn’t.

“Open your mouth!” Momma repeated.

I still refused. Then Momma grabbed me by my hair and smacked me about my face. I flung my hands up to protect my face but that didn’t stop her and forced my mouth down on the strap-on dildo. She tightened her thighs on my head and moved to beat me on my back. I choked on the dildo and pushed against Momma but she tightened her thighs the more I struggled. I cried into the strap-on and Momma hit me harder, then she relaxed her legs and I pulled back off her but she didn’t let go of my hair. She bent me over the bed and lightly stroked my breasts with her fingertips, dragging them from my nipples and along my sides, over my back and to my bottom, then repeating her gentle strokes.

I closed my eyes and relaxed under her touch, it was so much more pleasurable than her smacking canlı casino me. She tenderly cupped my breasts, rolling my hard nipples between her fingers.

“You’re leaking again,” Momma said.

I peaked over my shoulder to see Momma smiling and sucking her fingers, then I looked down at the bed spread to see a few little dark spots on the quilt.

SMACK! on my ass. Momma giggled and smacked me a few more times.

“Cathy, look over your shoulder,” Momm said.

I looked over my shoulder. Momma shook her hips, waving the strap-on dildo at me.

“You see what I’m going to fuck you with?” Momma said sweetly.

I nodded quickly, biting my lip.

She rubbed the head of the dildo up and down from my ass to my pussy and back. She settled with my pussy and pushed all of the dildo in me in one motion. She didn’t start gentle or slow, she went ahead, roughly pounding my pussy. Her hips slapped against my ass, the strap-on’s sack smacking my clit, her fingers dug into my skin. The corset, laced so tightly, seemed to be growing tighter round me with each thrust.

“Momma I can’t breathe!” I cried out.

She ignored me, thrusting into me.

“Momma please!” I cried.

She was unrelenting, pounding harder and harder into me. I gripped the quilt tightly, my knuckles had gone white.

Then kaçak casino Momma slowed her pace and pulled the strap-on from my pussy and I breathed a sigh of relief. It was short lived, as Momma stroked my clit with her hand and then pushed the dildo back into me. She thrust into me with quick shallow thrusts. My pussy tightened round the dildo and I cried out but Momma refused to allow me to cum.

“Roll over,” she said, smacking my back.

And I rolled onto my back for her. She knelt over my face. I let my tongue stroke her inner thigh, slowly traveling up, the tip dancing on her clit. She moaned softly, running her hands over my breasts. She gently squeezed them, rolling my nipples between her fingers.

“You got me so wet,” Momma moaned.

I moaned into her pussy as she massaged my breasts. I felt my breasts leaking but Momma didn’t say anything, and I sucked gently on her clit, planting soft kisses on her swollen lips. Then she lifted herself off me and laid down, allowing me to rest my head against her belly. she kissed my breast and fondled the other, sucking gently on my nipple.

“Stroke yourself,” she whispered to me, kissing my nipple.

I let my hands wander down the smooth fabric of the corset and to my parted legs, stroking my clit with two curious fingers and exploring the opening of my pussy with my other hand. I fingered myself with two fingers and massaged my clit with my thumb. I came slowly, my lip trembling, and Momma kissed my forehead.

“Mommy’s sorry,” she said, and kissed me again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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