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I had been going to the same barbershop for about ten years. It was a small, bucolic, little, mom and pop shop full of housewives-turned-hairdressers that never were good enough to work in a real salon. They did the job for my ten minute buzz job, though. They also fueled my teenage milf masturbation sessions when I was going through that stage. About two years into college, though, the milfs at the barbershop got a new addition to their staff.

The summer before I left for my third year of college, I walked out of my car and got hit with a wave of the hot, humid, inebriate-breath that was Michigan August weather. I hurried to the door of the barbershop, swung it open, and raced inside. It was obviously their break hour because the ladies were standing around talking to each other snacking on sandwiches or salads.

“I’m sorry, we aren’t taking anyone until 2.” Came a voice that I had never heard before. I lifted my head and looked around to find the owner of the new voice. Before I found the voice, I saw myself in the mirror. I was a bespectacled young man who stood about 5’11 and weighed about 250 pounds. I had a normal look with blue eyes and a messy mop of brown hair on my head. I tore my eyes from the narcissus in the mirror and found the owner of the voice. I looked behind the receptionist’s desk and found the most intense green eyes looking straight at me.

“Oh! That’s Rick. He’s a regular.” Called out my favorite hairdresser, Julie. Julie was about 5’4 160 pounds, long black hair, and a cute face. She was the mainstay of my masturbation when I was a kid.

“Oh ok, sorry. Go right ahead. Julie’s chair is open.” Green eyes responded. I was immediately intrigued. I did my best cool guy walk over to the receptionist and extended my hand.

“Rick Armstong. Nice to meet you.” I said.

“Hilary Patterson, charmed.” She said, taking my hand most almost emotionless. I didn’t care because the contact gave me the ability to get a better look at her. She was probably 20 to my 18. She was not a tall girl. I guessed she stood about 5’3. She was a large girl. She must have weighed around 190 pounds. Her arms and legs were thick and her breasts were incredible. I thanked God that it was hot out because she wore a tank top with a plunging neckline. 36 DDs were my best guess with cleavage that seemed to almost touch my face. Incredible. Below her eyes were full cheeks topped with blush and lips fuller than Angelina Jolie’s graced with the most intense red lipstick I had ever seen. As a large guy, I loved big girls and Hilary tickled my fancy hard. I pulled my eyes from my plump goddess and sat down in Julie’s chair.

Between then and the summer of my Junior year of college, I got my hair cut maybe twenty times and it became the highlight of my month. Every glimpse I could catch of Hilary walking around in her flip flops and short skirts and tight tank tops was worth the ten dollar subpar haircut. I loved watching her breasts swing in her top and her full legs and arms moving with her steps and her painted toes in her oversized black flipflops. The most intriguing part of her, though, was how she explained her relationship. I soon realized she was a very sexual being. She would talk about the size of her boyfriend’s penis and how hard he did her. I tried to pretend like I wasn’t listening. I usually came in during the break hour so I was the only one there. The hairdressers were soaking the information in as they lived vicariously through the horny young girl. I could just imagine them taking a vibrator to themselves thinking about Hilary getting her bottom knocked out. All of this of course gave me a massive boner that I masturbated away immediately when I got home.

Finally, I left for my third year of college. I decided that that year I would change. I threw myself into my education unlike my first two years of partying and didn’t come home until the next summer. I came back a completely changed man. I got laser eye surgery so my glasses were gone. I worked out more than I studied plus so I was still a big guy but I grew 3 inches and I weighed about 30 pounds less. My arms and legs were now muscled and my face was more defined. There were no good barbershops on campus so I was in desperate need of a haircut. The next mecidiyeköy escort chance I got, I went to my little shop, of course, during their break hour.

Upon opening the door, I saw no one.

“Hello!!” I yelled.

“Rick?!!” Came a familiar voice. Julie came running from the back of the store. She embraced me in a big hug and stood back to take a look at me. “You look awesome. So handsome.” She exclaimed, grabbing my pecs and arms. I became aroused quickly. “We were just reassuring Hilary.” My head perked up.

“What’s wrong?”

“Her boyfriend, Derrick, cheated on her with a really skinny girl and she is just feeling down.”

“Well he’s a moron.”

“We know. But go ahead and sit in my chair, I’ll bring that forrest down in no time.” She said with a genuine smile. I sat down and, by the end of my haircut, the rest of the ladies came out followed by the Rubenesque creature I had been thinking about since I had met her. She had not changed a bit, thank God. She sat down in the chair behind me and I gazed at her through the mirror. I figuratively took my balls in my hand and opened my mouth.

“Your boyfriend is a moron.” I said, looking straight at her through the mirror. Her head slowly rose up and looked at me.


“If he slept with another woman, he is a moron.”

“How the hell do you know what happened?” She retorted angrily.

“Sorry.” I said averting my gaze. Silence filled the room, broken by Julie.

“So, how old are you now?” She asked. Finishing my buzz cut.

“I turn 21 today.”

“OH! Happy birthday!” She exclaimed. “So, what do you want most for your birthday?” My head gently rose to look at Hilary again.

“Ohhhhh, I see. Let me see what I can do.” I looked at her quizically. She went over to Hilary and kneeled down, looking at her in her tear-filled eyes, eyes that, after hearing Julie talk for a few seconds grew wide. She stood up and stood behind me.

“If you rub my feet and can get me wet, you can fuck me.” My head spun and my eyes got huge. The ladies in the shop were dumbfounded. I gave Julie a twenty, engorged her mouth in a massive kiss, grabbed her ass and said “thanks doll.” I threw my arm around Hilary’s shoulders and led her towards the back. “I will do my best.” I said.


I looked back as Julie was holding up a condom, she threw it, I caught it and I continued my journey to the back. When I got to the back room, I found it was much bigger than I thought. There was a sink, fridge and on the other side of the room was a big futon.

“I don’t see the need for a futon back her but I am not going to complain.” I said as I picked Hilary up and lightly tossed her on the futon.

“Well you are stronger than Derrick.” She said. I kneeled down to be at face level with her.

“Derrick is a little shit that I WILL make you forget about. He may have fucked you hard before, but I highly doubt he ever really made you feel special.”

“You were listening when I talked about that stuff?” Her cheeks were flushed

“Naivete is adorable but unnecessary right now, gorgeous.” I said. I leaned down and kissed her, easing my tongue into her mouth. “You better thank God I’m a foot man.” I said as I moved down to the bottom of the futon.

She laid on her back, arching her legs. I took off her flip flops and put my nose down to her feet, and inhaled deeply. Her right foot dropped to the futon and I took her left foot in my hands. My thumbs massaged the bottom of her feet sweeping deeply her arch and heel, saving the toes for last. I sat on the carpeted floor and laid her leg on the futon. I took her toes in my hand and lightly squeezed and massaged each and every toe individually. I lowered my head and took her toes in my mouth. I sucked each toe and proceeded to lick and kiss and nibble her entire foot, tasting her sweet skin, marinated in bitter sweat. The sweat didn’t bother me as I exchanged that fluid for saliva.

When I moved to the other foot, I looked up and saw her biting her lip, feeling her breasts, and moaning. I realize that I was doing it well so I did the same thing with the other foot. The moaning got louder and I could hear the ladies shuffling to the door to hear maslak escort the action.

I stood up and sauntered to the head of the futon, looked down and saw hilary looking up at me with a gaping mouth. I knelt and said to her, “You wet yet?”

“That was incredible. Fuck me. Fuck me now!!” She yelled. The ladies gasped behind the door.

“Just lay back baby.” I said. I stood and leaned over her belt. I took a knee and undid her buckle, lowering the pants slowly over her full hips covered in soft, tanned skin. When I got past her panties, I gently moved the thong’s “V” aside and inserted my thumb past her lips into her cunt. I found her clit with my thumb and played with it, flicking it back and forth. She sucked in breath and moaned and groaned.

“It took me two second with my thumb to make you feel like that. Could Derrick do that?” She shook her head vigorously. I nodded. “That isn’t all I can do.” I finished removing her pants and moved to her baby doll tank. She sat up and took my mouth with hers and kissed me deeply, our tongues wrestling. I took her head in my big hands and laid her back on the futon. I started at her hairline and kissed her entire face and neck and nibbled her earlobes. I shoved my tongue in her mouth, letting her tongue play with it.

I finished removing her shirt and stared at her full, huge breasts and big curvy, pudgy stomach. I massaged the skin of her stomach licking it and nibbling the flesh allthewhile Hilary continued moaning. I also began to hear moaning from outside the door. I removed her panties and licked her lips inserting my tongue into her cunt. I found the clit again and flicked it and played with it with my tongue. “OHHHH. OHHHH. You are incredible!!!” Hilary yelled.

“You haven’t seen anything yet.” I said, standing. I removed my shirt and my belt. I lowered my shorts and removed my socks and shoes. I stood at the foot of the futon in nothing but my boxers, a large tent stood in the middle. Looking down, I saw my queen laying there, anticipating my touch, my embrace. She wanted me to fuck her and I wanted to savor the moment. “Not yet. Not yet.” I said with my hand on the boxer elastic. I kept my boxers on and crawled onto the futon. Hilary looked at me with puppy dog eyes and a pouty lip. “Patience.” I said with a devilish smile. My hands began to massage her feet again, moving up her legs, squeezing her calves tenderly, my tongue not far behind, tracing the trail of my hands. Hilary moaned again as I journeyed up her thick claves to her tremendous, powerful thighs. My fingers traced a line up the inside of her thighs and played in the patch of hair above her snatch. Both thumbs jutted in and out of her cunt, sending shivers up her spine. Another suck in of breath told me her opinion on the matter, her face a picture of pleasure. My hands played with her stomach and moved up to the black, lace bra that held her tremendous breasts. She sat up and I reached around her and released the melons of flesh and muscle. She attempted to kiss me, but I took her head with my hands, moved down to her shoulders and thrust her back to the futon.

I looked down at her chest. Huge breasts were topped with enormous nipples and areolas. I took each in my hands and squeezed and kneaded them, directed by Hilary’s moans and gasps. I lowered my mouth to her nipples and flicked them with my tongue, right then left. Her tits, soaked in saliva, showed me that exactly what I needed to do. I stood and, once again, grabbed my boxer’s elastic. “Ready?” I asked, smiling.

She looked at me with those startling green eyes and said “fuck me, now.” I winked and lowered the boxers. Hilary’s eyes shot to my member, and grew wide. My eight inch long and two inch around dick stood in majesty. “Bigger than Derrick’s?” I asked.

“That is the biggest cock I have ever seen… in my life.” She said out of breath. I took position over her chest and placed my cock between her lubed up tits. I brought them together around my dick and slowly eased it through them, pumping in and out slowly. Hilary edged to head up to the top of her breasts and took the remainder at the end of each thrust in her mouth, sucking when she could. My momentum picked up and I started fucking her tits harder and harder. merter escort

I slowly released her tits and started fucking her mouth, she sat up and supported herself with her arms. I grabbed the back of her head and thrust my dick deep into her mouth and back out again, each time burying my crotch in her nose. She started gagging on my cock so I stopped thrusting, but I started jerking it in front of her face. “No, I want it in me.” She protested.

“I have plenty.” I retorted and kept jerking. When I was about to come, she slapped my hand away and deep throated me, sucking hard. I held the back of her head for supported and shot my load right down her throat. Stream after stream exited my cock and went straight down her throat. She didn’t choke once. I finished and pulled my cock out, a loud pop was made as the mushroom-tip left her still sucking mouth.

“I bet that skinny bitch can’t do that.” She said, cum dripping down the side of her mouth. She looked gorgeous as she smiled and winked. I licked the cum up and thrust my tongue into her mouth. “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen you big-breasted, soft-stomached, cum-sucking, whore.” I said.

“Oooh yeah, dirty talker. Fuck my cunt deeper than Derrick ever could.” She almost moaned.

“You’re so hot when you’re horny.” I retorted. I stood back up and went back to the end of the futon. I grabbed my pants and fished out the condom, ripping open the wrapper. “No. Cum in me. I’m on the pill.” I didn’t have to be told twice and I threw the condom away. I grabbed both her legs and positioned them on my shoulders and I pushed them until my cock could enter her cunt. For a big girl, she was very flexible. “Ready?” I asked, knowing the answer. She nodded with the most beautiful babydoll face, I’d ever seen. I eased my tip through her lips, it was tight but I was able to force it through inch by inch. Hilary’s moans and pants intensified and so did my tempo. I finally was able to find the clit with my cock and I attacked it. Hilary went nuts. “Ohhh my God, it’s so fucking deep. Ahhhh. Oh My God!!!” I used her words as a catalyst and upped my fervor, burying my cock in her pussy. After ten or fifteen more thrusts she screamed, “IM CUMMMING!!!” Her pussy began to suck on my cock at every thrust. I couldn’t hold on any longer and, with one more thrust, I shot what felt like a gallon of cum into her twat. I groaned animally as I emptied into the girl I’d wanted to fuck for years. Her screams and moans were deafening, but appreciated. I pulled out of her cunt and watched as her fingers shot to her pussy. She fingered herself a couple of times and began to squirt cum out of her cunt. I dove at it, lapping up the flowing juices. The juices stopped and Hilary went limp, the only thing moving was her ample chest with every breath. She tried to make words but all that came out was breath. She shrugged. I understood.

I slowly, tiredly crawled up her body and kissed her deeply. “Thanks.” She said. “An understatement, I know, but, thanks.”

“Are you done? I’m not done.”

“My pussy can’t handle anymore.” She said. I smiled. Her eyes widened. “I’ve never done it in the ass.”

“Dirty girl.” I said with a smile. I flipped her on her back and took position over her ass. “Ready?” I asked

“No, No. Please.” She pleaded

“Too late” I said and began to rub her back. She sighed. “I thought you were going to tear me apart.”

“I would never disgrace something so beautiful as your round ass.” She giggled. I massaged her back until her breathing was shallow and rhythmic. I moved down her back until my hands met her ass. I grabbed each cheek with each hand and began to massage. I opened the cheeks and lowered my head to her asshole. I stuck my tongue in and, after the initial shock, Hilary began moaning again. “That feels so good. Just be gentle.” I did as I was told and licked and sucked on her asshole until her breathing was shallow again. “Wanna watch?” I asked.

“What do you mean?” She asked

“Nevermind. Sit in that chair over there.” I waited until she eased her body off and onto a chair near the futon. I went to the door and opened it to see 7 women in barber chairs fingering their cunts. They shot their eyes towards the door and began clapping. I walked out naked with my erect cock standing proud. “Who’s next?” I asked, slowly jerking my cock. Julie stood up and ran at me, grabbing me and throwing me on the futon. “Have you ever fucked a housewife?” She asked.

“No, but I’ll try anything once.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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