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Then the kisses began to cover my back, evoking the little frissons that always came when someone touched my back. And as Dave fondled my neck he was whispering, “Are you nearly there, Baby?”

I was so full of the most wonderful sensations rippling through my body that I could hardly reply. “Yes!! Yes!! I’ll cum whenever you want me.”

“Then roll over again, lift your knees up high, spread your legs wide apart. And we’ll both go to heaven together.”

I couldn’t wait to roll onto my back and open my whole body to whatever Dave had in mind for me. And this time I hoped that what he had in mind was what I’d had in mind ever since I first saw that gorgeous prick surging out to greet me. Dave knelt between my widespread thighs, slid his hands beneath my ass and lifted me till I could feel his knob pressing against my vulva. Then the pressure moved in and my tunnel was widened as Dave thrust into my cunt. Inch by inch I could feel his prick filling me up into my belly and the tingling nerves lining my vagina responding to the friction. It was a gentle fuck, but it was powerful and irresistable. And delightful. When his groin was hard against my twat and every motion excited my clitoris more, Dave looked away from the tits which had held his attantion, and looked into my eyes. He was smiling tenderly. “How much closer can we get? You’ve taken possession of me. You own me. You’ve consumed me. You have me in your belly like your fetus. This isn’t just a fuck. This is a complete joining of our bodies.”

It was more than a joining of our bodies. My whole everything had drained into Dave. Through that little hole in the top of his knob? I didn’t think so. Not only my body, but my mind was joined with his, I knew what he was thinking, what he was feeling, what he was needing. I had never known how to exercise my vaginal muscles before, but suddenly they started to spasm, tightening on every part of the wonderful weapon that was impaling me.

Dave began to withdraw it from inside me, dragging the protruding rim of his knob against the sensitive spots that lined my canal. It was an exquisite agony, an agony I wanted to go on and on. But then he was pressing back in, faster, and out again, faster, and lunging in and out more forcefully every time until I was crying out with the ecstasy. “Dave, oh Dave, I can’t last any longer, I’m going to cum. Cum with me Dave. I’m going to cum, I’m cumming!” and I think I screamed in an agony which was also an ecstacy.

Dave yelled. “I’m cumming with you. I’m cumming. Feel it. Here! Here! Fuck! Fuck!” And with every yell he thrust his groin against mine, ramming his throbbing meat up into my entrails, and with every thrust I felt a surge of hot semen pouring deep into me, more and more of it until I felt that Dave had empties his whole sexuality into me.

Dave seemed to go on pumping his manhood into me for the longest time, until he fell forward to lie on my body, But I went on cumming long after he was spent, gasping and sobbing his name until he covered my face with kisses while I slowly came down.

I won’t trouble you with the platitudes we exchanged before we fell asleep, but I remember that Dave stayed hard and firm inside me. I don’t know how long we slept, but I woke to feel him sucking one of my nipples. He had slid down in the bed and I was turned toward him so that my breast was thrust against his face. And I was cuddling him and suckling him like a baby. “I’m sorry I haven’t any milk for you, baby,” I said. bahis siteleri “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

Dave stopped sucking, and I wished I hadn’t disturbed him. “I’d love to drink your milk, you have such beautiful suckable jugs,” he said. His mouth went back to my tit.

I had reluctantly to pull it away from him. “I’m sorry, Baby, but I’ve got to move. I just have to go to the bathroom.”

“Let me come and watch you, darling,” Dave said. “I’d love to watch you do pee-pee. I’ll be doing more intimate things to that exciting pee-hole soon, but you promised me I could do whatever I liked to you.” It seemed so terribly intimate, and yet my cunt was his to do as he pleased with, and anyway the idea of showing off something no-one else had ever seen since I was a baby was exciting. We went to the bathroom, and Dave knew exactly what he wanted. “I’ll sit up in the bathtub, and you can kneel in front of me and let it go. Only pull your pussy open so I can see where it comes from. I want to see you little pee-hole.”

I’d always thought that water sports were not for me, but now that I seemed to be perpetually horny it seemed like a lovely idea sharing the final intimacy with Dave. While Dave sat up in the tub I knelt down in front of him with my knees apart on either side of his outstretched legs. My cunt was about level with his eyes, so he couldn’t have got a better view. I spread my labia more than they were, holding one between each finger and thumb. “Here it comes,” I said, and relaxed. I hadn’t realized what a wonderful feeling peeing could be, on the right occasion. With my cunt lips pulled open there was nothing to obstruct the stream. It was a strong jet because my bladder was full, and it poured straight out onto Dave’s chest.

“That’s lovely! ” Dave exclaimed. “I can see just where it’s coming from. I bet not many men have done this.” He pressed his thumb on the tiny hole the jet was coming from to see if he could stop it, but the pressure was too great and the jet became a spray which spread all over his chest and face. He spluttered and collapsed laughing, and took his thumb away. So I was able to direct the jet down onto the soft looking dick which was lying between his legs. It must have gone on for nearly a minute, because before the flow died down I was able to watch a soft looking dick rouse itself into a semblance of an erection.

I washed Dave off with a cloth, although he argued that it had come from me and he wanted to keep it. And Dave washed my pussy for me. “Your turn now.” I said. “I want to see everything that comes out of that fucking machine of yours. And I want to watch it ejaculate later.” This time Dave didn’t argue. We exchanged places, and Dave had to wait while his dick subsided enough to let him perform. At last he took it in his fingers and announced, “Stand by, here it comes” I watched the knob on the end of his dick, and saw the little slit open to emit a wonderful golden stream which he deliberately aimed at my tits and my nipples and my cunt, and then all over me to give me a good hosing down. It was a lovely sensation to feel a strong jet hitting my nipples, and then I exposed my clit to let him aim at that. I’d experimented in the past with masturbating under the shower, but having Dave’s golden stream doing wonderful things to my clit had my cunt clenching all over again,

By the time we were finished I was really horny again, and then showering with Dave, lathering the liquid soap all over him, his cheeks, canlı bahis his anus, his balls, his prick, did nothing to bring me down. But he seemed determined to bring me down. “I’ll order breakfast,” he said.

I was getting prepared to snuggle under the bedclothes so the bellhop would only see my head, but Dave had other ideas. “Why shouldn’t we give him a treat as well as a tip? Lie there on top of the bedclothes and look really seductive. Show him everything, I don’t suppose he gets the chance to see naked beauties very often.”

I was in the mood for anything. Even accommodating the bellhop if Dave wanted me to. So when the knock came at the door I was stretched out, languidly naked, and ready to smile at him. When he came in wheeling the trolley he greeted Dave, “Good morning, sir.” Then he looked down at me. “Good morning, miss, I thought you might like today’s paper.” And he laid it on the bed beside me. When Dave gave him the tip he said, “Thank you sir, thank you miss. Have a nice day.” And left the room.

I wanted to say, “It’s going to be a nicer day than your dirty mind can even imagine,” but I was too convulsed with laughter, and when I looked at Dave he was nearly choking. When he’d stopped laughing he asked me, “O.K, how shall we make it a nice day?”

My cunt had been giving me the squirlies ever since I woke up to find myself suckling my baby. “Take off your robe and lie here on the bed,” I told him. “I’ve got plans for you. Just imagine I’ve got you tied down and you can’t move”

Dave laughed. “I wondered whether we might do this. I bought some ties before I came. I wanted to tie you down but you’ve beaten me to it. They’re in my bag. He fetched some nice soft ropes with loops at the ends, and I knelt astride him while I shackled his wrists and his feet and fastened them to the bed frame. He looked so good, spread-eagled, naked, in my power, with his prick already hardening into a fearsome weapon. A weapon which was going to be all mine to control and do as I pleased with. So far I had let Dave use my body as he wanted, but now it was my turn. And my cunt was already in the same state as his prick, not rampant but weeping with anticipation.

“My turn to explore you,” I said. I began by plunging my tongue into his mouth, the mouth that had kissed every intimate part of my body, then smothering his face with kisses, then licking it all over till it was wet. And just as he had with me, I nuzzled in his hot armpit, He was as young as I was, so his chest and legs and his pubic mound were hairy in a masculine way, but not unpleasantly so. I kissed his chest all over, wishing he had soft, sexy breasts that I could bury my face in. But he had nipples that I could torture as he had mine, and I quickly clamped my mouth to one of them and began to suck it, wondering how much I could make it swell. Anyway I knew that before long I could make him plead with me to stop.

I let his nipple feel my teeth, and pinched the other nipple between my fingers. He drew in his breath sharply and I knew I had him going. His prick had been nicely tumescent at the idea of being bound and in my power, but already my attentions had it standing up and begging for masturbation. It would have to wait till later for that, by which time I intended it to be drooling with pre-cum juice out of a well swollen knob.

When Dave’s nipples had swollen enough to make him breath hard, I clamped one of my screw-on earrings on to each of them and screwed it up till güvenilir bahis he yelped. Then I unscrewed it a little bit and left it in place. “This is agony,” Dave gasped. “How long do I have to put up with this?”

“Just until you plead for mercy,” I said lightly, “but all sorts of nice thing will be happening to you by then.” Dave was wriggling his chest, and his belly and navel were surging up and down, so I buried my mouth in the little crater and sucked at it to see what the effect would be. It was spectacular. Dave sharply drew in his navel and his whole waist in an effort to get away from my mouth, but I just sucked harder and pushed my tongue against the little knot in the center. “Oh my god!” he groaned, “I don’t think I can take any more of this.”

“Think about what you made me take yesterday,” I told him. “I was pleading with you to make me cum, but you just went on enjoying yourself,” I kissed my way down through a small forest of pubic hair to where his prick seemed to grow like a tree from the undergrowth. It was too thick for me to get my hand around, and when I squeezed it the shaft was hard and resisted me. I was thinking about what it would soon be doing to the inside of my vagina, but first I had things I wanted to do to that wonderful weapon. I stroked the sensitive underside just on the edge of the knob where the flesh was loose. I gathered all the looseness together between my finger and thumb and held it with a clothes pin. These were the most sensitive parts of his prick apart from his knob, and I quickly took care of that by sucking his knob into my mouth and pressing on the underside with my tongue.

Dave was shouting. “That’s fantastic. This is the most fantastic masturbation I’ve ever dreamed of. All of it. Now you’ve got to make me cum. Please baby, make me cum. You want to watch me ejaculate, don’t you?”

“I want more than that,” I told him. “I’m going to fuck you my darling.” I took the clothes pin off his prick, and clipped it to one of my tumescent nipples. It hurt a little but it was more exciting than painful. I was feeling what Dave was feeling in his nipples. I knelt over his pelvis with my thighs wide open and tight against his hips, I lowered myself gently, jiggled myself till I could feel his hard knob between my lips, and sat down firmly till my cheeks were pressed on his thighs.

I had never had my cunt filled so suddenly. If my vagina hadn’t been so wide open and wet and ready, it would have been like rape. But instead it was heaven as I felt the orgasm beginning to come. Dave must have been there too as he gazed at my bouncing breasts and my protruding nipples and the one large enough to take a clothes pin and my fingers playing with my clitoris. But I forgot about Dave as I wriggled and twisted and humped, ramming his prick to the depths of my entrails and pulling it out till I was afraid I’d lost it. I did everything I wanted with that prick, everything that would make me cum with a gigantic orgasm.

And as I came, my vagina filled with spurt after spurt of hot sperm. And I knew that it was MY sperm, from MY prick, that I had made MY captive pump into me.

After that it was all a dream. I can’t even remember what we did, or for how many days and nights. I remember driving home, and later being surprised I hadn’t been involved in an accident. Although I must have had an accident of sorts—my panties were wet when I arrived home.

The next day there was an e-mail from Dave “My darling, we took possession of each others’ bodies, we vowed we owned each other body and soul, we gave up every vestige of reserve in our intimacy. Doesn’t that mean we should get married?”

We did.

– The end –

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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