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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


The days passed incredibly slowly after my meeting with Aunt Pamela. She dominated my dreams and fantasies. She often crossed my mind while in class and I would wind up with an erection and squirming in my seat with the memory of the spanking she’d given me and the reward I’d earned afterward. Thankfully, my erection was small enough it remained unnoticed even under snug fitting pants.

Aunt Pamela was a wonderful woman who accepted me for the insecure, bashful and petite boy that I was. More importantly, she loved my skinny, 3-inch penis. Being more than twice my age and substantially larger than my 5’4″ stature, she was the maternal figure I’d always dreamed of having.

Over the weekend, I walked by her house more than a dozen times. I hoped she would be outside and after seeing me, invite me back into her home. I was tempted to knock on her door. But I knew she wasn’t the type of lady who appreciated unannounced guests. So I struggled to be patient while waiting for my next appointment with her.

Since my visit, I’d managed to keep the promise I’d made. I removed every shred of clothing before I began masturbating. And before I even touched my little penis, I began chanting the words I knew by heart. “Aunt Pamela is the only woman who will ever love me and my tiny penis.” Thankfully I didn’t have a roommate and was able to strip naked and touch myself several times a day.

When Tuesday finally arrived and I’d gotten out of my 11:00 am class, I rushed to my room and took an extra-long shower. I scrubbed every inch of my body twice, wanting to be perfectly clean for my time with Aunt Pamela. After I’d dried myself off, I pulled on my cleanest, whitest underpants and tried on a few different pairs of pants. None of them seemed appropriate. I was just about to put on the same khaki’s I’d worn during my last visit when I remembered a pair of shorts my Grand-Mother had bought for me. I pulled them out from the very bottom of my drawer and knew that Aunt Pamela was going to love them.

The shorts were a light, blue color. They were much shorter than the style other boys were wearing, the inseam was only an inch. They were made from stretchy velvet and fit snugly, so much so, that I had to go without underwear. They had no pockets and zipped up in the back. After wiggling into the shorts, I put on my favorite white, button-up shirt and tucked that into my shorts. I couldn’t wear socks with such short-shorts, so I slipped my bare feet into my brown leather, boat shoes. Without back pockets, I couldn’t take my wallet. Instead, I slipped the keycard to my room, which was also my school ID, into my shoe beneath my foot.

As I laid my hand on my doorknob, I realized I’d have to walk out of my dorm and across campus wearing the outfit I had on. I looked like a sissy in the little blue shorts. Fellow students would see me. I knew they would whisper to each other as I passed. Some of them may even call me names to my face. But I already knew one thing for sure, Aunt Pamela was the only person who could ever love me.

While thinking only of Aunt Pamela, I turned the knob and left the safety of my dorm room. I kept my chin lowered while I descended the stairs and left my building. I felt people stare at me when I stepped outside. I saw people whisper to each other while looking in my direction. It was so embarrassing. But I kept my chin lowered and watched my feet move along the sidewalk. I walked as quickly as I could, which I later realized made my butt wiggle even more than usual. But I didn’t slow down, I wanted to get away from everyone and to Aunt Pamela’s home as quickly as possible. In my head I chanted the phrase I found so soothing, “Aunt Pamela is the only woman who will ever love me and my tiny penis.”

I eventually left the campus grounds and continued to walk quickly along the public streets until I stood in front of Aunt Pamela’s home. My little penis throbbed under my shorts as I continued toward her door. I’d been aching to visit Aunt Pamela for an entire week. I masturbated dozens of times while recalling all that had occurred in her home. Every time I masturbated, I chanted the magical words, “Aunt Pamela is the only woman who will ever love me and my tiny penis.” The more often I recited that phrase, the more I accepted it as my destiny.

Before I knocked on her door, I double checked my appearance. Aunt Pamela had made it perfectly clear that she insisted her ‘boys’ be clean and well dressed, hygiene was of utmost importance. While standing on her doorstep, I ran my fingers through my hair, pulled my shorts up so they hugged my body like a second skin and tucked my shirt in tightly. When I reached up and pressed the doorbell, my little penis throbbed hard and my butt cheeks clenched together while my little hole tingled wildly.

I stood on her doorstep for only a few seconds before I heard her heavy footsteps approaching. The door opened bahis siteleri quickly and there stood Aunt Pamela looking as radiant as ever. Her heavily graying hair looked like she’d just come from a salon. She was wearing black slacks that were stretched over her wide hips and thick thighs. I could make out the lacey trim of her enormous white bra beneath the white silk blouse she was wearing. And on her feet, she wore shiny black flats.

Aunt Pamela stood there for several moments looking at me before saying, “Oh my goodness! Sweetie, you look adorable! I love your little shorts!”

I smiled and slowly turned around on my toes. When I turned back to face her, I said, “I hoped you’d like them. They were a gift from my Grand-Mother.”

Her eyes continued to wander up and down my body while I stood on her doorstep. “It looks like your Grand-Mother and I have similar ideas on how a boy should be dressed.” Reaching out, she took my hand and invited me inside. As soon as the door was shut behind me, Aunt Pamela wrapped her arms around my body and pulled me into a loving embrace.

After kissing me on the forehead, she took my hand and led me to the couch in her living room. While she took a seat, she said, “Sweetheart, I can’t get over how adorable you look! Why don’t you stand in the center of my rug while we chat, I want to be able to look at you!”

I giggled and squirmed while I stepped onto the rug, right in front of the couch. After turning back to face her, I couldn’t stop myself from giving my little penis a squeeze. “I am really glad you like how I’m dressed. I hoped you’d like it, but I was worried you wouldn’t.” I lowered my gaze to look at my feet before uttering, “I know I look like a sissy.”

She smiled while her eyes continued to wander up and down my body. “You are simply precious! The reason I like your outfit so much is that you look like a sissy. You’re not dressed in normal clothes pretending to be a normal boy. No, you’re dressed appropriately wearing clothes suited for a sweet little sissy.”

I whimpered softly while my penis throbbed under my shorts and my back arched. I was at a loss for words.

“Leslie, let’s hope you didn’t earn yourself a spanking this week. If you did, those shorts won’t be able to hide the evidence of your punishment. The bottoms of your cheeks peek out and anyone who looks will know that you’re a naughty little sissy.”

Reaching back and laid my hands on the exposed flesh of my cheeks. I smiled weakly while saying, “I had a quiz in my Chemistry class and I got a perfect score. That was the only new grade for the whole week.”

Rising up from the couch, she said, “We’ll see about that.” She then took my hand and led me toward a desk in the corner of the room. She sat on the chair and had me sit on her knee and wrapped her arm around my narrow waist. After starting her laptop, she opened the browser and clicked a link to the student log-in for my college. Aunt Pamela watched me log into my account, taking note of my password. It was obvious she was familiar with the school’s website because she then maneuvered to the page with my grades with ease. After learning I had been honest about my Chemistry grade, she went on to check all my other classes.

In a soft voice, I said, “Aunt Pamela, I need to tell you something. I considered getting a poor grade on my Chemistry quiz on purpose.”

She looked away from the laptop and into my eyes. In a gentle voice, she asked, “Baby, why would you even think about doing that?”

“Well, I wasn’t sure if you’d send me away if I didn’t need to be punished. And I really wanted to spend time with you.”

Aunt Pamela kept one arm wrapped around my waist while moving the other hand to gently cup my erection. “Sweetheart, naughty boys get punished. Well-behaved boys get rewarded. And well-behaved sissy boys who arrive on my doorstep in tiny shorts earn an extra special reward.”

I giggled and squirmed on her knee, pressing my stiff little erection up into her palm. “I’m glad I did my best on that quiz!”

“Me too, Sweetie.” She gently patted my throbbing erection with her palm. “Now, when you were here last, you made a promise. Do you remember what that promise was?”

Biting my lower lip, I felt myself blush while admitting that I did remember the promise and before she could ask, I said, “And I kept that promise. Every time I played with myself, I was completely naked. And while I touched myself, I chanted, ‘Aunt Pamela is the only woman who will ever love me and my tiny penis.'” I watched her smile before continuing, “All week long, whenever I got nervous or felt out of place, I chanted that phrase and it made me feel better. I chanted it the whole way here. Lots of people were laughing at me and my shorts while I walked. But saying those words made me feel better.”

Wrapping both of her arms around my body, she hugged me. “You are the most precious boy I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.” She held me for several moments before canlı bahis siteleri leaning back, looking into my eyes and saying. “Sweetheart, do you remember when I touched that little button between your cheeks last week?”

Nibbling on my lower lip, I squeaked, “Yes.”

She grinned, “Because you did so well on your quiz and wore these little shorty-shorts for me, I think we’ll explore that little button between your cheeks today.”

A shiver shot up my spine. Ever since the moment she touched my little balloon-knot of a hole, I couldn’t wait for it to happen again. It felt so magical, but I was afraid I may like it too much. Boys weren’t supposed to enjoy having their butts played with. Deep down inside, I’d always known I wasn’t a normal boy, I was a sissy. I knew it, so did Aunt Pamela, and the shorts I wore were proof that even my Grand-Mother knew it. There was no need to pretend I was anything except what I really was. So right there, while perched on Aunt Pamela’s knee, all the fear drained away. I was eager to have her explore that special place no matter how embarrassing it may be. Biting my lower lip and forcing myself to look her in the eye, I whispered, “I would like that very much.”

While standing up from the desk and moving back to the living room, she patted my bottom with her hand and said, “I knew you would.”

She took a seat on the couch and had me stand on the rug in the middle of the room. She crossed her legs gracefully and rested her hands on her knee. She grinned and said, “I hate to say this because you look so cute in your little outfit, but I need you to undress.”

Another chill ran through my body and my back arched. She had seen me naked before. But stripping while she watched was tremendously embarrassing. I slipped my shoes off, picked them up and set them on the floor near the arm of the couch. Moving back to the center of the room, I turned to face Aunt Pamela and began to unbutton my shirt.

While I was undressing, Aunt Pamela stopped me. She said, “Sweetie, you don’t look like you’re enjoying this. You’re just going through the motions. Smile for me. Swing your hips a little, dance for me. Show me how much you enjoy taking off your clothes for me.”

I blushed and said, “I’m sorry. I’ll try harder.” I imagined the girls I’d watched on the internet doing stripteases. I tried to do what they did. A real smile formed on my face as I began to swing my hips from side-to-side. I continued to unbutton my shirt but kept it closed to conceal my pale chest. When every button was undone and I’d pulled it out of my shorts, I turned away from her and ground my bottom in a circle while sliding my shirt down off my arms. Looking over my shoulder, I learned Aunt Pamela was enjoying my show. I tossed her my shirt and then danced around in a circle wearing only my light blue, velvet shorty-shorts.

Aunt Pamela caught my shirt and began folding it while never taking her eyes off of me dancing. In a deeper than normal voice, she said, “Much better. Between those little shorts and your dance, you’re making this old lady very happy.”

I giggled while turning my back to her once again. I parted my legs a little and arched my back deeply. Reaching back with both hands I slowly slid the zipper down while rocking my hips from side to side. I glanced over my naked, pale shoulder again and saw Aunt Pamela’s eyes watching my every move. Standing up straight, I hooked my thumbs under either side of my shorts and slowly wiggled them over my hips and down my legs. The pale globes of my cheeks emerged from beneath my shorts and I heard a soft moan from behind me. The proof of my punishment from the week before had all but healed.

Aunt Pamela moaned softly, “No panties? You naughty boy!”

Before bending forward to pick my shorts up off the floor, I parted my legs and smiled back at her from between my knees. I knew all of my most private places were out for her to see and she looked like she was enjoying the view.

Standing back up, I turned around and danced toward Aunt Pamela to hand her my shorts. My little penis was as stiff as a needle and poking straight up. Her eyes zeroed in on that part of my anatomy as I approached. She reached out, took my shorts and began folding them while I raised my arms above my head and danced my way back onto the carpet in the middle of the room.

I danced on that carpet for several minutes before she spoke, “Leslie, Sweetheart, I’m going to gather up a few things. But I want you to imagine me sitting on the couch watching you. Keep dancing and don’t stop until I get back.”

My back arched and I moaned while dragging my hands from my knees, up my thighs, along the sides my stiff penis and up my stomach. When I answered her, I pinched my nipples, “Yes Aunt Pamela, I’ll be right here dancing!” She then left me dancing in her living room, completely naked and very aroused.

Imaginary music played in my ears while I danced. Images of the girls stripping on the internet canlı bahis filled my mind. Every time I looked at the empty couch, I pictured Aunt Pamela sitting there watching me with love in her eyes.

I can’t be sure how long I danced alone, but it seemed like a very long time. When she returned to the living room, I stopped dancing, feeling suddenly foolish for dancing alone. She was carrying a canvas bag with the word ‘Crafts’ printed on the side. Over her shoulder was a red & white checkered tablecloth. After telling me what a good little dancer I was, she took my hand in hers and led me toward the back of her home.

While passing through her kitchen, she said, “It’s such a lovely day outside, I thought we could spend the afternoon in my backyard.”

I froze in place and stopped walking. I pulled back on her hand and said, “But, but Aunt Pamela, I’m naked!”

She looked back and said, “Yes you are. And you look absolutely adorable. But you don’t need to worry. My yard is relatively private and I doubt any of my neighbors will see what we’re up too.”

I continued to resist her while covering my little penis with my free hand, when she pulled me toward the door. But it was a futile effort and all too soon, she’d opened the door to her backyard. I thought taking my first step out of my dorm in my little shorts was difficult, but this was far worse! I was naked and going outside!

As I stepped out onto her cement patio, I felt the warmth of sunshine on my naked body for the first time. I looked around nervously and quickly learned her yard was indeed basically private. In addition to the wooden fence, there were large bushes and trees around the yard’s perimeter.

Aunt Pamela led me off the patio, toward an octagonal, raised wooden deck in the middle of her lawn. On the raised deck sat a sturdy looking, round table and four chairs. While I stood beside her, naked and covering my little erection with both hands, she spread the red-and-white checkered cloth neatly over the table. She then took my hand and guided me onto the tabletop.

I whined, “You’re not going to play with me here, are you?”

Once I was positioned on my knees with my shoulders flat on the table, she said, “As a matter of fact, that is exactly what we’re going to do. Doesn’t the sunshine feel nice?”

While I stuttered and stammered about the sun feeling good. She set the craft bag on one of the chairs. The first thing she pulled out was a plastic bottle with the words “Sexual Lubricant” printed on the side. She held the bottle for me to see before placing it back near my knees. Reaching back into the bag, she withdrew a long, skinny, pink dildo. It was twice as long as my penis and a little bit skinnier. Going back to the bag, she brought out a second dildo that was just as long, but purple and even thicker than my penis. Returning to the bag one last time, she pulled out a bullet-shaped plug that flared in and then out to a wide, narrow base. At the butt plugs thickest point, it was even wider than the biggest dildo.

I was at a loss for words and only whimpered softly. Aunt Pamela placed the pad of her index finger over the tip of my little penis and began to rub in small circles. “I know a precious boy who is excited about having his bottom played with. Your little peenie is leaking like crazy!”

She reached back into the bag and pulled out a familiar crystal bowl. After positioning the bowl directly under my penis, she picked up the lubricant and asked if I was ready. She didn’t wait for me to answer while squirting out a big glob and rubbing it all over the smallest dildo. Squirting out even more lubricant on her fingertips, she grinned at me before her hand moved out of my line of sight.

When her slippery fingers made contact with my wrinkled hole, I couldn’t stop myself from squealing out loud. My back arched deeply and my shoulders rose up off the table. I heard Aunt Pamela purr, “That feels good. Doesn’t it, Sweetie. Yes, you are going to love what I have planned for you.”

After she’d adequately lubricated my special place, she wiped her fingers on a hand-towel from her craft bag. She then picked up the long, thin, pink dildo which glistened in the sunshine from the lubricant covering its surface. I whimpered softly when my eyes fell upon it. My stomach was doing somersaults and my penis was dripping its excitement into the crystal bowl. I knew where that dildo was going!

I didn’t see Aunt Pamela’s face when she spoke. I was unable to look away from the pink dildo she held before my eyes. “Leslie, are you ready for your reward?”

A soft moan left my lips while my hips squirmed around lewdly. My voice squeaked when I responded, “Yes Aunt Pamela.”

“You are such a sweet, well-mannered boy. I’m sure your Mother and Grand-Mother are both very proud of you.”

My little penis continued to drip its excitement into that bowl while I stared at the glistening dildo and listened to Aunt Pamela bring up my Mother and Grand-Mother! I’d never imagined being in that situation, being that horny and talking about my Mother and Grand-Mother! But there was something about talking about them that felt so appropriate. I whimpered softly, “I hope they are.”

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