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Copyright 2007

Please DO NOT read unless you are 18 or older. This chapter ends the tale of Jack and his Aunt Brini. I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to hearing feedback about this final installment. Thanks for reading, commenting, voting, and all the great feedback I have received from everyone.


Other than a few truckers ogling my tits and honking, the ride home was uneventful. Occasionally, Jack would reach over and tweak my aching nipples or rub my broiling pussy. All I wanted was to get home and get fucked. Any way, any how I could get it. The taste of cock was in my mouth, and I wanted more.

When we pulled up to the gates of the ranch, Jack told me to get out and unlock it. Tits out and all. Because our boarding stables are small time, we usually only get visitors on the weekends. Since today was Tuesday we were closed to the public, and I felt reasonably sure that we would have the place to ourselves. I did as I was told, but kept my ears out for approaching cars, nonetheless. The sun warmed my exposed breasts and heated the tag against my throat. It all served to remind me that I was doing the bidding of my incredibly sexy, dominant nephew.

He waited for me to close and lock the gate in my exposed condition and we headed down the drive towards the house. After he parked and unbuckled, he ordered me to bend over the old fashioned hitching post out front. I was so excited that he slid his cock in my wet hole without any resistance. Jack pounded my pussy furiously for a few minutes, but as my orgasm approached, he eased off and grabbed me by the hair.

“Good little slut puppies are obedient to their Master,” he ground in my ear. They obey the ground rules or they will be punished. My slut puppy better remember the first rule. No cumming without permission!” he barked at me. I tried to nod, but didn’t get far with him holding my hair. He fucked my cunt like that for a few minutes until I was whimpering with need. I didn’t know if I could hold back.

I tried. I really tried. I knew this was a test and I would be punished. But when I thought about what I looked like in the store, being struck with the crop, all those people watching, I was pushed over the edge. I screamed my orgasm at the top of my lungs and felt his cock hammer home into the dark recesses of my womb.

He kept pumping me steadily until I regained some measure of calm, and then pulled out of my pussy with a loud slurp. I stayed still, but out of the corner of my eye, I saw him purposefully walk around the hitching post to where my head hung in shame. I couldn’t believe that I lost control like that. I felt like a deer in the headlights, scared to move for what comes next.

Jack presented his slimy cock to my lips. “Suck it clean, slut.” I did as I was told instantly, hoping that my quick compliance would earn me a few points off for good behavior. The taste was tangy, mostly my juice mingled slightly with his pre cum. I could smell the juices in his pubic hair and in the next instant; it was smeared on my face as he pressed his cock into the back of my throat all the way down to the base. I held it as long as I could until I panicked from lack of air and Jack withdrew his cock, I saw my saliva dripping from the tip. I could still smell the juice on my face and I realized that despite my orgasm, I was still hornier than ever. The fact that I knew I was about to be punished could have had something to do with it.

I watched as my nephew dug in the bag from the fetish store. Out came the pair of clover clamps and my knees buckled a little. “Since you were a bad little slut, your behavior must be corrected,” he told me. “Stay put exactly where you are now and wait for me to return. I mean it. Don’t move, under any circumstances.”

I was determined to obey, despite what I knew was coming to my tits. He had told me that the clover clamps would hurt more than the other pair, and I was frankly a little scared. I had no idea where he had gone, but I couldn’t see how it would turn out well for me one way or another, so I tried to relax and enjoy the flow and tingle of the blood in my veins.

When he returned, he stowed some things out of my line of vision and then bent over me to tweak my already hard nipples. “Little slut puppy, you are going to have to learn to control yourself from now on,” he whispered in my ear. “I almost hate to punish you,” he chuckled low. “Almost…”

My Master nephew plucked at my nipples and pulled them downward until they were well swollen and hard as rock. And then, the moment of truth. I hoped that I was strong enough to take what he would give me, wanting to please him and make him proud.

Jack squatted on the balls of his feet at my side. I was still bent over the hitching post, and he had to duck down a bit to reach his goal. I closed my eyes as the clover clamps moved from my sight to beneath my torso. I felt the cool pads caress my stiff nipple for a brief instant before he let the clamp Kars Escort close around it.

I shrieked in pain and tried to jump up, but Jack was a step ahead of me. I didn’t realize that he had clipped the leash onto my collar and it was an easy thing for him to keep me bent over at the waist. “Didn’t you learn anything in the car before, slut?” his tone was disgusted. “Quit crying and breathe. Calm down and take it.” He remained crouched next to me, and seemed genuinely pissed.

I struggled to gain composure. I didn’t want him to be disappointed in me. My nipple ached horribly and felt like it was completely crushed in the jaws of the clamp. My knees nearly buckled when I remembered that I still had the other one to go. My head was spinning but I wanted so bad to be good.

When I was at a barely tolerable pain level, Jack told me to pay attention. He wanted me to notice something. What he did was slowly start to pull on the chain of the clamp. It hurt like hell and it felt like it was compressing my nipple flatter as he pulled. I was beginning to loose control, so he let go and told me to lean up a bit. When I did, he wrapped the chain between the clamps around the hitching post, and quickly attached the other clamp to my bare nipple.

The pain exploded again, but this time, all I did was give a loud cry. I struggled internally not to move, and was rewarded with a “Good girl” for succeeding. This time, Jack stood and gently pulled back on my shoulders to stretch my nipples slowly out and away from my body. I held my breath and bit my lip as the pressure increased, but I now saw what he wanted me to. There was no getting out of these suckers without doing my nipples great bodily injury.

“So my little slut puppy is tethered good,” he spoke in a normal voice now as he walked around behind me. “Perfect, because I want both hands free to punish you. Coming without permission,” he tutted at me. “What a bad little slut puppy.”

I was crying gently, and half mutinously thinking that the clamps were plenty of punishment, but I kept my mouth shut. I did break the rules and earn punishment. It was not for me to say otherwise. Then, he began.

The strokes of the crop were caresses at first. Lightly brushing the delicate skin of my exposed posterior and traveling the curves in between. I was still dripping, moaning and wagging my hips at Jack in a futile attempt to get him to relent. I still wanted to be fucked, but he was having none of it.

Then slowly, the strikes began getting stronger. They stung lightly while he moved the crop in an even rhythm. I felt my skin start to simmer and began wagging my hips for a different reason, to escape the pain. Not to mention the pain that was still in my breasts as each time I moved, it would cause more tension and torment.

I was openly crying by the time he was using full swings. The sharp leather slapped and stung terribly and I knew that my rear would be on fire for hours after he was done, reminding me to be a good girl and do what I am told. The last few hard slaps were the worst, as he gave me five slow, hard, measured strokes that I was made to count out loud through my sobs. I only wanted to collapse, but the clamps still attached prevented it still.

Jack moved back around to my head and gazed at me steadily. Then he crouched down again and rubbed the underside of my breasts with the crop. I was deathly afraid that he was going to start striking them with the crop, but he just continued to rub. When the first clamp was removed, I screamed out loud. I was totally unprepared for the pain of having the blood rush back into my nipples and when Jack reached up to stroke it, the sensation was intensified. I swear I was breathing like they teach you to do in birthing classes, and swearing just as hard as if I were in labor.

When he went for the second clamp, I flinched. Jack spoke to me softly. “I’m sorry, my pet. But you know that you had to be punished. Not just a little, but to be punished in a way that makes you realize that I am in control.” His voice gave me a measure of calm and when the second clamp came off, all I gave was a slow hiss.

“Beautiful, pet. Now. I want you to get up, slowly. Take these into the house.” He handed me the bag with the day’s purchases. “I want you to arrange a place for them in your lingerie drawer while you think about all the things that have happened since I came to stay with you here. When you are ready, come into the library and we will talk.”

There was plenty of room in my lingerie drawer to place our purchases. I left the collar on, as I had not been told to take it off, but I laid the rest in a plastic shoe box and placed it where he told me to. I thought about what I would allow my nephew to do to me. Whatever he wanted, apparently, but I felt no disgust. Only love, lust and hope. The future looked better than ever with Jack and I knew that I had found a real man to not only stand beside me, but over me when Kars Escort Bayan I needed it. I was totally happy.

I made sure everything was orderly and then headed to the library as instructed. Jack was waiting for me. He motioned for me to take a seat on the leather armchair. The cool leather felt good against my sore behind. He sat on the corner of my large antique desk and I could tell he had a few things to say.

“I can feel that you are beginning to trust me, but there may be times that I am pushing you further than you are ready to go. For those times, I want you to have some safe words.” He looked at me, and I nodded, understanding.

“Your first word is yellow,” he told me. “This is the word that you will use when you start to feel like you are losing it. I will slow down, but still continue play. You have done everything I have asked with grace and beauty. I am trusting you to use this word as intended and not just when you feel like it.” He smiled encouragingly at me and I promised him I would.

“The second word is red. You can use this word to stop all play if something is wrong, you are hurt, upset, whatever. Red. Got it?”

“Yes, Sir,” I said. “Yellow to slow down, red to stop completely.” I repeated his instructions.

“Good girl,” he said to me and I flushed under his praise.

“I want us to have a special evening,” he said next. “I want you to take the rest of the afternoon for yourself. Take a bath, do girly things.” he smiled at me this time, and I smiled back. “I am going to tend to the barn and the house and then take a shower myself. Here are the rules. I want you shaved entirely clean, and you are not to touch yourself in any way other than to prepare yourself as I have directed. Okay?”

I nodded again and he continued. “Report to the dining room at 7:00 pm sharp and wear something pretty.” His smile was infectious and he opened his arms for me to run into. I did and gave him a huge hug and kiss before floating into the master bath to prepare.

I put some jasmine scented candles about the room and added bubble bath of the same flavor. My bottom cheeks stung slightly when they made contact with the warm water, but once I was settled, it felt good. I hummed and bathed and dozed and when I was all pruney, I wrapped myself in a huge fluffy towel and made my way to the bedroom.

I could see Jack everywhere I turned. After the first week of our intimacy, he had moved into the bedroom with me and his presence was a warm comfort. His dirty clothes hamper in the far corner. His book on the table by his side of the bed. The picture of his sister that he placed on the top of the highboy dresser that I cleaned out for him to use. His good watch next to it. It all made me realize that we were a true couple now. Working side by side and living side by side. Making decisions together about our day and then going about our day together. It was finally beginning to sink in that this was for real, not just a few sex games and that I really wanted this to be a long term thing.

I sat at my vanity and began to prepare for the evening. I took extra time with my makeup and hair. I really wanted to look as beautiful as possible for Jack. I wanted to please him above all else. I chose a soft, satin teddy-like dress with spaghetti straps. The color was a delicate peach and the hem was embroidered with dainty, rich colored violets. It was one of my favorites and tonight I chose to go braless and let the cool material caress my entire body. I knew from experience that my nipples would be at attention all evening from the friction. And as for panties, well I didn’t think I would be needing those either.

I opened the door of the bedroom and gasped. Candles had been placed on the hall table along with a huge bouquet of flowers. I took a moment to smell their delicate fragrance and wandered into the dining room, also lit only with beautiful taper candles in holders. The table had been set intimately for two, and something smelled heavenly coming from the kitchen.

Jack came through the doorway carrying two covered dishes. He was clean and beautiful and smelled like garlic and aftershave. He placed the dishes on the table and quickly helped me into my chair. Such a gentleman, I noted to him. He only grinned at me. His look was almost boyish and I was surprised to find that the stern Master was nowhere in evidence. Instead, he was more like the giddy schoolboy of my memories. He was clearly trying as hard to please me as I had him earlier. I found it charming that the two personalities could so easily coexist in the same person.

We chatted and had a wonderful dinner. We killed a bottle of wine and turned on the old fashioned cabinet radio in the living room. The soft music inspired us to dance and it was truly the most romantic evening that I have ever had. Where Jack learned to push all the right buttons with a woman, I may never know, but I was reaping the benefits and decided to enjoy Escort Kars it all.

When we were done with our dance, Jack kissed my lips softly and led me back to my chair in the dining room. I started to turn back to the table, but he stopped me. When I moved to look at him, he went down on one knee. I gasped.

“Wh..wha..what are you doing?” I stammered. He smiled at me, the confidence back and the electricity with it.

“Brini, I know that for a long time you thought of me only as your kid nephew. But today I hope you realize that I am a man and that I want you to be my woman.” I was speechless but thank god, no response was required of me. Jack continued.

“You are beautiful, strong, soft, intelligent, sexy, and I love you. I want you with my whole heart. You have touched every corner of it. Please be my wife.” And he produced a little red velvet box from his pocket and presented it to me.

I didn’t open it, just stared. Then a wave of heat crashed over me, and I jumped into his arms. “Yes, yes, yes!” I squealed at him and kissed him, laughing and hugging him as hard as I could.

He let out a big breath and laughed at my leap into his lap on the floor. He kissed me back like we were teenagers and he took the ring out of the box and placed it on my finger. It was beautiful. Nothing like I would have imagined. As usual, he had given it some detailed thought, I realized, as he explained it to me.

“I looked at diamond after diamond for you. Pretty, but not you. Then I found this.”

It was a large, dark, rich, emerald-cut natural amethyst set in an antique platinum filigree base. The beautiful art deco style was from the thirties and dazzled and sparkled from every direction.

“Purple is your favorite color. And I know that you love treasures from the past,” he said gesturing around to the room to the antique sideboard and vases. He was right, there were many such treasures around the house. I felt so special in his arms, safe and finally, truly loved. For all time. This was it.

Jack bent to take my lips with his again. It was a long, slow, delicate kiss that was full of promise and delight. It soon deepened however to the hungry, passionate kiss that was more familiar of him. I reveled in it as his tongue coaxed mine into a tangle. He tasted and smelled wonderful and I thought to myself that I could dwell in his enthusiasm forever. It was magical.

All of the sudden, Jack swept me into his arms and still kissing me, carried me into the master bedroom. He laid me gently down on the bed and broke the kiss long enough to unbutton and remove his shirt and slacks. His body was chiseled and etched from the physical labor of the ranch and even his farmer’s tan couldn’t detract from his beautiful physique. I was mesmerized by the sight, almost. He gave me a dazzling smile and came down to me on the bed.

I was sitting up on my elbows and he kissed me again while he fingered the straps of my dress. They eventually slid down my shoulders and exposed the swell of my breasts. I was panting with lust and Jack began to kiss lower. My chin, my neck. It was exquisite sensation and I felt as if I was drowning.

When he reached the edge of the dress, he trailed his tongue under the delicate fabric near my nipple. I shivered and moaned in response. Jack flashed me another grin and gently brought the neckline down to expose my breasts. He just stared for a moment and then lowered his head.

I was almost overwhelmed with emotion. He was being so gentle and kind. He was making no demands of me save that I let him love me and it brought a tear to my eye. I was truly blessed. The moisture of his tongue on my nipple brought it into a stiff peak as he moved to give the other nipple the same treatment. He kissed my breasts all over before bunching my dress around my waist and sticking his tongue in my navel. I started, tickled by the sensation. He knows I hate this and I supposed that it was his way of telling me he was still in charge, but I was too far gone to care.

He brought his face back up to mine and kissed me strongly while gathering me into his arms. “I love you,” he whispered against my lips. I smiled in return and he laid me back on my back against the pillow. My dress was now completely bunched at my waist exposing my pussy as well as my breasts. He zeroed in and the next thing I felt was the electric touch of his tongue on my outer lips. I knew I was already moist, and when I heard his muffled “Mmm..good,” it was confirmed.

Jack worked magic on my pussy and I was soon zooming towards orgasm. I tried to tell him so, but he waived me off and renewed laving his tongue directly on my sensitive clit. I exploded into an incredibly intense orgasm that left me seeing stars. He continued sucking and licking, lapping the nectar out of my cunt and poking is tongue directly into my juicy hole.

When I couldn’t take anymore, he leaned back up and kissed me fiercely. I could taste and smell myself on him and it was very heady. His cock was as hard as I had ever seen it and wrapping me in his arms, he plunged himself into me with one long stroke. It hurt and was heavenly at the same time and I felt branded. No other man could make me feel this way.

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