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“Note:- Before one start reading the “At The Villa” series, you have to read the 2 episodes “On The Boat”, Chapters 1 and 2 where Sam was seduced by Olympia, who had the hidden Agenda; followed by “After the Boat Trip. Then it should be followed by “At The Villa” Series. The first stories I wrote with Sam as the protagonist were “Unforgettable Sexual Encounters” Chapter 1 to 11. These stories are the follow up of “At The Villa” stories.”


‘Mum, shall we go and have lunch?’

Lydia’s father, as always was away while her brother and sister were away at their grannies. Lydia, since she found out who her biological father was, she became a little cool even with the rest of the family, though her mother’s side had all passed away. But she very rarely visits her other grannies except on special occasions.

‘Where shall we go, sweetie?’ Her mother asked.

‘We can go somewhere north, just away from the centre. The weather is great and I think we will enjoy it. In any way, I will soon be back to university.’ Lydia answered.

It did not take them long to get out of the centre from where they drove towards a very renowned fish restaurant. They chatted about many things, including her naughty brother and if Lydia had any boyfriends. Lydia was specific with her answers. She told her mother that, at that particular moment she was unattached.

‘What about my mischievous playboy brother? When did you see him last?’ her mum asked.

‘Quite recently: as a matter of fact we only spent a few days before Christmas.’ Lydia answered.

‘Was it during that weekend when you stayed away?’ Her mum asked.

‘Yes, he called and I went to meet him.’ Lydia answered.

Her mother smiled and looked at Lydia’s beautiful eyes. They were shinning as she started to remember what happened during those few days.

‘It seems that you had enjoyed yourself.’ Her mother interrupted Lydia’s short dream.

‘Well; yes mum, it was quite an enjoyable weekend. Sam left Sunday, but I decided not to come home.’

Her mother did not comment. She knew that her brother had fucked her daughter a few times, if not more than a few times.

After lunch Lydia guided her mother to drive to where she had planned to take her. The lunch was just an excuse. As they arrived at the block of apartments her mum parked down in the underground parking area. Not much was said except that she followed her daughter until she inserted the key into the door of an apartment which Sam had given Lydia.

As the door opened the lights came on. Her mother was shocked. She wanted to ask a hundred questions but she decided to better wait to hear what Lydia had to say.

‘Mum what do you think?’

‘What can I say; it looks wonderful. Is this some type of charade from my darling brother?’ She asked.

‘Mum, my uncle offered me this apartment to live in, but not to worry you; he had not given it to me. I will use it but I can tell that I was really trying to get some kind of flat somewhere.’ She lied. ‘You know mum, I like to have somewhere where I can get some more privacy.’

Her mother toured the place and she loved it. ‘If it is as you say, you are very lucky my dear. What is the price you have to pay?’

‘What do you mean mum; I have already told you. He said he wants €40 a month, but I think he was joking.’

‘I hope he did not give it to you to take advantage of you?’ Lydia was going to say something, but decided against. ‘Did you fuck or made love?’ Her mum curiously, even with some jealousy asked.

‘Yes Mum, we fucked; we also made love; everything that was possible under those circumstances. But until the last moment and until he was about to leave I knew nothing about what Uncle Sam, had in mind. I was really going to ask him to give me a key; but many times I decided against. After that I was in heaven. I could not believe that I have this beautiful place, specifically furnished or better designed purposely for me, without I had known anything.’

‘You are very lucky my dear. So what is the future?’

‘The future mum; I don’t know? If I marry I think Uncle Sam will let me have the apartment. Your darling brother he’s a very good man, mum. I still could not believe I have this place for me to live in. Mum, there is another condition.’

‘What kind of condition is that? That he can come and fuck you, whenever he likes?’

‘Unfortunately; it was the contrary. He told me just before he left; that from that moment onwards, there will be no more sex between us. I was shocked, but he said that it is time I found my own man.’

‘Lydia darling, I must say that for once I must be proud with my dear brother.’

‘What about when you seduced him and made him fuck you in your ass; you were not proud of him. Emmmm. What about when you got yourself pregnant with his sperm.’

‘Lydia please! Don’t mention it again; even though I’m still proud with what moldova escort I had done. How do you feel yourself about uncle Sam?’ Her mum shouted.

‘Mum please; lets forget it ever happened. I always wanted to know Uncle Sam, ok. I’m proud I got to know him as much as I did, and as I am very proud that he is my biological father. Mum, from now on Uncle Sam is; just Uncle Sam.’

They changed the conversation and so that motherly love, returned back. Her mother toured the whole apartment not once but more than once, before she left. Naturally she congratulated Lydia on the achievement.

From that night on Lydia only went home to collect her clothes and some of her personal belongings. Most of the books were already there.

She settled perfectly. Every now and then she invited either Aphrodite who stayed one weekend. There was small talk about the new boyfriend she had. They just enjoyed a bit of lesbian love, done some work and enjoyed cooking.

Victoria spent a couple of weekends, one in February and another beginning of March; not to mention the hours they spent studying, they also spent some hours just pleasuring each other, something they really did not regret. They sucked each other, starting from their lips, their nipples and especially between there wide open legs. They were still very hot for each other. They sucked on each other’s pussies and never forgot the tantric massages they gave each other, including the pussy massage. At times they became very wild and noisy.

Lydia in between those encounters was dreaming about a future lover. She had already put her eyes on one guy whom she had caught many times staring at her. The first time she noticed him was sometime the previous November. Every time she went to the library to do research or do some work when she would not be attending lectures, she always caught him there sitting at the same desk, studying. He was well known as one of the few nerds that there were around.

In Lydia’s eyes he looked handsome. He was tall, nicely built and seemed to look after himself very well. Whenever she caught him staring, she looked at him, she stared at him, fixed her eyes on him. Then he immediately turns his face away. She even noticed that his face turned rather red with shame, once he was caught.

Lydia was not desperate to have a boyfriend. She had liked him and decided to wait, maybe in the end he will be the one who will make the first move. Christmas passed and even January with February coming to the end.

After two months with no sex, she was becoming desperate. She started to masturbate while building up a strategy on how she was going to approach him. The more she taught, the wilder she became and the more she masturbated. Her love for him was getting stronger. The more she caught him staring at her, the more she wanted him. She even wanted to humiliate him, in some way.

Between her legs, especially when she was alone in her bed she started to become desperate. She wondered if she would date somebody, invite him and fuck herself crazy. She continued to masturbated; she fingered herself and even squeezed her nipples as she rolled them between her fingers. Most times she slept totally naked. Not to mess the bed she had purchased a special waterproof cover that she spread between the underneath cover and the mattress. She didn’t want to ruin the surface of the mattress. It was enough that they marked the mattress when she and Uncle Sam fucked like crazy with juices flowing out of her steaming pussy.

Lying there on that soft double bad was lovely, not only to fuck, but even to masturbate. Every night she taught about Uncle Sam and the last words he said. The time was passing. Her sexual hunger was increasing. Every day that passes, she was getting more anxious to get the real thing filling her empty tunnel. She continued to plan her next steps. She wanted to find out if he was; a block of ice.

Her conclusions were always the same. Once he got a cock he needed a pussy. She let the first few days of March to pass. Her plan was set. Friday came. She knew that he did not have any lectures from 13.00 hours onwards. Lydia’s last lecture on Friday ended at 12.00 hours. She waited. She knew that he will not go home, but he loved to stay studying and researching; if that was what he did.

At last he arrived back at the library. Still standing, he took a look around. As it was Friday and already after lunch, there were very few students who stayed in the library. He noticed Lydia sitting at a desk on her own, not so far away from where he usually sits, but it was closer to his desk. He sat down, took out the sandwich he had in his bag and devoured it before he started to open his books.

Lydia just watched him. She had closed all her books etc. and in her bag they ended. She was waiting. On his second glance, he turned away escort istanbul quickly. It was enough to notice that she was sitting there with no books infront of her… to tease him; he wondered.

She waited. She was not in a hurry. She knew he wanted her. Why was he so shy? Has he ever been given a hard time by a female, he may have accosted? Lydia wished to know. She could not believe why she wanted him so much? The next half hour was crucial. She either makes it or she would never bother about him, again.

After that last look, he did not lift his eyes again. She knew she was watching him. He became scarred. She may do something which embarrasses him. What was she planning, maybe even thinking; he asked himself? He wished he could lift his eyes and not see her there again. He wanted her too. He was scarred she will find out why? He was worried. He wondered, thinking, if she may find his secret. The members of his family are respected by everybody. He was even asking himself such silly questions.

He tried to lift his eyes. That was the moment when he had the shock of his life. He noticed that she was walking slowly towards his desk. Their eyes met. His face was burning, not with desire but with fright. He tried to turn away, but he felt a certain power she had on him, which stopped him from turning away. He tried to move but he failed. Their eyes were locked as she continued to walk slowly step after step towards him.

As she got closer his body started to shake, both with desire and with fear. At last they were too close. The last two steps were hell. Lydia knew what he was feeling. She knew that he was scarred. He became totally lost, especially during the last few long seconds.

At last she stopped close to his desk standing opposite him; her eyes focused on his. Fortunately he was sitting down, otherwise he could have collapsed. His face was red, covered with sweat, which had seeped out from his skin.

‘Good afternoon Damianos. May I sit down?’ Lydia asked. He lifted his face higher as he continued to watch her. He could not believe she came to talk to him. The shock was still there. He wanted to say something, but he stopped.

‘Emmmm, goooodd …… af.fte…rrr noon.’

‘Damianos, I like to talk to your mum?’ Lydia asked rather aggressively. She did not even introduce herself, as she knew that he knew who she was and what her name was. That last statement she made, shocked him straight within his bones. What does she want from my mum? Is she going to report him? A hundred questions circulated through his brain.

She was not in a hurry. She gave him time so he can scrutinize her statement. No reaction came out from between her lips. His eyes were stuck looking down on the desk. Lydia knew she had hit him hard down between his legs and on his balls. The mention of his mother was the last point he expected to come out from Lydia’s lips. He sure, was not ready to hear the mention of his mother, even though she loved him too much.

‘Can you please let me have… the number of your mother’s… mobile?’ Lydia asked.

Damianos lifted his eyes just enough to see her expression. He was shocked. She was the one that showed that she was very comfortable. She had a slight smile on her lips. He lowered his eyes and said nothing. His lips were tight… closed. More questions flowed through his fast working brain.

‘Damianos… please?’ She nearly shouted. ‘Just write it down on a piece of paper?’ She asked.

Damianos turned his eyes upwards without moving his face, trying to find a way out of that mischievous problem. He started to blame himself. Why does she wants to talk to my mum; he said to himself, again and again? Questions and more questions flowed through his mind.

Lydia, silently watched him but she neither did, nor loose her patience. She was enjoying a rather interesting charade. Unnoticed she opened, not one but two buttons of her blouse, then she started bending her body over the desk, until she was sure that as soon as he lift’s his eyes he will see a very interesting view.

‘Damianos, look at me?’ Nothing happened. ‘Damianos, I’m not going to say it again, or better ask again. I’m going to take a taxi and go straight to your house and speak to your mum. Then things will be worst.’ She whispered in his ear.

As he lifted his eyes and was stunned. Close infront to his eyes he had those beautiful pair of bare tits. She opened a third button and more of those beautiful pair of cylindrical shaped breasts was there, exposed with their hard extended nipples. His eyes were locked as he focused on their beauty. On purpose, Lydia had not worn a bra. She knew that she could go without it, even though she had a pair of 38C. They were very steady but she rarely took suck risks.

‘You liked them, do you? If you give me your mum’s number I will let you see more of bulgar escort them; maybe, even more than what you are seeing now; maybe even much, much more.’ Damianos looked further up. His eyes and her’s were too close. His manhood between his legs jumped even as it was within the confines of his trousers.

Lydia moved her body slowly forward, straitened herself as she sat on the chair infront of him. A light sound underneath the desk was heard. She let one of her shoes drop to the floor. Damianos was horrified. He looked down, then up. He knew it was Lydia who let the shoe fall. Soon he realized why, as he felt her foot crawling up between his slightly separated legs. As her foot was getting closer to where his hard manhood was; he closed his legs tight, then gave her a dirty look.

‘Damianos, please…? If you give me your mum’s mobile number I will make you very happy.’ She whispered in his ear as she lowered herself close enough towards his face, while she continued to persist so Damianos will open his legs and try to get a feeling of his manhood. She was very hot, love juice was leaking from between her pouty lips. His briefs were wet and she was wondering if her jeans were also soaked. She doubted if he got a hardon or not.

‘I’m not in a hurry. I’m ready to stay here tormenting you until you do what I have already asked. So better write down the number I asked.’

‘Why do you want to speak with my mum?’ Damianos decided to be a gentleman. He summed up some courage as he decided to confront her. ‘Can you promise me, that you will not put me into any more problems with my mum?’ He begged.

‘That is something I will promise and more than promise; I guarantee.’ Lydia looked into his eyes, watching his reaction. He was not totally convinced. He was expecting something else which Lydia had no idea what more he wanted. There were no smiles on his face. He was still wondering.

‘Damianos… I going to loose my patience… Tell me the number now. If you don’t, I will pick a taxi and go straight to your house; and that will mean that I will never, ever look at your face again. I think I waited enough.’ She cried. He looked around to see if there were any students within hearing distances. His face went read.

‘Waiting for what?’ He asked back.

‘For you…you idiot.’ She answered him. He was stunned. He picked a pencil and started to write some numbers.

‘Are you sure this is the right one? If you give me the wrong number…’ Lydia hit back.

She inserted the number and pressed the green button. Immediately she heard the ringing tone. His mother answered her mobile on the second ring. ‘Hello Mrs. …. speaking.’

‘Good afternoon Mum; how are you? I’m Lydia.’ Lydia asked.

‘How can I help you my dear?’ she answered so politely.

‘Please hear me well…’ Lydia started explaining.

‘Is there a problem, and if so what is the problem?’ Damianos mum thought there was some problem somewhere.

‘Mum, please… there are no problems. Please don’t interrupt me. Sitting infront of me in the library of the university, I have Damianos, your son. Damianos was invited to come with me as my guest for this weekend and probably for many weekends in the future. Please mum, prepare a small bag with some underwear and a couple of trousers etc, just maybe we would go out in the evening, you know what I mean, maybe to a restaurant… whatever. Damianos may need to pick some books and other material as we have to keep up with out studies.

‘What is this?’ his mum, bewildered she asked.

‘Are you not happy Mum?’ Lydia asked back.

‘Thanks Lydia, that is your name, is it?’

‘Yes Mum. I fell in love with your uncommunicative boy, so I had to make the first move. If this weekend will be successful, we will be spending more weekends together. Mum, in a minute we will pick a taxi and I will give your son five minutes to pick the bag and the books. Bye.’ Lydia closed the phone without waiting for any compliments or otherwise.

‘Are you coming?’ Lydia asked as she grabbed her jacket and her bag.

‘Yes,yes,yes.’ That was all he could say. He picked everything and started to walk as fast as he could behind her until he got in line with her. ‘Do you mind if I stop at the toilet please?’ He asked.

‘Don’t be long. I will try to hold a taxi.’ Lydia answered.

Within minutes Damianos was next to her as she was getting in the back seat of the taxi. As they both got comfortable he passed the address of their first stop to the driver. He was fast. As soon as the taxi stopped a few meters from his family house he ran home leaving all the other things with Lydia. They waited with Lydia checking the time. Within four minutes he was loading his things in the booth and jumped back next to her.

‘What did mum says?’ Lydia whispered in his ear.

‘She was like she was going to heaven. She was very happy.’ He answered again whispering. His eyes were shining and she was sure he got a hardon raging in his pants. She wanted to check, but she was scared she maybe caught or that he will make a mess. Along the rest of the way, very few words were exchanged except for a few kisses on their cheeks.

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