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Chapter 17

The Twins

Their pussies were as identical as their faces were.

“Note:- Before one start reading the “At The Villa” series, you have to read the 2 episodes “On The Boat”, Chapters 1 and 2 where Sam was seduced by Olympia, who had the hidden Agenda; followed by “After the Boat Trip. Then it should be followed by “At The Villa” Series. The first stories I wrote with Sam as the protagonist were “Unforgettable Sexual Encounters” Chapter 1 to 11. These stories are the follow up of “At The Villa” stories.”


Within a couple of hours from the moment Sam’s sister departure from the island, Sam took a taxi to the seaport; preparing himself for a night boat trip back to Athens. Due to his sister’s unexpected arrival on the island, Sam had to cancel a number of important meetings he had already scheduled once he arrived in Athens.

As usual; he arrived at the quay with some time to kill. Sam always enjoyed meeting people as much as he loved evaluating what happens on the quay and on the boat; prior to boarding. Another interest he always had was that he wanted to know the passengers who were boarding the boat as much as to hear what goes on behind the scenes, especially on the island itself. Most times on such a small island news will not travel on the airwaves or on papers, but by word of mouth. Some of the rumors or gossip was always true, other bits are exaggerated as it flows through the grapevine and parts; were best to if they had kept hidden.

When he was on the way off the island or even back, especially when the weather started to get hotter, he loved to use sea as a means of transport. A lot can be heard and other topics develop naturally, during conversations. He loved the sea especially when it’s not windy and he loved looking, studying and mixing among the crowd; searching for anybody who he may knew or looking around, trying to search for another lucky night.

The mixture of passengers waiting to board the boat on that particular evening was as varied as it usually be; from older to younger with a good number of foreigners. Most of the foreigners happened to be well below the age of forty and older than eighteen; except for those few kids who were in the company of their parents. Sam moved around mixing between the waiting passengers, who most of them had some kind of luggage to protect. Others who were mostly locals and who usually own some kind of accommodation in Athens itself and who generally travel light.

Sam was only carrying an attaché case, probably with some documents and building plans, therefore he had no problems being mobile. There were friends from the island with whom he chatted. Women who gave him not one look but even a second, both locals as also tourists. Where possible; Sam even returned a sweet smile and in some instances, he even received another. Locals expected more, maybe even a chat.

Sam had not lost his young touch, even though he was in the mid thirties or a year over. His look, his charm and that happy feeling, together with that smile which makes any woman melt; was all of it, still there.

A couple of meters from the boarding gate, Sam noticed a couple of young ladies with golden hair. ‘Emmm not bad… not bad at all.’ He thought as he gave more than a second look. They were standing and watching their bags while waiting for the time when the ship should start boarding. They were even looking here and there, evaluating the scenes around them. What they were expecting to spot or looking for they did not know, although maybe they were expecting the unexpected. A handsome stranger passed close by, came precisely in their eye site.

They realized he was older but with that incredible look, and together with that smile, he had shaken their entire ego. As their faces turned red, Sam passed that look and that smile, once again. He knew that he had hooked them; both.

As the twins looked at each other, they smiled and again looked back in direction of that handsome stranger, whose sex appeal was invincible. They tried not to give themselves so easily; but they could not resist. The energy which engulfed their bodies was too great to ignore. That was the moment when Sam noticed; that they were twins. He could not avoid having another look at those two hot beauties and he not only noticed that their bodies where under his control, but also that they were not only twins but they were identical twins; something he had never had the opportunity to enjoy.

‘This may be luck.’ Sam thought as he focused his eyes back on their beauty. It was the simultaneous return smile from the two young ladies that had convinced Sam that he was going to enjoy a rather long great fucking night. A fantastic night of sexual bliss! He thought.

Both ladies could not hold their embarrassment, in a way, as it was still unbelievable that they fell for a man who could easily be their father. Their pussies which were hidden between their legs were on fire and liquids had started flowing bahis siteleri out from between, the already engorged lips. The feeling of anxiety between the folds of their vaginas was enough, to help them take the initiative.

Their eyes were focused on each other’s as one got closer to the other and in Dutch she whispered; ‘I’m in full heat sis. Either I have to go and masturbate or…’

‘… or we follow him on board. But I wonder, what a good fuck he could be?’ the second sister whose name was Emilia, asked.

‘If he is as good as making me so hot with just a look and a smile; I hope he would not disappoint. Emma, the other twin declared with a smile.

‘You are right; I became and still am; so wet down there that I hope that we embark as soon as possible, before the crotch of my shorts will get all wet.’

‘Do you think he will invite us to his place when we arrive in Athens? Remember we haven’t booked any hotel yet.’ Emma asked.

‘I don’t think I can wait so long to satisfy and cool my still emerging heat. Best way is to keep as close as possible to the guy without giving other passengers any indication of what we have in mind’ Emilia whispered back. She was very careful as there been quite a few compatriots on holiday.

‘You are right, but I’m sure he is already going crazy, dreaming about what he had already done to us.’ Emma answered.

‘Probably he’s very experienced and knows what women feel. When he passed on that look and that smile he knew precisely that we are his. I never had anybody that made such an impact on my body.’ Emilia responded as she pressed her legs tight together while she tried to embrace the heat she had burning down there; between her legs. She felt powerless under the handsome man’s domination.

‘Where does this guy came from?’ Emma asked.

‘Don’t ask sis? I don’t care… except, that I ready to let him do what he likes with my body. I only hope that he knows how to fuck a real woman in heat… nothing more, I care about.’ Emilia was hot… so hot she could not wait anymore. The more she talked or thinks the more she pressed her thighs together.

‘I’m not much better either. The more we talk about this strange Adonis the worst it gets. I believe that I’m as hot and wet as you are. I wish we had some extra money and we can put ourselves into a cabin.’ Emma whispered back as she too pressed her thighs together with some of the natural juices draining down along her inner thighs.

Emilia suggested; ‘better we stay close with a distance and hope for luck.’ Both knew what Emilia meant and so they kept their eyes open as they watched every move he took.

As he walked closer to the moored boat he came across one of the crew, whom Sam knew since he started travelling back and forward to the island.

‘George, how are you?’ Sam asked with a smile and a wink.

‘Is your cabin not big enough?’ George asked back.

‘I think I need an upgrade; yes I think I do.’ Sam shot back.

George gave him a grim look and he got as close as possible to Sam. Sam was ready and knew how to solve the puzzle. With a couple of hundred Euros; which he discretely inserted in George’s pocket he knew that he got what he wanted. There were neither thanks nor was anything else said; except that Sam quickly moved away towards the twins. The closer he got the more beautiful they became or better, appeared. At that moment he noticed that they were wearing cut off white shorts with their perfect shaped compact bums with the half moons prominently exposed, for every one’s eyes delight.

Males loved the scene and looked many times over, while women felt disgusted and horrified, although the younger ones felt rather jealous, especially looking at that golden coloured skin which those two bodies they were endowed with. And what about those sharp blue eyes and their golden pony tails; which were dangling down to nearly twenty centimeters below their necks.

Another look and a smile and Sam made the final contact. He knew that they were his. He was going to have them for the night for sure, maybe even for more; naturally depends if they were going to stop for a short visit to Athens. If they were not, they usually either they fly direct home or change at Athens airport and don’t go for the boat.

George returned and passed the key for a first class cabin with at least four beds. He took a note book from his shirt pocket and wrote a couple of words with the details of the cabin. Sam wrapped it, and as he walked by the twins he passed the paper unnoticed to the closer twin.

The twins were shocked. The heat inside their young bodies multiplied tenfold as Emma showed the rolled paper to her sister. ‘Fuck… open it… fuck… as fast as you can.’ Emilia excitedly asked.

With their eyes wide open, focused on the piece of paper both were hoping that there were good news. Between their legs was not only burning but boiling. The liquid which had earlier started to trickle down along the insides of canlı bahis their thighs was moving further, nearly as close to their knees. They started to feel some embarrassment, but they tried to conceal as much as they could as also their sexual excitement which was dominating their bodies.

Their faces shined as they saw the number of the cabin and its’ whereabouts, although they were asked to follow at a distance.

The time was up and those who had the cabins were first to board. As he set his feet on the boat, Sam waited by the gate until the twins presented the tickets. While boarding, Sam started to walk away and the twins followed as instructed, at a distance.

The cabin was perfect. There was more than enough space and sure that George had put more than a hundred Euros in his pocket, although that was not Sam’s problem. His problems were about to start.

The twins waited at a distance until Sam made a sign with his fingers. Being followed by the bags, the twins entered the cabin and as they were in, Sam sealed the door.

‘Welcome to my Cabin! I’m Sam, just Sam. I’m Greek. What about you? ‘ Sam quickly introduced himself and asked.

‘We are Dutch, both from Maastricht.’ One of the twins answered.

‘Very, very interesting! I always loved Amsterdam, and especially the airport. It’s a fantastic venue for flight transfers.’ Sam quickly passed that look and then put his hand forward. One of them offered her hand and as he delicately he took her hand with his, he lifted it and kissed the back of it, followed by the three kisses. The first kiss was given on right cheek, followed by the second on the left, and the third back on the right cheek.

The same, Sam done to the second twin, who followed the traditional Dutch welcome; she was ready to close on him and gave him a hot kiss as she sucked his lips with the other twin searching for his manhood.

As the kissing twin broke away, Sam asked what names they respond too.

‘Sorry Sam. I’m Emma and my twin sister’s name is Emilia. As you probably noticed we are not only twins but identical twins.’ Continued Emma while she put a hand around his neck, pressed her body against his, while their lips jammed, their tongues entwined.

Emilia, after struggling a little with the zipper managed to get his hard cock out of it’s’ confines. ‘Wowww… Sis… he’s huge. I wonder if you could take him all the way in your mouth.’

But Emma was totally lost, melted against Sam’s body, while his lips were sucking on her tongue. Her body became a ball of wild fire and as she had been already on fire, an incredible orgasm took over. Her body was trembled and shook more strongly as Sam had grabbed one of her naked exposed bums and massaged it lightly letting her enjoy those extra shocks when very lightly he passed his hand, just close enough around the half moons.

Emilia did not wait, but she knelt down and took the purple head into her mouth. In the beginning it felt huge but slowly she managed to accommodate most of it into her small mouth, while she undone and let his trousers together with his briefs go down slowly. Her tongue moved and rolled around the head making Sam’s cock even harder and harder. She started to suck his organ slowly, taking more into her mouth with every thrust. She knew she was good and it was not the first time that she had sucked a cock, even some rather sizeable ones.

With her sister’s mouth still stuck to Sam’s lips and tongue she just stayed there enjoying his hand’s feeling on her bums as he continued to massage them; sometimes even going too close within the crack. Emma loved the feelings and every now and then she even pushed back her bums against Sam’s able fingers. The more his hand roamed around, the faster Emma’s blood flowed through her body.

What Sam could not believe was how hot they were. Emma’s crotch and the tiny G-string panty that just covered her pussy were not only wet but saturated and noticed also the wet thighs, especially at the crack between their bums.

Emilia did not stop pushing her mouth further, and she was not happy until she took more than just enough. She did not gag, but she was quite efficient with the way she was using her mouth and tongue, around his steel hard truncheon. While working her mouth and tongue around the purple head, she continued to push down both his trousers together with his briefs, until he helped her to get rid of them altogether.

Emma, although still lost in her carnal hunger, and without even noticed, had lost both her little cutoff white shorts which had barely covered anything, but also her g-string. Sam’s hand was free to roam around her vital parts, which instantly had ignited more than a wild fire inside her young teeny winee body. He lightly moved his fingers up and the down her crack, from the lower back towards the wet slit between her thighs.

Em’s body began to vibrate as she continued to press per pussy harder against the side of Sam’s bare leg. She even lifted her right güvenilir bahis leg and put it around his bums, holding him tight, while moving her pussy up and down, pressing it harder as she massaged it against his upper thigh.

Emilia very happily, was enjoying the feeling of that hard cock going in and out of her mouth, or better fucking her mouth with Sam’s amazing big toy.

Sam’s hand had more free space since Em had lifted her leg. It was moving deeper between Em’s legs touching the crack between her legs; feeling the wetness as it slided out and stuck against her swollen lips. It was nothing more than those free love juices which were flowing, following the activation of her sexual glands. A finger found the right spot as it continued to creep between Em’s crack, slowly drowning further in between her pouty lips and ending inside her vagina. Her body exploded, but she never broke the kiss. Their tongues were still entwined while Emilia, (Emi) wearing only her tee-shirt was still mouth fucking his cock and playing with her pussy.

Finally both ladies were panting especially when Sam touched Em’s G-spot. She pressed her pussy harder against his leg as she exploded into another huge orgasm. There were cries of pleasure and when their mouths broke away from each other, Sam lifted Em’s hot light body and put her on one of the lower beds.

Emi watched Sam’s dealing with her twin sister, when she felt her tee-shirt being pulled off her body. Her full uncovered tits with the nipples popping out of the fabric; they instantly became bare. They looked lovely, desirable and ready to be sucked especially when she lifted them in the palms of her hands, with her fingers searching for the small hard nipples.

Sam lifted the naked Emi in his arms and laid her on the other empty bed. His designer tee-shit was off his body and within seconds he was kneeling by the bed opening Emi’s legs and exposing the short tuff of golden hair; which was crowning those elegant small drenched lips.

They looked more than desirable. A finger plowed between her wet pussy lips as it massaged the sides of those pink glossy walls, before it ended all the way deep inside her vagina. Cries of pleasure exploded within her body especially when his finger hit her G-Spot. She exploded, opened her legs wider and cried. ‘Fuck me; fuck me.’ But Sam was not yet ready. With his thumb he found her clitoris which he began to massage simultaneously with the G-Spot.

Emi’s body erupted in waves; one flowing after another as Sam crawled next to her and attacked her lips. She wanted to cry and shout, but with the strong eruptions her body was going through, she could not. He took his time until he knew her body was not anymore on the bed but flowing into unknown worlds.

Sam continued for a minute or so, before he stopped and admired his handy work on the young immature lady’s body. Her body was trembling, her eyes were closed. His lips were still stuck against hers while her tongue was grabbed between Sam’s lips.

Instantly Sam moved. He got between Emi’s legs, his eyes were focused on her angelic face; those closed eyes, those lips shaking. She was beautiful, young and desirable. Sam slowly lowered himself on her body until his chest touched against her hard pointing nipples. Her sister was watching from the other bed with a hand between her legs pressing it against her pussy. She was becoming a little jealous, but she knew that Sam was very experienced. She visualized that he can fuck them both over and over again.

Settled there over Emilia’s body, with only the nipples touching his chest and every now and then even his own; his master in his right hand, pointing straight towards the entrance of her golden fleece covered vagina. He pushed his hard master slowly forward until it felt the heat between those hot wet waiting lips. A little more and the head started to open her portal of love, until he sent it all the way into her burning volcano. An immediate cry escaped from Emi’s mouth’ but Sam quickly took action as he closed her lips and fed her his tongue.

Sam was looking into Emi’s eyes as their tongues were still entwined. His cock had fully settled around her strong muscled vagina, which she was proficiently mastering. He moved backwards until he felt the head at the very opening. He held it there, static as he broke away his lips from hers.

‘If you don’t want us to be arrested, don’t shout. There are other people around us and we are not in a hotel but on a ship. Just silently enjoy, otherwise we have to stop. No more good time.’ He gave her a dirty look and pushed his cock slowly all the way, until he jammed it against her womb. ‘Did you understand?’ Sam finally asked.

‘Sorry Sam; it was so overwhelming; so unbelievable. Sam we did not do anything… I mean since we got to the island we did not indulge in any sex except sucking each other.’ Emi answered.

‘Relax and enjoy, and when you cum, please keep your mouth shut. By the way, when are you flying back home?’ Sam curiously asked.

‘On Saturday; our plane leave just after midday.’ Emma answered from the other bed across the aisle while with intimate interest she was watching all the glossy details.

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