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Airports can be a blessing and a curse for any perpetually horny couple, especially one that’s been apart for a while. It’s a blessing because despite the constant flow of people at all hours of day and night there are lots of places to sneak off to for a quick and unseen fondle, grope, or fuck. Contrarily, it’s a curse when all you want to do is be alone and make up for lost time, and every walk, every escalator and moving walkway ride seems interminable.

We stand together on yet another escalator, leading away from the terminal and the bathroom we just minutes ago christened with our long-imagined first fuck. “So, now that you’re finally here, what would you like to do first?”

She steps up onto her tiptoes to whisper in my ear, her deft finger caressing the back of my neck as I lean towards her. “Do you mean before or after I suck your cock and fuck your brains out when we get to the car?”

Fully aware of all the people around us as the escalator, I pull her into my arms closer, nipping at her earlobe with my teeth. “Is there something we need to do before that?”

She pushes me back, her small, delicate hands on my chest, her lips spread into a smile that leaves me hungering to kiss her again. “Silly boy. I’d like to get my bags first. You know, so I have something to wear while I’m here?”

“And why would you need that?”

“Oh, you’ll like what I brought to wear for you.” She steps up on her toes and give my lips a quick peck. “You picked out half of it.”

“I’m buying stock in Victoria’s Secret the next chance I get.”

All the while we’re on the escalator and down in the baggage claim, my hands never leave her body, my fingertips rising and falling along her arms and sides, then down around her hips and the tops of her thighs as I stand behind her and she watches for her luggage. She leans back against me, that wonderful ass grazing against the tops of my thighs, and each time she leans over to grab a bag she presses it back into me, emphasizing in my mind the promise of so many nights online talking about fucking doggie-style and how good it was going to be.

It’s only three bags but it seems like hours before we’re finally walking out of the glass doors towards the parking garage. Still full of deep purples and blues, the predawn sky greets us with cool dewy breath that I feel tingling on my skin. The first hints of rose appear on the horizon just beyond the tall garage building, promising a perfect January morning, and adding to the excitement and adrenaline rush of this day, our day, finally being here.

Somehow we both manage not to run up the stairs to the car, but a look at her face and the wicked grin bahis siteleri playing across her lips tells me she wants to just as much as I do.

When I reach the Daytona blue Nissan Z roadster and pop the trunk with the remote, I notice she’s stopped a few paces behind me, an incredulous look on her face.

“This is your car?”

“I wish.” I walk back and take her hand, leading her towards the passenger door. “It’s a rental. I got it for the weekend. Thought it might be fun.”

The evil grin is back on her face immediately, as I open the door. “Oh, it will be, baby. I’m already getting ideas.”

Once we’re both inside we kiss hungrily, reaching across the center console to pull as close as possible and run eager hands and probing fingers along each other’s bodies. In a moment, her hand is down in my lap, rubbing the hard, throbbing rise in between my legs.

“Got breakfast for me, baby? You’re so thoughtful.” Gathering her knees on the seat, she bends over the center console and the emergency brake, unbuttoning and unzipping my pants with swift fingers. I feel my cock freed from the confines of my slacks and boxers, and I raise my ass from the seat to push them down to mid-thigh. With a soft, throaty growl she lowers her head and takes me into her mouth, hand holding me firmly. Her lips envelop my tip, the tip of her tongue circling it, swirling around it as her head lowers along its length. Her fingers form a ring around the base of my dick as she engulfs me fully, leaving it glistening as she pulls back and away. She begins to stroke the length, hand patient as it pumps up and down, lips locked around the head, sucking at the little hole, the combined motions sending shivers I feel out to my fingertips.

Her mouth comes away from me, hand holding the shaft as she runs the length of her tongue down its sensitive underside. I look down and find her looking up at me, smiling with her lips brushing my cock, clearly enjoying the look on my face. She lowers further, flicking the tip of her tongue below the base of my cock, reaching towards my balls as far as she can. My eyes close involuntarily, and I’m consumed by the waves of pleasure her exquisite mouth washes over me, shuddering, feeling my control slipping, wanting to feel every inch of her with my hands.

I reach down with my right hand, trailing my fingertips down the center of her back, playing over the bare skin until I reach the silky material of her top, then pushing lower, pressing harder so she can feel my touch. They slip down to the gap that has formed between the waist of her jeans and her ass, providing just enough room for me to reach into the seam between her cheeks. canlı bahis Bringing my hand up to my mouth, I lick the tips of my fore and middle fingers, then lower them once again, reaching under her jeans, until I find the small puckered hole of her ass. The tip of my middle finger presses against it, slowly pushing inward, and I savor the feeling of entering the heat I find there.

I hear and feel her moan over my cock, and as I begin to piston the tip of my finger in and out of that ass as I feel her suck me harder, head beginning to bob up and down over me. I push my finger deeper, past the first joint, and her mouth comes off of me completely.

“Play with my ass, baby! God, that feels good!” Her hand moves up and down my cock with faster, twisting strokes as she licks and sucks the head. I reach out further, pushing my finger in as deeply as I can reach, to the second joint, pushing it in and out, loving how much its affecting her, feeling her devour me again, her hand reaching down to cup and squeeze my balls, fingers reaching down to rub at the rough skin between the sac and my own asshole.

Suddenly, I know exactly how I want us to finish, and I pull my finger free from her to start the car.

“What are you doing? I’m not done yet!”

“Just taking us to a different spot. Please, please don’t stop.” Carefully I put the car in gear, pull out of the parking spot, and start us going up the garage ramp to the next floor, and the next, until we’re on the top level, with no other cars in sight. I pull us to the east wall, the car facing the sunrise, and I lower the car’s top, leaving us surrounded by the morning’s fading violets and brightening blues and a cool, steady breeze. Her mouth and hands work me faster and harder than ever. I know she can sense how close she’s got me, and I know she’s hungry for everything boiling inside me.

I pull a condom from my pocket and tear open its wrapper. When she hears the tear she looks up at me, removing your mouth and stroking me slower. “There you go again, reading my mind.” She takes it from my hand and slips it down over my pulsing shaft as I reach under her to unbutton her jeans. My hand slips under the button fly, fingers reaching towards her pussy, and I feel glorious heat and wetness everywhere.

Once I’m sheathed she pushes and kicks off the jeans, then slowly straddles my lap, and I push the seat back as far as it will go so her back doesn’t hit the steering wheel.

Her eyes never leaving mine, she thrusts down on my cock in a single, hard stroke, letting out a gasp and a moan as I enter her. My hands take hold of her hips as she starts to grind down into me, then they travel güvenilir bahis up under her top, along her sides, coming forward to cup and fondle her breasts. She places her hands on my shoulders and start to undulate her hips, moving them back and forth away and towards me, moving my cock inside her, rubbing her clit against my pelvic bone. My restless hands slip down over her ass, squeezing, pulling her cheeks apart, and then spanking, swift little slaps that make her gasp and grind down harder. Her eyes are wild, and she laughs and moans out loud as I touch her deeper and deeper with each of her movements.

On the horizon, the rose streaks heralding the coming of the sun begin to turn to orange, the few wisps of clouds in the surrounding sky revealing their daylight white as the large golden crescent begins to peak at the edge of vision. The sudden touch of its warmth on her back causes her to turn and look along with me at the sunrise, then look back at me with the smile I’ve ached to see for months.

“You sure know how to find a good spot.”

Our mouths meet in a frenzied kiss as she leans forward into me, tongues thrashing one over the other. She moans and whimpers with every move we make, and her sounds stoke my hunger to explode inside and push her over the edge. I take hold of her hips and push her down on me hard while thrusting my hips up off the seat of the car. Holding her in place on my lap, I start to buck and thrust, feeling her wetness covering my balls and the tops of my thighs.

Her arms encircle my neck and hold me close, mouth near my ear, fingers gripping my hair. “God, yes! Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Please! I’m going to come all over you! Shit!”

With her shouts and my own groaning I don’t hear the plane taking off to our right until it’s almost on top of us. The rumble of its engines drowns almost everything out, sending a tremor through the car and us inside it. She releases a final shout, and I feel her spasming and squeezing around me, hot and wet as her muscles lock. The sensation is too much, and I explode also, my hips fully raised from the car seat, hands tightly gripping your hips, holding her down to me, feeling each spurt leave me with a shudder and wave of electricity through my whole body.

We hold each other forever, panting into each other’s ears, clenching each other’s bodies, until she finally leans back against the steering wheel to look at me, your face lit up by the morning light. “Can we come here every morning?” she says at last.

“The hotel is 5 minutes away. We just have to get our of bed in time.”

“Hmm …” She looks back at the sun rising, then back to me again. “Well, maybe not every morning. Bed’s going to be very nice.”

“Better believe it. You’re not going to want to go home.”

Her gaze is soft, eyes shining though the sunlight is behind her. “Promise?”



Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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